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Do not trust their guarantee

"Do not believe their guarantee. If something goes wrong they fall back on their disclaimers hard-and-fast.
I approved the artwork on pens that they sent me via email. When I received the pins the print was so small I could not read it without a magnifying glass.
I called the company several times and each time was told that I had approved it. I stated I approved it because I could read it on the computer.
I did not consider they had enlarged the image about 2 and 1/2 x for me to approve. The tiny print on the finished product was unbelievable.
All customer service reps fell back on the disclaimer.
The disclaimer reads; the attached art proof has been converted for email purposes. It is not an exact representation of the actual imprint sizing.
Their one-year quality guarantee is completely bogus.
Their guarantee states, you can shop with confidence. Your order must be defect free and your imprint must be produced exactly as you requested or you may return the unused portion and we will replace it or give you a refund any time with one year from delivery. Simply contact customer service to arrange to return the unused portion for a prompt and courteous replacement or refund. This is nationals pens tried-and-true promise to you. Completely BS. Just try and get them to honor this guarantee. They simply told me that they would not approve returning the pens.
Oh, they did offer 10% off my next order. Of course my reply was, there will be no next order.

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"I received an advertisement for discounted pens in the mail and decided to check it out. I started completing the online form but stopped when it came time to provide credit card information. I wanted to think about it a little longer before ordering. I changed my mind the next day and closed the window with the partially completed order form. Unbeknownst to me, the company filled my order and sent it to me. When I received it, I found an invoice for payment due for twice the amount indicated on their site. I immediately called National Pen and told them of the error and said I'd be happy to return the pens. I spoke to two representatives and a manager. They all told me the same thing, that the order was valid and I owed them the money. No refund or discount would be offered even if I returned the pens. During the times between these phone calls, I decided to check the reputability of this company and found many people experienced something similar. It looks like this company operates underhandedly and has low business ethics. Not only did I receive this order that I did not want, the information was incorrect on the pens. I tried offering several resolutions but was turned down on all. They refused to work with me. At this point, the ONLY resolution I will accept is a voided invoice"

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terrible customer service

"I recently received a solicitation to order some pens and I went online to place the order. I had some minor issues with the page loading and then thought I had the order complete. I received a confirmation of the order but with no details. My order arrived and it is black ink instead of the blue ink I requested. I work in the legal profession and only use blue ink. I made it a point when placing my order to indicate blue ink. The ink color is as important as the imprint since we have no use for black ink pens. Evidently something went wrong when there were issues with the page loading. I contacted customer service and they told me, "too bad, it shows that you ordered black ink in our system so there is nothing we can do." I was told that I should have called in if there was an issue with the website but I thought it resolved itself and didn't see a need to call on something that was no longer an issue. I now have a box of pens that I cannot use and customer service telling me it is my fault the order got messed up when the website had issues.

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Horrible company

"I had the worst customer experience with this company. First, the product came after I stated I needed it. Second, they denied that I stated a time that I needed it. Third, my attempts to follow up were ignored by the production contact. Fourth, when I received the product (6 days after I had to have it), it was horrible and not like they had demonstrated in the preview I had to approve. Fifth, they have denied my request to return all the items and receive a refund. Worst company ever and I will make sure I encourage others to never do business with them again. Order # 41552813328"

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Don’t order pens

"I ordered pens as a REAL ESTATE BROKER . I was asked to spell my company’s name and town and phone number. I told them my name earlier that I wanted pens for gifts to clients. They came but with the company’s name n not mind. I called to say my name was missing. They said I didn’t give it when they asked to confirm. I gave my name and spelled it when I ordered. Then later she asked me to spell my company n town n phone number. I assumed(bad assumption ) but she knew I was ordering to give out to my clients. Then the pens were $.59 each on sale but invoiced came to $60.44. I called them n they said they won’t do anything but give me a new order. I said ridiculous . I would be paying $120.88 for 50 pens. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. "

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Don't use them!

"I ordered $800 worth of products - keychains and pens. The pens were to have my company logo, I uploaded it and somehow they are telling me it wasn't part of the order. Yet the keychains had the logo (all part of the same order). They do not stand behind their guarantee. This was my first and LAST time ordering with them. Not impressed, go elsewhere!"

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Bad Experience

"I ordered 130 inexpensive pens with an imprint. One week later I ordered 210 much more expensive pens with a different imprint. Three weeks later, I got notice that the second order was being shipped with he imprint requested on the first order. Apparently the imprints were reversed and I missed it. No word yet on the first order after 1 month! I'll never make another order."

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Very disappointed in this company. Decided to try them for a show I was sponsoring. I order product early June and was advised quickly that

"Beyond terrible. No follow though. "

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"I placed an order for pens for a family reunion with three weeks notice, and was told they would ship within four business day. When I called ten days later I was told I would receive the pens no later than June 20th. Today when I proactively telephoned I was told that the pen color is out of stock and nothing has been manufactured. It is too late for me to contract with another company, which I would happily have done. Or, I would have ordered another pen color had I been informed by National Pen Company,, as I should have been. No representative ever reached out to me.
They ruined this part of our family reunion event. Negligent customer service and poor service. What a disappointment, and shoddy business practice.

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Bullying us to pay for poor service

"I am %110 dissatisfied with this entire experience.
I ordered pens with approved artwork back in July 2017 and we were running low so I reordered from your company again. For some unknown reason the artwork was impossible to replicate and they made up their own design which I disapproved. I exchanged emails back and forth with Robin Miller who found my old artwork that I FINALLY approved and she resubmitted it to the artist. Well, 2 weeks later I receive a batch of the pens with the artwork I disapproved of and asked that we either cancel the order and return the pens, or get it right. Ms. Robin Miller asked for a photo of the pens and I sent a photo to her. She said she was terribly sorry and that all these mistakes are very uncharacteristic of the company and someone would call me about the matter within 24-48 hours. NO ONE ever called during that time. A week later, a message was left to me that someone from the company called but I was out of the office. Then I got a past due notice in the mail when I thought they were supposed to be working on fixing the problem. I called the company and talked with Delandria Knox who asked me to send a photo AGAIN of the pen that I disapproved of and the pen with the artwork that I want. I sent it AGAIN. AGAIN, I assumed that it was being corrected and someone would call or email me about the matter. NO ONE responded to my email. I forwarded all the emails (to Ms. Delandria Knox) that Ms Robin Miller and I exchanged showing proof that these pens were NEVER APPROVED and showing that the problem should have been either corrected or zero out my account and return the pens. AGAIN NO RESPONSE. Now I’ve received a threatening email telling us that the bill will be turned over to collections FOR YOUR MISTAKE.
I’m absolutely disgusted with the poor service of your company. I have paid the bill but you can be sure you will get a scathing review from me with this pathetic, disappointing experience. I will most certainly spread the word about this lack of ‘service’ to everyone I know.

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"Never, NEVER will I do business again with this company again!!! I ordered on line but also called and asked questions regarding what I was ordering to make sure I could get what I wanted. When I was emailed my proofs they said they had to modify my design to something totally unacceptable and THEY HAD CHANGED MY PHONE NUMBER ON THE DESIGN! It took over a week to get ahold of someone willing to help. The second set of proofs were unacceptable and some options I had chosen on their website I was told I could not have. I finally got a proof I could live with (quite different from what I ordered) and when I received the product it was NOT what I had approved! Blue is in my company name and I ordered the coins in blue and I was sent black coins! It took another week to resolve this and when I got the product the second time my design had been shrunk by 20%! Now that may not seem like a lot but on a 1 1/2 inch diameter coin it is and just changing the color should not of caused this. I called to complain and was told I approved the proof and there was nothing they could do. I asked to speak to a supervisor for the 3rd time in this process and was told one would call me back, I'm still waiting! I was told I wouldn't have to pay for the shipping and the setup fee because of the problems but they did not tell me that I would also have to pay for the product I rejected even though I shipped it back. I received a dunning phone call from them and again asked to speak to a supervisor they again said one would call me back and I am still waiting. Considering the time I have spent trying to resolve this it has cost me a small fortune for what was supposed to be an inexpensive promo item. This is most unresponsive company I have ever dealt with. BUYER BEWARE!!!"

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Late fee?...

Late fee (Charged VERY quickly after invoice received, was WAY too high!

I will be looking for another vendor...

Little Harbor Technologies LLC

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Bad bad customer service

"I have ordered from National Pen for years. We have several businesses. For the first time I overlooked a misprint. It was for $250 worth of pens. I called the company and was just asking for half credit meet me halfway. But they said Unfortunately they could not do that. The best they could do would be give me 15% off a new order. And I still owed the $250. I will not order any pens from them again. So to save them $125 they would rather lose a bunch of customers. That is very very bad service. I will not order from them again and I will let everybody else know that that is the worst company to order from. Word of mouth is your best or worst advertisement."

Helpful Cool



"Just a summary:

Jan 28, order lost because they stated they didnt have the pens they prominently advertise online and bait/switch you to buy another product.
Feb 20, after complaint they EXPEDITE an order that still wasn't shipped for an additional 2 weeks.

Received order and it was WRONG. They stated it was my fault they misspelled the company name.

Company sent canned response to all inquiries sent, then after a negative review stated to send contact information. The next day they call to collect payment with no mention of how horrible their service is. Of course they state we have opened a "ticket" to investigate, surely to drag it along and cause a late fee and possible ding to my credit. Lesson Learned, they are not flexible and do not care about customers. They bait and switch you and it will end up costing you much more than you bargained for. BUYER BEWARE, go elsewhere and DO NOT do business with these folks.

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My mistake in not checking out the reviews before ordering

"I fell for the promotional gimmick of a pen offering to supply 50 pens for 29 dollars. I popped in a check in respons and waited, and waited. They finally showed up in a brown cardboard box in a platic bag. I had ordered 50 and counted what I had received....49 pens. I called to report the shortage . When they sent the bill including the outrageous shipping charge I told them that until I had gotten the 50 pens, there would be no payment from this end. Their response? Add in a late charge. I have had conversations with several of the customer care ( what a damned misnomer) and have been promised another 5 pens to make up the difference. Next call I was told that order was not submitted bcaue 5 pens was not big enough.
Th whole process is a bait and switch, hidden charges and a screw the customer attitude. I will not ever do business with then ever again and to any prospctive buyers....DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY

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