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Rating 2/10

"LOL! I'm writing this review as I sit on hold 39 min so far timer is counting while I write. I ordered 2 headrest tv's for my car to replace the exact model I have. So without reading a review I ordered from these guy. Order came pretty fast? The catch I open the box both are wrapped un wrap the first one and mold is all over it. But I'm figuring I will clean it. I plug it in to see the picture and a red light comes on meaning power is their. I push power nothing at the same time I smell smoke? It was the tv! I grab the other one plug it in and it works fine. 1 out of 2 isn't bad. I then proceed to write them an email explaining the situation. No reply? So I call their 888# which is you call on mon,wed,Fri you can only leave a voice mail. Lol now Tue I call it goes directly to a voice prompt telling you to have your order# ready. Whelp must be realllllllly busy 42min no operator? My advice buy from eBay so you can get a replacement and or a refund from paypal. I'm at their mercy and it's not looking 2 positive. You have been Warned."

Rating 2/10

"This guys at mp3playerstore.com are the most non nonchalant and undependable shop resellers i have ever dealt with directly or indirectly in all my online and offline purchases from the US and Canada. I placed an order through a relation that stays in California after wiring money to her so she can then use her credit card to buy me the items and later send them to me ( Her name on the Receipt is Anita Alunyo-Bello, Order number 236728) since last year November 2012 because they will not sell directly to my Country for flimsy non existing customs excuse that is suppose to be the buyers business and not theirs,and till date this guys have not yet delivered the product or the money to my relation in the US (money has since being paid to them). What a reseller indeed!!! This is May 13th 2013 no goods or money in sight. I am worried at this bad UN-American Spirit and business attitude. "

Rating 2/10

"I bought an item which on their site cost so much for shipping and I paid that amount then I was told that I needed to pay more because they had incorrect information in relation to shipping costs, they charged me an extra $9 then when the product arrived it didnt function. Then they told me to keep the broken item and to pay an extra $30 and they would send me 2. This has gone on for about 6 weeks and I still dont have the product. What a waste of time and money!! That's a zero in customer service! Im not interested in 2 items for double the price I just want one. If you ask me it's fraud. Mickey mouse could run that company better."

Rating 2/10


I purchased the Innovatek IN-710GPS which was advertised to feature AM/FM radio, bluetooth, CD/DVD,I-pod,GPS and a Windows CE operaring system with WI-FI etc... I paid approximately $250.00 which included shipping. Not a bad price considering it's features but when it came time to install in my 2007 Ford Mustang, everything seemed to go in all right but the system seemed to have numerous glitches through out it's programs. The Innovatek icons only have a few that work with programs that don't make any sense or have any real functionality. The Windows CE operating system either freezes up or doesn't allow you to add a custom windows back ground desktop to your start up page, like a photo or anything else. The program is embedded along with it's glitches and many other issue's. You can't even have a simple clock and date work correctly. Every time I turn the unit on, it says I'm in the year 1939 and the time is several hours ahead or behind. Maybe it's a time machine?! lol!! It seems like these guys were on the right track with it's design and development but gave up on making sure all it's features work correctly.

I'm sure they have just as many returns as they do with sells. I'm not sure how this company stays or will stay in business going forward. I attempted to return the first unit with a great deal of drama. Customer support basically was one email with no resolution or follow up with any assistance. Weird stuff but it is what it is. Thank God for PAY PAL resolution, because I filed a claim to receive a refund and shipped the item back which is being postponed by them to accept the delivery/return. I also purchased a second unit from them through ebay and received it last week. Did the install and still have somewhat the same issues but not as bad.I should have researched the reviews on this company a little better before purchasing the first one along with purchasing the second one and making the same mistake twice. Too bad,I was really looking forward to getting this radio,installing it and enjoying all the cool features. I'll be sending this one back as well and just stick to my factory radio.

I think these mp3player store employees should consider inspecting all there products and functions before putting them up for sale to the public. It would generate positive feedback for them and less product returns and complaints etc... These Jackwagons should consider making license plates in a state prison rather electronics in Canada, you can't mess up license plates! but then again.

Mustang Indy

Rating 2/10

Last week I bought a mp3/mp4 player, "sales department" even called me to verify the shipping, at that moment they were very nice. 3 days after, I received the device I charged it for 4 hrs, but great surprise IT DIDN'T work at all, I send a message to "Customer Service" they answered me 2 days after, they told me to fully charge the device for 5 hours and that might work with the problem. I plugged the device for 5 hrs but the same IT DOESN'T WORK. I replied their message immediately asking for a good answer and to be fully refund for my purchase, next day they didn't answer, I replied back again, 2 days after they replied telling the "Return Department" took note of my request and they will communicate me in 2 business days to give me the steps to follow with the issue.

They talk as they were a big company, but the truth is they are merely a warehouse (I look at them in Google Earth).


Rating 6/10

-price is just darn cheap,
-AGAIN, pirce is cheap,
-some of the items in tech wise (like car stereo with B/T, 7' touch screen, wifi(internet), etc) is very advanced product where you can't find in USA, if there is one, VERY expensive.

-customer service, I believe there is one because I've exchanged email few time and they were willing to work it out, BUT sending it back will be a nightmare, expensive shipping and going through customs and everything.
-no name low (?) chineese brand....but then what or where isn't chineese product now days?

Several years ago, I've purchased about $ 1000 worth of car stereo product on my big SUV, stereo receiver with 8' touch screen that plays DVD, Divx, mp3, Blutooth, GPS navigator, TV, etc, and 4, 10' headset which had DVD or USB port in each units so all the kids had a choice of whatever they want to watch.
I've done extensive research on those products before I placed an order. Price was just freaking cheap, It would have cost me at least $2000 in the states. I knew it would be difficult task if I had to send something back, but I decided to take a chance because of price and features that it came with.
I noticed few things falling a part lately, but it was out of warrenty anyway.

Would I buy anything again from them? It depends.
I think its your call, if you want something lot cheaper like my stereo receiver which i paid about $300 will cost at least $600~700 here in the states and some of the features are not even available, or at least I haven't seen it.
So if you are willing to take a chance on product which is lot cheaper with many features on a low end quality product.....my 2cents

Rating 2/10

"worthless. no documentation. no support, cheap MP3 player. you cannot turn it off. Battery is supposed to last for 10 hours, more like 2-3. As soon as you remove it from the charger it starts p, and plays until it dies. No off button. Worthless"

Rating 2/10

"This place is a joke.... Ordered a pink mp3 player for my daughter and received red which would have been ok I guess but it wouldn't hold charge. Soooo... they said I could return it but would be eating the 10 bucks in shipping already spent and then eating the shipping to send it back on top of paying a 15% restock fee for a defective product that was the wrong color... Really one star is to much..."

Rating 2/10

"Buyer Beware!!! Customer service is crappy. I talked with Christine about my innovetek 777 and the receipt of a free mps player. Didn't receive it at all. Also called to tell them and they kept saying that they would ship it to me.So I called her back and its the continual I'll make sure you receive it never saw it. Then ask for help on the Gps Navagation screen Never received it. I sent photos by email of what was happening with the screens still no help. "


"BAD News Bears!!!! Bought a DVD / MP3 player that came with no manual and DOA out of the box. Have called and emailed them twice - no answer. These guys a BUMS Stay Away - Stay Away!!!! "

Rating 2/10

"These guys sell cheap dvd radios. Always have to return once a year. Only reason i buy every time from them is because i live in a bad neighbourhood and they get stolen quick. These dvd decks are cheaply made in china. No FCC compliant or CRTC compliant. They cause horrible interference with cell phones and external GPS and only God knows what else around you. I returned it last week and now they saying because i cut the wires i did not need to connect my radio at the time and now the warranty is void. lol. They were ok with the wires cut a year ago. I guess it depends on their mood. Anyhow never again will buy from them but still going to argue and they better prepare themselves for a battle. Going to report them to FCC(usa)and CRTC or Spectrum radio communications. These products should not be sold to consumers thats why there is no actual store that sells them. Just like those electronics sold in China Towns across North America. Good luck to all"

Rating 2/10

"Dont buy from them i got a gps radio for my work van and it work only for about 30 days. I have try to contact them in many times over ebay for a warranty that they offer in their ebay postings but nothing
I lost $350 on this transaction I hope that this post, like the others. will help people realize that they are being scam before they make the mistake of buying from this comp.

Rating 2/10

"I am not happy with this company. I bought an MP3 player from MP3Playerstore.com. The ad said the MP3 player was 2 gigs. However, the device was only able to hold less than 500megabytes on it. The device was actually 1.9gb when I checked it on my computer but for some reason I kept getting a pop up that the device was full after about 444megabytes. Several emails went back and forth with their technician but I was still not able to get the device to work. Finally, they agreed to take the device back but stated that I would have to pay the return shipping and that they will only refund about one third of what I originally paid and only if they deemed the device to be defective. If not, I will have to pay for them to return it to me again. I'm not one to bad mouth companies but needless to say I will never be dealing with this company again. If you do, you do so at your own risk. Anyhow, I brought this issue up with my credit card company and disputed the charge. My Visa credit card company ended up giving me a refund with few questions asked and no forms to fill out leaving me to believe that this is not the first encounter they have had with this company.


Rating 2/10

"I have order a mp4/mp3 inno-touch 2gb player with touch screen from mp3playerstore.com well i waited a week for this mp3 player and i was really excited even though it wasn't name brand it looked nice on the site well i finally get it well i open it and everything try to turn it on well it wouldn't turn on so i figured well it just needs to charge for a lil bit well i don't know how long its suppost to charge for so i read the book that came with it well it doesn't tell ya so i just let it charge for 5 hours well you know normally if somthing is dead it will turn on a lil bit even if it just lights up and then gos right off well this mp3 player didn't. Well after that i called there lil customer service well i got to talk to a women i tell her that i have charged my mp3/mp4 player up for 5 hours well she tells me that i have to charge it for 8 hours the first time well i was like ok so i got off the phone which the women was very rude she hung up before i could even say anything else to her. Well i let the mp3/mp4 player charge for 8 hours well guess what it still didn't come on. THE BUSINESS WELL I GUESS IF THATS WHAT U WANNA CALL IT WAS CLOSED SO I HAD TO WAIT THE NEXT DAY TO CALL AND GUESS WHAT IT WAS THE SAME RUDE WOMEN I TOLD HER MY PROBLEM AND SHE TELLS ME THAT I HAVE TO EMAIL THEM AT RETURENMP3STORE.COM WELL I EMAIL THEM AS SOON AS I GET OFF THE PHONE I WAITED FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS AND THEY NEVER EMAILED ME BACK UNTIL TODAY TELL ME THAT I WOULD HAVE TO PAY TO SHIP IT BACK TO THEM AND THAT IF THEY DIDN'T RECEIVE IT WITHIN 15 DAYS THAT THEY WOULD REFUSE MY EXCHANGE FOR A NEW ONE WELL THE WAY THE SENT IT TO ME WAS DSL WELL THAT TOOK 2 WEEKS WELL THEY ARE TELLING ME THAT I HAVE TO SEND IT BY US MAIL WELL THATS GOING TO TAKE LONGER SO THEY KNOW THAT IT WILL BE AFTER 15 DAYS FOR THEM TO GET IT SO THEY DON'T HAVE TO EXCHANGE AND ANOTHER THING IS I HAVE TO PAY TO SEND IT I MEAN WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS IS THAT ITS ALL THE WAY IN CANADA SO I GUESS GO FIGUER WELL I JUST WANTED TO BLOG THIS SO NO ONE ELSE GETS GOT LIKE I DID THERE ARE OTHER REVIEWS ON SOME OTHER WEBSITES BUT OF COURSE I DIDN'T READ THEM BEFORE I BROUGHT THE MP3/MP4 PLAYER I LOOKED AFTER WHICH IS DUMB OF ME BUT JUST CHECK OUT THE REVIEWS BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY CHOICES OF BUYING ANYTHING THERE!!! THE SITE IS MP3PLAYERSTORE.COM AND THEY DO HAVE THIS SITE ON THE TV SO IF YOU SEE IT DON'T THINK LIKE I DID EVERYTHING U SEE ON TV IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS TO BE WELL FOR ME IT IS!!!! They r scammers and they really need to be sued"

Rating 10/10

"The only reason I didn't give mp3playerstore.com a 9 or 10 was that they didn't have the item in stock and had stopped selling it but still had, and still has, the same item on their website.

Otherwise, when they notified me my order could not be shipped they offered and upgrade to a higher priced item at no additional charge. They also NEXT DAY shipped my order (originally ground) to insure it arrived in time fro Christmas. The customer service person was excellent. She very quickly found out what was going on, gave me several very satisfactory options and then proceeded to email me a confirmation of my order change. From a rocky start to a smooth solution all around. The products arrived, as I said, NEXT DAY, on DHL and so far, they seem to be working flawlessly. If there are any technical or operational problems, I have little doubt, from the afore mentioned experience, that they will be able to help me or swap out the item if necessary. If these products work fro a few months, I'll be saitsfied. Shoot, I kow ipods and iphone don't work about 25% of the time, but nobody complains online because it's an Apple product and that would be heresy and nobdy wants to be ana apostate electrono-fashionista. But for a $45-50 purchase, these items are a fantastic value!

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