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"As a small IT consulting shop, we have been a Mushkin reseller for over 4 years. Originally, We would just buy the cheapest memory I could find from Newegg. The dead out of the box percentage is low on any memory modules. However with the volume we do, even a small percentage was creating a nightmare. I was cold called by a Mushkin sales rep named Nick. He claimed that Mushkin memory was of better quality, and would have a much lower DOA rate, or rate of early life problems. He offered me a tour of their location in Englewood CO. After meeting with Nick personally, and seeing their operation. I decided to give it a try. Nick was right we saw a significant decrease problems with Mushkin memory. Nick provided great customer service, was very responsive to our memory needs. When nick originally set up the account, he would help me find the best deal for our needs, via phone. Which would also give him the opportunity to tell me about some deals on items that I may not have originally asked about. Quite often I would end up buying extra things to offer our customers that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise. Nick would take the order, ship it out with a Net 30 invoice. Unfortunately, a few months down the road Nick was promoted, or transferred. Over the next couple of years I was assigned much lower caliber sales reps. They were hard to get a hold of, and unresponsive to emails, and phone calls. It became apparent that they really didn't want people to call, as the automated system works hard to not put you through, with your call likely getting routed to the wrong person, or simply getting hung up on. My last two orders were with a sales rep named Brenda Barr. Brenda has a nastiness to her voice. She lacks any sort of customer service skills. When you speak to her, you get the impression that you are interrupting her day, and she'd prefer that you go somewhere else so that she can go back to surfing her Facebook page. After over four years of buying thousands of dollars of memory, Brenda now demanded a change to the payment terms. She insisted that I sign a blanket credit card authorization form. The purpose of the form would allow for them to charge the card up front, for any future purchases. The problem was, this form gave them legal authorization to charge the card at any time for any purpose. I would have little recourse should we disagree with the charge. The net 30 billing was a huge benefit, as it gave me enough time to sell most of the memory previous to the bill being due. The memory effectively payed for itself. However, I was willing to give this up and pay up front for future orders individually. I informed Brenda via email that I was willing to pay for the order up front, but I was not willing give them blanket authorization to charge my card at any time. Brenda responded:
"Mushkin is not a good fit for your business. Good luck in the future."

I'm not sure what happened to this company over the last four years, but it's fine. There are plenty of quality memory providers out there. Crucial, here I come!

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Just to make a quick statement here about the company, they are not a gigantic factory, they are a custom, high-performance shop.

As such, they cannot be held responsible for poor shipping. If you want excellent shipping, you need to pay for it or go through a distributer (New Egg, etc) that will make some additional profit on a purchase, has a high volume agreement with a good shipping organization and has the big financial resources to just RMA anything that a customer complains about, even if it's a product that never should have been ordered, for what the customer is trying to do.

You can't just stuff a ton of super fast RAM into any motherboard, just because it has the slots for it. Do you think you can take the fuel injection system off of a Corvette, put it on on your lawnmower and now you'll be be able to cut your lawn faster?

I've had 6GB of Mushkin RAM in an overclocked system for years and the only time it ever crashed, was when I tried different RAM.

Furthermore, I am now trying to work with this company to add more RAM, if feasible, and they are more than willing to give me a little help.

If you have a custom, overclocked system, be prepared to do some true SCIENTIFIC (as in "Computer Science") RESEARCH and, after you know what you're basically talking about, engage in a little communication with the company Before You Buy. Don't just start clipping in all kinds of RAM and expect it to make your system run better, chances are that it won't:


More generally applicable, if you have a pre-made, general production machine (Dell, HP, Lenovo, Gateway, etc), drop them a quick email, be very specific and do exactly what they tell you.

If you don't do your homework, you will not get a good grade in the class. Computers are a Science. Computers are not Arts and Crafts. Machines cannot work correctly if they have the incorrect parts.

Other than that, they make the best RAM you can buy, period.


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"First modules received didn't work. Getting a replacement was like pulling teeth because no one answers phone. Next time I go ocz,or newegg"

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"First time ordering from Mushkin directly. I usually just buy Mushkin ram from Newegg or ZZF but they had a much lower price for the sticks I was looking for. Received my order exactly one week today. I'm a bit spoiled since Newegg is only an hour away and could get my order to me the next day even with the cheapest shipping but I had no problems with my Mushkin order. CS also responded to my emails within a few hours. :)"

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"Great memory ram products, prices okay. Horrible shipping times and no customer service. Received an email 5 days after ordering the product that it was shipped, but waited about a month for it to arrive. There was no tracking number during shipping. During the month waiting for it to arrive, I called and called and called customer service. They never answered the phone and they never called me back after I had left several messages on their answering machine. Never buy directly from Mushkin! Go through a reseller!"

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"Purchased a 580W PSU (550250 - HP580AP) from mushkin.com & the power supply was determined bad (never worked out of the box). It was shipped back to them the next week (RMA) and it is July 8th, 2007 & still no power supply. I have been ordering from here for several years with no problems at all on anything they sell. I don't know what has happened to them but will never buy another product from them and don't think I will ever get what I paid $92 for. I would stay away from ordering from Mushkin.com."

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"I bourhgt I bought mushkin RAMs just before a year back. Usually I go for corsair or Kingston. However , I wanted to give a try to a unpopular brand. It was a big mistake, I made. Just after a year memories died. I started getting blue screen often on. I found out through memtest86 that mushkin memories had gone bad. I contacted mushkin tech support and they were very reluctant to move forward with replacing defective memory. I guess lifetime warranty for mushkin memory doesn’t work in real life, offcourse in paper. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS DISHONEST MEMORY MANUFACTURER."

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"Was pleased to find their pricing for the same DDR RAM was significantly lower than another online retailer I use 99% of the time. The order process on the site is efficient and I received instant email acknowledgement after placing the order. Order shipped within 24 hours, well packed and with correct contents. Another plust is that they offer FEDEX, which I will always use instead of UPS."

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"Do not recommend. They charge premium price for average to poor quality ram.
ECS NFORCE4-A939 motherboard with the AMD 64 3800+ X2 Dual Core.
my computer started rebooting for no apparent reason. I got STOP errors like IRQL_NOT_GREATER_OR_EQUAL or PFN_LIST_CORRUPT. That's when I decided to use memtest86+.

I ran it and got 2500+ to 500000+ errors depending on how I configure the settings through the BIOS. The default setting was 2.63v and 3-3-3-8. I have tried increasing the voltage settings but it still produced errors. I tried 2.5-3-3-8 but it still gave errors.

After much hassles, I returned for credit which they did honor and bought another brand (Corsair) and all is good.

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Mushkin does not replace their defective RAM modules if the sticker is not on it even though the heatshield has their name stamped on it and the pcb has their name imprinted on it!! I had a module go bad on me and here's what they sent me!!
From Mushkin: "I received your RMA modules, but the stickers have been removed. Unfortunately, this voids the warranty. Our warranty policy is as follows: http://www.mushkin.com/doc/customerService/warranty.asp
If you still have the labels sitting around, you can send them to me and I will honor the warranty, otherwise, I will need to send the modules back to you. Thanks, Krista"

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"Purchased a 2GB set of PC4000 off their website on Saturday morning. I used FedEx 2 day air.I Never recieved a tracking number and decided to call when the package never showed up on Wednesday. Was told by their customer service rep. that somehow they had not shiped out and it was an oversight on their part. CR told me they would ship it out overnight and they did. The package arrived the next day. I have been a loyal Mushkin customer for years and was slightly dissapointed in their "oversight". I do give them credit for sending out the package overnight as soon as they realized what had happened.

As far as the Memory goes, its advertised to run PC4000 or DDR250 @ 3-4-3-8 timings and it does. BUT it will not oc beyond 260 @ 3-4-4-8 or run 3-3-3-8 @ 250.

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"This company absolutely lives up to it's glowing reviews.

My order arrived exactly when I was told it would. The 2 Gigs of SDRAM (4x512) I bought for my dual 1.8Ghz G5 Powermac installed easily and are running flawlessly.

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"Overrated and overpriced: since my initial purchase of expensive mushkin memory , I purchased two Kingston Value modules for a identical system and that performs just as well! "

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"These guys totally rock. I ordered 1GB (2x512MB) Redline XP4000 from them on Tuesday at around noon. At 8 I got a call from them saying they were sorry that they couldn't get it shipped out the same day. Not that they said anywhere on their site that they ship same day, but they called me all the same. The next day I get a call telling me that the item is actually out of stock, and won't be in stock until the following Tuesday. Ok, that's sucky, but they asked if I'd like to cancel, and I decided to chance it and say no. They said they'd refund my shipping, and then ship it out as soon as it came in on Tuesday. They did, indeed refund my shipping that same day.

On Tuesday, I expect to get a tracking number in the mail... instead, I get the memory in the mail. They had evidently gotten it in early and shipped it right away... over night and for free. Not only that, but they're sending me a free case badge as well. I have *never* had such awesome customer service in all my life. These guys were incredibly nice and polite on the phone, and seemed to really care about me as a customer... someone who had given them all of $255. Mushkin just gained a devotee for life.

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"Purchased Mushkin DDR 3200 256 X 2, 222, Dual Pack Black PCB and spreaders, Abit NF&-S, AMD Barton 2500, Ran fine at 333 for 2 years.
Last month installed a AMD Barton 3200 to run at 400! System started to memory dump, ran MemTest per thier instructions, many errors. RMA, they sent back, Blue spreader green PCB sticks NOT what I sent them, RMA again, this time they sent the same memory green PCB only with black spreaders, gave me the song and dance about it being the same memory. SiSoft says it is TF721A 3.0 4 4 8 no Mfg name and Mfg date 12/25/99. Lifetime Warranty Ya Right Never again

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