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Absolutely the worst service. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM - Go to Amazon, Eastbay or Anywhere else.

"You'll either get your order WEEKS (yes, multiple weeks) after you order, if at all. And split orders likely to not make it to you either. As an NBA fan, I ordered gear before the playoffs. 3-5 day shipping. Still, here I am 16 days later with NO gear. Just tracked my order which had the correct address and it's being "returned to shipper", but the other item I ordered is maybe going to make it in another 2 days? FedEx is an expert at Logistics. I know my home address. But screwed it up somehow. They gave me some BS reply that the items were ordered and these things take time. I can get anything from Amazon in 12-48 hours including weekends. cannot get me two t-shirts in 16 day??????
DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE, go anywhere else and you might actually get your gear. Try ****'s Sporting Goods, Amazon, Eastbay or a local store as you won't ever get anything you want from

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WORSE online experience ever. Do not shop at

"AWFUL. Paid for an order plus expedited 2 day shipping. Was for a gift. I live overseas and was going to be in the US for three days. Went to US. Order never arrived. Called my last day in the US and they said they cancelled the order and as a matter of policy DID NOT NOTIFY ME "for my own protection" - ?? They said they cancelled the order because four years ago I placed an order to the same shipping address (that order arrived on time no problem) and after the fact that shipping address was "flagged" (they did not explain why or for what, it is where my parents live and a valid). Therefore when an order came thru four years late for same address (that they delivered to no problem in 2014) they cancelled. I called and spent 30 minutes on phone. They said they would re ship order. I had them 2-day air the order to my sister in law who was going to be in the US and bring it back to me. I told the customer service rep that I was not getting off the phone until she said my order went through, processed, no problem. She did. The next day my sister in law checked the tracking number and found that they cancelled my order again!! I called. They said that they needed "more information" to process my order. Too late - sister in law already gone. What more information? The day before I waited on the line and did not hang up until they confirmed. I have an online business and if I treated my customers like this I would be out of business tomorrow. I do not know how NBA online store gets away with this. Do not shop there."

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"I ordered goods from this store thinking they were associated with the national basketball association (they are not). Nothing arrived. After three weeks I followed up and were told delivery would be in the next 20-30 days. Nothing arrived and when I complained they said all requests for refunds had to be made within 40 days of date of dispatch from their warehouse.
Thes epeople are out and out thieves. Complete crooks. Stay away.

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order processing and customer service equals ZERO

"I ordered two jerseys for my son from the EU NBAstore on 23 November as a Christmas gift. When following-up on the status of my order mid December, they replied that one jersey was not on stock - whoich was not indicated on the website(!). When asking back when it will be available, reply was 'We can't tell!'. Upon insisting that at least they send the one being on stock, they eventually did and I received one jersey on 12 January. In the meantime I had placed a complaint with PayPal to exercise some pressure on them (as six weeks after payment I had not received anything). The second jersey arrived finally on 1 February.
As one jersey was one size too small and the second one was ordered wrongly (OK, my mistake!), I returned both jerseys on 7 February using Hermes with tracking (at my cost) by strictly following their instructions given on their website. From tracking I saw that the package was received on 10 February. Since I didn't get any confirmation until 13 February, I asked them about the status of my return. Their reply was if I could inform them the shipper's name and the tracking number. At that moment I really got pi.... and complained about their unprofessional service (all information was contained in the package as requested!!!).
Today PayPal informed me that my case was resolved in my favour and that I'll get a full refund from them.
This is really the worst webshop I have experienced during the past 20 years - no wonder the US have such an enormous trade imbalance with the EU!
For me, never again anything from the NBA webstore - definitely!
BTW, they also don't provide a proper invoice, just an order confirmation ...

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"they are horrible and returns take so long! you r better selling your **** online.. Pathetic!"

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Won't make this mistake again

"Ordered a men's Pacers jersey and they shipped me the women's version. Cust service was pleasant but offered no solution besides returning it and waiting 10 days to receive my credit. Bad business practice in my opinion. First time last time customer!"

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Don't bother with this site!

"Don't make the mistake of ordering from I ordered a sweatshirt at the end of November, 2017 to be a Christmas present. I never received it, and had to call literally 6 or 7 times. Each time I was told the order couldn't be cancelled because it was too far along in the shipping process! When I called for the final time the rep spoke to her supervisor and told me the same thing; no cancellation was allowed but they could refund me half my money. Seriously...for a product I never received and they acknowledge I never received? I was furious but told them to refund half the money and that I would never buy from them again. Horrible experience."

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"Don't buy anything here you are from Europe!
They dont even ship or refund your order.
Good thing at least Paypal is always in for the customers.


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"Made an order on the December 23/17 and was promised 4-6 days delivery to Australia... i promised my friend to have a lonzo ball jersey given to him just after Christmas and now It’s the 13/1/18 I’m unable to track my order, got told it was dispatched on 3/1 and still nothing has arrived at my door. I am absolutely appalled by your service nbaeu and your customer services representatives take around 48-72 hours to reply which is a joke, really don’t understand how you guys are still in business after this many unsatified customers. "

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One star is one too many!

"Incompetent and unreliable staff as well as the information they give. Today is 1/5/18 & the order I placed on 12/16, for delivery by 12/23, still hasn't arrived. 3 Cars and 3 supervisors later, I've had to cancel my order. Place a new one, pay full price for it, and am now waiting for a partial refund. I am still not getting the original item I ordered, after being given different stories and assurances that it would be here. We're only getting to attend 2 Wizards games this season and our 2nd game is thus Wed, 1/10. They have assured me I'll have expedited shipping for this new hoodie (the biggedt Xmas present gone work g for my husband EVER) in time for this game, but I'm not feeling warm fuzzies. Customer service here is awful. Supervisors are worse than the 1st line call takers. No empathy. Poor soft skills...and, while I'm at it, a bad and static phone system across the board."

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"I ordered a jersey for Christmas that was entirely too small. I believe the size was marked incorrectly. I called customer service and they refused to return or exchange because it was “custom”. This jersey was a players name and number, not a personal custom name or number. It’s the EXACT same Nike Jersey available in stores. There was NOTHING special about this jersey. I guarantee NIKE has a thousand of these jerseys sitting in a warehouse. It was $165.00. This item was not listed and non returnable I would’ve NEVER purchased it. I wish I would’ve read reviews about the NBA store and Fanatics that does their processing. "

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Never received promised item - missed Christmas

"I bought an autographed Kevin Durant jersey on 12/13 - the site said it was "in stock and ready to ship" and I received an email stating that it would "arrive by 12/23." It was a Christmas present for my 9-year old. On 12/20 I still had not received the item, so called customer service. They assured me that it would arrive on time. On 12/23, no jersey. Talked to 2 customer service reps that couldn't help me and were unable to give me any status or explanation except that it "hadn't shipped." On 12/26 I received an email that it would ship on 12/29. On 12/28 I received and email that it was now on "back order until 1/10." I finally called again and CANCELLED my order. CHRISTMAS WAS RUINED. I will never buy from again. "

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Dont Deserve 1 Star

"I purchased items from this site (called now- but has exact same format as NBA store above). The next day the fraud department from my bank called me and said that the site has given out my credit card details. A sum of $ 1700 was almost taken out but they stopped it and i had to cancel my card. I couldn't get the $100 the site charged me back though. I do not know if i will get the dodgy items purchased. They will not reply to my emails and i cant find a phone number for them- not that this would help. If you click on there refund policy at the bottom of the page you will see a fake certificate and the shipping details. ..etc are all written in very bad English. I hope no one else has had their credit card details given out after using this site. Check account. This nbastore and nbafanjerseyshop are the same scamming people. The site should be shut down. They havent given me a tracking number. I doubt i will get my purchase. Lets hope this scamming Chinese site gets shut down."

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I only gave them one star because I couldn't write a review without selecting a star.

"I ordered a jersey they had on their NBA site listed for 89.95 but they said with the coupon they were given me for 5 dollars off would now cost me 84.95 (great I thought) nope! The 3rd party billing company went in and took 90.30 cents from my account and yes it did irritate me but I figured if I was able to get this jersey in time for Christmas it would be worth it. I later got an email stating they got payment and my order was on its way and they provided me with a link for tracking. Needless to say the tracking website was from China and it showed being posted on December 16 and nothing since. I have emailed the company numerous times but can't get anyone to address my concerns. I have seen some reviews where they say they have a telephone number for customer service for this company I would really appreciate it if you would share the contact number. I wish I had seen all these reviews before I placed this order but unfortunately I had to learn the hard way."

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My first online review in 47 years! Aweful

"I ordered a shirt on the 12th, paid to have it shipped and delivered by the 23rd. I tracked it this morning and it was in NY, I live in MA so I called the company to see what was going on, they told me that the Fedex system was incorrect and it was being delivered to me today. I just called them and the lady put me on hold for 19 minutes and then said I picked a 30 day shipping period. I told her I had the email order confirmation and I was disconnected, I called back and was told sorry, nothing they could do. This was a Celtics shirt as a gift to wear to the Celtics game on Christmas Day! I will NEVER order from this company again."

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