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Like to mail you dead plants!

"Ordered tree for $76 received dead stick!"

Helpful Cool


Total scammers!!

" They send me a $30 plant that is half rotted, pathetically small, and something I wouldn’t have paid $2 if I had seen it first. When I complained with photos, they came back and said that their horticulturist said it is just fine and refused to credit or replace. I was so surprised at their horrible service I asked them to cancel the rest of my order. They just said it was too late and that the additional items have shipped. Beyond poor service and quality. DO NOT waste your money ($400 in my case) with them!"

Helpful Cool


Dead tree/ Horrible Customer Service

"Red Forest Pansy tree was grafted with a different specimen. The tree came DOA. When I complained about it and asked for a refund they told me that I had to wait a year to see if it would come out of dormancy. A year later the tree is still a stick and did not flourish. I want a refund but the company tells me that they don't issue refunds. I beg you to not buy from this company. Go to your local nursery to buy a tree and don't do the same mistake that I did."

Helpful Cool


Ordered a autumn red maple. was sent a red maple.

"I am a disabled veteran. called and ordered a Autumn red maple. was sent a red maple. Called and spoke with Berry. blamed my traumatic brain injury for their mistake. Stated you made the mistake. We do not take trees back, so we will sell you one half off $48. Hope you can use the red maple.

Blaming the costumer is crazy. I am not rich and now they are taking me for another $48. They do not care if they lie to their customer. I am out $70.

very unprofessional.

Helpful Cool


Great experience and convenient

"Seems to be a good option and reasonable prices. Big selection and informative about their products. "

Helpful Cool


I have to go along with everyone else.

"Bad place to order if you want them to back you up. I bought a twisted redbud tree in May and we finally got it not in such good shape. Planted it an in about 4 wks. it started to sprout leaves. The sprouts got about 3 in. long and then it died. Giving me only half my money back doesn't solve the problem. They have insurance to cover their losses so nothing is coming out of there pockets. Asked for money back... waste of time. I wouldn't buy a weed off of them its bad enough I paid $100.00 dollars for a stick 1/2 dead."

Helpful Cool


Do no buy from them unless you wish to throw your money away.

"Purchased two cherry trees in December, and them sent them to me in April. We planted them the very next day after arrival. After three months both are dead. The policy is if you did not purchase additional insurance at the time you made the initial purchase and your plants die, then they are generous enough to replace them for you at half price, plus shipping. Are they kidding? I am going to try to report them to a government agency. "

Helpful Cool


Terrible Company, Don't Even Try

"What an utter disappointment this shop is. We ordered a "bare root" American Sycamore with a fair bit of excitement. What arrived was such a sad specimen that we laughed and affectionately called it our "dead stick." It was about 5 feet tall and maybe 1/8" in diameter, bone dry with NO apparent living buds for limbs, and single spindle of "root" maybe four inches long protruding from the bottom.

But, I trusted them and followed their directions to a tee, planted, fed, and watered faithfully, and sat back self-consciously hoping it would grow as we cared for it. A few neighbors stopped by and shared chuckles with us at the care I was giving this pitiful thing. After a couple week, a neighbor who is a well-respected arborist and Landscape Architect who does a great deal of work for the city stopped by and gave it a good once over. He quickly assessed that it was not "dormant," but quite dead and likely had been for a very long time. They had, indeed, mailed us a dead stick.

That's bad enough, but to add insult to injury, their "warranty" requires us to pay for another tree (at half the original price in fairness) AND shipping. That's not a warranty, that's a racket! Needless to say we won't be doing that, and will instead be making every effort to let everyone know to be very wary of this company. They're not a quality business.

Helpful Cool


Dead Trees and Horrible Customer Service

"I bought 22 trees, 9 of which never leafed out and looked dead when they arrived. I called their customer service representative, Julia who said they would replace the trees at 1/2 price. Why would I pay for dead trees two times? She continued to be rude and unprofessional throughout the call and left me with an unreasonable solution. Don't buy from Nature Hills, it is a waste of money and a major headache. "

Helpful Cool



"Ordered two orange trees and they sent me nothing!!! Save your money and find a real nursery to order from!!!"

Helpful Cool


Bare shrubs upon arrival!

"Like the other reviews this year, I ordered two butterfly shrubs and they both arrived bare. It took their nursery manager days to get back to me to inform me of whether the plants are still useful and by that point I'd had it. They were planted, but showing no signs of improving. Atter 3 wks, they are STILL refusing to refund my money! "

Helpful Cool


I had a very bad experience at first but after contacting them on Facebook messenger got a full refund

"My tree was dead on arrival and there was no chance of a refund according to their policy.

I finally got a refund

Helpful Cool


Dead bare roots.

"My order came partially after 5 weeks. The bare roots were pretty much dead. When call, they said it will came up in 6 weeks.
Nothing came up after 7 weeks . Wasted my money. When I asked them for replacement, initially they said, I have to pay half price plus shipment. When I said ok, they said, they do not have them on stock. This place is a rip off. Their tree are healthy only on their website photos......Horrible

Helpful Cool


Awful plants, no support or service

"Ordered one of their bare root blue Wisteria trees. Arrived as a four foot stick with a tiny tuft of a root in October. Planted immediately in spite of doubts , but it never showed any sign of life this Spring. Nursery wants to charge me for another tree plus shipping to replace it. A cherry tree from the same order arrived a few weeks ago. It was a stick with a bit more root and planted immediately. It actually still has a few green leaves at the bottom, but the upper part of the stick is dead. Lesson is to not buy anything from them that is "bare root" because you are essentially buying a stick cutting from a tree that has been placed in water for a few weeks, hoping it will grow."

Helpful Cool


Horrible service and even worse trees!

"I ordered 5 trees for this place. Big mistake! The two that actually looked like more than a tree, they chopped the tops off for shipping! Two of the trees weren't even the width of a pencil! They are all suppose to be 5-6ft healthy trees! I called customer service to have one of the twigs replaced and the agent was VERY rude. They probably get these calls a lot! I paid $70 per tree. I want to put this review out there so no one orders from this company!! "

Helpful Cool

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