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    Product & services pricing Rating 5.00/10 5.00/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 5.00/10 5.00/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 4.17/10 4.17/10
    Customer service: Rating 6.67/10 6.67/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 4.17/10 4.17/10
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Rating 6/10

Nike can't ship a 3 line order correctly

"I ordered 3 pairs of running shoes online and chose to ship them Next Day Air. I received 2 pairs on time but never got the 3rd pair. After researching tracking info and email confirmations, I discovered that Nike’s shipping department screwed up. The tracking #’s emailed to me did not match the shipping cartons received.
Nike customer service has confirmed the missing shipment but I have been advised that it will take 1-3 days for investigation (UPS trace) and up to 15 days for resolution. 15 days really?? They already took my money but will take 15 days to come back with a resolution?

I am very unsatisfied with Nike’s ecommerce as they can’t ship a 3 line order correctly and the customer service policy backing it up requires half a month. I thought a company of Nike’s stature would be more professional.

-- Update 10/18
The missing box got re-routed and delivered 4 days later. And, Nike sent replacement shoes at their cost. I will be returning the extra shoes in good faith. So customer service is good, shipping\fulfillment needs training. 2 up'd to 3 stars.


Rating 2/10

Nike shipping ripoff!!

"Don't buy for overseas country saying that they are Nike NZ for example as they are Nike Netherlands and will charge you nearly half the cost in shipping fees, and aghain to return the item and again to send another replacement. Barstards! "

Rating 2/10


"I ordered a shoe at Nike online in the UK on Friday 25/08/17. Was told that i will receive the shoe today Sunday 27/08/17. Whilst tracking online I saw where it was delivered and signed for by an unrecognizable name. I quickly contacted the courier to inform them I am at home waiting and no shoe was ever delivered. I was informed that the shoe was incorrectly labelled by Nike. Imagine that!!!! Someone, somewhere received a FREE shoe thanks to my HARD EARNED cash.
I am now trying to contact Nike and for such an established company they do not provide 24 hours online support!!!!!!!!!!!! I am now anxious and angry and have to wait until the Next working day.

Please people, do not make the mistake like I did and purchase from them online. You will be far removed from your earnings.
I am sooooo frustrated

Rating 2/10

Horrible shipping and terrible customer service

"I did order in nike.ca and paid for express shipping. The date of delivery was 28/Jun - 2/Jul.
Until now we are without boots. And expected delivery date 5/Jul.
It is so important because I enrolled my son into soccer camp starting from 3/Jul till 7/Jul.
I twice spoke in live chat with customer service.
I want copy only part of transcript
"we don't have nothing to do with this. Since there is a holiday in Canada that's why the Estimated dare has been moved.
If you want, you can call our Canada post at 1-866-607-6301 every Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. ET and Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. ET.
You can call our carrier and ask them if possible to deliver your package tomorrow. "
How you feel with such service?

Rating 10/10

Did really well!

"My order came up as cancelled. So I called Nike and the customer service was so quick, they told me the reason and gave me a promotional code for my troubles they also refunded all my money which will be deposited in 2-3 working days."

Rating 4/10

Three weeks no shoes

"I ordered six retro Jordan's on 4/ 8 /2017 and only one pair of shoes arrived on 4/ 13/ 2017. I can't track my shoes anywhere and customer service busy 24/7 no connection "

Rating 2/10

Unsatisfied Customer

"I posted on a different website the same exact review because I want to inform as much viewers about my terrible experience with Nike's customer service. I spoke with three different people because the first two both messed up my order! So my original situation was I dropped of two pairs of shoes at my nearest UPS in attempt to exchange them for a larger size. I called Nike's customer service an hour after I dropped off the shoes to see if I can receive my new pairs of shoes in less than three days because I was to leave the country for a couple of weeks. So the first representative I spoke with told me that I needed to return and get a refund on the shoes I dropped off because I wouldn't be able to receive my new shoes until next week if I were to go through the exchanging process. I listened to her and asked for a refund on the shoes, and she placed a new order for the exact same shoes with a larger size. After she placed the order for me, I received the email that contained the information of my order and instead of a two-day shipping, she placed a standard shipping, meaning I would be out of the country when my shoes would arrive. So my 40 minute phone call with this polite woman was pointless because I ended up with the identical problem that I originally asked her assistance for. I made another phone call after receiving the email and I provided the second representative with my information as well to re-purchase the same items. I never received a confirmation email stating that he made the purchase for me, even though he told me through the phone that he had placed the order. I was on the phone with him for almost an hour and that phone call also resulted to no solution to my problem. I waited until 25 hours to make sure that the email wasn't just late, and I called for the third time. The third representative told me that my order was never placed by the second representative that's why I didn't receive an email. So I had to provide my credit card information for the third time, and go through the process three times, with three different people to find a solution to my primary problem. It was an incredibly frustrating experience because the employees kept making mistakes and I spent nearly 2.5 hours on the phone with Nike's customer service in the span of two days. The only positive part of my experience was that the employees were very polite and seemed to have great attitude. The biggest problem with Nike's customer service is that the representatives failed to double check their work. This resulted in mistakes that can be easily preventable if they were to double check the customers' orders and pay very close attentions to the details of the orders they are making. Hopefully I receive my shoes before I leave the country, as promised. My experience was incredibly frustrating and I will not be purchasing any items from this company anymore. "

Rating 2/10

They just don't care

"Ordered 2 pairs of shoes, sent me an email saying that it's on its way but no tracking number. Estimated time of delivery was 3-5 business days so when it past the ETOD i contacted them then was told that itswon it's way and gave me a tracking number. After 3 long weeks of waiting as i was confident that i will get my order because I checked it everyday with our postal services and it says it's in the country, i contacted them again and was told that it got stuck at the depot and that they will investigate further but have to wait for another 10 days. 2 weeks later i got another email that my parcel got lost anf that they will just refund and wait again for another week before i get my money back. The shoes are for my boys and the money that was spent for it was their savings. My eldest needed it badly as his current shoes is too small for him now, but because i don't have a chance to drive them i thought online will save me the trip. Not at all. They simply couldn't care less because the company already has plenty of money so tough luck with the ones like me that doesn't. Nike should look at this and make sure that they'll treat their customers equally and as important as the queen or the president or the prince. "

Rating 2/10

I will never buy Nike again!!!!!!!!

"I am very angry and dissetisfied customer I will not buy Nike product again neither will my friends and family buy again, I will purposely go out of my way to trash you guys and steer people away from Nike I work in retail so I get in touch with a lot of people a day. Your sales rep was rude but her managers were more rude then her. I purchased three pairs of air maxes within a year and last two pairs came apart within few months of wearing them I paid lots of mo eye for these shoes I was inconvenient twice twice I had to send them back so I was without my shoes for 2 3 weeks a time, people if you buy them and if you have to use their claim dept you re in some trouble they r not professional. I wanted to buy 4th pair well they don't have them so now I have to buy them for more money and I have to pay the difference and if there is 10 to 15$ difference they will make you pay! Even though it was their fault they ****!!!"

Rating 2/10

Customer service is a joke!!!!

"Purchased a pair of custom Nikes for my wife. I mistakenly entered an old shipping address. Could not cancel the order directly and was told that i had to call the customer service department to have the order cancelled as i could not change any of the shipping information. Keep in mind this was less than 5 minutes after placing the order. So i called customer services and was told by the rep that my order was cancelled and to expect a refund in 24 - 48 hours. so i remade the order thinking my first order was cancelled.

A few days later i get a notification that both shoes were in the process of being shipped. So i called again and spoke with another rep and she told me she did not see a call where i requested my order to be cancelled.

I advised i did not want both shoes because it was a gift for my wife and the same exact shoe. Plus i didnt want to pay 300 dollars for 2 pairs of the same shoe especially since i was told that one of the shoes was cancelled and refunded already. She said because the shoe was already being made she couldnt cancel it at the time.

About 2 days later i get another email that the shoes were being ready to ship. I made an additional call and demanded they keep one of the shoes because i dont want them and just want my money back. She tried to say she couldnt give me a refund because they didnt have the shoe at their warehouse. It was being shipped from another location. She said i would have to wait until the shoes were shipped to me, then i would have to ship back and when they recieved it then i could get my refund. I advised i did not want the shoe shipped to me because i didnt want the responsibility of the shoe being shipped to my old address and not actually getting the shoes. I was told by the rep that she could call UPS and have my address corrected. So i told her if she could do that, then just tell them to have it shipped directly to them. She said i would not be recieving the shoes at that point as she told UPS to send directly to their warehouse at which time my refund would get issued. I thought that was the end of it.

Nope about a week later i received both pairs of shoes which means not only did the rep contact UPS but she gave them my correct address for the cancelled shoes instead of having them shipped back to them,

Pissed off at this point i called Nike AGAIN. After being placed on hold for what seemed like 30 minutes, i was finally told i could return the shoes to a Nike store directly to get my refund, which i did. But because there were no scan bars on the box it was indicated that there may be issues with my return. A week after returning the shoes, it now appears that Nike has messed up my return. So now i have no shoes and no refund and calling the customer service center again gets me nowhere because they say that have no history of a shoe being returned.

Rating 2/10

Par for the course. Same thing happened to me.

"I placed an order on Friday April 8th for some shoes for my son for his birthday. I checked the status of the order on Sunday morning only to see that the order was cancelled. No email. Nothing. I called them up when I saw the cancelled order, and while talking to the representative, and "PING" the email comes thru. What timing! They then give me a 15% off promotional code that I had to write down. No email. I checked the site this morning looking for something else, to buy my son and use the 15% code. I check the shoes again, and low and behold, the shoes are back in stock in his size! I call customer service to ask if the are really in stock. They say yes, and for the trouble, here's another 15 percent off promotional code. I ask if I can use both, and the representative says " Sure! " I ask are you sure? He says " Absolutely! " Well, the first code is at home, so I punch out, go home, go get it, and come back to work. One code works great! The second wont work. I call back. They give me a 3rd code to try to work with the first one. That one doesn't work. I get put on hold, and after about 10 minutes, they tell me that you can't use both codes. Now I'm out 1/2 hour of overtime for punching out and going home. I get transferrred to a supervisor, and get the same run-around. I figure I need to use the 15% just to break even on wage losses. I place the order, use the code, and get an error on the site. I call back again, the person tells me they will place the order for me, and give me 20%. After about 15 minutes on hold, they tell me they cant because they already gave me the othe codes. I try one last time to place the order, and the shoes are out of stock again. Long story short, I have no shoes, and my payment for the original order is still pending and still not been refunded. I spent almost 3 hours on the phone with them, and lost 1/2 of overtime wages for absolutely nothing. This was by far the worst experience I've ever had with online shopping. They don't care at all. They do nothing but the bare minimum to try to make it right."

Rating 2/10

Deleted for no reason

"I ordered already my 2nd product at Nike and it was deleted for no reason.
We didn't even give a confirmation that it had been deleted.
It is really not funny if your son is waiting one week for his shoes and after 8 days waiting and looking up in the account to notice we will never get the shoes.
Furthermore that there is not even the chance to reorder them again because they are suddenly out of stock.
I'm really disappointed and will never buy any nike products at nike.com anymore.
It's a shame for this company

Rating 2/10

Delayed for no reason

"I ordered 7 items on 2/27. I wasn't notified that there would be a delay untill 3/2 and when I was I was told 4 of the items wouldn't be shipped till 3/10. Get it together Nike"

Rating 2/10

Nike.com Thiefs!

"Nike charged my credit card 171.20 for purchases that I did not purchase. The police said that I had to get information from Nike to file a report. Nike refuses to help. Furthermore they gave me a credit back for the merchandise and then took the credit back. They are the worst company and the FBI are now investigating their practices and the fraud which based on their responses, is from their company."

Rating 2/10

"Make nice shoes, but...
Can't ship products.

I ordered a pair of shoes on Nov 1, 2015 with 3-4 day shipping. No problem, I wanted them by the 6th. 6PM on Nov 6, no shoes. I check my email from them, dated Nov 3. It says my shoes shipped, and gives me a link to my tracking information. I click the link, and get a nike webpage that says my shoes will be received on Nov 6. Unlikely, since it is already so late in the day. I copy the USP tracking number and put it in UPS's site - shoes haven't even shipped yet! I call customer service. One hour later, we deice the best they can do is ship me a new pair of shoes with free overnight shipping. They tell me that I will receive them by Nov 10, since they can't be sure that they will ship until Monday. Fine. Nov 10 arrives, no shoes. I go through the same thing - email says they shipped, website says they shipped, Fedex (new shipper for overnight, I guess) says they haven't shipped. I call again. They say that the ticket printed on Monday, and that they will ship today (nov 10), and will arrive on Nov 11. It is now Nov 11, and nothing has shipped. I ordered the shoes from Dick's sporting goods, and they shipped the same day I ordered them. Nike.com is a fraudulent, poorly run company. Avoid them at all costs. I will never buy from them again.

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