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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 3.27/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.09/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.14/10
Customer service: 1.43/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.75/10
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Worse customer support

"Missing part, 30 days later they act like it takes time to get part, ride not caring! Go to Sweetwater, i have bought allot from musicians friends and has gotten allot worse in the last year. Seems like everyone i get on the phone they don't care if you have issues or not. "

Helpful Cool


Rudest Customer Service EVER

""Cheyenne" could not have been ruder to me when the site messed up my order and login. She spoke super fast, and when I told her I couldn't understand her, she snapped at me, "I can't yell into the phone." She also used very insulting language to me. Nice customer service, folks. "

Helpful Cool


Garbage company with **** poor customer service.

"Place order for birthday gift. Confirmed with customer service that item would arrive in time for birthday. Two days check to see item was shipped yet and was informed by customer service the item was on hold. Useless person in Customer service could not even explain what that meant. Nice going MF. "

Helpful Cool


Absolutely terrible company!

"This company is absolutely awful. I placed an order for a sound system in November, with a check sent to them on January 4th. It is now 2 months later, and I have not received my order yet. I have been emailing them, with no one replying, UNTIL I threatened to file a complaint with the BBB. Finally someone replied, and she did not seem to know how to read an email. She kept asking me for the check #, which was plain as day in the email, then repeatedly told me in 2 more emails that it just was not in my email. She finally got it, after 3 emails. I have never worked with a company this unorganized in my 20 year career. Their lack of proper customer service is evident, and their terrible online reviews are certainly reflective of that. Save yourself some trouble, and do not use this company. Ever. I cannot emphasize enough, just how terrible this company is."

Helpful Cool



"Bought a obviously defected guitar for 1,399$ Major lump in body material. I called them and they said send us pictures and so i sent photos. I also layed a ruler across the surface so they could see the lump and they blatantly denied seeing anything. So i said okay ill send it to you and you can see for your self. The manager guy i was talking to said no do not send it back because if you do we will not send it back to you. I said i was sending it anyways and cancelling payment with bank and finished the call. The manager called back 5 minutes later and offered me 60 dollars to keep the guitar. The amazing thing is. I work with an organization who travels to poverty striken areas to open music centers for children. We buy loads of gear all of the time. Their actions towards us and everyone else have cost them alot of future business. These types of companies will not last in the long run. "

Helpful Cool


Can’t always get what you want

"Ordered a bass for birthday present. After a week, it still had not even been shipped. When I called in, they told me there was some delay in processing my MF credit card, although plenty of credit available. Had they informed me, I would have made other arrangements. Instead had to scramble to find last minute present for wife. Do not rely on this vendor, they will disappoint you every time."

Helpful Cool


Worst service imaginable.

"This experience is recent and the worst I have experienced. I ordered an Akai MPC live on February 22 paid extra for it to arrive overnight in February 23. A few hours after my order they call and confirm my order for shipment the next day and provide me a tracking number via email. The next day I wake up and see that the shipment label has been created and I anticipate the next step in the process, shipping. After not seeing a change for a while I call FedEx and ask what the issue is. They inform me that they have not received the product! I then call musicians friend and question them. They inform me that the shipment has not left and they apologize but they won't be able to get me my equipment. Not only was that maddening but the customer service representative acted as if it wasn't a big deal. I canceled my order and will never order from them again. I paid in full and have to wait 3-5 business days to get a refund! How do you not place an order?!!! My advice...order equipment elsewhere. "

Helpful Cool


Customer service = black hole

"Let me pile on here. I have called and emailed them many times over the past few years, have NEVER -- never -- received a reply. Not once. That tells you everything you need to know. "

Helpful Cool


Shipping mess up.

"Ordered guitar on a Sunday and received a delivery date of Friday of that week. At the end of Friday, the delivery date disappears and it just says "information unavailable". I play phone tag with MF and their plan is to wait several days to trace the package and, if they can't find it, they send another one but without expedited shipping. This means that I've wasted several weeks to do something that I could have done in-person at a music store. I regret ordering online through MF. I should have just gone to a brick-n-mortar store. Now I'm guitar-less and in limbo. Just waiting until MF and/or UPS remedies the situation, which can take forever. Smaller items might be OK but don't buy guitars or anything critical from MF. They have a messed up shipping system."

Helpful Cool


i cant believe how stupid all of the people on here are

"its amazing how stupid you have to be to have a post on here all of the one stars are unbelievably inane and written by retards im in shock"

Helpful Cool


Canceled order

"MF does not know how to communicate with PayPal. My order sat in processing for 3 days, despite talking with MF reps and PayPal numerous times to try to get it through. I cancelled my order on the third day. Never ordering through them again. "

Helpful Cool


I had to pay for returning a wrong item

"I found a case that was described and pictured as an original Gibson j-45 hardshell case. I paid €119.99 for it. Free shipping. I received a totally different case for an electric guitar. I called customer service for the return, and they said They didn't have the case I needed, and that if I wanted to return what they sent, I had to pay for shipping!!! Are you kidding me? It should not even fall under the "return" category. It's only their fault, and in addition to the huge waste of time I have to pay for shipping it back?!?! The only thing I could get from their awful customer service is store credit to have them pay for shipping."

Helpful Cool



"I have seen Casio Keyboard CTK 6200 at there site ,advertising that you can do everything,so I order the keyboard.As soon as I get the keyboard I notice that you can not turn off Touch Sensitive Keys I contact support team they finally told me that this keyboard doesn't have that possibility,so I said I do not need keyboard like this so I ask them how to return the Keyboard.They (after a while ) send me how should i return and where so I pack everything and send them back.I did not play on keyboard more than 5 minutes.That pleasure cost me (for now) $51.00 to ship back and for insurance.I send them Email and Tracking number and ask them how and when they will return my money.Ed Ramirez told me after they receive keyboard and check everything they will issue my refund in two days.After few days I send an Email to Ed asking what is going on with my refund,he just IGNORED me so I send him one more email,but he did not care,so I contact them again today so look like I will have to contact BBB and I will never ever order from them anything. "

Helpful Cool


Return Policy is terrible

"I purchased an Orange amp head for my son on Black Friday. He opened it on Christmas day and as happy as he was, the head sounded muddy as if something were wrong with it. We spent all of January trying to get it to sound right, doing all kinds of research and trying out different configurations, but it just never worked right. I called to return it in the first week of February and was informed that I was outside of the return window because the head was purchased on Black Friday, and not on Christmas. I understand that it was passed the date, but it doesnt make sense that they don't consider how the holidays work. I really wanted to get my boy something he would love, but now we are stuck with a busted amp that cannot be returned. I called twice and asked to speak to a manager but was met with hostility, followed by them hanging up on me. For a company called Musicians "Friend", I did not feel that I was treated like a friend, or even a customer they want to return."

Helpful Cool


The worst shipping operation in retail

"I could go into extreme detail but suffice it to say that whatever system they have set up with UPS is dysfunctional at best. I do not know what has happened at MF/GC but it didn't use to be like this. If you can, pay for expedited shipping because otherwise the system does not care if you get your stuff or when. The flow of tracking information etc is rudimentary and absolutely infuriating. "

Helpful Cool

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