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Bad peoples

""After I placed my order via newegg.com, my credit card was charged and 2 days later this order was canceled with no explanations. ""

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Bad seller.

"After I placed my order via newegg.com, my credit card was charged and 2 days later this order was canceled with no explanations. "

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don't bother ordering from these folks

"placed order for wiper blades from their store on newegg and two days later cancelled order without any explanation yet its still listed for sale on newegg. very poor customer service and a waste of time."

Helpful Cool


"I have had my Nutrend 64bit Athlon 3200 for three months, and I must say I am absolutely satisfied with the purchase.
I have owned AST, IBM, and Micron PCs prior to this one, and my Nutrend PC blows them all away. There simply is no comparision between them. I say this because of a number of reasons.

First, the craftsmanship of the PC is amazing. Every wire bundle is tied down and neatly organized. There are no masses of cords or cables mixed together. This is a really well built machine. Its not like any other PC on the market-more like a thoroughbred. Its obvious to me that this wasn't slapped together in an hour.

Second, the luxury of having every part a brand name is very satisfying. There are NO XYZ parts in the computer. You name it, it has a brand name. That gives you the ability to compare PC's when you go shopping for them. You know exactly what you are getting. Who wants to get lucky when spending alot of money for something? With this PC, I ordered precisely what I wanted and knew each component piece I was getting. Nice!

Third, Nutrend's price was the best around. I got a great deal on my PC, and three months later I still am happy about what I paid for it. You may see other places offering similar prices or sometimes even lower, but be careful what they put in the box. You will regret not getting what you want.

I super researched PC's this time around. I read PC World, Computer shopper, PC Magazine, and searched all the big manufactures before deciding on Nutrend. I read Resellerratings.com too, and it seemed most people were happy. There will always be some people who are not satisfied, but thats true of everything.

If I had to mention one thing on the critical side, it would be that the tech support has limited hours should something go wrong for you. I needed to make one call to verify I had USB 2.0 drivers for my motherboard, and I didn't get help until the next day. I have had Zero problems to date, so for me this has not been an issue.

I would strongly recommend Nutrend-I plan on keeping my machine for as long as I can, but I would definately deal with them again.

Helpful Cool


"All I have to say is that I'm very satisfied with my purchase. The website itself was great. They had everything I needed to build the PC I had in mind. The entire ordering process was simple and efficient. I was also astonished to find out that, once I received my PC, I also received a very nice binder with all the necessary programs and information required for the PC. You just don't get this kind of service anywhere. The people helping me with my purchase were also very kind and helpful. They really helped smooth out the entire process. I'm just very pleased. Nutrend is a great company and I highly recommend it."

Helpful Cool


"Very pleased with the system and the service. I modified the oreder slightly and the change was overlooked. I notified them via e-mail that the $2.00 mic was not in the package. They immediately sent one and apolgized.
Everything worked as it should.
Aftertwo months something happened to th OS and I was instructed by the PC to reinstall windows. I called for assistance nd got a return call in short order, The technician talked me thru the re-installation and answered some other questions I had about using a scanner.Ver courteous and efficient.
I like the way the CD's are packaged in a Note Book, easy to keep and to find. This was one of the key factors that influenced my purchase of this unit.

Helpful (1) Cool


"After determining that ABSPC products were completely unsatisfactory I switched vendors to Nutrend for my next purchase, not knowing that they were at the same address as ABSPC. I ordered two systems that were both doa. After waiting for three weeks for a service call the systems were still defective after being serviced. I stopped payment and returned them after arguing for an hour over who was going to pay for shipping and a restocking fee. Assuming ABSPC and Nutrend are basically the same company, I have purchased four systems from them and all four were doa!"

Helpful Cool (1)


"The "configuration basket" was a bit unusual, and not in a good way. I don't expect TS from any retailer, but there continual insistance that they won't be providing any, annoyed me. On the other hand, the shopping cart (once you got to it) was very well designed. All in all, the correct product arrived on time, undamaged, so I was happy."

Helpful Cool


"It's difficult to rate NuTrend's customer serviced/tech support because I have never needed it. They delivered my PC on time. The computer til this day is in tip top shape. When i did need technical support i received it from a knowleadgable and helpful English speaker (nothing wrong with a slight accent.. but.. Dell stretches it with their tech guys). The service is prompt.. everything is as it should be.. as it is promised and told. If you are reading this in search of a company to go with to build your computer.. chose NuTrend. Ignore the hype and false advertisement of Dell.. don't make the mistake i made. NuTrend doesn't advertise a cheap PC that looks fine with its price and monitor.. but no A: drive.. just a CD-ROM.. 128 Megs of RAM.. in the end you will end up paying 400 dollars more for the things you DO need. Chose NuTrend.. Chose NuTrend.. CHOOSE NUTREND!"

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"Great online buying experience. Helpful sales staff. No complaints!"

Helpful Cool


"Follow-up for the Mega2 comment.
Since my first review I have sent back in my DVD-RW drive once, and the whole system twice. That makes three returns (my initial estimations have been well left behind). The system has been assembled incorrectly from the beginning, with the DVD burner as slave. They don't know they have to offer support for OEM drives either (which leaves you, their customer, WITH NO SUPPORT WHATSOEVER FOR ALL OEM ITEMS THEY OFFER) After these two months of hussle, they proposed to refund me the whole amount, no restocking fee. Checking my account, I see I lost $41.58 out of the amount paid. They also don't want to refund the shipping charges I paid for the RMAs (only partial ridiculous amounts). Overall, I am close to $200 worth of loss.

Helpful Cool (1)


"BUYERS READ ABOUT DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS AND YOU WILL SEE A PATTERN. Nutrends tower I received did not work out of the box (blank screen). Tech support seems to only know to have you reload the operating system, and they do not stay with you on the phone. After reloading system would not connect to internet over 19200. Called tech and again had me reload Windows (no improvement). It is now 10 months old and has been sent back twice and still won't work. See next logs as to many other failures with my Nutrend including two motherboards,CPU,RAM,two modems and wrong operating system (service pack 2 instead of service 3) installed than the disk received. No wonder my system won't work with this type of service. And NO, NUTREND WILL NOT REPLACE OR REFUND. WHAT CAN A PERSON DO WITH A COMPANY THAT CARES LESS ABOUT FOR ITS CUSTOMER, BUT ITS MONEY?

Helpful Cool


"Very fast service. Overall, a great shopping experience. "

Helpful (1) Cool


"NuTrend.com is a great reseller. I bought a new gaming computer with the new AMD Athlon 64 processor and it works great. i had a few changes in my order and when i called them up the answered with a real human within 2 mins, and when i told them the change they made it right away. I would defidenty Recomend them to anyone looking to buy a new computer."

Helpful (1) Cool


"My first order with this company. Nutrend is primarily a PC builder, but sell parts too. I purchased a DVD burner on the 18th, and was delivered to my door on the 20th, with free shipping.

Excellent service, e-mail tracking, price, and notification.

As a frequent Newegg customer, I feel that Nutrend is in the same league.

Will definitely do business with them again.

Helpful Cool

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