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Rating 2/10

My Publisher is unreliable, unfriendly and operates on a computerized manner

" I wish I could give 0 stars on my review for My Publisher, but unfortunately that option doesn't exist therefore I am giving 1 star. I have been a customer with My Publisher from the very beginning. I have done several books and it was always excellent service, full support and great products.

Now If you are looking for an unreliable company, talk with employees who make promises they are not willing to keep and are not willing to help you or go the extra mile for the customer satisfaction My Publisher is the right company. I had to escalate my problem to the supervisor after wasting my time talking with an employee named Yvonne who is supposed to be very knowledgeable and experienced.

She made promises she couldn't keep and after talking to another supervisor named Margaret she also was not willing to help. She asked her supervisor named Danilo who is supposed to be her boss and he said that they don’t make exception. All I needed was a Saturday delivery, I was promised Saturday delivery by Yvonne.

I called UPS and gave them my tracking number and was willing to pay the extra charge. UPS couldn’t make the change, the request had to come from the sender. I offered to pay extra when talking to Margaret and again she said no. We don’t make exceptions. We don’t call UPS. She probably thinks that she is too important to talk with a delivery company.

All it would take was a quick phone call to UPS to make sure that the book would be delivered on the scheduled that it was promised, Saturday. The book was meant to be given on a very special occasion to a very special client and now not only it won’t be delivered on schedule but it will be delivered on Monday, when it would be too late.

Nobody will even be at that location. I trusted My Publisher, I trusted Yvonne when I shouldn’t.

I just wished I had not used My Publisher for my order, you were unreliable, unfriendly and operates on a computerized manner.

A customer service who is not willing to think outside the box in order to help a customer has definitely chosen a wrong job.

Murilo doesn’t understand the meaning of customer service. Actually the mistake comes from his boss who is not keeping an eye on him to make sure that he is trying to help a customer. To do his job.

When I started making books, My publisher was the only company in the market, only good one. No wonder so many new competitors are out on the market now; with time they were not able to keep up their place on business.

They don't deserve to be number 1 anymore and I only used them again due to good memories from old times when I was treated with respect and attention. My husband was against me using My Publisher but I insisted. I remembered when I was not just one more client.
I am so disappointed and I so wished I had listened to my husband and had not trusted your company for such a special occasion.

From a very, very unsatisfied and frustrated customer


Rating 2/10

Terrible Customer Service

"I was getting a photo book printed to celebrate the first couple years of my son. We were given a $50 gift card to put towards our purchase. The product looked great (online anyway) and we got a good deal on it. Though our e-gift certificate's code didn't go through, and I apparently need authorization from the family that purchased the e-gift card for us to actually use it. The e-gift card is ours now and mypublisher.com doesn't realize that. I cancelled my order and am taking my business elsewhere unless they can make it right."

Rating 4/10

Good product, but beware of hidden delivery charges.

"Great quality and prices, but with one major flaw for non US customers.

We've used them for a few years without complaint, (except for the awful design software) and have always been pleased with the price and the quality, but this time we have been hit with customs? charges which almost doubled the cost of the book.

As a consequence, we will not be ordering from them again as the cost becomes very prohibitive, especially when it is sprung on you on the doorstep as a condition of delivery.

Time to look for a decent UK supplier of photo books.

Rating 2/10

this company ****

"I had to re-order three times. They kept messing up something different. Never were they responsive. I had to badger them to even get a return email. They were rude and they didn't care. At all. And I mean AT ALL. They obviously don't give two sh*ts about loyalty but rather just rely on volume. Don't ever use this company or shutterfly or tinyprints or any of the other names they go by. They are huge and they definitely don't care about you."

Rating 2/10


"I started my wedding album book process back in January. I had the design team design it. I got the link, made some corrections and waited.... and waited... and waited... nothing. I called and they said I need to click on the approval link in the email. I never received the email. They resent, I approved. Still weeks went on, nothing. I contact them again, we go through the process, I was able to check out on 3/11. Its now been another 2 weeks and no response. I called today 3/25 and they told me last time I contacted them it resets the clock for the process... really?? really??? I asked for the customer service rep to have her supervisor or the design supervisor to call me. I am once again waiting. They seriously lack customer focus and satisfaction. I"

Rating 2/10

Faulty software that CRASHES and loses created albums!!! Customer service is horrible.

"I have been working on my wedding album for the past 3 years but when I was about to place the order on Feb 10, 2016 their system crashed. I called on Feb 11, 2016 and was advised tech ticket was created, and that technical support will call me. I followed up with 3 more phone calls ( and emails) as nobody was calling me to fix faulty software, and finally my call on Feb 25, 2016 we started working on fixing their crash. After being on the phone for 2 hours and 38 minutes of troubleshooting, I was advised the latest version of my album can not be found (half the album was lost!!), and that I will need to recreate it again. I was advised by Tina that I will be given a compensation of 300$.

Of course I will not be using MyPublisher’s services in the future, however I needed to be smart about my time, so I decided to re-create my album and use that 300$ towards it.
I stayed up at night and re-created my album, however I did not find any 300$ credit on my account when I was ordering. Today, after spending another 27 minutes on the phone, I was advised there are no notes about 300$ compensation, but they can offer me a DISCOUNT.

I had a HORRIBLE experience with MyPublisher, they have faulty software that crashes and their customer services does not follow through with what they promise to do.
Deeply disappointed.

Rating 2/10

Terrible quality books and covers, abysmal customer service aftercare!!! Go Elsewhere.

"Ordered two books, a cover and presentation box in Jan 2016. Products arrived looking scuffed and creased and the print quality was awful! Skin tones were grey, images dull, it had lost all impact and I was not at all prepared to present it to my client as it made my photos look terrible despite taking days polishing them all in Photoshop. Sent numerous emails to the customer service and returns team with pathetic automated responses which took days and weeks to recieve. Still no satisfactory conclusion or any personal correspondence or calls to me after over 3 weeks of anguish. I would have been open to a reprint but now I'm fighting for a refund as in the time MyPublisher has wasted in responding I've had to go to another supplier to satisfy the timeframe, quality and happiness of my client. DO NOT USE MY PUBLISHER!!!! IGNORE THEIR TEMPTING PROMOS!!!!! GO ELSEWHERE IF YOU WANT A QUALITY PRODUCT!!!!! "

Rating 2/10

misleading ads

"I received an ad during the past couple of days to reprint my book which originally cost $208.32 for $50. I was very interested in reordering a number of books at this rate, however, when I tried to do so it would not give me the special rate. I phoned Mypublisher and was told that the price increase was due to special features. I explained I wasn't adding any additional features that were not in the book that I paid $208.32 for. He stated he understood my position, but stood firm that I would have to pay extra fees. I asked to speak with a manager, but he said it was a manager who was giving him the information. I am very disappointed with their misleading ad. Confirmation for shipping of the book was sent 7/28/15."

Rating 2/10

Pixelated photos and mixed orders

"If you are an amateur or professional photographer, do NOT go with MyPublisher. Your photos will come out pixelated despite it being high-res photos. Also, I opted for glossy printing which you have to pay extra for and they didn't do that for my orders. When I emailed customer service, it took them 13 days to reply and then it was a "bad luck" kind of reply. Since the glossy printing requires paying extra, it is a product that they failed to deliver despite taking money from their customers. "

Rating 2/10

"I have purchased multiple books through my publisher. Up until the last one the quality was good. The last one the print changed and printed all to the left margin and the font changed. When I called immediately to have it fixed the customer service was atrocious!! I was hung up on twice. The wait time is a massive lie and good luck getting anyone to answer you in under 72 hours!!! What kind of customer service takes 72 hours to respond?!?! Finally after hours of being on the phone they transferred me to another department that agrees it was their error and they are looking into possibly fixing it!! Why do I have to fight to have an error in their program to be fixed in my book that I paid really good money for. I won't work with them again which is a disappointment since I have used them for years"

Rating 2/10

"Horrible company. Plan on waiting forever on the phone... plan on waiting forever for a response to your emails... plan on the order status never being updated... They have the option to chat, but it never works because apparently they can't keep up with all the complaints. When you finally get a response.. their replies are snarky and unapologetic. Can't rate the product because it never got delivered."

Rating 2/10

"I’ve used MyPublisher for the past 4 years in spite of inconsistent quality and inadequate customer service when problems occur because they offer massive discount codes every other day that lure me back. This time, I am done with them. If you are lucky, 50% of the time you will receive a good quality book in a timely matter for a decent price (although their shipping costs are ridiculously expensive). When things go bad, have no confidence that MyPublisher will fix the problem and anticipate that you will spend hours contacting customer service. I recently made a book and ordered 10 copies of it. Almost 2 weeks later I had received no email updates and no books and had to contact the company to verify that the order went through. It had but they were experiencing delays. A few days later 3 or 4 books arrived. They all had defective covers and spines. I contacted customer service. I then had to wait days if not over a week more for the remaining books to arrive so I could call back customer service, tell them that they were all defective, and email them photos of the books. They agreed to remake them. Over a week later, the books started arriving again in multiple packages. There were only 9 books when there should have been 10. Only 1 was made without defects. The other 8 all had the same problem with the cover and the spine. To make matters worse, 2 out of the defective 8 were missing 4 pages of content inside! I called customer service for the 3rd time. They said they would pay shipping for me to send the books back for “their review”. I don’t trust them to make the books correctly – they’ve demonstrated that they can correctly make a book 5% of the time. And I don’t trust them to provide the full refund that I want if I send them all of the defective books back and have them out of my hands. I’m cutting my losses and moving on to another book maker. "

Rating 8/10

"I purchased the "de luxe" 30 pages book, had no problem with their customer service. I was designing the book myself (sizing/placement) and found the software hard to use (wish the zoom was smooth, that would have helped). After a lot of trials and errors I managed to design a nice album. It came pretty fast (about 2 weeks) and was very nice except for one thing, although it all looked good on the review provided the pages were printed a little too low (1.5 mm), not as perfect as I was hoping but close enough. Besides that the book is superb, nice thick pages, good colors, great cover. For the 38$ I paid I'm satisfied. I must have been lucky, seeing the numerous bad reviews. "

Rating 2/10

"Poor Customer Service and Shipping Policy.

I have used Mypublisher before and been impressed by their quality of their books but when things go wrong it is bad news for the customer. After doing several previous books with them I decided make another book with my publisher, however this time it would not upload to the site, this lead me to five or 6 calls and a month with customer service before being able to upload the book to their website which then after 3 weeks the book was mailed to the wrong address to which Mypuvblisher refused to send a replacement copy of issue a refund stating their return policy below:

All items, materials or Services purchased through MyPublisher are made
pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and
title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to our carrier.

This is absurd to spend hours creating a book spend $100+ dollars on it wait 3 months and then never receive it or be issued a refund,run away

Rating 10/10

"Like some of the other reviewers on this site, I've been a little frustrated with MyPublisher's delays in printing and customer service response, but I was very happy with how my last order turned out in the end. This is my 4th time using MyPublisher since January 2014. The first two books went smoothly--they were printed in the advertised 2-4 days. The third book, submitted mid-June of this year, took 8 days to print, and my queries to customer service always took several days longer than advertised. When the book finally came, though, the quality was very good.

With my latest book, submitted 1.5 weeks ago, the printing was again taking longer than expected and customer service queries took a long time to be answered. And then when I read some of the horror stories other customers had experienced, I was really starting to worry. However, I received my order today--even though the website was still saying "Received/printing" and the email shipment notification didn't arrive until my book was actually delivered. I had paid for 2-day FedEx, but MyPublisher ended up shipping it 1-day for me. And the quality looks great, so I am pleased. (I was also on a time deadline. I had three copies of my book in the order, and I needed to ship one of them to my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary next week. I was worried the books wouldn't arrive early enough for my parents to get their gift on time. But, the order came today, so I can mail their book tomorrow and they should receive it a couple days ahead of their anniversary.)

I know that MyPublisher was acquired by Shutterfly and has been moving their operations, so I understand that this transition has probably been the cause of the problems. Despite the frustrations in delays, I haven't had a problem with quality (although I learned that the photos do tend to come out a little darker than what I see on my computer, so I've learned to lighten them slightly first). And, while customer service responds much later than advertised, they have been courteous.

I'm hoping that the kinks will finally get worked out after the Shutterfly transition, and MyPublisher will return to smooth operations. Still, I think it would have been helpful if they would have explained on their website to expect some delays. For me, having my expectations set properly is very important.

Finally, MyPublisher's software is indeed a little buggy at times, although it is a very complex program. Hopefully these bugs will get worked out soon. I would like to still use MyPublisher in the future.

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