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"Placed an order, received an email confirming the order, said that if there were any problems, they would let me know within 24 hours, much later received another email saying my items were out of stock, checked and the item was still in stock and being sold on website, contacted Misco and was told that a manager would be in touch. I have now waited 15 days and despite emailing them several times, a manager has still not contacted me... Dishonest company with terrible customer service... avoid!""

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"Don't buy from Misco,
They refuse to refund money despite the manufacturer acknowledging fault with goods and providing refund code.
If there is a problem then you really don't want the hassle of having to deal with Misco to get your 'legally entitled' money back!

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"Ordered TV. Next day they emailed to say I had to supply copy of ID for “security reasons”…new one on me!!!!!. I was then emailed to say TV order had been released to me. 4 days later they emailed to say, and I quote “I would like to inform you that your order has been cancelled due to a pricing error. If you would like to place a new order for an alternative product please do not hesitate to contact our Salesdesk on 0800 038 8880”
No apology, no offer of perhaps a small discount to compensate for their mistake and no mention of what their error was, ie what your price should have been.

3 DAYS latter Misco are still advertising this TV for the price they refused to sell to me for due to pricing error…. DISSGRACEFUL.

No reply to my letter of complaint after 3 days btw......great customer service....NOT!

There should be a law against this company being aloud to get away with this practice. Only wish that I had read all the negative reviews about this company before I ordered.


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"Very bad expirence and never go back to do any purchase
I have to contact twice to get my money

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"I ordered 1 piece of SD memory, the website said they had 50+ pieces in stock. It turns out they actually had zero.
Don't believe what the website says.

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"What a fraudulent and deceptive business: I placed an order for a Brother MFC9840CDW online and paid GBP 573.25 by debit card on 01.08.2009. On 03.08.2009 I received a telephone call from a Misco representative because my card is registered abroad (the shipping address is in the UK). I was informed this would not constitute a problem and the call was merely a security check. In order to ensure delivery on a Saturday, I was advised the original order had to be cancelled and my debit card would be billed again; my card was billed and the charge was again authorised. Ten minutes later, I received a further call from Misco and was advised although I had now paid for my merchandise twice in full (GBP 573.25 x 2), the order would be cancelled as my billing address was abroad. I am supposed to get a refund within "a few days". What an incompetent, fraudulent and deceptive company!! I can only warn against business with Misco! A complaint filed with Misco was simply ignored!
Dr Stephan Dax

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"Bought a processor which was faulty. It was a dual core processor and when I booted up my machine the computer would freeze. I tried sending it back and was told that I had to pay for the return cost back to them even though the item was faulty! This is not good enough. The delivery was quick though and the item was received on time."

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"The worst online retailer I have ever shop at. I ordered a fax/printer Brother MFC-820CW Inkjet MFP on the May 5 2008 and paid £8.95 for next day delivery. (Item listed on their website in-stock)
Now it's mid June and 3 phone calls later I stil don't have my fax/printer.


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"This store is rubbish - I tried to pay by cheque so I sent one in, then i phoned to arrange delivery to be told I would have to wait 20 days for the cheque to clear. Imagine my surprise when I checked my bank account that day. They had cashed the cheque.

Nevermind I then ordered using a card and asked for a credit cheque to be sent to me.

No problem you would think , Well that was decemeber it is now the start of Feb and I still do not have my cheque.

All the excuses have been used , you are on this months cheque run, no one to sign them etc etc

This store is Rubbish do not use them

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"The after-sales customer service for this company is the worst I ever experienced
I ordered a LINKSYS 802.11G 54MBPS BROADBAND ROUTER on they web site on the Tuesday 2nd November 2004. When I set-up the router, I found the power adapter for the router was very noisy. so I try to I rang them up to complain about it, I waited on the phone for over 15~20 minutes listening to their on hold music and still couldn't get through after. fed up with waiting on the phone, I decided to email them. waited 2 days before getting a reply. In my email I demanded they contacted me back by phone because I just got so fed up with calling they customer service and having to wait ages. anyway someone from simply computer customer service return my call and give me a direct line to call. which was much quicker at getting though to them, I explained my problem to them regarding the router. A few days later I received this email from them
14:20 16th Nov 2004
From: "+custserv"

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your email.

Can you please confirm the reason for your return, and that the goods you wish to return are in a pristine un-used condition with the original packaging in place.

Kind Regards
Customer Services
Simply Computers

I reply to them the reason and confirmed the condition of the good.

It is now 17th December 2004 and I am still waiting for them to have the goods replaced.

I would not recommend anyone to buy from this company even if it is cheaper than your local dealer. you can imagine the time wasted phoning, waiting and the inconvenience to you if something goes wrong. If they was a law for wasting consumer time, I would invoice them £30 for every hours used for dealing with them and a penalty of £20 for each day they still haven't sort the problem.

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"I bought a laptop from them 9 days ago, while there were, so the site said, ten in stock. It turned out though, that while the likes of Dabs have up-to-the-minute stock figures (so it seems, anyway - I've watched their supply of Samsung P28s gradually sink over the past couple of days...), Simply only update theirs once every day or two.

Hence, the laptop I bought, and required urgently, wasn't in stock at all.

My advice to everyone reading is that while Simply are generally fairly good with delivery speed and price (although eBuyer are cheaper), do not buy anything unless there are at least a hundred in stock. It just isn't worth risking it. Check PCIndex.co.uk, and buy it from somewhere else, instead.


Anyway, my experiences with post-sale customer services are equally rubbish. I e-mailed them the thursday after I bought the laptop asking what was going on, they wrote back a day later informing that they'd have some in later that day.

They didn't.

Skip another four days, I e-mail them again to ask what's going on. They still haven't replied. I grew tired of being ignored and postponing work while I waited for my laptop, so I e-mailed them again to tell them that I wanted the order cancelled. A working day and a half on, they're yet to respond. I can't buy elsewhere until they confirm cancellation.

They're extremely unreliable. Don't buy from them if you need the goods in anything resembling a timely manner.

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"Simply Computers is simply the worst company I have ever dealt with ..I ordered a graphics card on the 2/9/04 and was invoiced for the cost +£8.95 for next day delivery..This is the 18/9/04 and despite about twenty phone calls to a department dubiously called "customer service" only two calls were answered. One by MARLENE who said she would get back to me (she never did) and the other by Sarah Barr ( a " supervisor")who promised to cancel my order and refund my Visa..Pack of lies ..They also do not answer E-mails ...I have had to report them to Visa and am at the moment waiting to hear the outcome.. Many thanks for all the letters folks , I have printed them off and will send them to visa's Investigation dept. to show them what we are up against.. Simply computers are at best totally incompetant or at worst engaged in fraud.

Update:Tue. 20th Oct. heard nothing more from Simply Computers.. Visa have refunded the money removed from my account.. If anyone even contemplates buying anything from this firm USE YOUR CREDIT CARD as this is the only way you will have any redress.. The firm, to my mind is engaged in nothing short of fraud, and should be put out of busness..They certainly wont get any more orders from the radio amateurs in Scotland..

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"The Managing Director
Simply Computers
2-3 Forest Works
Forest Road
London E17 6JF

Dear Sir

I am afraid that I have now completely lost my patience with your company, and ask for your help to sort out my problem.

From approximately 11th September I was trying to order various components for a pc and wireless network I was putting together.

From the start, I was mis-advised on so many components that you would be outraged to find that you’re employing such people. I haven’t got the will to list it all for you, unfortunately.

However, the big problem is one of address. You’ve persistently tried to deliver to 42 Northcote Crescent and Road. The delivery driver now knows to disregard this, but any invoices that you may have sent have not arrived. Despite emailing Toni Rawana in customer services on 13 occasions, nobody has sent me any replacements.

I have absolutely no idea what you have invoiced / charged my debit / credit cards for, and no idea of what has been credited. It doesn’t help that NatWest are not using the right address either, so I have no statements.

I had several orders for Netgear products outstanding, nobody ever contacted me to tell me what is going on with them, until I received invoices (still to the wrong address) for 3 print servers on Saturday. Due to the track record of your sales people, I thought I’d check Netgears’s website for compatibility. Yes, no use without the addition of pc wifi cards. So I rang and told you not to deliver them. But, they’d left (for the wrong address), so you were going to contact the courier to get them back, and arrange credits.

Note here that I got the invoices because a new postman has worked out what’s been going on.

You currently have some Belkin products in your returns department, which you refuse to credit for because there was some packaging missing. How am I supposed to put it in it’s packaging when it is still with you. It was supposed to be returned to me, you can guess the rest.

This is a list of numbers that you may find useful:-

Account numbers 1218619 Order nos. 10049561
9228601 10050414
9228601 10051524
9232014 10057851
1227966 10051524
1254997 10057851

You may notice that some orders are from two accounts, not at all confusing.

Here’s what I would like you to do.

1/ Get copies of every invoice/credit transaction sent to me, at the correct address

2/ Arrange credit for the Belkin products still at your place.

3/ Check that the correct debits and credits have been made.

Yours faithfully

Result - a standard letter "We have always prided ourselves...." asking me to send the Belkin stuff back (which I haven't got!)

Oh, give me strength

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"I orginally ordered my computer from them and the orginal person that i spoke to was really helpful. WELL, that's where it ended. Delivery dates were constantly failed and after several hours of ear bashing them they did get the goods through. Personally i would nevre order from this company again. Even in one case a young lady hung the phone up on me because she couldn't handle the fact of cross information from other advisors. Then for the customer care manager to be really annoying and talk over me to other staff while i was on the phone. I would warn all people to stay away from these just to make them realise they can't treat all customers like this."

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"DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE. I sent back a system for repair, to have it sent back with a docket saying everything had been checked and re ctified. On first boot up I found they had clearly done nothing at all, except broken the floppy drive, same problem remained. The laughably named customer services dept didnt want to deal with me and flagged my number...resulting in fruitless hours(literally) on hold, only to be passed around to people with varying degrees of incompetence then deliberatly cut off. As a previous post noted the company is so fractured as soon as something requires initiative everything falls apart. Also their delivary service sucks big time...they sent my puta back in a box 4 times the size of the tower with no packaging, causing it to rattle around and get damaged.
In conclusion I would NEVER use this bunch of hopeless FUCKWITS again, hopefully nor will anyone who reads this.

Helpful Cool

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