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Rating 2/10

"Ordered a case on 5/10 and it arrived damaged. UPS picked up on 5/18. They have refused to credit my account and my credit card company id giving me the runaround. I will get my credit.

Will not return emails.



Rating 2/10

"Ordered wrong video card(my fault). Returned it in November 04. They said they would refund my money. Well it has been 6 months. They will not return any emails and I can never get through to them on the phone. They are quick at taking your money but after that you are on your own. I will never do business with them again!"

Rating 2/10

"This has got to be the worst customer service I have ever had in my life. I placed an order for a Enermax CS-10182-B server tower. I e-mail them the next day to tell them to contact me if there is a problem with the order like I always do when I am ordering something online. They e-mail me back later that night and say that the case is on back order and they are trying to work out getting more in with their "supplier". So I mailed them back saying that I needed to get a case ASAP to complete my system and that if they don't have an ETA by tomorrow that I would need to cancel the order. The next day comes and they tell me that the case is discontinued and that will not be able to get the case. However they have plenty of other case's to choose from. At this point they had already charged my credit card as of Monday the 14th. So now it's Tuesday and they tell me that they cannot get me the case I am looking for after already charging me for it. So I look at their site and lo and behold there is a similar case manufactured by Thermaltake. SO I e-mailed them back saying this is the case I would like now and since they were unable to fulfill my original request I would like to get this slightly more expensive case for my inconvenience with not being able to get the case I originally wanted. They said no so I asked for free shipping or something to compensate for the fact that they did not list the case as out of stock on their website and I had now wasted a full 48 hours without anything happening in the way of getting a new case for my system to me. I figured some sort of compensation should be in order. They essentially told me I woul be paying full price and full shipping if I wanted anything else. So I gave them a big thanks for nothing and went and ordered the Thermaltake for less money and quicker service from newegg.com


Rating 2/10

"I ordered a stick of DDR on Nov 30, only got an order confirmation, no shipping confirmation for a week.
I emailed them stating that I had a time-critical job, they simply quoted the shipping policy and said it would be shipped the next day, a Wednesday (which it was)
Once it arrived, the PC had several critical errors, video issues and more. I tried 3 other sticks, all of which worked, so the ram was bad.
They have no online RMA form, they charge $10 fee for 'free' shipping parts, RMA is only good for 7 days and shipping confirmation is required.
These people SUCK!
And now, more than 2 weeks later (12-30-04), I still have not recieved a refund.
Avoid this site!

Rating 2/10

"These people personally ruined my Christmas, it all started on November 22nd when I ordered a bunch of parts from New Egg and a bunch of parts from OCSystem. Of course, the New Egg stuff came almost immediately, well packaged, and in perfect condition. I still haven't received the merchandise from OCSystem and it is now December 12th.

I've never had problems in the past with OCSystem and I have loved the good prices and overall everything I have gotten so far, but this particular situation has driven me to never buy from them again, they are done as far as I am concerned.

Never order RAM from them because they never keep any in stock, even though it's their RAM they are advertising, which makes absolutely no sense at all. I wish I could personally report this company to someone for fraudulent business practices and misadvertisement. They do not notify you when things are out of stock, which requires simply installing a database on the website and linking it to the computer system that takes care of inventory.

It's really not that damn hard.

I'm really frustrated right now.

Rating 2/10

"I purchased two sticks of PC-3200 DDR 400 RAM from this company on AUgust 11th, 2004. The RAM did not even ship until September 7th and i did not actually recieve the RAM until Sept 14th. I found out that my RAM was on Backorder and I was not informed of the backorder status.

It turns out that the RAM was DOA, i know this because i bought the SAME EXACT RAM from them before and that RAM was in the system i wished to put the new RAM in. The older RAM worked perfectly fine, but the New RM was producing beep codes and would not even load Windows.

The return process was worse. I requested that the RAM be shipped back, at the comany's expense, and a FULL refund. I was shorted $10 of my refund for Shipping charges.


Rating 2/10

"This is my 2nd, and last, purchase from this company. Purchased some high performance memory, that should of been very fast & very overclockable. The memory would not boot in my computer. The memory would not boot in anyone's computer. After many emails to customer service, with no response, I tried everything I could to get it to run on any machine. After setting the timings much slower than advertized I was able to get it to boot in my machine. It was advertized to run at CL2, I could get it to boot at CL3 & run stable. I ran some tests & found that This was GEIL CL3 memory that they had just overclocked to CL2. At CL3 it was stable. Tried to overclock my system 5%, the computer would not boot. Setting the timing to CL2.5, the computer would boot sometimes, but was very unstable. Other times it would give me an overclocking failure message & tell me to reset the settings in the BIOS. The tests I ran said that this was GEIL CL3 memory. SPD reported that it was set to run at CL2, but it won't. It won't even run close. I wanted to return the memory, but I can't get any response from them, at all. This memory was built to run on my motherboard chipset, Intel 865PE, but it will not run close to advertized speeds. Spend a little more & go with some HyperX or some OCZ memory. I know that they are fast & stable. Very unhappy with this memory & this company."

Rating 10/10

"I bought $1500 worth of parts from the including some of their PC-3200 RAM. Other than recieving the items alittle slow there was no problems with them. The RAM even overclocked pretty well considering it was so cheap and their value RAM. The only reason my order took so long to ship was that they custom painted every part for me and that takes time. They did however, ship everything as it was ready so I didn't have for all the parts to be finished before I got my order. I also ordered a Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB card pre overclocked and it runs great. And to the person complaining about getting a sapphire card, ATI and Sapphire cards are exactly the same. Choosing one over the other is stupid.

Just recently I placed another order with them for more RAM. This time it was the PC-4400 GEIL RAM. It arrived no problem and I popped it in and it overclocks great. I also ordered a Logitech MX Duo keyboard custom colored. They forgot to put on the high gloss finish and when I contacted them about it they told me they could either refund the extra money I paid for the High Gloss finish or I could ship it back to them. I told them I wanted to ship it back but they would have to pay the shipping cost since they messed up. They agreed but it took 3 weeks to get the return label since the first one was "lost in the mail".

Rating 2/10

"Yep, many of you have gotten the shaft from ocsystem for the so called PC3200 DDR400 512M ram they were selling. After all the hoopla of attempting to get them to rectify the problem I contacted my visa company with the issue and ocsystem never responded back so I was credited my purchase price. Now, why was I complaining? I got a good price for the ram, however it wouldn't run at 400Mhz. Tech svc. said you have to tweak the BIOS to "recognize" it (BS). Upon default bootup it shows PC2100 running at 266Mhz. Anyways, I've been running my computer with this stuff until it's now about given up the ghost. I popped out the ram and decided to "break" their so called seal and wouldn't you know it. They cut out the zero's in the sticker. See the pics at http://www.bubbajames.com/ocsystem.html Guess whom I'm contacting next with the photos?"

Rating 2/10

"AVOID them like the plague!!!!
Before I prdered, I called and checked stock and was told that the product was available. I called back a few days later to check the status and was told that it would ship that day. I called back a week later and was told that they're out of stock and it will take 5-6 weeks, although I was already charged. I also have one of thier "enhanced 9800 pro" cards clacked at 425/740 and it was clocked much lower then what they claim. I was told that some clock to that, some don't..........if they're going to advertise something, it should at least meet those specs. I also found out through some research that it isn’t even a pro, it’s a standard 9800 modded to pass as one. I RMA'd it and they didn't touch it for several days till I called to check status. I called back a few days after that and was told that they’re not going to do anything about it, it’s my problem. THE WORST customer service EVER!!!!

Edit: I received it on Friday, June 25th and the box was smashed on one side and the card was broken. It didn't look like it was packed very well, wrapped in a plastic (not a non-static bag) and wrapped with tape and thrown in a box half-filled with styrofoam peanuts.
I called UPS and filed a claim. They picked it up and I was told that the claim would be handled with the shipper, in this case, OC System. I have a bad feeling that I'm going to loose the $396.00 I paid for the card. I trust them about as far as I can throw them.............

I filed a claim with the BBB and for Internet fraud.

How can companies treat people like this?

I received it on Friday, June 25th and the box was smashed on one side and
the card was broken right down the middle. It was a different card then I
sent to them, this one was a 9800 Pro card, although the card and
heatsink/fan were broken.It didn't look like it was packed very well to me,
it wrapped in a plastic (not a non-static bag) and wrapped with tape and
thrown in a box half-filled with styrofoam peanuts. I called UPS and filed a
claim. They picked it up and I was told that the claim would be handled with
the shipper, in this case, OC System. I am concerned with what happens next.

I finally recieved (After several calls) my credit. It was $84.80 less then I paid for it. It's even $23.80 less then the same part sells for on thier site.


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Rating 2/10

"When I bought RAM from them, I had no idea that it was overclocked."

No Avatar

Rating 2/10

"Do not buy from OC System. I have posted a review with them earlier regarding this order. I called them up last Friday (May 21st). I asked them if I could get the status of my new case. The person on the phone was a different person, much better help then the last person I talked to the other 3 times. Well she said that they will be getting a shipment of window kits for my case in about a week, which was great. I asked her if it was just the window kit or the whole replacement case for my broken case. She said it was just the window and I explained to her that my case was broken, like I told the last guy and she was pretty suprised. Come to find out that the guy I called a week ago the first time never put my case in as needing a replacement, like I explained to him 3 times. So I could of probably had my new case in by now, but now I have to wait for UPC to pick it up tomorrow and ship it back so I can get a replacement. This would of never happened with a company like newegg, but I will not be buying from OCSystem again as they have a serious problem they need to fix and they need to learn about customer support. I will definently follow the reseller rating for now on. With a rating of 1.3, I should of known better. I just hope I get my replacement case.

Well, after a month, I finally got my new case and it is the right one and isn't broken this time. It took them three weeks to finally get UPS's refund for the case and did they ship it out the following monday? Of course not, the rep said that they will ship the case out middle of the week, UPS ground too. Some help they are, they not only mess my order up and send the wrong case that was broken, but they also take their time on rectifing their mistake. All I can say is I'm glad it's over and I don't ever have to deal with them again. Avoid them at all costs, trust me. If newegg doesn't have what you're looking for, then just wait until they do.

Rating 2/10

"Dont buy from them, they will sell you cheap rams. The prices are low, but the product is a pile of ****."

Rating 2/10

"Like most here, I also discovered resellerratings after buying from OCSystem. However, I think I didn't get shafted as bad as you memory buyers ;)

I got an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB and it indeed came as a red ATI card clocked at 378/320 (stock). However, the core and memory were both slow-assed and can't nudge past 390/335 without artifacting in g1/2/3 of 3DMARK03 and in g4 or PixelShader2.0 it actually artifacted! Sometimes at STOCK core/mem it would artifact on game 4!! This is absolutely not common, and most radeon9800's should do over 410/350 without artifacting on ANY benches.

Even worse, in Aquamark, I get 14k. This is pretty much impossible, as 14k is the type of score that a 1ghz computer with a gf4200ti would get. I know because I went onto the Aquamark homepage and compared systems and there was NO ONE with a r9800 anywhere within hundreds of pages of me!!! I'm on a p4 2.67@3.1 and 1g pc2700 2-2-2-5 and there is no possible way that my score would be this low.

So even though they did sell me what looked like the product that I bought, fact is even though the core/mem perform ok at stock, the card blew. Buy from another retailer.

Hmm, after going online to check out the memory on my card, guess what... the ram is Samsung k4d263238e-gc33 !!!! Waddayaknow, they voltmodded + biosflashed a regular 9800 and sold it as a pro version. They even stole "radeon 9800 pro" stickers & barcodes off a normal 9800 pro and stuck it on this card. Way to go Fr0zeN for being a dumbass. Never ever EVER buy from OCSYSTEM, unless you like it up the ass.

Rating 6/10

"Ordered a gig of PC3200 RAM and an ATI Radeon 9600XT; then I read this site and started sweating bullets. However, the ram showed up, I dropped it in my machine, and it *was* PC3200 (Sandra doesn't lie; neither does CPU-Z). The Video Card, however, was a Sapphire, not an ATI, which wasn't specified on the website; had I known I was going to be getting a Sapphire (which I *didn't* want), I would have not ordered it, as I could have found it cheaper elsewhere. Also, it came with PowerDVD, but the reg code they gave me for it (written on a yellow post-it note... hmm...) didn't work.

All in all, slightly disappointed, but I might try them again at some point. At least, with me, they got their RAM situation straightened out.

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