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"There was always a 50/50 chance that I would have to return an item due to defects."

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"SCAM SCAM SCAM. Not a happy one that I would carry for the rest of my life. I deeeply regret my decision to go with them."

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"bought system board/cpu/ram about 2yrs ago, six months after the usb stopped working, sent it all back and they never returned anything to me, out $600...should've filed a civil suit, but never got around to it, i hate them with a passion."

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"Very disappointed with this company..ordered 2 Lian-Li towers and received an email that one of the towers was out of stock. Received only one the Lian-Li towers and the other one apparently never came back in stock. My card was charged in about 24 hours for both products and never heard from them again. I filed a complaint with the BBB in Georgia as well as a dispute with my cc company...still trying to resolve this mess....wish I would have found this website before purchasing from them....now their website is not up anymore and they have a 24/7 all circuits are busy message when you try calling!!! "

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"Well they finally took down the site....no more unfortunate victims"

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The phones are turned off and web site is down.

Its too bad they were a good company.

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"Monarch Hornet Pro BUYERS BEWARE!
Oct.13,2005, I purchased a Monarch Hornet Pro 64/FX/X2(939)Custom System for $2,598.87, which included 24/7 Tech Support + Plus 3 Year Onsite Warranty. As of Jan.31,2007, I still DO NOT have a working computer. It has NEVER WORKED. There's NO SOUND, FONTS NOT RIGHT, FRONT 4 USB PORTS INOP AND CRASHES FOR NO REASON. On 3 seperate dates, April 18,2006, April 20, 2006, May 4, 2006, onsite tech replaced motherboard only to find ALL THREE REPLACEMENTS WERE DOA/DEFECTIVE. On May 23, 2006 onsite tech replaced the hard drive, NO SUCCESS there either. June 7,2006 I sent my HORNET PRO BACK to Monarch for a rebuild as MONARCH requested. Aug. 7,2006 New "REBUILT HORNET PRO"
Problems: 1. No firewall port on motherboard,2. Still NO SOUND, 3. Fonts not right 4. Front 4 USB
Ports STILL inop. 5. The $ 349.00 red farrari paint casing was chipped and dented. 6. Blue neon cathode light detached and stuck in heatsink fan blade. 7. HORNET OVERHEATS and was SMOKING.
Oct. 20,2006 I asked for a FULL REFUND. A year
had passed and I still DID NOT have a computer that worked! Oct.27,2006, I was told by Matt in tech services that MONARCH COMPUTER SYSTEMS DOES NOT GIVE REFUNDS! PERIOD! On Nov. 21,2006 in the
South Pacific District Court of Pacific County, State of Wa. Judge Douglas Goelz, small claims court, ruled in favor of the Plantiff, myself, and hereby ordered, adjudged and decreed, that the defendant, Monarch Computer Systems owed me a total judgment of $ 3,0918.64. Monarch had 30 days
to respond. As of today, Jan. 31,2007, NO RESPONSE from Monarch Computer Systems. All I ever wanted was a HORNET PRO that WORKED! That's

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"Okay, so I ordered a Monarch Furia Custom Workstation (PCI-E) on May 11th of 2006. I paid a $125 hot rush order fee. I also put in a change order for a different motherboard the day after I ordered and verbally confirmed it with a Monarch rep via phone.

So what happened? My order did not ship until June 12th 2006. I had several emails and phone conversations with them and it was agreed I would get my hot order fee refunded. Never happened. They talked about a store credit, then about refunding my PayPal account. Never saw it. When they did ship it they sent it FedEx second day, so I (foolishly) let it drop. To be totally fair, I suppose the added cost of the changed motherboard and expedited shipping probably came close to the hot order fee.

It gets better. When I recieved my system I noticed they didn't process my change order. Even though I both emailed them and verbally confirmed the change order.

So I RMA'd it. I will admit they handled the RMA okay, even if it did take longer than I expected. At least I got it back with the motherboard I wanted and they payed for shipping both ways.

The problem was the system didn't work. It wouldn't boot up unless I booted up with the Windows XP CD in the drive and the monitor would not come up. Maybe if I rebooted 9 or ten times the monitor would eventually come up.

So I get on the phone with Monarch and get another RMA #. I asked if they would pay for shipping like the last time and they said they would. They would treat it like a DOA. The first RMA they sent me a FedEx shipping slip in the mail, but this time they wouldn't. They just said to tell FedEx to bill the recipient. So that's what I did.

After 10 or so days I called Monarch to check on the status of my RMA and they said they received it and the work was being scheduled.

Then I couldn't get in touch with them. They stopped answering their phones and didn't reply to my emails.

So this week I received a bill from FedEx for shipping charges. Seems Monarch refused to accept my RMA shipment. I called FedEx and my system is sitting in a depot in Georgia. Well at least I will get my system back.

Part of the fault is mine as I transposed two of the digits of my phone number on the FedEx form. BUT, Monarch was totally disingenuous about my second RMA. And a Monarch rep flat-out lied to me about receiving my system when in fact they refused to accept the shipment.

People, do not, DO NOT, under any circumstances buy anything from this company. They are taking people for a ride. They don't even have the courage to be honest. I would not have been happy, but if they were honest with me I could have either attempted to resovle the problems myself or taken the system to a local business.

It's really a shame because I bought a custom system from them in 2003 and I was very, very satisfied with it and Monarch.

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"On August 12th I ordered a dual opteron socket F motherboard with 2 dual core opterons, and 4gig of ram, from Monarch computer. After several weeks of waiting, I called them up and they told me that the mobo I ordered was discontinued! When were they going to tell me! The salesman, who no longer works there told me that he had another mobo that was identical to the one I ordered and he could order that one for me. I was leary at first because I usually research every purchase carefully. They didn't have the specs for the new mobo on their website so he read me the specs and assured me that it was a great mobo. told him that it would have to work with the brand new $2000 quadro fx 4500 that I had just bought. The saleman assured me that it would even though it wasn't an nvdia chipset. I agreed to get the mobo he recommended it was a Supermicro H8DA8-2. after another month of waiting, the mobo finally arrived fully set up with the opterons and the ram and it was incompatible with my $2000 video card. The salesman and I spoke to the manufacturer together and The representative from supermicro told us that the board was not compatible with my video card and that there were no drivers. Monarch gave me an RMA number for the whole setup and told me to go on the Tyan site and pick out a comparable mobo and they would get it for me. i picked out a board from the tyan site and the monarch represenative said he would get it to me. Two weeks later still no mobo. finally I called up and we both agreed we should just cancel my order. On December 8th, my order was supposedly cancelled. It is now January 22 and I still haven't gotten my money back. We're talking $2,000! I've emailed them repeatedly and have received no reply. I've tried to call but can't get through to anyone. I'm hoping I can get my money back through my credit card company."

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"In December 2005 I made my first purchase from Monarch Computer. The item needed to be returned due to inaccurate sales information. Monarch Computer allows only store credit for refunds. However, their refund policy goes far beyond that, in that when a new order is placed against the store credit due, Monarch charges your credit card the full amount of the 2nd order stating that they will then refund your credit card the difference due. I have had store credit due from Monarch for well over a year. On October 23, 2006 I ordered from Monarch an item which they showed in-stock and available for shipping. My credit card was charged the very same day the order was placed. The item ordered did not ship until one month later, that after several e-mails and telephone calls. I’m still waiting for the credit due to be refunded to my card. E-mails have gone unanswered. Telephone calls are either unanswered or your placed on an indefinite hold while all the time listening to their store advertisements. The last time I called I waited for over 2½ hours with no one ever picking up the telephone. ( I wanted to see how long they would leave me in a hold pattern) Towards the end of December 2006, I wrote a letter directly to the company requesting my refund. They have yet to make any acknowledgement. I recently checked the Better Business Bureau site with regard to Monarch Computer. It was no surprise that there are over 200 registered complaints against this company for fraudulent business practices."

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"I ordered two sticks of DDR2 memory from them on 12/5/06. I rx'ed by mail one of them on like 12/20/06 however it said the second was backordered.

I have yet to rx the second even thou the website and there invoice says should ship within 2days.

I have emailed them several times with no answer but the auto response. I attempted to call them and there voicemail says they are closed, and hours are 10-6 even thou it was 11am. I will try and call them again today however these guys are SCAMMERS!!

DO NOT BUY FROM THEM NO MATTER HOW GOOD A DEAL> I'm gonna engage my credit card company to deny halve the charge as this is crap.

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"Might as well keep the rating going lower because the same thing happened to me! It was interesting though. I purchased a product on the 26th of December then I figured I would need more so I went back to order again and the product was gone. So somebody is updating that site! TOTAL FRAUD!! Working with PayPal to *hopefully* get my money back.
I just hope people come across this before they buy!

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"Run from this company. Bunch of thieves. Spent almost 4k on a system and they will not now support. Sent multiple RMA and charged my card for each. Had to dispute every one of them. They refuse to honor their warranty. No retun call, no retun e-mails, no nothing. Toll free service number is down. They must be bankrupt. Again run.

I filed a compiant with the BBB.

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