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Rating 2/10

"Awful company. I've rented two textbooks from them and each time they have not received it back. First one I payed not honestly remembering if I sent it. The second, I know I sent it, along with four other textbooks. When I called, I was old I had to give them the tracking number and they would take me off the collections list...by a supervisor. The same day I called with the number they provided for me and was told it was "invalid". Now I'm in a disput with them and the collection agency. All of this, five months after the book was due back. I oringainlly rented the book in January and it was due back in May, it is now December.

Don't be fooled by their low prices, you'll just end up paying full price for a brand new one because they never "received" the book back.

Rating 2/10

"Add me to this growing list, returned two books and they said they didnt receive one of them yet they got the other? Unfortunately when I print the label I throw away the scraps and the tracking number was apparently on there. They are sending me letters now, I wish there was a class action lawsuit against this shady company!"

Rating 2/10

"I should've read the reviews before i ordered. I ordered a book several months ago and now they are saying they didn't receive it. Bulllll crap. I will be blogging about neebo and making sure my campus is aware. "

Rating 2/10

"Never rent from these THIEVES! I rented a textbook, returned the textbook, and they are claiming that they did not receive it. I spoke to Ebony and asked her to look at the tracking# that was generated by them and she was not willing to look for the number. These thieves took $198 from my account"

Rating 2/10

"BAD!! DO not order! I ordered a book, and returned it within the required time ( in MAY) A week ago- 2 1/2 months later they say I did not return the book. They state they cannot find the tracking number and since I sent it back 2 and half months ago, I no longer have the tracking number either and they are charging me $150! They have no way to tell if the book was returned if it was not logged in by their people- scam! Just their way of making money! "

Rating 2/10

"Do not order from this company. I returned my rental and they received it at the warehouse but have not logged it in. After many calls I was told I would be relieved from this responsibility and would receive an email within One business day. Instead I get an email from my credit card company saying they tried to charge $287.. The most unorganized an unprofessional company to deal with."

Rating 2/10

"I will never rent another book from Neebo again. I attempted to rent the Vistas learning package, which was $140.00 and was supposed to included an access code for the website, as well as a work book. When I received my package, which(to their credit) arrived on time, it only contained the textbook. When I contacted customer service to see what had happened, I was told that there was a disclaimer that "renting a used package may not contain all of the materials." This is understandable, but what isn't is why they would charge me for the price of renting the package when they only sent me the book. I also just tried to call their customer service number and was bombarded with cheesy advertisements telling me that I had "won a trip to the Bahamas!", but I couldn't get a real person on the line. >.< It's the worst customer service that I have experienced"

Rating 2/10

"THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. Don't ever order anything from here. Run away as fast as possible.
I ordered two textbooks and then returned them in 4 days, since I did not want them anymore. Their website says that they give a full refund if we return within 21 days.

So I call them a month later to ask if they received my book and they mention it is being "processed". No refund still.

I then call them towards the end of the semester. Still the same reply.

Finally, I called them yesterday. Apparently they had "processed" the textbooks like one month after it was received by the warehouse. However, they have not refunded the money since they "cannot locate" the USPS tracking number that THEY themselves sent me to print out. Can you believe the audacity.

So, simply because they have lost my tracking number (I bet they gave me a bogus tracking number in the first place, to use this lame excuse later), they do not believe that I returned within the 21 day period.

Hence, they get the books AND the money. While I get NEITHER. Lesson learned = NEVER EVER DEAL WITH NEEBO.

I bet a couple of thieves run this entire business.

Rating 2/10

"Like someone else said dont let the low prices and free shipping fool you!

I ordered some shorts, pants, and shirts. I received my shorts in the size I DIDN'T order. received a shirt in the color I DIDN'T order, and also im still waiting on my sweatpants and 4 other shirts to ship til this day. The items recieved I've thought about sending them back for the correct sizing and color, but I just don't feel like going through the headache of all that if they can't get the right size and color of something i ordered I mean really what would be the point?
Also on one of the shirts I ordered I was waiting for it to ship and about a week later I get an email saying its been cancelled because the product is out of stock, why having something available to buy if it isn't in stock!

My advice to any and everybody that reads these reviews is to take heed and run! All these negative reviews are for a reason and aren't made up! Do you self a favor and find somewhere else period!

Rating 2/10

"This is BY FAR THE WORST bookstore . . . EVER!! My school switched to Neebo for textbooks and I have had nothing but problems since day 1. Last semester, they "lost" my information even though I got confirmation online. They continued to tell me that it would be fixed, they didn't know what happened. I had to call 4 times in one week. Each representative gave me a different story. The third time I called, I was on hold for 45min. The prompt said that the phone system would hold my place in line if I entered my phone number and they would call me right back. After 45min., I did. They called back 4 hours later at 7:30pm. My issue was not resolved. I emailed them and they did not get back to me for 3 weeks. They said they were sorry for the "delay" but had been backlogged on emails. I did not get any books until after the semester started and after I had assignments due. I even asked Neebo if they would provide online chapters to me until my books arrived. Seeing as how it was their "mistake" and all. They passed me to a manager that told me they don't offer any program like that. This semester I bought my books elsewhere. I tried logging in to my Neebo account to get the ISBN number for the next semester and Neebo has "expired" my password. The system won't let me reset it. I sent them an email, I guess I'll get a response in 3 weeks or so . . . maybe."

Rating 2/10

"Hate writing reviews but I feel like it is my civic duty to warn consumers about this particular company.

DO NOT in any circumstances let the lower prices or free shipping fool you because it will come back to bite your a** tenfold.

-Online inquiries to the company are never responded.
-Telephone customer service takes a minimum of 40 minutes to even speak to someone.
-shipping takes forever
-even after returning your textbook you have to constantly monitor your account like a hawk for bogus charges

company is proud to take advantage of students and milk you for every dime. proceed with caution. there are plenty of other alternatives.


Rating 2/10

"NEEBO is more like a criminal organization masquerading as a book store! I will never, ever buy anything from them again. I bought 3 textbooks. First they sent me a damaged book that was supposed to be in Very Good Condition. I returned that book plus one other, still shrinkwrapped and within the time allowed, because my class switched to another book. They tried to charge me for a damaged rental even though I DIDN'T RENT THE BOOK, I BOUGHT IT! I literally spent 2 1/2 hours on hold before I finally got someone to talk to at custome service. She said it was sorted & my refund would be processed. That was over 40 days ago and I still haven't gotten my refund They are dishonest and completely suck!
I would give them zero stars if possible.

Rating 2/10

" If you purchase a book from Nebo through book search or exchange like Amazon or BigWords and have a horrible experience. Please send a note to the company you found Neebo through and tell them about your horrible experience. I got a book from Neebo after finding on a search site. I paid for 3 to 5 days shipping with all indication the book was in stock from Neebo. I called them after 6 days. After calling them 3 times with no answer when my book would arrive. Someone finally told they would know when the book would in 24 to 48 hours. Not that it would ship, but that they would know when it would ship. Instead I got an abrupt email the next day saying my order had been cancelled by them with no real reason given. This after ordering 7 days ago with all signs from Neebo that I would get the book in 3 to 5 days. "

Rating 2/10

"Horrible Customer Service....ordered book and it was in processing stage for 5 days, they never called or emailed...when I called them 5 days later they said it was not in stock but they would try to get a copy from a different bookstore, could not guarantee they would get the book or when it would ship...again no notification from this company that there was an issue"

Rating 2/10

"Never, NEVER use this company. I honestly hope it Burns in flames. My school bookstore uses them so as a freshman I got all of my books from them. at the end of the semester the cashier at the book store told me to return the books on the 19 th. I showed up and they were closed. I then(that same day) waited forever on hold with neebo and then delt with their excuse of customer service. They did not help me or tell me what to Do. The man said he would call me back. He never did. whenever I called after that the line was busy for hours. I e-mailed them and they did not respond. Finally I talked to a very rude lady and she told me they would not take the books back because they were over 7 days late. they charged the money to my account without me knowing, but luckily that card number was no longer valid. I swore I would never use them again but this semester one class required an edition of the book I could only get through them. I ordered it the 22 and payed $30 For overnight shipping. It is the 25th and I have yet to recive the book. "

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