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Rating 2/10

scam artist and liars

"ordered medication from this company,it was generic. waited 3 weeks for it to arrive, it did not work at all. only gave me a headache!!called them and they informed me I could return it. well, 1 month later and another $15.00 to return, they will not refund me. Americans stay away from this company, only wants your money and will not stand behind there product!!"

Rating 2/10

Stay Away!

"Placed an order with these folks in late January. The order was shipped a week later according to the tracking number provided. The order got to NY and never advanced from there. It was lost apparently. It is not early March and I have been on the phone with the nincompoops at NWP at least a half dozen times without a resolution. THEY DON'T TAKE CREDIT CARDS and there is a good reason for it. Because my bank account is not going to refund my purchase price to me for lack of delivery. My Credit card would have refunded the purchase price in a heartbeat. Anyway, almost two months later now they are telling me that they are trying to reship the order. You can look up your order on their web site but it won't give you a tracking number. You can only get the tracking number by calling them and waiting 20 minutes on hold. How dumb. Any distributor worth their salt can provide tracking info on their web site."

Rating 2/10

Incompetence causing order to take TWO WEEKS to process, unacceptable!

"I ordered my LIFE OR DEATH asthma medicine, sent the RX's and the payment the same day. Called 4 days later to verify that they had received both and was told "they are still processing RX's from my order date and they should be processed today". Ten days later I call and am told that my order has not shipped "because we had thousands of orders and we got behind in processing them" - NOT acceptable when you are handling MEDICATION orders. I spoke with a poor excuse for a "supervisor" who told me that "there was a glitch in the system and that is what delayed your order" lies, lies and more lies - the lies aren't even coordinated. Now, once my order ships after sitting for two %$#@! weeks, it will take another 2-3 weeks to arrive.

This pharmacy used to be good years ago but it has gone downhill. SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Rating 2/10

Bait and Switch. Beware!!!!

"This company will store your IP address. If you have never purchased from them before, they have a cheap price. But the next time you log in, PRESTO! A new, much higher price. I have been ordering for several years. I go to a fellow employee's desk and initiate the order to get the cheap price (because they do not recognize that IP address) then log in with my user info. I have called them out on this, and they LIE. Yesterday, I ordered my generic Crestor (Generic Alternative Crestor 40mg (100.00 pills) at $116.49 USD, per 100 under an IP address NW Pharm did not recognize. I had checked 10 minutes before from my office computer, that NW Pharm has saved that IP address, and the SAME EXACT ITEM WAS PRICED AT $167.09 per 100. ALMOST 50% HIGHER!!!! Beware. Beware. Beware. The product does come in, and does work. But, they really put the screws to you."

Rating 10/10

Great Drugs, Great Prices

"This was one of a number of repeat orders that have been received. Northwest Pharmacy has always provided great service with quality pharmaceuticals at good prices."

Rating 10/10

So happy I have access to Northwest Pharmacy!

"I have been using Northwest Pharmacy for several years. To make sure of the quality of my medicines I only use "brand" medicines. I have had wonderful luck with the quality and the price. I have ordered from them Synthroid, Ventolin Inhaler, Medrol and Advair Disc. Never have I had a problem and save hundreds of dollars over the year.
They are slow in shipping, but much of that is the regulations that US government had put on delivery services. Everything now must ship US Postal Service. Once I allowed for the extra time there , there was no problem at all.

Rating 8/10

Worked well for me

"I've placed 5 or 6 orders with NorthWestPharmacy, and all have arrived as expected. The prices are reasonable - usually less then my insurance co-pay for equivalent drugs purchased in the US. The medications are drop shipped from their country of origin - for me Germany or Turkey - but I've had absolutely no problems with quality or with US customs. They no longer take credit cards, which is inconvenient, but that is due to US credit card companies not supporting any foreign mail order pharmacies. (I suspect political pressure, but I'll stop shy of conspiracy theories). I do not use NorthWest for medications I need quickly - typically it takes 2-3 weeks. But overall, I give them high marks. My experience has been good."

Rating 2/10

STOP ! Think twice before ordering from NorthWestPharmacy

"I reside in MI. USA. I have submitted a prescription and ordered this class of drugs from this company before. The first prescription worked as expected with one exception; maximun effective results are limited to a shelf life not exceeding 120 days. The product in question is a generic equivalent of a 20mg E.D. drug. Re this, my second order, I experienced a failure rate of 5 out of 7 tablets. You do the math. When I say failure I mean zip, nothing ! I may as well have taken a vitamin C. Incidently, I have taken 5mg tab. , with the same active ingredient, albeit Brand, with 100% positive results. I contacted NorthWestPharmacy within 3 to 4 weeks of receiving goods and experiencing said unacceptable results. The first alleged Pharmacist I spoke who went by "JAZZ". He TO'ED me a another person I could not understand......excuse me for sounding ethno centric but are there any Patels left in India or did they all move to Canada and Silicone Valley ? ! First I was told my claim was beyond their 14 days from receipt of goods period to file a complaint. My reply was..."you don't take this tabs every day.....how would one know anything within 14 days" "We'll get back with you" Next call I got was from English speaking.. high school girl "well I don't what the problem is " ! I should have asked her how happy she would be if her boyfriend's "junk" did't work ? Next call was from Indian speaking lady....surprise !...they were going to bend the rules and give me an inhouse credit only for unused portion., but I must first mail unused product to the United Kingdom for "disposal" . I checked with the US Post Office. Lay person mailing prescription drugs (must disclose contents) international....min. $35.00. I called pharmacy back. "we will not issue a RA (return authorization envelope) nor will we reimburse you for any postage" My contention: NorthWestPharmacy is conducting an international business for profit while hiding behind the facade of a honest and trustworthy merchant. I am challenging the efficacy of the product they sold me. Their alleged warranty/customer satisfaction is a sham. Apparently others have been duped with experiences similar to mine. They are an apparent stranger to the concept of Good Faith. They think they are untouchable. Don't underestimate consumer sentiment and the long arm of justice."

Rating 2/10

"I've been ordering generic Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) from Northwest Pharmacy for about 2 years now. My first orders were fine. The drug worked as I expected (I have taken the "branded" version so I knew what to expect). However my last two orders (32 pills per order) have been unsatisfactory. I called customer service after I had taken a few doses of my previous order. The pharmacist/customer service representative implored me to keep taking the medicine and I followed his advice. I got mixed results from that order. Not having an alternative, I placed another order with Northwest Pharmacy. I have taken two pills with no result. I am in good health and only take Flowmax on occasion. I'm an avid cyclist and typically ride between 20-30 miles week, sometimes as many as 50 miles.

My take on Northwest Pharmacy is they are just a intermediary and either, don't have a way of testing the drugs they distribute or choose not to conduct their own quality control. I think that's shortsighted. With sites like this one, if a person does their research they will avoid ordering from Northwest and pretty soon the word will spread. Maybe their business model is short-term profits are better than long term customer loyalty?

Anyway I started out liking this company but my feelings have soured.

My rating of the cost of the product is low because even though the cost is low, the product doesn't work. Check the ratings and find another site at least for E.D. drugs.

Rating 4/10

"Purchasing my generic topamax has been a nightmare! I have been buying from here for a couple years now and breaking pills because they are cheaper to buy and it was recommended originally by the agent from NorthWest Pharmacy. After purchasing over a week before and having seen the doctor even earlier in the day, I finally get a call from an agent saying that the pharmacy said they won't fill my prescription that I've been ordering for ages and either I pay twice as much or get the doctor who is over an hour away who I just left to write something else. If they had done their job on time it wouldn't have been so bad. But it got worse. I had the doctor fax a new script (on the morning of the 17 because the customer service people faxed instead of called so the nurse missed her before she left the day before) , and today is the 21st (my purchase date was the 7th) and I just now got a call asking which script I wanted to use. What on earth?! The whole reason I even had a new one is because they had issues! I asked if my prescription was delayed and he told me no twice, but when I asked him if it had been sent yet he told me no, so I told him it clearly has been delayed and I am not thrilled about this entire issue. Several weeks later and they still can't get their acts together.
I already had to put my checking account on file for my last purchase instead of using my credit card and I hate that already!

Rating 2/10

"I received generic a Advair inhaler for asthma, manufactured in Mauritius. It was ineffective and was clearly not even close to the same brand name inhaler, let alone equivalent. I had my physician write a prescription specifying no generic substitutions, and received what was supposed to be genuine Advair, and also made by Glaxo Smith Kline, the parent company, but manufactured in Turkey. Within two weeks I had such severe dry mouth and near complete lack of saliva production that I feared I had Sjogren's disease (I'm an internist myself) and feared my dental enamel would be rapidly eroded. After stopping the supposedly brand name Advair from NothWest Pharmacy, my dry mouth and saliva production completely returned to normal. At least in regard to Advair, this online pharmacy should absolutely be avoided."

Rating 4/10

"I placed an order on 7/21/15. It was not processed or acknowledged so I called a few days later. I learned it was being held up due to a conflict in previous prescriptions. After being on hold and then finally discussing the conflict and getting a solution I was told the order would be processed. The following day they called to have the exact same conversation because the employee did not document the solution.

On 7/27 (now a full week since I placed the order) they called to discuss the conflict in prescription again. I asked for a supervisor who offered nothing for the inconvenience.

Also be aware they no longer accept credit cards. You must write an old fashioned paper check - then mail it in. This delays the process even more. Then medication is issued form other countries NOT CANADA but China, or Turkey, etc. All in all expect to wait 7 or 8 weeks for your order and for the process to be held up due to employees not getting the order correct.

Rating 8/10

"I have used this company for 3 years. I have had to price check other sellers and get NWP to match the competitor price, as NWP is always higher. Shipping time has averaged 3 1/2 weeks. My Rx has been shipped from England. Payment is now no longer accepted by credit card-- faxing or mailing a check is the only payment option. "

Rating 4/10

"Last yr. order an item and received the product but not in the form I ordered. This yr. I tried again and they sent me the product with the manufacture date of 2013! What gives? I know meds. have a shelf life but I would like something more recent. "

Rating 10/10

"I have been buying RX from NW for 5 years at a 70% reduction in the US retail price. My US RX insurance company will not cover it. Orders and shipment have never been late. US RX mfg company has been able to postpone patent expiration for 2 years. Thank you NW Pharmacy ! This recomendation is completely voluntary on my part. "

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