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"Worst seller ever, beware. Ordered 50 pounds worth of stuff, but in one months time it still isnt shipped. Opened 2 tickets but they keep ignoring me, i feel like a fool here and i will contact my bank to get a refund. These people should be prosecuted and put to jail."

Helpful Cool


"MrModchip is a CROOK!!

Don't purchase anything from there! He's laying to your teeth and doesnt blink the eye.

I orders some stuff from there and now, more than one month later its still "ready to ship". First, I made the ticket to ask whats going on, got answer that parcel is dispatched and here is the tracking code. Alright, went to see where is my packet to RoyalMail website, got error that its not delivered to postal service. Called to RoyalMail and kind lady said to me that RoyalMail has given tracking code to MrModechip but this packet never been delivered to postal service.
Made another helpdesk ticket, asked whats going on now? Also mentioned that this packet is never dispatched and demanded my money back. Also, let him know that otherwise I will let authorities know about this.

Got answer from MrModechip: "Please note MrConsoles doe snot respond to any tickets or requests which are either contains threats are abusive or use offensive language or profanities"

Well, you already answered buddy! You might as-well send my money back!

So, please share this information to everybody who thinking of buying something from MrModechip. You will not get anything and also, you don't get your money back. Think twice before you buy something.

Helpful Cool


"Ding Dong Dang

I can't believe how good this modstore is

On the 7th day god rested and on the 8th he created MrModchips

Service so good you think you have died and gone to heaven

Helpful Cool


"The daddy of all modships

used them for years and always the best

never even think of shopping elsewhere

many pretenders have come and gone but Mrmodchips has remained an internet modding constant


Helpful Cool


"Best place in the world to buy anything console related

believe the hype

Mrmodchips is no1 for everything

I love them

Disregard the comments below as mrmodchips runs a highly effective anti scammer policy and all these people will have tried to scam and failed

I wish more online seller kept out the internet scum like mrmodchips does

Helpful Cool


"GUYS ,GUYS, GUYS , you can not imagine how this site is BAD and VERY BAD , they are running SCAM business ,. anybody that has been ripped off by them BEWARE and BEWARE and BEWARE they USE your passwords to get into your other accounts Like emails or even in this ResellerRatings to remove your reviews , I hope you GUYS do change your passwords if you are registered to there site ,becuz It was happened to me , they hacked into my Gmail account after I have reached to a dead end with them ,they took my money and refused to send me anything ,and after 12 days since purchase date, they removed my account and blocked my IP address and never refund me, so I am contacting my bank now to rise a dispute ,

PS. I have retrieved my Gmail account ,with Help of Gmail,Thanks Google

Helpful Cool


"Scam artist who just takes your money and does not ship your order. Does not respond to help tickets, phone number does not work. If he does respond is abusive. DO not purchase from them. You have been warned!"

Helpful Cool


"Best in the world by far

dont go anywhere else

use mrmodchips


Helpful Cool


"Stock listed as in stock was not and order was held back.

Same problems ad listed below by everyone else.

After complaining on the TX website he used my account details with his site to log into the TX website and remove the complaint. (Spent two days changeing my passwords on 100s websites since)

Only got a refund after threatning to file for a chargeback.

Went as far as to get me banned from the TX site and all the other re-sellers sites so I guess he only has a little....

Shame as 5-10 orders before that came through fine.

TX are week bending over for him, I can only assume he has lied to them about me which is a shame as Martin C was a nice mod.

Ordering through my uncles account now via another better re-seller.

If my comments remain here years from now that means he has made no effort to resolve the problem with me.

Helpful Cool


"I cannot recommend this seller enough

no need to look anywhere else

just buy from mrmodchips

he's the best

I want to father his babies

Helpful Cool


"I'm so glad I didn't listen to any of the below reviews, after all mrmodchips.co.uk is an official reseller of team xecuter products!

Item's arrived well packaged and just as described, order system keeps you up to date, a lot better than other big companies.

I nearly didn't order because of these reviews! So glad I used common sense and got the items I wanted fast!

Helpful Cool


"Beware! This guy has been scamming for years. Google "mrmodchips scam" to find a litany of complaints about this rouge seller.

Made a test purchase to see if he has cleaned up his act (last purchase was 5 years ago) and refused to accept a return. rude and abusive messages ensued and he finally closed my account and blocked my IP address. Scum.

Helpful (1) Cool



After ordering a product it turned out it was out of stock. Please note that he has charged me over £40 immediately after placing the order. I put a note under my order that clearly said 'please, do not backorder if out of stock'. Obviously it was ignored so I opened a 'support ticket' and asked what was happening with my order.

I received an answer that was simply a copy&paste from his terms of sale.
I reopened my 'support ticket' asking for cancellation and full refund asap.
He answered: Please refer to the previous answer.
I reopened my ticket again and asked to stop ignoring me and give a full refund.
He answered: Please read the advice given to you or ask someone of adult age to explain them to you.
After such an answer I wrote a complaint which he deleted instantly.

A few days later I received an email updating me on the product I ordered saying that they will ship it Monday/Tuesday next week.
Two days later, when my order should have supposedly been on its way, I got another email from this guy:
'Oh look this order would of shipped today and still no other Xecuter reseller has any stock.ha ha' Clearly done out of spite just to show that he doesn't give a s**t about his customer.

So I opened new ticket thanking him for cancellation and requested my money back. Again he deleted it immediately. What's more I cannot open any ticket at all as he simply removed 'continue' button from the ticket form. How funny is this guy, huh?
I tried emailing him but I got an automated reply that my email will be deleted without reading and I should contact the seller via... 'support ticket'. Yup, the same one that I am not able to use anymore thanks to this guy's specific sense of humor.
Now, he's got my money (I did not receive anything from him of course) and I cannot contact him in no way as there is no address, emails get deleted, no phone number, cannot use his 'support tickets'. I only managed to find out who he is: a 40 year old Neil Stanley Higgs and his address from a few years back: 408 Speedwell Road Kingswood Bristol BS15 1ES.
First time in my life I received such a low standard customer service. Hopefully it's the last time.

To clear things out: this guy is a conman. An abusive and rude one. He steals your money and he does not even try to do that in a polite way :) :) :)

To all who think of buying from him - think twice or better do not think about that at all.


Thank you for refund, Mr Higgs. I really appreciate it. Unfortunately my opinion about your store remains more or less the same and I am still unhappy with your service. And since I am not one of those customers who lost their money because of you I apologize for calling you a conman. You are not a conman at least for me. You are simply rude and unhelpful.


Helpful Cool


"Abusive and offensive after trying to cancel order due to lack of e-mails to explain about delays. Stock dates changed every week without explanation. Will no longer reply to e-mails (I.P. address banned from using 'customer service'). MrModChips - you are a disgrace to legitimate traders!"

Helpful Cool


"bought a product that wasn't compatible. Requested a refund and was told that there was a clear disclaimer telling me that the product was not compatible with what I was after. I had a look and there was only a very vague disclaimer that suggested it would probably work. I pointed this out and said I would be happy to get trading standards to make a ruling on the clarity of the disclaimer. The response was to tell me that he didn't respond to threats or "veiled blackmail" and he was blacklisting my email address and I should write to him at his Thailand address. He is based in Bristol. By all accounts this guy is fine when what you buy is fine. If there's any problems he's worse than useless and usually abusive."

Helpful Cool

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