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    Shipping & packaging: Rating 0.42/10 0.42/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.42/10 0.42/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 0.42/10 0.42/10
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Rating 4/10

Customer Support Worst I Ever Experienced

"Purchased a Dell 2 n 1 laptop on 11/23. The purchase policy stated I would not be charged until the laptop shipped. On 11/24/17 I received notice that the laptop was shipped and my credit card was charged. Tried tracing the shipment on 11/25/17. The tracking link said the info for the shipment had been transferred to USPS but the shipment had not yet been received. On 11/26/17, I tracked again and got the same result. On 11/27/17, I tracked again and got the same result so I called the support number and was told what I already knew that the shipment had not actually been tendered to the postal service. I was speaking with someone in a foreign country who I could barely understand so I requested to be transferred to someone in the US. After some discussion, I was finally told I was being transferred and put on hold. After several minutes I was disconnected. On 11/28/ 17 tried again with the same result. I was also told someone would get back with me about my concerns within 24 - 48 hours. On 11/29/17 after tracking again to find out the shipment still had not been tendered to USPS, I called customer support again and asked for the a number that would get me to customer support in the US. I was given the number I had just called that connected to another foreign country with a support person that was hard to understand and virtually was of no help. I was again told that someone would get back with me in 24 - 48 hours. Tracked the shipment again on 12/1/17 to find that the shipment had finally been given to USPS. Did receive the laptop in good condition a few days later than promised. As of this date, no one has ever contacted me from customer support."

Rating 2/10

The worst shopping experience I ever had

"First time of my life I wrote any review, but that's need to be shared. I could have order this device for many retailers but I though wrongly that Microsoft was trustful.

I order my tablet since days and the tablet isn't even dispatched - though they reserved the money of my bank account.

The customer service was so unfriendly although I didn't complain at all and just wondered if I could hope to receive it and if yes, when 'more and less' (I kindly asked).

The customer agent was very upset that I called a second times even my case was already 'escalated'.

We will see if I get it and how is this device is worth this rude experience but well... never more.

Rating 2/10

The worst experience of all time!!

"I ordered an xbox s bundle. Great, so I thought. The order confirmation said it would arrive in 5-7 business days. It never showed up. I called customer service and they had no idea what the problem was. They had to escalate the call and I should hear back from someone within 24-48 hours. Of course, no call back after 48 hours. I call again and give my case #. They again say, we will escalate and that my case is now put on a high priority list. Ok, I guess they could care less before, but now it's high priority. I never hear back from them after another 48 hours and I get an email saying my order has been refunded per my request. I never requested any of this. What I requested was a **** xbox one. I call back and remain on the phone with some **** for 3 hours trying to get my order straight. I was told the xbox I ordered is not on sale anymore and I would have to pay more now. Obviously I was not ok with this, as I placed an order that was never recieved, for a certain price. If anything, i should get a discount for having to wait so long for my order. They now offer to have me pay extra, and when it is shipped, they will refund me the difference to make it the original price i paid. Whatever, i do it and now, I am still waiting for the xbox I reordered. It is 2 days late and hasnt even been shipped according to the tracking #. I still havent recieved the xbox or the original refund for the first order. I am in the hole for 2 xbox ones and havent recieved anything yet. WTF Microsoft. get it together."

Rating 2/10

Deplorable Service

"While dealing with a Windows 10 issue on my relatively old PC, a technician, Brandon, fraudulently sold me a computer. I was ready to purchase a new computer, and when the technician flashed a computer on my screen for $3,000, for which he was going to give me a $600 savings, I jumped at the opportunity. I immediately purchased the computer for $2,399. As soon as I finished the session with the technician, I checked out the price of the computer at the Microsoft Store and it was listed at my exact purchase price of $2,399. The technician had not provided me any savings! Within an hour, I contacted the Microsoft store to cancel the order. They said that they were unable to stop the shipment of this computer, and I would need to send it back when it arrived. On two different occasions I asked to speak to a manager at the store and the representative refused to put me through. Eventually, she provided me the number of the location where I purchased the computer. I spent at least seven hours, dealing with all levels at Microsoft, and not a single person was able to stop the shipment of this computer. I then went on vacation, and my sister spent another 8 hours trying to cancel or refuse shipment of the computer.This is deplorable service and communication. One representative told me to refuse acceptance of the computer once I received the tracking number from FedEx. We tried this, however, the address from where the computer was sent no longer housed Microsoft. How can this be? In the end, I had to drive at least 30 km., pick up the computer and return it via UPS. After expressing my deep concern with Microsoft, I did not receive even an apology, not for the fraudulent sale or the disgusting return procedure

It is unimaginable that a company as large as Microsoft can be so dysfunctional. I will never deal with them again!

Rating 2/10

Can't tell whether incompetent or scam

"My partner bought a Dell laptop on sale from the online Microsoft Store in Canada. The laptop had issues from the start - it was unusually slow and after a few months started randomly powering off, or powering off when it was lifted off the desk. Finally we started the return process. It took about 12 hours of phone conversations before the laptop could finally be returned under warranty. We were sent mixed messages about whether the return would be accepted, and we were left in confusion about whether we should be sending it to Microsoft or to Dell. We eventually received an email promising a refund, only to receive another email a day or two later saying this was not eligible for a refund. The customer service people on the phone were as confused as we were, and no-one seemed to know the status. We had to call and email them again and again and received either no response or contradictory messages. Eventually we did get a refund, so they came through in the end, but it was one of the worst customer service experiences up until that point.

Recently I decided to give them a second chance and bought another Dell laptop that was on sale for a very good price. This time ordering went smoothly and delivery was very quick. When the laptop arrived it was in an old-looking box that looked like it had been opened then resealed, as if it might not be quite as new as advertised. On powering it up I discovered they had sent me the wrong laptop - a lesser model than the one I paid for. This one went back for a return too. I called to see if they would exchange it for the correct model and was told the model I paid for was out of stock and they could not tell me whether it would ever come back in. They said they had probably sent me the lesser model because they didn't have the other one. I asked if it was their policy to send a lesser model out for the same price when they didn't have the one the customer ordered, and they said no, it was probably a mistake. They told me to watch the store to see if the laptop I wanted ever came back in. In other words, "We screwed up again, but feel free to shop with us a third time." So now I'm waiting for a refund.

So, two disappointing experiences buying Dell online from the Microsoft Store. Reading the other reviews here it seems this is not unusual. It's surprising that a company the size of Microsoft can't organize a decent online store. It's one of the worst online shopping experiences I've had. THe existence of this store can only hurt Microsoft's brand.

Rating 2/10

Most horrible company ever!!!!!! Do not order!!!!!

"I placed a order for a x box bundle and paid for 2 -3 day shipping. This was for my grandsons bday in 12 day's,but wanted to make sure I had it in time. Called Monday , was told label was created. Wednesday, no game console. I spent 2 plus hours on the phone. They will lie to you over and over. This was horrible!!!!!!! Thursday still no console. If I could give a 0 stars. I would"

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Rating 2/10


"My story is the same as everyone elses. I think what they are doing is printing a FedEx label whether they have the product in stock or not. Make up a misleading delivery date and FedEx never does scan it, cause it never really exists. Then they bill you and make a different excuse everytime as to why you haven't recieved your product. Total Scam and I'm absolutely shocked that Microsoft does business like this. I thought, like most other people that its a trusted brand. It's not ... DEFINATELY NOT. STAY AWAY."

Rating 2/10

If you want to receive your product in time or have a valid tracking # - shop elsewhere

"Ordered from Microsoft Store Canada Online- first issue was tracking # didn't work, so didn't know when my product was going to arrive, was suppose to be 3-7 days. I called fedex, they said they have not received anything doing an advance search. Microsoft customer support conveniently didn't have a supervisor for me to speak with to get a refund or find out where my package was (I was polite but frustrated). They also stated that fedex is to blame, that fedex creates their shipping labels last minute. I will NEVER order anything online again from Microsoft store online. I told them that fedex advised for Microsoft CS to call them directly to try to resolve the issue and track my package- microsoft store wasn't willing to do that. This has been my first and last order with The Microsoft Store online-lesson learned. Stay away-shop instore only or pay the extra to shop somewhere else online."

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Rating 2/10


"I love microsoft products, but I would warn to stay away from the online store. I am having so much problems, like not sending authorization to charge my credit card, or having any service rep finish the job. It has been 2 weeks since I have ordered a surface book bundle, and I am no futher along than when I started. Whenever I get help, it seems like I get somewhere but than I loose contact with that specific service rep

Rating 2/10

Would give 0 stars if I could

"This was by far the worst experience I've ever had with a company. They are so incompetent at every step of the operation it's almost impressive that they're still in business. My warning is simple: if you can avoid, do so.

I won't write the whole story but I'll try to give a quick summary. I ordered a PC game online, and the order never went through, although they never told me that! I called them and they said I must wait "5-7 business days" before something is wrong and they will investigate the issue. After about 8 business days I called and spent literally 2.5 hours on the phone. I was put on hold at least 10 times for up to 25 minutes at a time, and the interaction involved at least 5 representatives and as many transfers. At each stage there was no hand-off so I had to re-explain the issue and go through a process involving confirmation that I was who I said I was.

I hoped this was the end of my saga but issues on their end continued to fail at EVERY STEP OF THE WAY and every step took the same "5-7 business days" before something is wrong and they will investigate the issue. So long story short, I dealt with the company through multiple phone calls, representatives, and failures on their end FOR 6 WEEKS before I finally got my refund. Honestly this almost seems illegal.

They wasted so much money in personnel costs on this one very simple issue that I can't imagine how they are still in business. In fact, isn't Microsoft a relatively respected brand? Baffling. I will never shop with them again and will warn everyone I know to stay away.

Rating 2/10

Don't go by MS name - they are Like any other third rated online store

"I ordered for a dell xps laptop on the 11th of June 2017. Very next day, got a mail from Ms with the FedEx shipping number and that's it.
When I called fedex , they said only the shipping label is created and the product is not handed over.
I called up MS store support atleast 6 times till today, but no updates. All they do is create support ticket and nothing else.
Now my money is gone and am not sure when I will get the product.
Absolutely unprofessional customer support

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Rating 2/10

The most horrible support for their Online Store.

"I've called twice today to activate their Microsoft Complete warranty on my 2 ASUS T102HA Signature tablets. I purchased in December with the warranty and now I have a crack on both tablets. The first support staff told me that I would have to go to the nearest store which is over 200 miles from me in Tyson Corner ( Virginia) I'm in Richmond, VA. She sent me over to a supervisor and the phone disconnected. By the way it took one half for the call back. I called a second time and got a man and he stated he didn't work in that department and sent me over supposedly to Consumer Affairs Department. I was on hold for 65 minutes and ,I finally hung up on the elevator music. This is the worst experience I've had with any online order. Next time I'll purchase from a more competent group at Amazon. They need to honor their warranty and I'm not driving 200 miles after I've already paid for the Microsoft Complete Warranty. I am a former Purchasing Professional and this is outrageous. Can I get a call from the President /Supervisor or any responsible person at that company,"

No Avatar

Niagara Falls, NY / Toronto, ON
Rating 2/10

Order under review.

"This store holds orders for more than 4 hours to review orders. DO not buy from them if your in a rush."

Rating 2/10

Guilty until proven innocent!

"Purchase a surface book from Microsoft Store on 23 Jan 2017, has not yet arrived! UPS have lost it and apparently investigating. Whilst the investigation is underway I am apparently not entitled to receive the goods purchased or a refund! I can only conclude that I am considered guilty of actually having received the goods and am being dishonest by telling Microsoft I have not received anything.

When I consider my options for seeking legal recourse it get's difficult because Microsoft Store is a company registered in Ireland.

All I want is to receive is the laptop I purchased or a refund!. As it is Microsoft, I can only conclude that at some point this will be resolved because I ultimately did not receive the laptop and UPS's investigation will prove it, but buyers beware of Microsoft's position in such a scenario.

I will not be buying from their on-line store again and presumption of guilt is apparently an acceptable position to adopt by the mighty Microsoft and so far I have not been able to do anything about it..... but I will persevere!

Rating 10/10


"Recently purchased Microsoft Office software. Works great no problems with purchase or instalation. "

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