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"There customer service is Horrible. If you have a problem out of the box with one of their planes it will be grounded for weeks while waiting on them to ship replacment parts. Because they want you to send the the defective part first. Then they will send you a replacment after they have done their testing.. I even uploaded video evidence of the defective motor they still wont send out replacment right away. Reputable dealers with customer service skills would have sent my replacement motor right away not NitroPlanes they turn the process into a 3 week + adventure.. Oh and they try to get you to pay return shipping at that.. I had t raise heck before they sent me a UPS return lable,, Even then it will still be weeks before I get my motor.. Buy from someone else NItroplane doesn't have customer service to speak of."

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"I purchased a Nitro planes AT 10 made by Dynam. what a joke. I can go into a lot of details but unless you are willing to do surgery on the plane to get everything set up, AVOID BUYING IT!! When I finally got to fly it, and even though I balanced it exactly like the instructions, it was very very nose heavy. I managed to save it but believe me, it was no fun. I posted a review of this crappy plane on their web site but mysteriously, it got deleted - imagine that. The only reviews they allowed to remain were short but seemingly good reviews. This plane has two engines but boy oh boy, watch the battery (a single 2200 battery) because it heats up QUICK. Also, the wing mounts in an idiotic way with four small itty bitty screws. In flight, those screws loosened and I almost lost the plane. I will be doing more surgery to correct that flaw. The front gattling gun is mounted at an angle!!!! Their is no RUDDER!! What a joke!! Be warned my friends:):) "

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"I bought a dynam grand cruiser from these assholes and they first sent me the plane all damaged then I got replacement part and they tried to charge me shiping and I stood p for myself and told them no it took it over a month to get here in Washington state and then I built the plane and some of the electronics didn't work and the guy pretty much just said fuck off it was out of warranty time all in all don't spend your money here they are rip-offs DO NOT THINK ITS A GRAT DEAL THEY GET THE PLANES WITH PROBLEMS FROM THE FACTORY


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"these guys suck do not spend your money here.ordered replacement parts,they sent an incomplete order when I contacted them they said they would ship them right out two emails and four weeks later still no parts.................save your money"

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"The worst service on the planet: They lie about stock levels and lie that aproduct shipped. If you question them or cancel they blacklist customers."

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"i needed to replace my dc3 cowls. both are less than an oz. in weight. the box would be about 3x3x3 inches.

they want to charge almost $19.00 shipping....EACH TIME I HAVE DELT with these assholes,i have had nothing but problems...

they are in my opinion....goodbye you fuckers...you will NEVER GET ANOTHER PENNY FROM ME....fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuu

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"My airfield blazer caught fire when the battery was plugged in for the first time. The esc caught fire and burned through the fuselage. I have been trying to get satisfaction from nitroplanes for over a month and now they are not even responding to my emails. Beware of this company!"

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"Seems to be common theme here. Ordered a WACO YMF, looked ok when it arrived, but after starting assembly come to realize the N strut and aileron pushrod mounts are not installed in the bottom wing,and not in the box. Email support - no response for a week, but then they ship me the parts - NOT. A top wing arrives - and it doesn't have the hardware either.

Email support, no response for a week, then. "You can send it back and we may refund your money, but we won't refund the shipping cost."

So, PayPal to the rescue. File a dispute, explain the situation, escalate to a claim, problem solved. I have to pay to ship it back, but at least I only eat one set of shipping charges.

I didn't read the purchase agreement - anyone who does will quickly recognize that this company is a scam. Per the agreement they are only responsible defective or damaged products IF YOU DETECT THE DEFECT DAMAGE BEFORE YOU OPEN THE BOX!!!

Anyway, thank goodness for PayPal!

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"I just placed my very first order with NitroPlanes.com. They emailed me 24 hours later and said my billing address is not what my bank has on file (which is false) and wanted me to give them my personal account info and phone number to my bank. I have used this credit card with several vendors for the past 5 years so I'm not sure what they were trying to pull. Maybe it was a good thing they did not want my business. This company and its customer service is an absolute joke!"

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"Very disappointed with a purchase of a Dynam Mustang p51. Motor and remotes had to be purchased separately no instructions on how to install and after calling customer service they were rude and absolutely no help at all. Will never buy from them again."

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"Nitro planes is a scam. I ordered 3 planes from them. 2 of the 3 came in great condition, but the 3rd plane was damaged in box. I have attempted to call, email, and even online text them. They will not answer phones,or my emails. I do not recommend buying from them because if they send you a bad plane you are stuck with the bill."

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"They shipped a busted model to me it was busted before shipping because none of the broken parts were in there plastic shipping bags in the box.They promiced to send replacement parts. But they never did because they had no replacement parts for the sabach.This is a scheem to rid themselves of damaged merchandise.
I contacted my credit card co. WELLS FARGO and was told to send it back , I did .However now I must pay $45.00 shipping charges on a 119.00 model. If they do this a few more times they will recoupe the cost of the defective plane . that we pay for in shipping charges. Even tho they sent out junk.

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"I purchased a Dynam 5 Channel F4U Corsair ARF from Nitro Planes and am very pleased. I didn't check Resellerratings prior to the purchase and with all the bad reviews I am glad I didn't. The plane came as advertised and looked beautiful. I immediately received a confirmation email and the plane shipped the next day. Their use of UPS for shipping meant I could track the package and know the delivery date unlike USPS whose tracking system is a real joke. The Dynam instruction manual is a tough read due to the cryptic Chinese to English translation. Actual instruction "Step 2 Glue the plastic part on the wing". Thank god there were some photos and I muddled through. I had no problems with Nitroplanes and I will probably buy from them again."

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"I thought I was getting a radio with the dynam sonic 185. Unclear advertising on their part.I wont buy from them again. Product seem good and shipping was fast to be fare.If you want to buy from them
make sure you read all.

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"on april 16 ordered parts for the fox: wings, stab, fuse, canopy and prop. they sent wings and stab, but nothing else. sent multiple requests, never answered, so i lost my money.
how could a dealer still be on and taking money and keeping it?
zero stars. a warning should be made so nobody buys from them.

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