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"Have not heard from ModChipStore a Canadian company selling R4 DS Cards. First email stated shipment loss and will trace. They never did. Second email stated sent second order with an up grade. Non delivery of items paid for going on 3 months. No longer receiving replys to emails and logging on to web site you are unable to submit a repair ticket or inquiry. They have my CC number and have cancelled it for self protection.
The service is non exsistant. The products are non exsistant.
On 1/8/12 ModChipStore.com again tried to charge my credit card.

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"Ordered $30 worth of stuff on my credit card for my son back in April 2010 and still nothing after many many emails. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE FRAUDSTERS!!! "

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"I ordered Undiluted Platinum (U.P.) PSP Mod Chip on 1st August 2007
Haven't receive till now, its been 4 years.

FRAUD SITE, There support is also offline till now.
Total rip-off, why this site is still up and running. it should be banned or taken down from server. shame, they are sill ripping off people from more then 5 years.


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"I placed an order on in May 2011. After not receiving anything, I decided to contact them. Their support ticket system is down and all the support e-mail addresses bounce back. **** I don’t recommend using them ***"

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"I placed a order with modchipstore.com on 06/06/11 I got a email that day to say they got my order and another on 06/08/11 to confirmed it was processed. I have not heard anything else from the and all the email addresses they give bounce back. You are billed through icombuy on your credit card. I am filing a complaint with IC3, BBB, and my credit card company since the got my money and have not sent the item. Do not do business with this company at all."

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"Do yourself a favor and DON'T buy from these yahoos! They do not send your products. I ordered in January. I got an email from them in March after numerous contacts saying that their mailing system was wrong. They promised to send the product out again but it is now May and I still haven't received the product. Buyer beware!"

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"Ordered $30 worth of stuff from them. Charged on my credit card and never shipped. Don't buy from them!!"

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"Bought the Gevey Turbo Sim for my iPhone 4. After the I got it was a bit worried about getting it and reading about some clones of the Gevey ruining iPhone 4's I sent an email to their support asking which one they sell and they assured me the sell the original Gevey and not the cloned rebel sim card. I got the package 3 days ago and everything is working fine and my iphone 4 is unlocked and running just fine on my prepaid plan! Haven't tried data yet, but it is said to work too (just don't have a data plan)"

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"Everyone is right. File a dispute with your bank immediately. My friend and I both placed an order with Modchipstore.com at the same time an neither of us received our orders. He filed a complaint with his credit card company before the 60 day window and I missed it by a couple of days. I am out 47 bucks. We sent them tons of messages through their "Live" support, but no response. File a dispute ASAP, don't end up like me. Oh yea, I don't know if it is coincidence or not, but right after that order I started having suspicious activity on my card and my bank had to cancel it."

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"This site is not legit. Contact your bank and let them know immediately to file a dispute."

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"Ordered a product 1 month ago. After 2 weeks I requested an update, I was told the item had been shipped from hong kong and they would get me shipping information. I never heard from them again, despite numerous emails. I sent them an email threatening to file with ic3 if they did not deliver the product or refund me before the end of this week. There has still been no response to my email.

The site is a scam, and the fact that google has not removed them from their search engine and that merchant accounts still allow these thieves to use a merchant account is very disappointing.

my bill says they charge through icombuy.com

We need some people getting these guys personal info. Time to start outing the thieves.

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"I ordered a couple things from this company years ago with no problems so I did not think twice about ordering from them again last week, but I wish I had double-checked their ratings as it appears they no longer ship anything, EVER, nor respond to any e-mails/support tickets. Currently in the process of having my bank reverse the charges... The owners have apparently abandoned the site and just left it running to collect free money."

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"If you have any extra cash lying around you can either donate it to charity or purchase something from modchipstore.com. The only difference is that you will receive some appreciation from the charities instead of receiving something else in the rear from modchipstore.com. Like many other reviewers on here I didn't do my homework and blindly purchased a wiikey 2 modchip from these crooks. I received a email with my order number and this message:

"Thank you for your order. Your order has now been processed / charged. Once your order has been packaged and picked up from our shipping warehouse you shall receive an email update with the status of COMPLETE ... Which simply means that the order has been SHIPPED out to you."

So I never received the email update and the order status on the site states that the order is "processed". After numerous unanswered emails (which is the only means of communication with this company) I decided to write a review on as many sites as possible to save others the hassle of dealing with a second rate company such as this. Do yourself and your wallet a favor, buy your equipment elsewhere.

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"Order was placed July 28. I waited the full two weeks before attempting to contact Modchipstore regarding the status of my undelivered order as they recommend. - No response- Several more attempts to communicate via email yielded no results. Its funny how thier customer service link claims a response time of within 24 hours. Its been more then 24 days now and they still havent bothered to contact me. I've sent 6 emails in all. The last one requesting a refund and to cancel my order has gone unanswered. I called my bank to dispute the charge, found what I needed elsewhere and will never shop at modchipstore ever again. I wouldn't even recommend this place to my worst enemy - that bad. "

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"I placed my order on June 9, 2010. I was billed within a couple days. I waited for a week and still didn't receive my item, so I started checking my order status - which changed to processed, but never shipped. I wrote numerous emails, but never got a response. It is now mid September and I still did not get an email indicating that my item was shipped and I guess I will never get my money back since they don't respond to emails. I will never shop there again!"

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