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A Salute to a great company

"Mostly a reply to the posts below and into the future, NCIX filed for bankruptcy, which explains why the customer service went to **** in 2017, I have been a very long time user of NCIX and I appreciate all the past amazing service the company did and its really sad to see them go like this.
Goodbye NCIX you will be very missed by your fans.

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NCIX Scammed Me.

"A while ago I ordered a run of the mil $60 mobo from NCIX online. The packaging of the box, both the shipping and the manufactures part box look good, no dents or punctures or anything like that. I open the boxes and notice the board is slightly warped, it was only really noticeable when viewing from the side, nothing major.

I plug it up to my test bench and lo and behold the board is shorting whenever power is applied. After troubleshooting, I call the manufacturer who verifies the board is defective. I contact NCIX for RMA, after a long wait (understandable given it was the holidays) I get 'our experts say the board was likely damaged by you during installation, we can only replace it for $60+S&H'.

Considering the board was never installed apart from plugging it into a power supply that's a bit hard to believe, but according to them "their experts" know more than the manufacturers. So that's why I had to do my first and only chargeback, which they, of course, tried to fight and why NCIX is the only vendor I recommend against.

There's no reason to use a company that won't honor their return policy when there are so many great vendors out there.

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NCIX used to be my go-to, but this last year is FAIL

"I have been a customer for about 10 years, and NCIX was always my first stop when purchasing IT gear (SMB with 50 staff).

Until 2017 that is.

This past year has been a long hassle of items claimed to be in stock, ended up on back-order. Items that claimed delivery would be 6-10 days turned into months. I used to be able to contact an account representative directly, who would always respond or refer within a day. Nothing but silence for last attempt at contact.

Don't know what senior management thinks it is up to, but obviously they are screwing the company into the ground. I see all kinds of postings on forums and rating websites with praise for NCIX before mid/late 2016. Mostly negative after that time.

Too bad, so sad, buh-bye NCIX



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Can't reach support

"Personally I bought an i7-8700k, the 5th October, who was in stock then turn to be backorder just after they charged me. Since then no follow-up for my order and fifteen days ago I ask a refund that a never been done on my creditcard.

Their forum is full of customer who are in the same situation and i just be warned you to look at recent info about this company (physical store closing, restructuring, problem with supplier)

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Won't reply re non-existant product re refunding my money - don't order from NCIX with Interac

"I ordered a replacement battery for my UPS and paid with Interac. Then they tell me the supplier doesn't have it any longer (then why let me buy the product in the first place!?). They advised I request a refund but gave no instructions on how to do this. Repeated requests for help including a priority customer service request result in 0 response. Their "sales number" never answers. I fear I have lost over $100 with NCIX and plan to take them to online BC small claims court if I don't get a satisfactory response this week."

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Refuse to answer the phone

"I've been trying to get NCIX to refund a credit note for $1700+ for the past month. I had bought a laptop at the beginning of September but had to RMA it because of defective RAM. They put my refund into a credit note which I tried to use on another laptop BUT they have nothing in stock....literally nothing. So I've been requesting a refund and can't get a simple confirmation if the refund was processed or what is happening. This is just ridiculous."

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Customer support is non-existent

"A couple of years ago I purchased a fairly high end tv projector from them, and also purchased a 3 year extended warranty. If I recall, that transaction went well. So last weekend the lamp in the projector blew. I immediately checked my paperwork to confirm that I had the 3 year extended warranty, and I opened a ticket with NCIX. It said they would get in touch with me in 1-2 business days. After waiting 2 days and getting no contact, I tried to contact them again. I tried phone calls - they never answer and after being on hold for 10-15 minutes they request you leave a number for them to call back. No call back. I tried pretty much every day updating my ticket asking for an update. NO response. One day I did get a chat guy online, and he said that I would need an RMA - some number I would require to send my product back. They have a utility on the website to issue these numbers, but I was denied because it doesn't recognize my extended warranty. The guy on the chat acknowledged that I did have warranty, and so he contacted the RMA team with my information. He said they would be getting back to me VERY soon. That was now 5 days ago and I have heard nothing, despite sending update request to them every day.

My guess is that this company is on it's last legs. They cannot continue to be a viable company with the customer service that they provide. Most other post on this forum seem to suggest the same level of (non)-service.

As a consumer I'm wondering what our rights are when dealing with companies like this. A company that basically cuts you off, and denies information and service.

In any event, I would advise anyone who is considering purchasing anything from this company to NOT do so. There is a VERY good chance you will be disappointed.

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No service

"I ordered a laptop 2 weeks ago no answer it’s been on shipping unchecked. I’ve called every store in Vancouver still nothing. So I spent 2500$ for horrible service I guess? "

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Horrible! Horrible! Most horrible!

"Although it took over a month and still has not arrived, they only had to ship it from the city right beside me! Not to mention I called 2 TIMES. WAITED 20 MINUTES EACH TIME, A robot picked. WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Robot picks up and repeats back a totally different number than what I put in to call back. Even that, I NEVER RECEIVED A CALL BACK! When I asked where is my package in email. The person that answered said, "would you like me to cancel if that works best? I can put you in contact of the seller." i bought this video card for a reason. Why don't you get in contact of the seller? Are you kidding me? You go fetch it out. I paid you the money"

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Company not ethic

"This company lies its clients. In its website, they have available products but not in stock. I made a purchase 3 months ago and I did not receive my items yet. A month ago, I called and they told me that I have to wait 2 more months. A few weeks later, I realized that they are still selling this item but in a higher price, of course, with the same status of availability but not in stock. I think this is not ethic. They are just playing with the money of the people. Besides that, customer service ****!!! I called several times and nobody answer. If you are lucky and someone attends the phone, it will be the rudest customer service person in the world, and the only choice he will give to you is: "you can cancel anytime". 4 months later, I decided to get my money back and I've been trying to reach customer service by phone or email for two weeks and I didn't receive any answer yet. This is very annoying. It's unacceptable that this is happening in Canada. I would give 0 stars if I could"

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Extremely helpful

"Helped me with everything I needed, thanks Giang."

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NCIX used to be great, isn't anymore.

"As many other stated in the recent reviews, I had a few very good experiences a few years back with NCIX. A few weeks ago though, I decided to opt for them for a new PC since not a lot of shops do assembly. For 11 items I purchased or tried to purchase, 4 were not in stock even though the website was showing them in stocks. Worst, 2 of those, an Asus Z270-K and an Asus Z270-P kept showing as in stocks during the 3 weeks they were not. In their support section, it states that "in stock" products will be shipped within 1-3 business days. Fail. Bigger fail : they won't price match replacement parts! You can price match when you first buy an item, but, if their faulty stocks force you to pick another one, they refuse to price match it. I finally settled for another motherboard they discounted from 230$ to 200$ (when I had a price match at 188$), but it is nonsense. They also refused one of my price match on an i5-7600k for 280$ from Newegg because they judged this too good of a deal. What's the point of price matching if you can just deny it? The PC builder I spoke with was very polite and helpful and had his hands tied by terrible business policies. Also, the first online chat support I had was with some sarcastic **** named Zayn who wasn't very respectful/helpful. The second time, I was with an Adam who was very nice.

Long story short, I paid for my PC on august 17th, they shipped it on september 5th and I got it on september 12th. They also use FedEx which is by my opinion the worst delivery service out there. UPS and Purolator have way more drop points and a better customer service than that FedEx crap.

I can now just pray for nothing to break so I don't have to go through their customer service once again.

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Terrible Customer Service

"Terrible customer service. I purchased an item over 2 weeks ago, saying there was 2 in stock. The payment went through, but I never received shipping info. I submitted two different support tickets and requested a call back to speak to someone about this - none were responded to. I never got a phone call, even though they said they called (I had my phone in hand - they didn't call), and I haven't gotten a response from the support tickets. I even paid extra for fast shipping.

This is truly unfortunate as they had a good thing going - terrible customer service will be their downfall and ultimate demise if this is larger problem is not addressed.

NCIX is flat out ignoring my requests for contact and have effectively stolen my money. I have to now go through the credit card company.

I will no longer shop with NCIX and I will advise everyone I know to stay away from this terrible company.

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Not Great

"I have, in the past, purchased several laptops for our company from you. Initially everything was great and the laptops arrived quickly after ordering. My last two experiences however were not great. If a laptop is not in stock, you should probably not mark it as so online. This makes the customer think the laptop will be shipped immediately rather than waiting weeks. This recent experience was the worst. I ordered a laptop two weeks ago and up to this point hadn't heard anything re: shipping. When I ordered I was told it was in stock and would likely receive it early the next week. That was not the case.
After finally getting through to someone on the phone (I had called several times in the day to find out where the laptop was only to be put on hold for collectively 2 hours over 4 phone calls... also note, I no longer enjoy the Pocahontas song) I finally spoke with someone who told me the laptop wasn't in stock and there couldn't be an ETA provided. I was told to talk to someone in customer service to sort out a different laptop 'if I needed it so quickly'. At that point I was transferred to nothing and promptly disconnected. More phone calls, more hold music.
Finally I spoke with Giang who was very helpful and assisted in purchasing a different laptop and guaranteed me it would ship asap. It did. Giang was pleasant to speak with even after I told him everything above.
The whole experience was incredibly frustrating and I will definitely not be purchasing any more products from NCIX. Giang on the other hand was fantastic, props to him.

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