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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 2.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 6.25/10
Shipping & packaging: 7.50/10
Customer service: 6.25/10
Return/Replacement policy: 5.00/10
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"There was a problem with the computer. However, Maingear took complete ownership of the issue and resolved the problem."

Helpful Cool


"I am a partner at one of the nation's largest employment law firms exclusively representing management. Therefore, from a professional standpoint, I handle legal problems that arise from companies that have bad customer service. As a consumer, I deal with bad customer service from most companies ranging from multiple fruitless calls; being hung-up on; dealing with customer service representatives who read a script and then pass the buck. However, MainGear customer service was sublime, no endless automated system; spoke with a knowledgeable human almost immediately; Jake ran a diagnosis immediately and fixed the problem (Hurrah for Jake) and his boss Ivan made sure all of his employees are just as good as Jake! Congratulations A++++++ Customer for life!"

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A Game of Blame, Computer Deaths, Unprofessional, a RUSH, and a RUSH to be Fixed

"Maingear has been a computer company that I have purchased from for years. I bought an F131 in 2012, an F131 in 2016, and a replacement was semi-purchased in 2018. However, my experience in 2012 and my experience in 2016 and 2018 are completely different. In 2012 we had a Maingear which stepped up to the plate and was very responsible - taking charge of mistakes they made while the client would take charge of the mistakes they made. Now we have a Maingear that will try to blame everything on you. The story starts from the moment I got my F131 (2016). Excluding the back and forth in regards to the hard drives in the system - the system was built in such a manner that I would never be able to access the WD Gold drive in front should the need arise meaning they locked me into however much it would cost to ship it to them if it were to ever happen but that never got to that point - rather the system would die long before then.

The overclock on the processor was already set too high. One day I updated the UEFI due to hardware support which removed the Maingear settings. I called them up to get the settings they applied and entered it in though I was worried about the voltage level being sent to the processor. Of course, in 2018, they would try to say that I was the one to overclock it even though that was their settings. So the processor would eventually become toast and have to go back to Maingear.

Now, the team there such as people like Will and Carmen are great. They went above and beyond. I paid for a RUSH chassis, a Titan Xp, and a new 3-year warranty. The system would consist of virtually all new parts.

The RUSH, which was a masterpiece of craftsmanship returned much to my excitement and worked wonderfully until the system started performing floating point and double floating point tasks. Run an Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 or Adobe After Effects CC 2018 render and you would be met with a system that cuts out the displays and peripherals will lose power - sometimes a few while other times all.

When they remoted in they searched the event viewer for "whea" which is one of many signs of issues. Rather, they should have searched for the Windows stop code "0xfe" which is a CPU hardware fault. This makes sense of course as the only part of the new RUSH that had a component from the F131 was the motherboard.

Yes, they used the very same exact motherboard that a processor friend on.

The system is returning this month to get a new, comparable motherboard and diagnosed for any further issues as well as having the Titan Xp firmware updated.

Through all of that I would have perhaps given Maingear a 2 or 3-star rating. However, they are getting a 1-star due to the unprofessionalism of their CEO: Wallace Santos. When I first got the system and was happy with it he was acting like a great guy. The moment I said I was having problems with the system and called it a "piece of junk" because after all, I went through [which most, like Maingear not actually sending me everything and then trying to blame me for improper packing yet given their track record of having to send me missing parts to the F131 like the remote and stand speaks to the contrary of their belief of "they sent everything"] publicly he very much behaved in an unprofessional manner that reflects poorly on the company given the amount of money I paid for my system.

Simply just view it here: https://twitter.com/TheGuardianHope/status/1025416085112115200

Frankly, he should be writing me a letter of apology. Nonetheless, while I have every confidence in people like Will and Carmen, my confidence in Maingear after the statements of Wallace Santos, their CEO, has brought it to an all time low that they may never recover from and something of which I may never buy a system from them again even if the rest of the team are good people.

Let's see what happens now that the motherboard is going to be replaced with a comparable new one. It'll probably fix the system because no one usually uses a motherboard that had a CPU fried in it.

Helpful Cool


"I'm very satisfied with MAINGEAR and how they handled the problems I had with my PC. Would recommend them to anyone looking for a good pre-built PC."

Helpful Cool


"Four years ago, I purchased a F131 Super Sport desktop PC, and it has performed very well since new. Shortly thereafter I purchased a second PC, an eX-L15 laptop, which has performed flawlessly. Over those four years, I only needed to call Maingear on a few occasions, for answers to simple technical questions. Their employees were happy to answer those questions.

Recently, I needed to contact Maingear for some technical assistance related to a hardware upgrade that I would perform. In preparation for the upgrade, I spoke with Tech Support employee, Jeremy Chisamore, a couple of times, for answers to some simple preliminary questions. Jeremy was helpful and unhurried with those questions and I decided to speak with him during the actual upgrade process because I had not done this kind of upgrade before. The upgrade should have been fairly simple and not time consuming.

Well, when Jeremy and I attempted to tackle the procedure, we ran into a very strange problem, that turned out to be a hybrid hardware/software issue, which required an extensive test of Jeremy's technical and trouble-shooting capabilities – as well as a considerable amount of our time. But after taking a step-by-step approach to carefully narrowing down what the problem might be, Jeremy was eventually able to identify the esoteric problem and then easily remedy it.

I'm very grateful for Jeremy's able assistance and his time, and after that frustrating project I'm now even more committed to relying on Maingear for my future PC needs. I don't expect to be in the market in the near term for another PC, but I'm already looking forward to the purchase of my next Maingear computer. Thank you, Maingear for hiring such well qualified employees, as Jeremy.

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"I had a superb experience with Maingear and it really is my pleasure to take the time to write this review. Maingear caught my eye initially with their new parts and relatively low pricing compared to other custom PC builders. On top of this, I contacted them and informed them that I had a very similar set-up planned with one of their competitors and I was on the fence. I also sent this same e-mail to the other company.

What happened? The other company (supposedly reputable) simply never got back to me. On the other hand, a friendly and informative Maingear rep e-mailed me back within an hour of my e-mail. He offered me some additional suggestions and savings that put Maingear over the mark for me. Thank you Jeremy Chisamore and Anthony Cali at Maingear, you guys are an asset to the organization!

With that said, I received my rig not but two weeks ago and have been loving its performance and build quality. It's also worth noting that Maingear stocks very new components, they got in the Nvidia 6GB Titan very quickly after it was released and integrated into their options system.

I am totally satisfied with the process, customer interaction/communication, price and performance of Maingear, I highly recommend them!

Chassis: Vybe Windowed Compact Mid-Tower Case Included
Exterior Finish: Space Gray - Matte finish Included
Interior Finish: Rosso Scuderia - Matte finish Included
Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA Z97x-SLI Included
Processor: Intel® CoreT i7 4790K
4.0GHz/4.4GHz Turbo 8MB L3 Cache HD 4600
Processor Cooling: MAINGEAR EPIC 120 Supercooler
MAINGEAR Redline Overclocking Service: Intel® Included
Turbo Boost Advanced Automatic Overclocking
Memory: 16GB Corsair® VengeanceT
DDR3-1600 1.5V (2x8GB)
Graphics and GPGPU Accelerator: NVIDIA®
GeForceT GTX 980 Ti 6GB GDDR5 w/PhysX

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"My second Maingear! I'm a lifer! Fast, durable and dependable. My five year old tower is still running like a dream. I just bought a laptop for business after loving the tower at home."

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"Placed my order in late May and by early June, as promised, I was experiencing smooth and fast gaming with my first ever PC. My Potenza is a compact machine that runs cool and quiet.

While I did not intended to build a computer myself, I priced out the parts and found that Maingear's markup was a great value. I got a professional build, system testing, warranty and support for a very acceptable price. For my money the value added was a bargain.

Maingear delivered the product, service, and price I wanted and I even like the T-shirt.
Highly recommended!

CPU: i5 4690
Graphics: GTX 970


Helpful Cool


"I have had my Main Gear for a couple of years now. Overall my satisfaction with my PC is great. It moves at a pace that is so fast I almost wonder if it is predicting the future at times. I have yet to through a game or task that my F131 can't handle. The computer has had some hick ups along the way but overall my satisfaction with Maingear could not be higher right now. I had to send my PC in once which I was worried about, my worries quickly went away. They take care of your PC as if it was their own. When it is shipped it is padded extremely heavy; to the point that Jim Carry /Ace Ventura UPS delivery man could not hurt it. What impresses me the most is their tech support. I seem to deal with Jeremy at Maingear every time I call in and I am more than ok with this. He is an excellent tech. Every time I call in for assistance he goes well above and beyond the call of duty to make sure my unit is diagnosed/running properly and that I am pleased. I honestly can't say enough good things about Jeremy and the tech support team at Maingear. My most recent experience with them is a huge reason why I decided to write a review. The time spent righting my issues and taking care of everything truly turned a horrible day into a great day. In my F131's 2 year life spans it has been a problem free pc for the most part. This and knowing that the tech support at Maingear will always have my back is the reason why I will continue on with Maingear products as well as recommend them to people in the market. "

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"As a longtime gamer on Maingear computers, the latest laptop at my side was an Alt-15 perfectly suited for what I needed. Now I'm headed into the realm of high performance 4K and VR gaming, so there was no one else I'd rather have build a quality desktop for me. Anyone interested in their custom PCs or notebooks can speak with Maingear builders themselves to make sure it meets your exact specifications. They have great support available as well, and I've not had any issues that required service. Check out Maingear's website or Twitter page to see what they've been up to lately. You won't be disappointed."

Helpful Cool


"I've purchased my first Maingear PC, the Maingear drift in May 2015. I have been having the Drift for about a month Now and I couldn't be more pleased with the built quality and fine paint job. the specs include: Intel Core i5 4th generation , 8gig of RAM,and a NVIDIA GeForceGTX 970 with a Gigabyte-GA-97N motherboard. I must say even under heavy loads it is quiet as a mouse when compared to a next generation console"

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"What can I say, MAINGEAR does an amazing job at building a computer and making the customer satisfied. I purchased my first PC from them back in 2010 and it was incredible. So good that I decided to get my new PC from them again just last month. I never had any problems with either PC, except my first one was just getting old and outdated (it happens). My new PC is incredible and performs just as expected. MAINGEAR was very fast to respond to emails during the building process, and always treated me as if I was important to them. I recommend MAINGEAR to people regularly and I will certainly b purchasing a new system from them in the future when the time comes! Thanks MAINGEAR!"

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"I always wondered why people would spend a ton of money on a lambo or a Ferrari. Then I found Maingear and learned why. The quality Maingear presents is amazing. Not only is my Vybe aesthetically astounding on the outside, but the inside is neat and organized. Maingear left the door open for me to add another graphics card or even another SSD and they even provided the cords to do it. I will be a Maingear customer for life. 10/10"

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"Recently I purchased the Potenza from Maingear. I received it in a timely manor and it is awesome! Looks and runs great. I won't hesitate to recommend Maingear to my friends. "

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"I recently purchased a Vybe H81 with I7 and GTX 980 from Maingear. Everything is great! The case is very nice and things are very well organized inside. I haven't really tried the games on the PC yet since I wanted to use it for scientific computing mainly (with the high speed GTX 980). The system (installed an Ubuntu myself) is pretty stable with some heavy use - training a machine learning program nonstop for a couple of days.

When the time comes to upgrade my PC, I'd definitely come back to Maingear!

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