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Product & services pricing 2.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.25/10
Shipping & packaging: 1.25/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Another lost shipment

"It takes forever to receive something from these people. It's faster ordering something from a vendor in China. It takes them a week after submitting an order to these clowns to ship the item, and then they ship it with an unreliable shipper, DHL.

I submitted an order to them on July 9, and it's now July 25, and I still have not received the CD. Tracking information for it stopped on July 20 when DHL allegedly delivered the the CD to USPS, yet USPS has no record of receiving the item. It shouldn't take that long to get from Illinois to New Mexico; it's only 1330 miles.

I have placed at least a half a dozen order with them through ebay, and it's the same result every time - either I don't receive the item or it takes forever to get to me. I will never buy anything from them again.

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Moviemars very unreliable seller

"I bought Led Zeppelin 3cd at BBC , second cd was full damaged, sent photos of the damaged cd and they mentioned to send the cd back to the States for checking and refund. But only with cheapest mail lower than U.S. 10 dollar.
I send it back by mail and after 3 weeks asked for refund. Asked every week for refund. Only answer: no refund cause we haven’t received the cd.
I lost,my money and extra cost for returning. I’ll never buy something from Moviemars anymore.

Helpful Cool



"Ordered a Vinyl LP from MovieMars through Amazon on June 14th 2018. MovieMars said the ordered shipped on June 18th through DHL Global Mail but provided no tracking number, and said it would be at my address by June 28th. I don’t know why they shipped DHL Global when MovieMars is supposedly located in NC and I live in NC just a few hours away. Never got any notifications from them or Amazon, never- not once, no updates or anything from anyone. Since this all seemed so ridiculous and their feedback on Amazon almost seemed “robotic” or “bought” I searched elsewhere and came across this page. I found a 1-star review on here where someone said the item never came and when they checked their bank account, a refund was issued with no notice! Well, what do you know? I WAS ISSUED A REFUND! MovieMars **** for doing this! I waited 2 weeks for nothing! Horrible company, horrible customer service. These people are freaking crooks. They need to be reported to Amazon and shut down!"

Helpful Cool


Wal-Mart silent online partner SHAME!!!

"Movie Mars inc. absolutely a class zero operation. Placed a order with Wal-Mart online for vinyl & this is who they get to supply it. No vinyl, no response, no nothing please stay away. Shame wallyworld your just as bad as them!!÷"

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How do you solve a problem like Maria?

"I'll tell you how...........FIRE HER. She is rude, pompous and extremely incompetent. Word of advise don't ever order anything from this website. THEY ****!!!!!!!"

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I wish there was a 0 star option

"Never received movie. Terrible customer service rep named Maria. All I wanted was the product I ordered yet all I got was outed of $13.95! Do not use this company. Take your money elsewhere "

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Corrupt E-Business Running a Hook & Bait with the Public!!

"What a joke this company is and a prime example of the utter hypocrisy that exists when one equates good customer service and Amazon/Ebay!
This company has tons of negative reviews and nothing I mean NOTHING is done about their lack of follow-thru with their customers nor the fact that they take customers money and either never deliver or send the product on the back of a elderly persons wheelchair for delivery. Its slower than a geriatric snail!
Seriously I was looped in because I wanted to buy a cd on Ebay and after a week no tracking, communication or refund. Since Ebay allows these crooks up to 2 1/2 weeks to deliver here domestically in the US they take their sweet time.
My take is they do not have the product or at least most of it in stock and list faux merchandise to reel the customers in who gladly fork over their hard earned money regardless of all the negative feedback(as if Ebay hasnt taken note!).
MM is a hook and bait business and at the end of the day neither Amazon or Ebay are concerned about how customers are being abused by these two companies only focus is filling the greedy corporate coffers...But hey what else is new in our illustrious corporate run country?

Helpful Cool


Great Pricing. Slow Shipping.

"The shipping was a little slow but I did receive my item in a reasonable amount of time. The price on the item was less than any other store. My record was packed safely in a thick record mailer. My major gripe was that I never received any type of shipping notification so I was never sure of my order status. "

Helpful Cool


BEWARE Of MovieMars: They Sell "Region B/2" Discs Not Usable ON Blu Ray Disc Players In The United States

"Feb 21, 2018 - Chesapeake, VA: I too purchased a NEW blu ray disc from MovieMars(a North Carolina, USA based company) via Amazon and received a "Region B/2" version of the blu ray disc, which, of course CAN'T be used on American disc players (it's a movie studio thing to make even more money by delaying movies to the rest of the world via "Region Codes") - lucky us, we get the "first run - aka "Region A/1" discs because we are their first market.

After a few messages (through Amazon's MONITORED messaging loop - which I ADVISE everyone to use, because it copies ALL the messages back and forth) I realized that MovieMars was simply selling "Region B/2" discs without the proper advertising of such (which the other sellers who did sell "Region B/2" discs had advertisement warnings on ALL of their pages, MovieMars ONLY showed "Region B/2" on their individual product page - which I never saw; I chose MovieMars from a list [where their competitor's displayed "Region B/2" warnings] after searching for the movie title).

Long story short, MovieMars told me to go packing(NO refunds/NO replacements) regardless of the screenshots I posted of every step of the purchase process(and nowhere were there any indication they were selling "Region B/2 discs).

So I contacted Amazon; and they came to my rescue!

I paid MovieMars about$10 for the disc, but Amazon looked up the same titled discs for sale and found the lowest price for the Region A/1 disc(from a reputable seller AND "Fulfilled by Amazon" was$59 and change.

Get this, after doing their own research, Amazon gave my account a$60 gift card so I could purchase the disc.

Way to go Amazon! AND they said they would look closer at the policies and practices of MovieMars.

MovieMars was terrible, but Amazon took care of it.

BTW, MovieMars pays pennies for these "Region B/2" discs in bulk, so they will NEVER cover your packaging or postage for a return - it's just a losing financial deal for them. That combined with their NO REFUND policy and you can see how illegitimate of a company they really are.

You have been warned about MovieMars.

Helpful Cool


Good customer service but delivery

"I ordered two CD's on January 19. My payment was posted just about immediately. i waited for the CD's to be delivered and on February 6 i sent an email on status. They promptly sent me an email back stating "it looks like we had an error in our ordering system the day this was placed and this order was not imported for shipment. Unfortunately due to this error we are unable to ship this item and have procssed a refund for this order." I then decided I would track my debit card and was surprised that the refund had been made! So even though I did not receive the item, I was very pleased with the quick turnaround in their response."

Helpful Cool


I guess I joined the sucker club

"They sent me a bootleg DVD that won't play in the USA and won't take it back. It took me a while to figfure out that it was the DVD and not any of my machines so my credit card could not help me get a refund. If you act quickley, your credit card company will help you. Losers. "

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save your time and money

"this company is a scam.... don't order anything thru them... after you pay for it they will send you a damaged product. It came late and in a 100 pieces. it is impossible to return the damaged merchandise... the phone numbers are dead ends. there is no email address on their website. in fact their website is just a front and will not help you in any way, it becomes a vicious circle to try to contact this company so you eventually give up like I did. Of course, you only have 30 days to return anything so good luck....

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"I have a similar experience with MovieMars.com as most do. They cancelled my order the day it was due to be delivered. No explanation given, and good luck getting a hold of these people. The reviews on Amazon are 100% not legitimate. It's not hard to figure out Amazon has fake reviews for most things. There is always like 100 positive reviews within a week, using the same key words. Amazon just wants money, and provides the illusion of being customer service oriented. There is a very high chance you will have a bad experience with the seller MovieMars. There are so many complaints out there involving this company. If you do business with them after reading all the bad reviews, it is your own fault. "

Helpful Cool



"I ordered a book and never received it. I tracked it and it has been sitting in the same place for three days. I have called and been hung up on twice, left voicemails that were never returned and basically ignored. Of course they already took the payment out of my account and now I am without the main Christmas present for my dad, three days before Christmas!!!!! I can NOT believe that Amazon puts their name on this worthless rip off of a company!!!!!"

Helpful Cool


Hate this about online shopping...

"I wanted to give a nice vinyl to my boyfriend for Christmas so I bought one from them earlier this month. First of all, they didn’t even have a tracking method so that sounded fishy to begin with...but I had high hopes for this seller because it had such a high rating on Amazon. Turns out the day right before the expected delivery date I got a notification from them saying that I got a refund for the vinyl, even though I didn’t request one? I don’t want the refund I want the vinyl bruh lol. But yeah so I contacted them like what the heck happened and they were just like “oh sorry something happened with the product”. Like what? You guys decide to tell me this literally days before fricken xmas and now my boyfriends going to think I didn’t get him anything and now I’m going to feel bad that he gave me something n i’ll have to tell him “sorry it’s amazons fault” like no im not tryna deal with this ever again. Movie mars screw you i was really looking forward to getting him a nice present but noooo. Ruined my amazon experience now im going to be paranoid about every order online now. Wouldn’t recommend movie mars to anyone :("

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