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Rating 2/10

"WARNING - THIS COMPANY WILL SELL YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBERS. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THEY MAKE MONEY, PERIOD! I don't see a single satisfied customer, and all comment on one thing, one dick head teenager that answered phone by himself and used dirty language with me after I called back thesecond time. I actually used all the dirtiest English I possibly could (English is my second language) with this only little dickhead (probably masturbating himself because he couldn't get a hand on anyone) back and forth. With this kind of motherfucker, I had no fear of breaking his neck in 30 seconds max, I used Discover and canceled easily with their fraud department (Discover is very good at this). Afterward, I sent so many complaint emails to BBB, NY attorney general, the police, the news stations, etc. I signed up and hope to alert potential buyers from making the same mistakes and headaches. Sorry for my language except the little crooked dickhead."

Rating 2/10

"Ordered the Panasonic TH-42PX600U Plasma TV from these liars over a month ago. If you try to call them at any one of 3 phone numbers that they offer, you are told to leave a message and they will get back to you in 24 hours. RIGHT! We have e-mailed them a number of times and have received two responses-both of them letting us know that the order was shipped and will arrive at such and such a date. Those dates have come and gone with no TV arrival. This company is nearly impossible to deal with and their promises are nothing but lies! They even charged us extra for 3 day delivery (don't even fall for that!) and have not refunded the extra money like they said they would. Horrible experience with these characters. Try someone else even if their prices are a bit higher. The lower cost from this company is definitely not worth the extra long wait and hassle!"

Rating 2/10

"Buyers Beware! Unfortunately we have learned this the hard way! We had placed an order with Digital Ebuys for a TV on Dec. 14th. We have not received the TV, can't get a hold of anyone when we do, all we get is the run around. They sent an email today saying the item had been shipped to expect it next week. When contacting the freight company which they claim to be using, there is no said account set up with them! Cancelled our credit card, now it's being disputed. STAY FAR AWAY from these guys! "

Rating 2/10

"three delivery dates still no product. Customer service gives you the run around when you can get them on the phone!"

Rating 2/10

"I have recently discovered that oneclickdigital.com has had many businesses under different names maybe because it was found out that they were fraud. On their website it says that their address is: 7012 20th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11204 phone #888-211-7988. When you search that address on the web you also get: circuitdigital.com, digitalebuys.com #718-232-2749, soucefordigital.com, bestbuydigital.com #718-232-1933, priceritephoto.com #800-801-6016. When you click on all these sites they no longer work. When you call all these #'s they go to exactly the same phone # as oneclickdigital.com. I think this is a kid that is scamming people in order to get credit card #'s and that the phone # are all forwarded to that one number. You can forward your # to another # for free. There are services that do this. Also, when I called back to tell him that I contacted the BBB he told me to suck his you know what.

People be aware!!! I know they seem like they have great reviews but take a look at all the negative reviews they got! They're all similar to what I wrote. If you dont believe me call for yourself and find out how right I am. # 1-888-211-7988. Horrible customer service!!!! When I told him that I repoted them to the Better Business Buerau he told me to suck his you know what!
Took my credit card # and never got back to me. Called them and was lied to and laughed at.
I beleive them to be a fraud company!!! Had to cancel my credit card!!!

These people are fraud if you look up their address thats on their site on the web you get listings for four businesses that they once were. The websites all dont work but have the same street address: 7012 20Th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11204.
The addresses they use to have are:
www.digitalebuys.com phone#718-232-2749
www.bestbuydigital.com phone#718-232-1933
www.priceritephoto.com phone#800-801-6016.

When you call all these numbers they all have the same message as oneclickdigital.com Can we say scam artists.

I placed an order online but never received a conformation #. So I called them the next day and a young man answered. Was put on hold for 15 min. he came back on and said he needed to verify my Credit card info. After verifying he tried to sell me a battery I told him I just wanted the camera. He hung up on me giving me no status on the order. I called back and asked what the status was he said it was cancelled I asked why and was told it was out of stock. I told him i want to talk to the guy i spoke to in customer service he told me there are 20 people working there. I asked why didnt I get notified and was told that I shouldve but didnt what can you do. I told him i wanted to talk to a manager and he laughed at me and said i was annoying. I asked him if he just called me annoying and he said yes. Then he was still on the phone with me but wouldnt answer me. I hung up and called again. I pressed zero this time hoping to get someone else it was him again. When he answered and I asked to speak to a manager he said oh its you again. He told me no one else works there that its just him so I said you told me that 20 people work there that i would like to talk to one of them he said that there was no one there. So I asked why he told me that then and he replied that he felt like it and was hung up on. Called back again and asked how can i take my credit card info off the website he wouldnt tell me. I asked are you frauding people he laughed and said yes. I asked do you work out of a home and he said yes and called me annoying again. I asked him what his name was and he said Ricky Im sure though that I was lied to. I had to call my bank and cancel my credit card so they wouldnt fraud it. They kept all my info and wouldnt tell me how to erase it. I called the Better Business Beurau and made out a complaint. I dont understand how a business can run like this with absolutely horrible customer service and wont erase your credit card information. When you call an automated message picks up saying for sales and product info press 1, for customer service press 2, for other inquireies press 0 to be connected to the operator. When you press all three its the same young man that picks up. Not only that he just picks up the phone saying hello like youre calling a home. I can only beleive that this company is not for real because any other company would have many people working there. Because of them I had to go to the trouble of reporting them and worst of all calling my bank to make sure there arent fradulent charges and had to cancel my card.

I called again and he hung up on me. Then I called back to let him know I reported him to the BBB and he told me to suck his you know what. UNBELEIVABLE!!! Somebody really needs to shut them down!

Rating 2/10

"there was no invoice number on my confirmation email. customer service was horrible , i was finally told i would not ever get my f#$@ing camera and never call back. and my credit card had not been charged now go away!!!! this was after i waited 3 weeks. do not use this company."

Rating 2/10

"Plased order via on-line form.
Called to check if order was plased as the site did not show the order.
Sales person said order was in their computer then proceeded to try to sell me extra items. When I made it clear I only wanted the one item I ordered, he said he cancelled my order and hung up on me.
I then recieved an e-mail saying the order was cancelled.

This "bait'n switch" is very bad business practice. I'll never recomment "OneClickDigital.com to anyone.

My rating of this seller is " 0 "

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a digital camera on a Saturday. On the following Wednesday I received a call from OneClickDigital supposedly to confirm credit card information to assure card validity. The call turned out to be nothing more than a obnoxious, pushy, arrogant, and shameless attempt to sell me grossly overpriced accessories. After I repeatedly told him I did not want any accessories and only wanted the camera I ordered he told me the camera was not in stock and cancelled my order. This company is dishonest and does not operate in good faith. Their business plan is nothing more than a scheme to dupe unsuspecting customers into purchasing grossly overpriced accessories. "

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a camera and like others was told in an email I had to call to verbally confirm my order. Upon doing this, I was told I needed a battery for the camera. When I told the person that the camera came with a battery (battery was listed in the package contents), he said it didn't. I told him I did not want to buy a battery and he asked why. I told him I could buy a battery at half the price he was asking at which point he told me to buy the camera where I bought the battery. I told him I wanted the camera from him and he refused to sell it to me. I asked for the manager, he said it was him (could not believe it to be true as this guy sounded like an older kid). I will NEVER use this company again and would report them to the Better Business Bureau if I could find the state in which they are located."

Rating 2/10

"This will sound verbatim what has been said before. I placed an order on-line. The next day I rec'd e-mail asking to call and confirm order. When I did, they tried to sell me a memory card and battery which I could get somewhere else for half the price. When I didn't purchase any of the accessories I was told I was confirmed and then hung up on. Not ten minutes later I rec'd another e-mail telling me my order had been canceled because the camera was on back order. I guess when a price seems too good to be true, it probably is."

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a camera online last night and this morning they called me to "verify the shipping and billing address". They very aggressively tried to sell me a battery and charger and when I refused they said they weren't going to sell me the camera. I have called my credit card company and cancelled my card."

Rating 2/10

"I tried twice (naively) to do business with OneClickDigital, and both times my order was immediately cancelled, despite having called beforehand to check if the product (a Canon Digital Rebel XT) was in stock, which was confirmed by the service rep.
When I called to question why my order was cancelled, I was repeatedly cut off, transferred and hung up on. The rep was very rude and obviously had no interest in conducting business.
I'm not sure if it's a scam, but they certainly didn't have what I wanted, and I'll definitely never try again with them.

Rating 2/10

"I placed an order on August 29, 2006 at 1:46 EDT for a Canon PwerShot A620 Digital Camera as advertised for $195.00 pluse, UPS Ground shipping for $3.50, a total of $198.50. Received an e-mail from OneClickDigital for my order. At bottom of the e-mail it states "PLEASE NOTE: ALL ORDERS MUST BE VERBALLY CONFIRMED." I called 888-211-7988 on Aug. 29th at 0900 got recording that they didn't open till 0930. Called back at 0935. Got recording again for the next 4 times I called. Called again at 1100 and got through. They tried to sell me batteries, memory card, and a warenty. I said the camera has a one year warenty. The guy said no it doesn't, it is a refurbished camera. I said I wanted a new camera. He said a new Canon A620 would be $299. I said the web site didn't mention anything about a rebuilt camera. I said why would you advertise a new camera if you are selling a rebuilt camera. He said do you want the camera or do you want me to cancel your order. I said, "why are you advertising a new camera for $195 if it is a rebuilt camera. He said, "I'll cancel the order", and hung up on me. I did more research and found out that OneClickDigital does this all the time. DO YOUR-SELF A FAVOR AND "DON'T ORDER FROM OneClickDigital. They are bate and switch artists and try to sell you other items. Stay AWAY FROM THIS on-line store. They should be shut down and put in jail. "

Rating 2/10

"Item purchased 07/24/06, email sent 08/02/06, no reply, called 08/09/06 and was told hadn't been confirmed, asked when was I to be asked to confirm and was hung up on. Called back and was hung up on again. Order looks to have been canceled."

Rating 2/10

"I had place the order and got an email confirmation which said to call "PLEASE NOTE: ALL ORDERS MUST BE VERBALLY CONFIRMED." I called them immediatetly to check on the order and I was told by the rep who was rude to telling me the order is cancelled. All this happens within 30 min of me placing the order and the person just hung up on me.
When I called back, I got to talk to the same person (looks like the same person is Customer Service rep, sales rep , doesn't matter what option you pick on the phone menu it went to the same person) when I was hoping to talking to another rep and when I again inquire why my order was cancel, the rep said it out of stock.
The attitude of the person was so rude, when I asked for their name, they used the f*** word and hung up.
Beware before you do any business with these guys.

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