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Capital Fraud!!

"Well to be frank fortunately my naturally skeptic mind saved me although like another I did go as far as creating a user name. But before I responded to the item I wanted even with the alleged flash sale countdown providing a better deal than Amazon, I hesitated, my instincts grabbing me. If it sounds to good to be true it usually is, and when I started doing a quick search and saw the name affiliated with them as Alibaba I knew. Even though I use a dummy/temp account for commercial transactions I did not want them to have that. I wish I had come this earlier. But to sum it up STAY AWAY!!! For those who got scammed reach out to the internet fraud website so someone can start to track them.


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2018-03-04 ****!

"I created a username and a password then when trying to comment on someone's posting it doesn't allow me but only gives me this option? Apparently clothing from this company are from China!! It's cheap junk. But this site itself **** so I'm giving it as well a bad rating!!!"

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Never ever received orders totaling$74.

"Orders never received neither a refund or replacement, suggest I track the items but that’s what I paid shipping and delivery for to be delivered. I will never order from them again real disappointed one of the items was monogrammed and was looking forward to it. Every time I inquire they say I have to track the delivery so they beat me out of $74. Reported them to the BBB."

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Be careful buying from this website

"I wish I had read the reviews here before buying from Open Sky. My experience is the same as many others here. I ordered a multi functional smart watch which was a piece of junk. It did nothing that it was supposed to - such as sink up with my smart phone. Then the catch on the band fell off and finally it would not even hold a charge. My son kept trying to get it to work so by the time we realized it was the watch and not us causing the problems, it was past their 14 day refund period. Very upsetting and a very great wast of time. "

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Scam artist website

"So first of all when you are on the website you'll notice the nice people give you a credit of some dollar amount usually over 50 bucks! Well it's fake that dollar amount will never come off your order. Next you can't even believe the prices they give you. I bought two items one was 30 dollars the other was 20 (rounding up with tax included) shipping cost 5 and somehow they charged me 61 bucks. They lost one of my packages and when I asked them to resend it they could not be bothered and refunded my money WHICH WASNT EVEN THE AMOUNT I PAID. IT WAS LESS, 21 bucks. Do not use this scammer website. The one item I did get was complete trash, it was cheaply made and did not work as they described. I hope nobody goes to this website and waste their money. Remember I just went out of my way to post this huge review.. that's how terrible they are"

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"Never received my product. Very difficult to get assistance. Will never use again. "

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"I ord red Perfectio Plus Zero gravity anti aging device for 687.00$.I was waiting patiently for 2 weeks, after I loss my patients I tried to log in into my account to see where is my item, I could log in, emailed to customer service 7 times asking what is the problem with my account and my item. Never , nobody replied to me. Their have no phone numbers , no address- nothing. Stay away from this company."

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Worse Customer Service, worse processes, they have no clue what is going on

"The Customer Service Agents are very nice, very friendly ... but their processes are so messed up, they have no clue what is going on. I have been approved for my credit card last July (8 months ago) and I still have not received my credit card. I get bulls**t answers, I ask why, they don't know. And it's the same thing every time. I have called 9 times to see why I have not received it yet.

All I get is that they will do it now. Everything is OK. but again, now after waiting 10 more business days, still no card in the mail.

I would NOT recommend Open Sky to anyone.


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The worst clothing products ever made and the worst customer service. DONT BUY FROM THEM

"I ordered 2 clothing items both were very very cheaply made and falling apart upon my opening packaging. Also items came in thin packages that were torn as well. The items were ordered as extra large and so cheap they were actually extra small in size. Childlike in sizing although i ordered full womens sizing! Both were frayed in a number of areas and the pockets on the sweater were so small i could not get my finger into them and they were placed way to the back of the sweater! Impossible to even use the pockets. And they had holes in them to boot! DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE. !! WARNING!! I NEED TO RETURN THIS CRAP TO THEM. I HAVE TO FIND A WAY TO PRINT OU RETURN LABELS OF WHICH THEY HAVE YET TO SEND TO ME AND BUY NEW PACKING MATERIAL AT MY COST. !! I WANT TO BE REIMBURSED FOR THESE COSTS AS WELL YET THEY REFUSE TO ASSIST!!"

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"The jeans I bought are fake. They even had tags that had another size and another style name. I emailed them to tell them and I didn’t get a response. I bought 4 pairs of the jeans. So now I’m out of $110 and I have fake jeans. I have the originals and they don’t look alike. Even the material feels different and the tag on the back mine have a softer leather patch. DONT BUY FROM THIS ONLINE SITE!!"

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Refund policy non existent

"I ordered fitbit and extra band. I didn't care for it. Printed return labels and sent them back. Order status indicates they have been received. I returned them over a month ago and no refund to my account. Emailed numerous times to no response other than someone would contact me. Total scam company and very unprofessional DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! I AM OUT CLOSE TO 100.00 LESSON LEARNED "

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Rip Off Big Time

"I bought shower head from them on May 2017. No responded or nothing after 2 week I have contact to cancel my order. They never return my money up until now. Get away from them."

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"They are selling FAKE L.O.L dolls. Real disappoint to an 8 and 5 year old. "

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"I bought a sweater size XL, the ad picture looked pretty. The sweater cost $32.00 supposedly an $80.00 sweater. Finally received it after a month to find a cheaply made sweater the size for a dwarf. Forget returning it---you have to pay for the initial shipping cost for sending it to you from China and then you have to pay the high shipping cost to send it back to them for return, I'd end up with like $5.00.......what a rip off company, PUT OPENSKY OUT OF BUSINESS, I'm calling the Better Business Bureau and so should everyone else! It's a total scam!"

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Less than one star

"Do yourself a favor and don't buy from this website, no matter how attractive the offer. Item I ordered was not the color as pictured and described. When I requested an exchange, there was no mechanism for that and I had to return it to the supplier at my expense (half the original value of the item). This company appears to have taken over for Dot & Bo and should be avoided at all cost."

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