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Rating 4/10

"Negri used to be the best place to buy an unlocked smartphone. I think I fell in love with them at the tail end, though, because my last successful order with them was super-delayed despite being marked as "in stock." Since then I've tried them a couple more times and the whole process is just broken, not to mention their website, which has been offline for three days, as of today. I always end up having to request a refund after many days of no shipping. I don't think they can dig themselves out of this one. I currently believe they've betrayed too much trust and damaged their brand.

However, I have to say, if Negri could return to the proud, accurate, and efficient way they used to be, I would want to try them again.

Rating 2/10

"I had a misfortune to buy a defective phone from this web-store. After the return, multiple emails, delays, unreasonable and unfair offers, they have finally suggested a partial refund which I agreed to just to be ignored once again. Today, 7 months since return, our dispute is still not settled. "

Rating 2/10

"Looks like Negri Electronics is having order fulfillment issues. I placed my order back on May 25th and as of June 4th, it is still in processing, and that is 10 calendar days and 7 business days. I exchanged several chats and emails with Ted but could never get an estimate as to when they can ship my order. Ted just said "as soon as possible". I will report back when I either cancel the order in the next couple of days or when the shipment of my order has been confirmed."

Rating 2/10

"I'm generally a nice guy, so I gave NE two chances and they completely blew both. Obviously, the prices on certain phones are quite nice.

The first one had a glaring "Ship within 48 hours" in bold. After 3 BUSINESS DAYS, I checked online and it still showed Processing. I wouldn't have minded if my product is still processing, then don't immediately charge my credit card. Canceled the order without much complications. I'll give them credit for that.

Ordered another phone for my sister 2 weeks later when they emailed me a coupon. In BOLD it declared "SHIPS WITHIN 72 HOURS". Hahaha, there they get really creative. After 5 business days, status still shows processing. I called and inquired about it. The rep tried to talk himself out of the conundrum (in an idiotic manner) by citing policies and semantics. First he said that NE has a global force, so the business days are not the same as American Business days... Then he said that everything is documented in the store policy, a little tiny tab located at the bottom right. For XYZ's sake, you can put anything in those tiny pages where no one can see! For example:"Our global shipping department is staffed by legal working teenagers working part time from Peru." Please....

Anyways, canceled the order. Credits to them for being competent enough to refund, else I'll just go through Chase and let them deal with them.

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a phone that was listed as "In Stock" but it took more than 2 weeks before it was even shipped.

After the first week I asked customer support for an estimate of when I would receive my phone but they couldn't give one, only that they had a "delay".

If there were any alternatives for me I would never have given Negri my money.

Rating 2/10

"Is there any thing called Customer service,

I have placed an order, order #100078332 (placed on March 22, 2014 2:03:45 AM PDT), payment done through Amazon payments ID: 103-3696689-7620201, no response so far, I dont know what to do now. I have spent almost my one month salary... like a fool, that too after reading reviews on resellerratings and referred by few You tube channels like Pocketnow etc, dont know how most of you guys gave positive reviews..?

I just got one mail confirming my order, thats it,
I have called Negri care and left voice mail due to time zone difference (Im from India) no one bothered to contact me back, how do you call that customer care, who cares for customer,

sent mail to support@negrielectronics.com through their website,
got below response on 25th March 2014

At the moment your device is housed within our International Facility in Hong Kong. There has been some internal issues causing delays with our facility. As you may know these item typically ship within 24-48 business hours as stated in the product description. Of course this is not the case at the moment but again we are working to resolve this matter in order to fulfill your pending order. We currently can not confirm an exact ship date for your order, however we are doing our best to get your order shipped out as quickly as possible. Once your order is successfully shipped out, you will receive an email confirmation with your FedEx tracking number.

Its already 4th day and they say internal issues causing delays, they should have informed me the same before,

again I have called Negri care at#888-358-6358 on the next day (next night for me, I have to call them at 1.30 AM,they are not available at my day time and they sell devices worldwide..?)

Dont know the representative name, He took my order # and He helped me allot by just reading above mail, At the moment your device is housed within... bla bla

He also confirmed that there is no problem with stock at all, and they will be sending my shipment details soon...

I requested to give me an approximate date of shipping...atleast (Hes gonna disconnect my call if i ask for exact date it seems)He simply refused... We are sorry we cant promise you the approx time..

I have been confirmed again that they are going to ship my order soon...! and disconnected the call.

Now its 28th March 15:43 IST, writing this review waiting for their response... Im gonna call them again tonight lets see how far it goes... I dont want to cancel my order after all this happened to me so far..

Never got such weird experience with any online seller in my life. the worst service ever, I WARN YOU ALL NOT TO BUY AT NEGRI ELECTRONICS at least for International customers its not Your cup of Tea..

Had to end up with order cancellation.
bought new Note 3 from ebay, delivered on next day. fully satisfied.

Rating 2/10

"They have the worst customer service ever!!! I bought a phone and they hold my money for almost a week and they didn't even bother to contact me saying that they didn't have it in stock. I had to contact them because I never receive it and the solution they gave me is to cancel my order. How do you want to keep customers like this? Very POOR customer service, don't trust this company"

Rating 4/10

""TED: "Currently there is unfortunately a delay with our international facility that has caused this delay in your shipment.
We are doing our best to resolve this as soon as possible.
Once your unit ships we will contact you via email with your tracking details"

So this is a "regular" responding from NegriElectronics for the item which was "IN STOCK" but currently (as always) NOT IN STOCK and DELAY !
All my orders (3 orders in different time of the year) are accompanied by the same problems.

So my advice to you "buyer" if you DON't care about "constant" waiting time than Order your item from NegriElectronics. It's good and safe choice.

Promises as ships within 24-48 hours is frame (1 day shipping is not helps)
Doesn't matter if they say IN STOCK or OUT OF STOCK all this speculation and hype.

Best Regards

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a Surface Pro 2 from Negri Electronics last December. The unit I received was shipped from China, and the box contained no adapter that could be used in the US to charge it. There was no indication on the web site that the product they were selling was not intended for use in the US.

After my first email about this issue, they sent another adapter. Unfortunately, the new one was also unusable in the US.

Finally, one of their support people told me "The adapters you received are the correct devices available for this device. Given that this is an international model this device does not include a US wall charger."

I ended up having to buy an adapter separately, which ran $75, for an item which should have been included

Rating 10/10

"I have NEVER written a survey in reference to any on-line vendor since I had found most to be about the same. However, When I heard about NEGRI ELECTRONICS, I decided to give them a try. To my surprise, NEGRI'S staff, a Mr. Anthony and Mr. Ted are among the very best when it comes to customer service, patience and customer consideration. I have now made several purchases from negri electronics and have been very pleased with all of my purchases. I know as a customer I can at times be a nuisance calling for information and order status, but no matter how many times I called, I was treated with consideration, patience and most of all, customer respect. So unlike so many other on-line vendors, whats advertised is exactly what you get shipping turnover is unbelievably fast. I enjoy negri electronics so much that I left another on-line electronics vendor for them. Thank you so very much negri for being who and how you are, since I honestly feel you set standards so many others has yet to follow. "

Rating 2/10

"I would recommend making very sure to read all of the fine print in the return/restock policies prior to ordering from the retailer. After ordering a Galaxy S4 mini and using it for 2-3 days, I let them know within 5 days of receiving that I would return it because of lag issues with making calls. I tried resetting it a couple times (at their recommendation) and sent it back a few days after getting the RMA. I got hit with an 18% restock fee along with a $10 fee for the original "free shipping." I also paid $20 to return it with insurance. When I questioned the high fees for returning a problematic phone after using it for 2 days, the only response from the company was that it was consistent with the policies listed on the web site. I will never order another item from this retailer because of these policies and would strongly recommend that people order from a retailer that does not enforce ridiculous fees that include charging for the original free shipping after an item is returned. They may have the right to establish a policy, but we have the right not to shop there.

I am editing this after reviewing Ryan's comments about my original review. I am not going to get into an email chain with him about this device/return. Suffice it to say that I have an email that says that an 18% restock fee was assessed, that I am not certain whether I trust their technical team's assessment of my "real world" use of the phone, that I am not responsible for the delivery schedule for UPS and Ryan's other comments.

The final outcome is that Negri can charge their ridiculous return/restock/shipping policies as they choose. But they have lost the trust of someone who buys probably 10 electronic devices per year and has returned one item in the past twelve months.

It's too bad that it was this particularly item-that I really wanted-and. that I didn't read the fine print more carefully. Fool me once-shame on me. Fool me twice-ain't gonna happen.

Rating 2/10

"Retailer misrepresented that the product was in stock when I placed my order, in fact, it still doing so on its website that shows it in stock with 24-48 hour shipping.

I was notified it was out of stock shortly after I placed my order and sent a form to cancel the order or wait until 12/18 when it would be available. I chose to wait until 12/18. On 12/19 I asked for an update and was told it was still not in stock (so much for what is currently shown on their website and the 24-48 shipping time frame) with no confirmation for when it would be ins stock or ship. Not sure this is a retailer that is on the up and up and hope I don't get taken.

Rating 10/10

"We have purchased many phones from Negri Electronics over the past year, and haven't had any trouble. In fact, in the couple of instances that the device we ordered was out of stock or back ordered, Ryan went out of his way to ensure that we were able to get what we needed in a reasonable amount of time. The staff is always courteous and willing to help however they can. I appreciate that Negri Electronics offers many different payment and shipping options for orders also.

If you need a device, you can be sure you'll find it at Negri Electronics, and at a fair price. Especially if you're looking for a device not sold in your country (as we are in the US and often need to order devices only sold in Canada).

Thanks for everything Ryan, Sergio, and everyone else at Negri!

Rating 6/10

"I bought a phone form them. Fast shipping, only problem is that T-Mobile said "My IMEI has a failure of payment on it" so now I'm blocked form using my new Samsung GS4 on their network. I have been in contact and they are going to RMA it and send me a new one. This is very inconvenient
They sent me a new phone I didn't want to deal with this problem again so I sold it to a store for almost no money. Now that I wasted my time and money I would advise you to avoid this store.
tldr: phones IMEI was block, RAMed it took a week for a new one, Gave it away, Would advise you to avoid this store.

Rating 2/10

"This website is a good place to purchase cellphones, but there are a few hick-ups.
I bought an LG G2 from them unlocked version. This phone was going for 579.50 before tax and shipping. Luckily they do offer free shipping on high priced devices most of the time (may be all the time). I did receive the device in good condition from what I can tell. Here are a few negative points I've got on this website as a first time buyer.

Shipping: For some reason they have it set up with FedEX somehow that I cannot either request hold on device nor can I authorize them to leave the package at the front door without anyone being present there. As well I could not reschedule the time of delivery.

I understand this is for safety reasons, but this strict shipping really makes shopping
unsatisfactory. I had no such problems with Amazon shipping.

With a little research about shipping I found out that you could do all of the options, according to their FAQ, before the device is shipped.

As a first time buyer, I wasn't expecting I would need to do such thing as I have never had to previously, so this still sucks, but glad it has arrived finally.

Price: After finally receiving the device I went to check online to contact customer support, which I will get to in a moment, and noticed that my phone dropped in price by $10. This has upset me a bit. If I ordered just a week later I could have saved $10, especially on taxes. Unfortunately because I used a $20 off code to purchase my device I read that I was not eligible for a price drop difference. So beware that if you use a coupon code and then device drops any amount in price be it $100 or $1, you are not eligible for that price difference even if it is the day 1 that you got your device.

Customer Support: So here is the worst part from the company by far in my experience. I contacted customer support not because of the price drop, even though I did mention it, but because they have not delivered everything as promised. You see when I was buying the device it would say in red under the device that there would be a US wall charger included so I could charge my device here in the US. This really made me unhappy. Luckily I do have other wall outlets that can charge at high Amp output, which is required for LG G2 because of Snapdragon 800 and the 3000 mAh battery.

So as I was looking to contact them I went to the website and looked for a way to contact them, and found out that the only way to contact them was through e-mail. Their response was fairly professional till the end. However, the time it took to respond was extremely long. It actually took them to respond only once each day. Complete and total failure on this part. It's like they only have one person sitting there and responding to all e-mails. Even when you click chat on their website it still takes you to the e-mail. Well anyway as I do more research now it seems that they do actually have a phone number that you can call for customer support. This phone number should be on the contact us page, not somewhere else on the google search.

Anyway not only does it take a full day to get a response from them, they are obviously not aiming for a high customer satisfaction. The so called charger that I have never received is brown. I have yet to receive it. The conversation ended on Saturday, so I will be waiting till probably Wednesday to receive it.

So the real part that made this the worst experience ever was their last response, which in a way is professional.

Thank you for your email. At this time we will proceed in shipping you out another adapter for your device. You can expect to receive this within the next few business days, as this will ship from our Las Vegas facility.Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing Negri Electronics. Have a great day."

The second sentence where he says, we will proceed in shipping you out another adapter for your device, I consider a bit offensive. Another adapter? I never received the first adapter, how could there be another one now? This just tells me that the customer service assumes that I am lying, if I were lying I probably would request for the device itself to be shipped again. At first I did not care about the $10 price drop, but now after their poor choice of words, I feel like they should have given me some kind of refund. It's not my fault they missed the most important part of device besides the phone itself. So no, they do not care at all as it seems, not even trying to make it right.
Imagine if the person who bought the device did not read the red text underneath it at the excitement and received the package with an incompatible UK wall outlet. The customer would go and buy one himself, spending money that he did not have to. That in itself is a misleading sale.
I was going easy on them the whole time till they wrote "another adapter." That really ticked me off.

Anyway hopefully the adapter actually comes and acts as if it was the original adapter which would charge the device at full speed. Otherwise this just puts the customer support at the worst ever.

I will be re-posting this review on all websites I can to make customers aware of the issues that I personally ran into.

In response to the so called owner's response. I don't know where you learned how to communicate with customers, but that is not how you should be doing it.
"We do this to protect our customers and our company. Over the last 9 months we have been experiencing an increase of fraudulent buyers ordering from our site using someone PayPal account, or stolen credit cards. Using their own email address they are emailed the tracking number, which they use to call FedEx and redirect the package to their address. We place a restriction on customers calling in to redirect or hold their package. Had you requested us to do this for you, we could have. They require one of 3 Negri Electronics employees to call and approve anything like this. "

If you would read what I wrote, it clearly says that since I never had the need to call for such request prior to the order anywhere else, so it was not something I thought I'd need to do here.
I could always call fedex on any on any other order and be able to ask for it to be held.
I also did make a call but it was after the first delivery attempt.
I'm not a psychic so that is why I did not expect I needed to make phone call prior to shipping.

"Since you used a coupon, your pricematch was not honored. This is noted in our store policies as well. We do offer a pricematch override in some extreme circumstances, but $10 would not qualify here. "

Thank you captain obvious for repeating what I said. I am sorry you took your time to write a paragraph just to repeat what I have already mentioned.

"It seems you were aware of this prior to ordering. You mentioned that it said this while buying your device. If this did not please you, maybe the order should not have been completed, or maybe speaking to someone within our team could have assisted you. We also offered the option to add an OEM US charger to your order, for a small charge of $4.50 at the time. Had that been added to your cart you wouldn’t have to leave this portion of your review, saving you a good amount of time. "

I really cannot comprehend what you are trying to say here. Aware of what? That there was supposed to be a US wall outlet? Of course I was aware that it was supposed to be there, it said in clear red. As to buy your OEM charger, obviously you only want more money from your customers for things they don't need to buy from you. If the wall outlet adapter is coming with the order, why would he need to buy an OEM charger? You could have saved yourself a good amount of time by not writing this whole response. All you had to do was say "I am sorry, the person that was packing the item accidentally made a mistake by not including the US wall outlet charger. We will do better next time to serve you. Hope to see you shopping at Negri Electronics again. Have a wonderful day." That should have been your entire response to my review, instead you started to criticize my time writing this.

"We apologize for the time it took to respond, although most of your questions could likely have been answered within the FAQ page. We have live chat but only during business hours – our team has to sleep. The 800 number is actually right on the home page, in 18 pt font, in the ‘customer service section of the right column’. A brief scan of the site would have revealed this, saving you now, even more time on this review. "

They were answered, did you not read what I wrote? I did look into FAQ after I had problems.
The 800 number is not visible on your home page as your page is too long. Talk to your web designers may be and put my review into action. The first thing I saw was Help/FAQ at the top right. Just because you can't hire a good designer don't blame me for your design.
As well this is not the questions, this is a review of your company so sit down and read.

"This isn’t true. We tried very hard to make it right- by shipping you another adapter free of charge. We re-shipped a $.50 adapter FedEx ground for $7.00 so that you could charge your device properly, with the equipment you purchased from us. No one assumed you were lying, but since we already shipped you one, we had to ship you another. Whether you received it or not, it was shipped. Maybe it was discarded with the packaging contents we use. Sometimes it gets lost in the peanuts or bubble wrap and is overlooked. No harm done, we shipped another."

Yet another? What another? Wow, are you blind? I never received the first one, how could there be another one? So here you never really go beyond and above, all you did was just send me what I was already supposed to have.

"But the warning says he will receive an adapter, whether he reads it or not, he still is shipped the adapter. Unsure of your disappointment on this point."

Disappointment was that I never received the adapter. So if the customer did not read it and he also did not receive the adapter, then he would have to use his own money to buy the charger without knowing that he was supposed to get one.
Where in the world did you go to school to study English?

"If your goal is to maliciously harm our reputation this is exactly what you should to. If your goal is to help us improve, an email sent to feedback@negrielectronics.com. "

If I wanted to harm your reputation I probably wouldn't be spending $600 to buy a phone from you would I?
Great logic there.
Thanks for the worst customer response ever! Here is your upgrade to one star review from two stars.


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