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Rating 2/10

Bait and switch (illegal practices)

"Bought oil off a shelf all marked $11.44. Went through checkout and was charged $18.99. Went to customer service and they called for a price check and stalled long enough for them to refront the shelves and put on one new sticker to show me I was obviously wrong before offering to walk back with me to show me. These people are the lowest form of life. Thieves and covering up their bate and switch activities. Most people don’t check their receipt, check it here. I’ll bet they sell more of that particular oil than any other store. After all it is the best oil on the $11.44 shelf. You just paid $7.00 more than you should have. It happened twice in 9 months. It’s a matter of practice with them. I’m sure they do it with other products. Next time I’m taking in a film crew."

Rating 2/10

They didn't deliver the product, and wouldn't refund me

"I asked that a 5-gallon gas can be shipped overnight and paid the $50 fee to do so. It was not shipped to the location, and in fact didn't arrive until a week later when no one was at the location anymore. The shipment was affected by storm, so understandable that they could not deliver as promised. But not understandable that the company refused to reimburse me after failing to deliver overnight, and failure to deliver at all. When it was delivered a week late, it was left at a hotel in the name of the guest who was no longer there who needed it in overnight shipping. I contacted customer service to ask for assistance on this, was told there would be no reimbursement. When I asked to escalate the issue to someone else, I was assured I would be contacted to pursue this issue further. I was never contacted. Completely unprofessional handling of an understandable delivery failure. For that reason, I would urge anyone to think seriously before doing business with them.

Rating 2/10

They canceled my order.

"So I ordered a WARE SMALL ANIMAL HIGH RISE for a 10gal aquarium tank. I was able to go through all the online steps and even received a confirmation email saying my order was received and I will get an e-mail when it ships. I waited a week. All of a sudden I get an e-mail saying, "Your recent Mills Fleet Farm order #MW4017451 has been cancelled." ---Now, disregarding the fact that they can't even spell 'canceled' right I was not even given a reason as to WHY my order was canceled after a week! EXTREMELY unprofessional, unreliable, and inconsiderate of their customers. It was my FIRST time ever trying to buy anything from them and it will be my last.

I checked the site after I received that email and come to find out that you can't even buy it from their site anymore and it says, "available in select stores only." https://www.fleetfarm.com/detail/ware-small-animal-high-rise/0000000065003?bc=11232|11298|11301 -If it wasn't suppose to be able to be bought online then why could I do a whole check out and even get a confirmation email? A mistake on their part is no fault of mine and my order SHOULD HAVE BE FULLFILLED REGUARDLESS.

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Rating 2/10

Bait and switch

"Ordered a part online for my snow plow, and then called them the next day to make sure that they did indeed have the right part and that it wasn't backordered like northern tool(a reputable company). So I wait for the order to get here and it's a totally different part, not compatable or even similar looking. I go online and find they're no longer selling the part I ordered, so they knew it wasn't the right part, and sent something else anyway. Now i have to return this junk, and make sure these idiots give my money back, because nothing's going to replace the time lost due to this incompetence."

Rating 10/10

It was great for me! fast, priced right, and extra care on packaging of fragile

"I just had an order from Fleet Farm delivered where I had food (sponge candy also known as honeycomb toffee or puff candy) along with a pile of other items such as foldable shovels, a key rack, rope, and the like. It came quickly and in great shape. They went out of their way to make sure the sponge candy stayed safe and super wrapped it in bubble wrap. I couldn't be happier! Plus the price was better than I had found elsewhere. I would most certainly buy from them again.
Order #: o505967216
Purchase Date: 12/4/2016

Rating 2/10

Used to be great place

"FF used to be my 1-stop place for almost everything. Now it's turned into the store of empty shelves. It's easy to find what you want, it's the spot with nothing in it. Staff used to be well trained, and know where things were, now there are fewer, and those that are there are hopelessly useless. When I asked for a common item (had been waiting for some to show up for more than 3 weeks) a "dept manager" said they came in, but there were not enough people to get them unpacked until next week. Good grief. Menards had them, and cheaper to boot. It's to a point now, I don't even go in there anymore, I just drive by, and go to Menards, or china-mart. Nothing special about fleet anymore, just another big box with poor help, and inventory of imported crap... and even then, they won't have what you ask for.

Failing store. Want to start a pool on how long it floats as it circles the drain?

Rating 2/10

Typical piss poor service at Oakdale

"As usual and typical for the Oakdale store they had no where near enough cashiers for the amount of customers. I went to the customer service desk and finally was able to convince the blond girl into ringing up my order. Her apparent boss told her not to ring up anymore customer orders. He would not give me his name. I pointed out to the girl that she was working at the customer service desk. Apparently Fleet Farm staff has a different definition of customer service. Cashier #62587. 9-3-16. Store #02700. "

Rating 2/10

Tire Manager is a worthless uncaring idiot

"Last week went to fleet farm to get trailer tires. I called to confirm they can do it. I get up there and then they tell me there is a 80 extra charge for putting on 3 camper tires because they couldn't get my camper in garage, and 2 hours to install 3 tires...Is it that hard to bring a few floor jacks out and service my camper? I guess so. The tire manager and other working thought it was a big joke that i complained about the up charge. Refusing service i called discount tires and told them the whole story. They said bring the camper in and they will make it right .. no up charges or hidden fee`s. A tire company like discount tires know how to treat customers as well as keep the roads safe when pulling a camper... Fleet Farm is the biggest joke i ever dealt with and hope other customers can see past the poor customer service as well.. I hope Appleton Wisconsin Fleet Farm shapes up .. worst customer service from tire manager ever... He likes to argue with you and very arrogant ."

Rating 10/10
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

I was happy with my purchase

"I needed something for the car and placed an online order. I received my order within two days and the packaging was good. I will purchase from them again."

Rating 2/10

"This is the absolute worst Auto Service Center I have ever seen in my life. Twice now I have gone in to purchase 4 new tires and they have bent the rim. Whatever you do avoid the Auto Service Center at all costs. The first time I went in, they at least accepted responsibility after I literally screamed at them, and they replaced the damaged rim they had caused. Today however, there was no accountability whatsoever. I actually asked for my old tires to be put back on my car so I could go elsewhere and when I asked how long it would take the mechanic who is standing there talking to 2 other mechanics doing nothing very smugly responded that he was busy and smiled. I would suggest taking your car anywhere else at all other than the Oshkosh Fleet Farm Auto Service Center."

Brian Voss's Avatar

North Branch, MN (Twin Cities MN)
Rating 2/10

"Having heard of them for many years and with good word-of-mouth feedback from friends, I turned to Fleet Farm when my newly-acquired 2011 Subaru Impreza Sti needed new tires. They offered a fair price on a set of four Cooper Zeon RS3-A tires, which was fine by me since I had several good experiences with the Cooper brand in the past.

On May 8th, 2015 I had the tires installed. The ride was terrific, with excellent handling and luxurious smoothness and comfort. When I went back to Fleet Farm for an oil change in October, I asked if they could have the tires rotated but they claimed they couldn’t do it since they were too busy. No problem I thought, the tires had perhaps 8-9k miles on them. I’ll bring the car back soon.

Shortly after the oil change I started to notice the car had a bit of a vibration at highway speeds (60-75mph), which steadily got worse in a very short period of time. Thinking perhaps one of the rims threw a weight off, I called to schedule a rotation and balance, which they graciously accommodated the same day (Nov 9th - I will give credit for this, despite the 15min wait on the phone).

After about 25 minutes at the auto service department I was asked to come take a look at something. Not good. The photos (if able to be attached to this review) aptly describe what was found; the rear tires had worn excessively to the inside - flirting with the point of imminent failure with the steel radial belts showing - in just 11,000 miles. Alignment, they rightfully said, and because of that the tires were not under warranty and no credit would be given for the short lifespan of these or the front two tires, which were in very good repair with at least 9/32” tread - perfectly fine and useable given the amount of use.

Let’s pause for a moment and talk about alignment: I have owned over a dozen vehicles in the 23 years I’ve been driving and I’ve replaced many sets of tires on these vehicles. NOT ONCE in the past has a tire dealer ever executed a sales discussion or tire installation without mentioning to me the need to perform an alignment when replacing all four tires on a vehicle. In fact, on several occasions it was part of the full service package, the cost included into the package deal (never ‘free’, mind you, but the cost was rolled into the final price one way or another). As such I will admit I was on auto-pilot on the matter; I simply figured that Fleet Farm would have performed an alignment as part of a commitment to quality. Whoops.

Even without the above-mentioned thought, wouldn’t you think their tire installation professional might have taken a look at the old tires being replaced, notice the wear pattern as they were pulled off, and think “Hey, something might be amiss here?” Funny me, I must be expecting too much!

To add insult to injury, when I moved beyond the abrasive “no warranty” stance and asked how much it would cost to replace the two tires, they adamantly stated “we cannot replace just the 2 tires, legally we must replace all 4 tires since your car is an all-wheel drive.” I was incensed!! Here I am with essentially an un-driveable vehicle due to premature tire wear, and now they won’t install two new tires nor offer any discount for lack of professional discretion. I have to buy a full set of 4 new tires. At full price.

NO DEAL. Thanks to social media and a wide array of valuable and knowledgeable friendships (several with ASE certification or significantly better) I was quickly well-informed on the matter. I called a tire dealer close to my home and made arrangements to have 2 new tires installed and a complete alignment which, by the way, this dealership checks on every tire installation and advises the customer before performing the work.

But hey, Fleet Farm, if you don’t check alignment and the customer’s car is out of alignment, you get to replace a lot more tires over time, don’t you??? Funny how that works. More revenue for your professional malfeasance.

Thanks to Fleet Farm’s stoic, immovable stance I was forced to limp my car 30.5 miles back home, at slow speed and on secondary routes only, risking tire failure and general safety. That alone should, in my professional opinion, warrant a full refund for services shoddily rendered. Of course, I’m not a lawyer… but my lawyer is, and I’d suspect he may agree with me. Let’s talk before it gets to that point.

Notice: This review and complaint is being disseminated to the Fleet Farm Facebook page, my private and professional page, Google review, Yelp and any other review site I may find which has the capacity for me to review your services. I’ll gladly edit or remove any negative reviews upon successful closure of this grievance. Thank you. -Brian Voss

Rating 2/10

"This is a 1 star rating based on their unwillingness to honor posted pricing.

Apparently the manager of Mills Fleet Farm in Brooklyn Park, MN, doesn't know that not honoring posted prices can be devastating to a stores public reputation. Word of mouth travels fast!

My boy went to this Fleet Farm after visiting Cabella's and Gander Mountain to compare tripod deer stands and pricing. At Fleet Farm, he found one in their outside yard that was 20' high and marked on sale for $200. When he enquired about it, he was told that was a two year old display model that they didn't have any more. That's OK, because the display model was badly damaged and rusted anyway, but the signage didn't specify any particular model other than a 20' tripod stand. The manager refused to sell him one of the models they had in stock for that advertised price.

Really, Fleet Farm! If you are too lazy and/or incompetent to remove display models you no longer have available and post the correct selling price for the models you do have, that is NOT your customer's fault. You MUST sell products for what you post the price to be!

I used to do a lot of shopping at Fleet Farm in the past, but I will now shop elsewhere first and only go to Fleet Farm as a last resort.

Rating 2/10

"Hate this store! In green bay, both east and west side stores must be magnets for rude and incompetent employees. If you work there, fk u!"

Rating 10/10

"I was looking for a small gas grill to replace my old rusted one. I found one for sale through Mills Fleet Farm's online website ( CharBroil Gas Grill-2 Burner). The price was right ($70 marked down from $100) and the shipping was insanely cheap ($7.95). I live in Georgia and had never heard of this company so I started checking online reviews. The reviews weren't very good in general with problems ranging from bad customer service to damaged merchandise and slow shipping. Based on these reviews, I almost chose not to order through them, but that price was really good, so I chose to call their customer service directly and speak to them about the my concerns. The person I spoke to was an extremely helpful woman who took about 20 minutes to go over each of my concerns and assure me that nothing like that would happen. I wish I could remember her name, because she was great. I ordered the grill on a Saturday, it was shipped Monday and I received it Wednesday. It was expertly packed and arrived without incident. It was a bit of a pain to assemble, but that's not the fault of Mills Fleet Farm. I am thrilled with my purchase and will absolutely use Mills Fleet Farm for future purchases."

Rating 2/10

"Purchased a pair of ladies ice skates in a size 9 box. Got them home and the skates inside were size 10. Returned them and they were unable to replace with the correct size. Disappointed that the customer service at Fleet Farm is not capable of correcting the simplest of issues. Even more disappointing is that a manager was not available. Good luck Fleet Farm with this business model."

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