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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 4.17/10
Chance of future purchase: 2.50/10
Shipping & packaging: 1.67/10
Customer service: 3.13/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.83/10
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"I have been taking my items to be printed, being specific about what I needed. I've been patient. Messed up,orders, wrong paper, orders not being started till the late afternoon when I SPECIFICALLY SAID WHEN I WOULD BE BY,giving plenty of time. Now all of a sudden, they want me to prepay. I replied that for the service ive gotten, theres no way I'm doing that. Why should I prepay for a service that isnt done? Or not started? Or incorrectly? At any rate I would be forced to wait, and thats unacceptable. There's plenty of other print companies in town, since I've gotten shabby service from WDM and the MH a road store. "

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performance plan

"On 12/14/2015 I bought A Canon MB2320 printer from Office Depot which merged with OfficeMax. I bought what I thought was a two year extended warranty plan when I bought their performance plan. On o8/21/2018 the printer stopped working so I called OfficeMax performance plan department to file a claim to have my printer fixed and was told that my performance plan had already expired. A man named mike told me that the plan started on the day I bought the printer and to send it to Canon to have it repaired.
This is what I found on their website, (When does the coverage of my protection plan begin? The term of the plan begins on the date of purchase and continues for the period indicated on your sales receipt. Except for the enhanced coverage which begins on the day of your purchase, all other coverage begins upon the expiration of the shortest portion of the manufactures warranty expired.
It sounds like they are saying one thing and doing another. It is 99.9% unlikely that OfficeMax would have to do any kind of warranty work the first year because Canon would be fixing it.
I assumed that a two year extended warranty started after a year but I found out the hard way not to assume anything. All extended warranties that I was told by other retailers starts the day the one year warranty expires.
OfficeMax screwed me out of one year of warranty! There's an old saying; screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice; shame on me

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Charged for a computer order I cancelled!!

"Ordered a computer that they did not have in stock,( Store #6358 Kenosha Wisconsin) we were suppose to get it two days later. When it did not arrive, I checked my email and they had changed the shipping date. When it did not come again, I called them and I was told it was on back order. I asked to cancel the order and was told the money would be credited to my account within 24hrs, IT WAS NOT!! I then received an email with my name spelled wrong stating the order was cancelled and that I was not charged(OH YES I WAS)!!! So I called them again and they told me they saw no proof that I was charged!! I had a bank statement, and receipt that said I was!! They told me I would have to dispute it with my bank. So I went directly to the store, the manager said you should not have been charged until it shipped...well it never shipped because it was on back order and I cancelled it! I have no computer and was charged $490.00 dollars!! The manager then said I will send these copies to our accounting department, but I am not sure when they will contact you. I informed them that I was very unhappy and that whoever there call center is using for customer service should be able to speak much better English and that I would never purchase so much as a pencil from them!! So now I have no computer and a 490.00 charge to my bank account!! DO NOT ORDER COMPIUTERS from them!! Lesson Learned!!"

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"I was frazzled, pressed and the stressed. The store was busy but Ben G. assisted me professionally, courteously and gave the help I needed to complete all of my copying needs. Then in my haste, I left some of the copies and Zack later that evening right before closing assisted me with the same professionalism and courteousness as I needed more copies and the copies I left were waiting for me.

These guys were Amazing! My project went off flawless! I thank OfficeMax for providing the team, the services and giving 5 Star Customer Service.

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"I have used Office Max for many years to purchase products for my business. Two weeks ago was my LAST purchase. I get forms printed that I use daily for my business. These forms are sent with every transaction for my business. The copies must be clear and readable. The master copy I use is in pristine condition. I requested 250 copies. I ok'd the 1st copy the employee showed me, however, what she showed me is not what I got ! The forms look dirty, there's black smudges all over the form, dark lines down the side, black dots on various parts of the form. She knew that copies were TERRIBLE because rather than showing me the copies, she threw them in a box, closed the lid and said "here you go" I opened the box and was so **** ! I told her the copies were not acceptable and was told that's what I approved. I'm not an idiot, I know what I approved ! I asked that the copies be re-done and was told I would have to pay for another 250 copies ! I asked for a manager and was told there wasn't one working that day and to come back tomorrow. Needless to say Office Max will never get my business again. I had to go to a printing company and pay twice.

PS: Check Amazon you can get toner, printer drums, etc. MUCH MUCH CHEAPER

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A Bunch Of Crooks

"I received a refrigerator from this crooked company and once it was unpacked and left for 24 hours as directed then plugged in it did not work
I contacted Office Max Customer Service, If you can call it that, and was told they would contact the manufacturer and call me back within 4 hours with a delivery time of a replacement. Maybe they can't count to four because I never heard from them.
I called every day with the same results. Finally I received an E-Mail telling me to contact the manufacturer for warranty repair.
I contacted the manufacturer, Danby, and was told that Office Max should have replaced the product immediately and a warranty repair for a new product should never have to be. I then contacted a repair center and was told the same thing. As soon as I mentioned Office Max they were no longer surprised as they said it was a common story.
I am now waiting to have the product repaired.
Take my advice and stay as far away from this company as you can. I wish I would have read some of these reviews first as I would never have purchased anything from this RIP OFF Outfit.

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Worst experience with Office Max/Depot ever!

"After decades of being a customer of Office Depot/Max, this is simply the single worst experience I ever had...anywhere, period. I ordered a desk online to be delivered on Dec 4. It didn't show up. So I contacted customer service and they told me it will be delivered on Dec 6, then again it didn't show up. On Dec 7, I contacted another customer service agent by email, and he inadvertently deleted my order without my permission, then he didn't even bother to answer any further emails I sent him. I asked him to reinstate my order or place a new order honoring the original amount I paid, and he said he couldn't do either option because of company policy.

I ordered a tech station on the same day I ordered the desk. I have already assembled the tech station. Without the desk, the tech station is unless to me. But accordingly to Office Depot/Max's return policy, I cannot return the tech station because it's already assembled. The best the agent could do over the phone was to give me a $50 refund to the tech station to a compensate for my trouble.

I was not looking to yell or blame anyone, just wanted to fix the problem and move forward, but I ended up doing just that because the company's policy is so rigid and unfriendly to customers. With the rest of the world moving more and more to online shopping, how is Office Depot/Max going to compete in this digital environment if the company cannot even reinstate an inadvertently deleted order just minutes later? Good luck staying in the competition.

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Do not get the Square Trade 2 year protection

"I bought a clock at Office Max and went ahead and paid for the two year protection. The clock stopped working after 5 months. I tried to return it to Office Max and they told me I had to contact Square Trade. I went ahead and called and they gave me the run around for about 30 minutes. They said that since the manufacturer had a one year warranty I could just send it to them. UGH so really don't buy that extra coverage."

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Give us your money. You will get you stuff.....eventually.

"If you cannot obtain it at the store then skip the purchase and buy it online through Amazon or someone else who delivers their OWN products. This company uses a 3rd party to deliver your goods...who IS NOT concerned about your or if you get your items as they have already been paid and there will be no refunds until their ticket is complete. Ordered a desk on 8/6..money taken 8/6...delivery date set 8/16...delivery confirmed for 8/16..waited all day then called the store that took my money...sorry don't know where it is...ok now it will be there 8/18..."

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Anti-Customer Service

"Last month I bought a thumb drive to "back up" years of tax returns and financial documents. Two days later and halfway through transferring data to the thumb drive, it says it is now write protected. I couldn't remove write protection nor could I move, transfer modify or do anything but read a huge amount of my personal data. I took it back to the local store to exchange it. I did not want to give them the drive with all of my data and expose myself to identity theft. The store employee said, "That's OK we have software to remove it." I did not know if he actually could remove the sensitive data or the software would just give him access to my identity. Trying to give him an example, I asked the representative if he would give me his social security number if I promised to erase it after I wrote it down on paper. He obviously said No. I refused to give them my data and they refused to refund money or exchange the drive.

I don't usually stop when I have been wronged by a retailer, so I called corporate customer service. I talked to a customer service rep who agreed that I should have been allowed to keep the defective drive and exchange the drive or get a refund. She indicated that they would contact the store manager and I would have a refund in three days. As you might guess, I never received any further, information, correspondence or refund from OMax. Nada, nothin, Zilch. Just tell the customer what he wants to hear and then do nothing is NOT good customer service.

I have been trying to patronize brick and mortar stores to help keep them in business. The same drive was much cheaper on Amazon and had two day delivery. I made the mistake of going to the Lake Zurich Office Max expecting that customer service comes with the higher prices. I guess not in this case. It takes less effort to keep a customer than drive him away. Looks like it's Amazon in the future for me instead of Office Max and their higher prices. It's not the money, it's the principle of making good on defective products. They do not realize that by lying to me on this personal issue they saved $19 bucks. They also don't realize that they have just lost the business account which I control.

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"Horrible, lethargic customer service from a staff of know-nothings. Employees go out of their way to avoid customers, avoid eye contact, and hide.

Every time I go to this wretched excuse for a business, I am sorry. The store is poorly organized, you can't get any help in finding things, and the checkout process would tax the patience of a saint. I tried to buy a box of pencils today and couldn't get out of the store. After twenty minutes of standing in line, I gave up and walked out.

I've had the same experience in every Office Max store I have been in, so I have to assume that is how the management of this company wants it run. I won't spend another nickle at Office Max, most of what they offer can be purchased online and the brain damage can be avoided.

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"I'm writing this because of the service I received from the store manager and district manager at OfficeMax store #3227 in West Melbourne Fl.

On Dec 13 2015, I purchased a desk online for store pickup. I then went to pickup the desk at store #3227 in West Melbourne Fl. I gave my copy of the shipment summary to the store manager who quickly informed me that she had canceled my order because she didn't think there was any in stock and that I should have received an email stating this. She then told me that later she decided to look and in fact there was one in the back. I let her know that I never received an email that my order was canceled. She let me know that I was wrong because this happens automatically when she cancels an order. I again check my email and didn't see one. I ask if I could pay with PayPal in the store and just repurchase the desk not knowing I would needed a pin number for in store purchases. She said yes and called for someone to bring the desk and walked away the help someone else who had the same issue with her canceling an order that was also in the store without her checking. I had to wait almost 15 minutes before the desk came, asking twice if it was on the way.
When the desk did come, the casher couldn't get it to ring up with the sale price and ask the manager for help who was at the next register, she informed him that she was with another customer (the same person who order she also canceled) and he need to call someone else. When someone else finally came, I was told that to get right price the casher would needed my copy of the shipment summary. I said “ok but the manager gave it to the person who was pulling the desk”. This took another 10 minutes for someone to go in the back and look for it. After that the casher still needed the manager help to get it to ring it up. After that casher rang up the desk this is when I discovered that I needed a pin number. I have never paid with PayPal in a store and didn't know this. This is when the manager told me that she could not help me and it was my fault that I didn't have a pin number. I let her know that none of this was my fault but hers because she never looked for my item before canceling my order. I then tried to reorder it, in the store but now it show none were available. I asked the casher about this and was told that “the only way the manager was able to canceled my order was to input that none was available in the store” and that was probably the reason. I ask her about this and all she was said was “it was going to take some time”. I let her know this should have only taken ten to fifteen minutes and by now I have been in the store almost an hours and walked out.
Later I went back online and ordered the desk from the store in Palm Bay FL #2703. I pick it up with no problems. I was in and out of the store in ten minutes. Thank you store #2703.

I contacted services about this issue and was called a day later by the District Manager. She apologized and offered to send me a gift card for my inconvenience. It has been three weeks but no gift card. I’m starting to see how much they care about their customer service.

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"We have had multiple problems over the same order. We have spoken to customer service several times and they will not let us speak to a manager. Please have a manager call me to take care of this. Office Max keeps sending our chairs to the incorrect address, and keep charging us. At this point I just want my money back and never do business with Office Max again. Customer service will put you on hold for 10 to 20 minutes every time. Why can't I have one person there do their job correctly. My next step is to do a charge back. Can anyone at office max do their job right. So far I have spoken to at least 5 different customer service rep."

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"In store. Schererville, Indiana office. I bought a computer at 11a. the computer was to be set up with the software I purchased. I was told it would be ready by 3:30p. I was called at 1:30p and told it was ready for pickup. I get to the store and was told it was not ready because they were having problems downloading Microsoft Office and their technical support could not understand why. The salesman could not tell me who was installing and uninstalling the software--just that it was technical support somewhere. At 4p he gave me a card to download Microsoft Office at my home. I told him I have downloaded Microsoft office on my other computer and it was installed within a half hour and that I have had other computers setup, picked them up and had no problem. that I had never experienced such customer service. The salesman shrugged his shoulders, laughed and spread his arms as if to say what do you want me to do. I got home and tried to download the software on my computer and it wouldn't take. Come to find out the computer had not been set up. The programs were all put on stopped including the program that allows all programs on the computer to run. During the time from 11a to 4p the salesman said he was working on it and couldn't understand why nothing was working when all along the computer had not been set up. I had to have someone else set up my computer. I didn't want to return it to OfficeMax to check it out seeing they were not above board on setting up my computer in the first place. I would never recommend OfficeMax to anyone and I do not intend on going back to OfficeMax."

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"I recently purchased a new LED computer monitor from Office Depot/Office Max. The site promises next day delivery free and I chose this over paying for Amazon next day. When my order was to arrive it didn't, I checked the tracking information and the order says "shipper rejected". I called a day later and spoke to customer service, i was outside the shippers service area so they rejected my order and issued my card a refund. I asked why i was never notified of this and the typical response of "were really sorry". She then said if id like to reorder the monitor she can have UPS next day it at no charge and made a note on the order information to have it shipped UPS, so i gave her all of my card information and proceeded with the reorder. Again the order never arrived, tracking says "shipper rejected" I called CS again and got the same run around about the service area and she could do another order and ship UPS. I quickly rejected the offer and noted that was already have supposed to happened. I ordered from Amazon and like usual, it was here the following day. I will not be using Office Depot or Office Max again if i can help it!!"

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