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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 3.27/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.09/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.14/10
Customer service: 1.43/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.75/10
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G&L Tribute Fallout Sonic Blue

"This was suppose to be a slightly use guitar with pic marks...i live in Canada so I have to pay a additional 67$ to get the guitar from the Canadian Custom fee...upon opening the box...i notice that all the strings were all in tune...they did not loosen the tension on the strings.. the worse was a 2 inch by 2 inch chunk of the body rip out and reglued offset..plys on the neck the finish was worn off on both side..sow when you slide your hand up and down you go from slick to ruff...i would never sell a guitar in this condition...total B.S... .they told me to send it back...but I need to repay the Canadian Custom fee...they won't pay for it...no class...very poor customer support..they should be a shame for selling a piece of sh t like that...if you order a use guitar from them...be smarter than me and asked for many pictures of all the guitar..."

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Con artists and fraudsters - stole my money - never shipped product.

"I paid for a Headrush pedalboard they claimed (in writing) was in stock. They gladly took my $999.00 and even sent me emails on Ebays like "musiciansfriend: Im stoked for you to get this - These guys came to our corporate office and did a demo for us. Super cool and versatile - sounds great. I love the touch screen!" and "We ship them from our warehouse in Kansas City MO" and "These are in stock now and ready to ship. The will most likely be in only the manufacturer box."
But they never sent a tracking number and never shipped. I contacted Paypal who got "Brady" on the phone who kept putting me on hold and finally came back on the phone to tell me that my account has been closed since 2011. When I asked him why he said he did not know why. I asked for a refund which he agreed to. But no refund came. Paypal put in a claim of non-receipt against Musicians Friend and to date they have not responded. I had bought from them on Ebay before and even got a glowing review from them "Good buyer, valued customer, highly recommended.".
If you look at their rating on BBB you will note they got an A+ despite the fact all of their two reviews were negative and 41 customer complaints were not accepted by the customer. And all the BBB complaints show "Complaint Details Unavailable". Take a look at the 2010 investigation "Better Business Bureau: The Best Ratings Money Can Buy - ABC News". Seems Guitar Center affiliates like Musicians Friend have capitalized on BBB weakness for money and willingness to compromise ratings for membership fees. This is why peer driven review sites, such as "resellerratings" have much more credibility and give the true story of Musicians Friend's dismal customer service record. By the way ... Ebay does not record order numbers. The only number you will be able to enter for any complaints is the Paypal transaction number.

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Music books

"I needed some new music books for my son's lessons. With the discount for multiple copies I decided to order 2 of each of the ones I needed. I gave the 2nd copy of each to our school's band instructor. The books came so quickly the product tracking showed up on the day they came. With the free shipping, the books were a really good deal and for it to come so fast (ordered on a Fri. afternoon and they came Tues. eve.), I was thrilled. Thank you!"

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Will not honor an ad.

"The ad is running on Yahoo and Facebook now, 5/17/2017 at 8:34pm EST. I wanted to but a pair of Converse that was normally $65, the add had the $65 marked through and the price of $35 was listed. When I tried to buy they would not honor the add. I wanted to pay with Paypal which they accept and they would not do A payment with Paypal. If they aren't going to honor their prices, they should not have the sale all over the internet!"

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"Free Shipping" is NOT FREE when its defective?

"I ordered a Gretsch 9100 ukelele from Musicians friend and it comes DEFECTIVE and rattle when you play it. I look at the shipping info and it says their "FREE SHIPMENT" is charged to if I return the instrument, PLUS I have to pay to ship it to them PLUS pay for insurance. thats half the cost of the defective trash. NONE of those details are mentioned at the time of sales."

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Above Average Service.

"I needed some guitar strings and call Musician's Friend to order them. They had the cheapest price out of anyone 4.99 a sset. Also shipping was free so I ordered 10 sets of strings strings. They got to my house within two days. Thats incredible!! Thank you Musician's Friend and I will not use any other music shop except you from now on. "

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How do any companies do business with them?

Hello, I am still very interested in your product and I also realize this is not the fault of Reloop. I was looking into the Mixon 4 and came across a level 2 discounted Mixon 4. I put the order in for $639 last Tuesday then I received an email on Thursday saying they needed confirmation from my account (exp. bank statement or screen shot from a phone) I understand this maybe policy for them. I then made a call to company on Friday of last week regarding the status of my order, I spoke to a gentleman named Jordan who told me that the controller just finished the prossing, and should be shipped promptly. I then checked the status online today at 3pm, It still said prossing. So I then called again today and spoke to a woman named Navan who informed me they did not have the controller any longer. Then she gave me a speech on how the computer would leave the pending process for up to two week before the status would be changed to canceled, also it would be about 5 business until the money is transferred into my account.
I then looked up this company online they have a 1.72 rating out of 5 stars. I should have look them up before doing business with them even though I have been doing business with Guitar Center for 15 years.
As I said I know this is not the fault of Reloop. But with all the retailers available, I urge you to cut ties with this company.

I will be buying this product at full retail price now, the only reason I choose the discounted controller we'll Hey I have 2 children and a stepson lol. Money's tight and it said a two year warranty was available.


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With a name like that, I should have known they were not my friend.

"Tried to order online, using my credit card and an American Express prepaid card, each for 50% of the full price. Received an email telling me the AE had been declined. I called customer service, they told me it was in fact declined. This made no sense, since I knew the funds were on the card. But since they told me there was nothing they could do, I told them to cancel the order. The next day, I checked the balance on the prepaid card and saw to my surprise that Musician's "Friend" had put a hold on the amount I had wanted to pay. Called customer "service" again, and was told that Musician's "Friend"'s system frequently had communication problems with that of AE, and there was nothing they could do. This hold would be taken off by AE in about 8 days. Meaning: I now have no access to this money for 8days. Then, I noticed that they had ALSO put a hold on the OTHER half of the amount, on my credit card. Wrote an email, and got a response back from "Shani", telling me not to worry. "If you still see that the charge is on your cards Please give us a call and we will be able to get it removed. If you would like we can also Place an order at anytime over the phone and use both cards." No thank you. What a horrible experience. Thank goodness there are more reputable online music dealers. I should have done my homework, instead of falling for one of their "stupid deals". At least now I know why they call them that. "

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Great customer service

"I had a problem with a lost package. It had been delivered to an address down the street, my fault ,put wrong number. Couldn't be found. Called customer service and within five minutes Marlene and Brenden
solved my problem. You guys made a forgetful old manS really happy. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!

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Always a please to do business with!!!

"I have been a Musician's Friend customer for many years (20ish years). They are always helpful and easy to work with. The majority of their staff are quite knowledgeable or at least willing to get the information for you.
I love watching their Stupid Deal Of The Day every day and have purchased many of them. The are consistent in getting gear to me quickly.

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Call First

"A while ago, I posted the following one-star review:
Ordered a guitar on Saturday, and their web site said "free two-day shipping." Order status said "processing." Chatted with them on Tuesday, and that evening received an email that the guitar had shipped. It's Friday, and still no guitar. So much for "free two-day shipping." It was a toss-up between ordering again with MF or trying Amazon Prime. I won't make that mistake again.

This time, I used their 1-800 number instead of their web site. I was connected to a helpful sales rep, had my order confirmed immediately, and it was shipped the next day. Two days later my new guitar arrived. Apparently that's the secret for quick service on an expensive order; call first.

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Wish I read the reviews before using this website.

"I only ordered through Musician's Friend because they had the guitar I was looking for in stock. So, I Bought a $1300 guitar on 3/13/17 hoping all they had to do was ship it. The 14th and 15th go by and the status is still processing. I called them and was explained that since it was an expensive item they had to verify it wasn't a fraudulent purchase. This wouldn't be a problem if I was notified I needed to do something before they could move forward. So that wasted two days. Then, I called in on the 16th and they said it had shipped at 9 am that morning. As I write this review on 3/17/17, the tracking info finally started working and I see it did not ship out of Musicians Friend until 7pm on 3/16. There seems to be a lot of wasted time in the process. The customer service was adequate, but I would believe the other reviews of their inadequacy if my order had been more complicated. If I had to do it again, I would undoubtedly go with Sweetwater or any other website. The guitar is scheduled to arrive on 3/20 and if there are any other delays I will be back here updating with a lower star review then I have given them now.

3/20/17 as a follow up I have received my guitar a week after purchasing it. I was very nervous after reading all other reviews and stayed on them about every step of the process. In my personal experience I didn't have too much of a problem with the process but I wouldn't use them again due to all the other negative reviews. Initially I rated them a 2/5 stars but have amended my rating to a 3/5 stars

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Screwed by their incompetence

"I ordered a guitar that is always on back order, so I was like a kid waiting for Christmas morning when I received an email with a tracking number stating my order had shipped. I ordered it over the phone, so I could be sure there were no problems Well, whoever took my order transposed numbers in my address. So, they day it was supposed to arrive, I checked the tracking order every 10 minutes. Near the end of the day, the tracking order says "undeliverable" and that the item was returned to the sender!! That is when I realized the person who took my order screwed up my address! After about 5 calls and several emails in which no one could comprehend that I WANTED the guitar and that it was sent to the WRONG address, they told me that I would be getting a refund. I am literally screaming "BUT I WANT THE GUITAR!!!" only to be told I would have to re-order the guitar and wait an additional 2 months for it to be available, AND would not get to use the 15% Presidents Day discount coupon I used when I ordered the guitar in the first place, making it $100 more than I paid the first time. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced and I DO NOT recommend that anyone take a chance ordering anything through this terrible company."

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Take heed of negative reviews on here.

"Purchased a discounted instrument from them advertised to be in "Level 1 Mint Condition". Called them for details and the rep assured me it would be just like brand new.

Instrument arrived with severe blemishes. Returned it for another one and asked the rep to have someone open the box and look inside before shipping it. Rep said that inspection prior to shipping was not possible. He reassured me this one would be like new. He also promised a 10% refund for the delays and hassle.

Weeks later the second one arrived with similar, severe blemishes. Sent pictures to the rep. He informed me that NOW they are being visually inspected at the warehouse.

Contacted the manufacturer. They and took care of the problem....mostly. Even this one shows signs of the blemishes being repaired rather than being a brand new as promised. It's not extreme though, so I never complained.

As for the 10% refund the MF rep promised, Musician's (is not your) Friend sent an invoice showing the refund. The credit never appeared on my card. After several unanswered emails to the MF rep, I had to file a chargeback and provide documentation to the credit card company to get that money.

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Shipped me the item, had UPS turn it around. Would not honor price.

"Purchased a Line 6 M13 Stompbox at a very attractive price. They shipped the item and halfway to the destination, they notified UPS to return the product to them. They claimed it was a "pricing error" and would not honor the advertised price even after they shipped it out."

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