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    Product & services pricing Rating 3.75/10 3.75/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 0.96/10 0.96/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 2.08/10 2.08/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.15/10 1.15/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 0.42/10 0.42/10
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Rating 2/10

Cyber Monday Scam

"I placed an order on November 28th as a Christmas present on Cyber Monday. On Dec 1, I found out that one of the items was back ordered. On Dec 11, I found out that the back ordered item would not be available until February. The description, the order confirmation, and everything else about the process indicated that my order should be placed and fulfilled. It is not, and now I have to pay significantly more for an item to replace the item that they could not fulfill... I am unlikely to ever purchase from them again. "

Rating 10/10

Fast international delivery, honest pricing, product better than expected

"I have bought from them online twice, shipping to Canada. The first time was just an order for bass strings, everything went fine and they arrived in good time. The second order was for an "open box" bass guitar listed on their site as "Level 2" and "blemished". I was a little nervous about this one because although the damage was described as minor I didn't know how honest they would be, and I didn't know whether it would really be the current model. (I had had a bad experience with a different online store.) But the gamble paid off: the bass is the current model, in excellent condition. I'm not even sure what the blemishes are supposed to be - it's really pretty much good as new.

It also arrived very promptly. There was a delay of about 3 days between the order being submitted to their international processing centre and it being shipped by the courier. I mailed a question to them but didn't get an answer; however my question would have reached them just as it went to the courier anyway. Not sure whether the question had any part in prompting that, but once passed to DHL it only took one day to arrive. Also, the borderfree tracking display does not get updated once it's handed over to DHL, so you have to use DHL's tracking from then on. Total international shipping time was only 5 business days - at the low end of what they state on their site.

So overall I have been pleased with their service and would buy from them again. I like the way their international shipping guarantees no extra charges on delivery by charging the Canadian tax upfront.

Rating 2/10

Paid in full for a Gibson 59 reissue case 4 months later it came in, they wanted 140.99 more to ship

"Ordered and paid in full for a 59' Les Paul reissue case for my sons Birthday, They said 4 to 9 weeks, that was on June 20th 2016 . His birthday is October 14th so I figured no problem. well they kept assuring and thanks for being so patient, I received a cancellation notice on the 6th of October, I called them and was informed I owed another 140.99 for the case and they had been trying to get in touch with,, I was in constant contact with them ( 9 Emails from them to be exact ) so that was a lie, the next day she called me back, after she had to check on something. She Said we tried to refund your money but my cards had been canceled, The card I have had for over 10 years and still have it , so just more excuses, Then on 10/12/2016 at 9:00 pm I said I will pay you the 140.99 more so I will have my son's present. Then I was informed it would be 280.99 instead of 140.99 because she said we have already sent you a refund check for the original amount , so it goes like this, " The Check is in the Mail " which means they have my original " Paid in full " up front money and 4 months later, " We can get that case to you in time for your sons birthday, even though it;s 9:00 pm on Wednesday Night and his Birthday is Friday and all I have to do is pay them 280.99, because they say that they have sent me a refund for the initial full payment . Which of course I haven got this check.. I would be The Stupid Deal Of The Day... If I paid for one case in full 3 times and still didn't have the case
I have been advised by Musicians Friend that they cannot talk to me anymore because I have informed them I will take them to court if they did not give me the case I ordered and paid for 4 months ago. They did tell me this twice, they called me back and after telling me the first time offering the 280.99 deal and after I said no they said it again, I could hear a guy in the background instructing Amanda to say it to me. I will update this after court

Rating 2/10

Very bad service

"I've bought things from them for many years. They get worse and worse. They have lied to me numerous times recently. They said they would email me a gift certificate and my return to my credit card. I called back the same evening and said they would before they leave. I woke up the next morning and I still have not gotten the emails. They continue to lie to me. I will be reporting them. They are a fraud. "

Rating 2/10

It does not matter if your a long time customer, you will see poor customer facing \ service.

"I bought a lot of items from this company for YEARS. Even though there some 5 stars reviews, the negative reviews show the downwards spiral of this company.
Here is what happened to me..
Over the years, I've spent "a lot" of money at Musicians Friend noted below as M.F. A few months back, I had an issue in regards to buying a new synthesizer from M.F. and I have not bought anything since. On Sunday Oct 9th, I decided to give this company another chance, and I purchased an electric guitar. I was told twice that it would be shipped out on Monday, and I would have my tracking number on Monday afternoon as I paid for two day shipping. After not getting any tracking number in the late afternoon, I found out from another customer service representative that there was an issue with my order, but could not say what that issue was. So I canceled my order today as I dont want any issues trying to get the guitar, and to be fair.. I giving them a REAL second chance.. I even told the associate that! To Musician's Friend: If you don't want to treat people with honesty in regards to shipping products out, then have a basic "in two weeks" shipping clause... or better yet.. if there is a problem with a customer's order.. have the decency to at least contact that customer ahead of time. But I don't have to worry about your customer facing issues.... I gave your company a 2nd chance.... but as the saying goes, fool me once.. shame on you.. fool me twice.. shame on me. And I truly do feel that shame today.

Rating 2/10

Worst online music store

"I ordered a very expensive Custom Shop Telecaster from them (list price around 7K). I called and confirmed that it was in stock and I then placed my order over the phone and the customer rep said it went through. I then get an email the next day saying that the order did not go through and that no more guitars of this kind were available and no more were being ordered. I tried to complain to no avail. I tried get them to let me buy a different guitar around the same list price with the same discount, but no go. All they did was over me a $25 gift certificate to which I told them where they could shove it. Please please do not do business with this company."

Rating 2/10


"I bought a scratch and dent Taylor Koa GS Mini only to get an email 3 days later that it had sold to another buyer. When I called they refused to give any sort of discount on another Taylor. I work for a church and we were about to spend 10 to 20 thousand dollars on lighting and sound. We'll be taking our business else where. "

Rating 2/10

Manager Named Duran Is a Jerk, Account Erroneously Banned

"I've been a great customer of Musiciansfriend.com for over 3 years and I've spent thousands of dollars with them, primarily on guitar related items. I tried to order a keyboard stand this week and they cancelled my order. When I called in they claimed there was a problem with my account. After two days of talking with a supervisor , who was very nice and was trying to work it out, I called in on Saturday to get an update. Duran, a manager, says that my account is banned by guitar center. The local guitar center knows nothing about this and is trying to help. I asked Duran to help but he refused to assist and also told me I didn't deserve any customer service because I was no longer a customer. Finally, Duran hung up on me. I feel betrayed as I've been a great and loyal customer to Musiciansfriend for many years and before this incident they've always given me great customer service and pricing.

A local guitar center manager is helping me out and apparently my work address is flagged because another fraudulent individual has worked in the same multi tenant building as I do. I have things shipped there because someone needs to sign for them. This could have all been worked out if Duran had actually worked with me to understand the problem , rather than being a jerk. Instead a guitar center manager and I have spent an hour of our lives sorting this mess out because of Duran's inability to clean out his ears and get over his ego. Even though this is being worked out by my local guitar center manager, who got my order for a new keyboard and stand, I'm not sure if I'll ever do business with Musician's Friend, because they obviously are no friend of mine.

ARE YOU READING THIS DURAN? I hope someone above you does.

Rating 2/10

Order goes to wrong address and I'm told I'm liable?

"Like many on here I had very good experiences prior. I had purchase a guitar and additional items here and there with no issues. This changed recently though. I had purchased a BA108V2 1x8 Bass Combo Amplifier and got it for a good price. Everything seemed good through the purchase experience. I'd updated all my information with new billing, shipment, and payment methods and it showed that all changes were accepted. I waited for a few days and the day came when it was to be delivered. That day passed, so I logged in to see where it was and to my surprise it said delivered. I checked with my apartment office to see if they had signed for it, but no luck. So I called guitar center and was told that it was accidentally, delivered to an old address. So, I asked what we do from here. The customer service rep told me he opened a ticket to have UPS go and get the package and that the package would be sent back to Musician's Friend and a new one would be sent to me. So I said ok. I waited for a few days and hadn't heard anything so I called musicians friend back and was told that the return was being worked and to call them back in a few days. So I did, which brings me to today, July 8th. I called customer service and was told UPS wasn't able to retrieve the package, but I was welcome to go try to get it back from the address. I explained that this was not my problem that all my information had been updated so I didn't feel it was fair or safe to send me to a house to try to get this back, especially one withholding a delivery. The girls response, well you ordered it online so that kinda makes you liable. I said I didnt understand how this was the case and she responded with nothing other than, I'm sorry we weren't able to help you. Save yourself some time, don't but from this vendor. Check out places like sweetwater.com or buy local. Savings isn't worth the gamble, that things may or may not go right with your order. "

Rating 4/10

Mix up with order

"They sent me the wrong item twice. Finally have been promised a refund from someone who sounds professional, after weeks of mix-ups and mistakes. Best not to order major purchases from these guys. (Probably fine for accessories, etc...) "

Rating 2/10

Never buy online, especially not from Musician's "Friend"

"I bought two guitars from them. Both American Strats. Both had issues. They returned the first (which wouldn't stay in tune for even a few seconds), but as for the second one, they wanted me to pay return shipping and a restocking fee because I had a guitar tech try to fix the issue (sharp fret ends). I'm never buying a guitar online again."

Rating 2/10


"I have been working on guitars and tube amps for 20++ years, I bought a pickup from MF two weeks ago and installed it in a guitar the pickup was not working right, It was Intermittent, If you pushed on the pickup top it would work, if you removed your finger it would stop, so I called to let them know there was a problem and they told me I could not return it as I had done the work and I might of cut the pickup wires wrong. I have installed 100's of pickups and fixed tons of amps and built 10++ tube amps from scratch. What A Crock of ****, I will no longer be buying from MUSICIAN'S FRIEND. "

Rating 10/10

Guess I'm one of the lucky ones!

"I'm blown away after reading SO many very bad reviews! I've been dealing with MF for YEARS (since 1998 to be specific) and never had a bad experience with customer service or any of the items I've bought. My 2 most recent dealing for example: first, I ordered strings, a tuner and something else small. I noticed it was taking a while to arrive (which is very unlike MF to me) so I contacted them. They told me UPS made the delivery and left the box at my door (i hate that they do that btw). I told them I didn't get it so they have me a # to make a claim with UPS which I did. After a few days of no responses I called MF back. Without question or hesitation they refunded my money AND resent me my order!!!! Second, I was shopping for a Rickenbacker 4003 and came across an open box/blem 4003s for over $300 less than new so I took a chance, called and ordered it. Customer service was beyond excellent and helpful even waiting on the phone with me while saving the order for me while I was tranfering funds to make the purchase. The bass arrived WAY faster than I could've expected (only 5 days) and without paying extra! The bass was FLAWLESS! I swear I still cannot find a single thing wrong with it, not a scratch, ding or smudge to be found. All electronics and hardware work perfectly! I couldn't be any happier with my decision to buy this bass and all my other purchases with MF over the last 18 years! Sorry to read so many horror stories, guess I'm just one of the lucky ones.

Rating 2/10

They can't find the order to cancel but found it to ship it.

"I have had my one business dealings with Musicians Friend and WILL NEVER I repeat I WILL NEVER shop with Musicians Friend Again they are one of the worst people online ever. They tell a person with a brain injury to call when they are told of a speech problem. Being brain injured is bad enough but to be insulted too is just too much...never again."

Rating 2/10

No customer service

"First off let me tell you I had a no hassle purchase in 2014 that went off without a hiccup. Now on 5/4/16 I purchased 2 software downloads first red flag I didn't pay attention that it's NOT instant download like everyone else it's delivered via email with a license key then you go to the manufacture and download the product. So it takes them 15 hours to send me my keys to said programs. I install the main program no problem the second key comes back invalid...... Mind you I have a brand new state of the art pc dedicated for recording first excuse is I'm having a hardware or driver conflict...... Um no sir I'm not new to this you sent me an invalid key.... Thier response well this could take up to 48 hours to figure out...... Note that today is the sixth it's been over 48 hours since my purchase. Then I get an email for a coupon so taking a chance I reply and explain I'm unhappy and would like this resolved.the response i got? "I haven't been in the office for 9 days and have just went through 200 emails ill look into it"
Ok so at this point I'm done being nice. It's not my problem for whatever reason you can't solve this issue in a timely manner as a customer i don't want to hear excuses solve the issue thanks.
Update 5/7/16 ok so my code miraculously works now no email no notification on it working. I had a mind to call them but ill wait and see if I get anything from them....... doubt it

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