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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 2.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 6.25/10
Shipping & packaging: 7.50/10
Customer service: 6.25/10
Return/Replacement policy: 5.00/10
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Amazing Experience, Amazing Machine!

"I usually build my computers but Maingear's site, specs and price convinced me to be lazy this time.

So glad I did! They were attentive, answered every question and shipped very quickly. As good as that was my Vybe was even better!!! Silent and so fast! Cable routing inside was meticulous and well thought out; something big companies never do! It was up and running in minutes and has been flying ever since!

Maingear...honestly, I cannot thank or recommend you guys enough! BRAVO and thank you...


Helpful Cool


MainGear computers are the very best, and I'm not kidding!!!!

"My first computer was a 8088 chip ultra slow and limited Commodore Pet, an all in one box machine with chicklet sized keys, and a green screen, as I remember, it was magic 1985.
Life has moved on, today I happily own three MainGear computers: a SHIFT-SS-Z77, XCUBE-Stock [Z77] and a DRIFT Steam Machine.

In utter and profound frustration after working my way through a bunch of the top of the line pseudo dream computers I luckily discovered MainGear, and had the SHIFT tailored to my needs. There are not words enough to describe how the Shift has changed my life and making my workload easier. As a photographer, and graphic artist my computer has to run 188% of the time as well as 24/7 and never sneeze, the Shift does it without a hiccup.

My wife, for as long as she's been keying electronic boxes has always been frustrated with the "store bought" style machines. As a surprise and birthday gift a XCUBE-Stock [Z77] was built and delivered to her. In the more than two years the XCUBE has been on her desk her computing life has been faultless and amazingly enjoyable for her.

In November of 2015 after ongoing fights with my non graphics computer I finally said, sorry that's unquotable... Suffice it to have been "Enough is enough!!!" I called MainGear and in less than fifteen minutes we designed my third machine, a DRIFT Steam Machine (it dose steam), and it’s a dream!

Each time I've called MainGear with a "tech" question I've been treated like a friend, a customer, a human being not a pain in the day. The amazing thing to me is MainGear is a customer oriented company, very rare today, not a seller of expensive electronic gadgetry populated by real people not manual readers.

Would I buy another MainGear? In a heartbeat... My bottom line is “Buy a MainGear you will be a happy camper!”

Helpful Cool


Best. Ever.

"Maingear is Amazing. My Maingear computer is still going strong. But I'd like to point out
Their customer service. Their customer service is the absolute best I've ever encountered in a company in my life. With a little hiccup that I don't even want to mention, because it got cleared up with zero hassle, my experience with them has been so great. I will continue to recommend maingear 1000%! I'd love to say I'm a repeat customer, but their product is so good I don't know when or why I'd ever need a new computer! Maybe I'll splurge on a laptop in the near distant future! Keep up the good work guys!

Helpful Cool


Maingear is #1 in my book

"If you want a powerful customized system tailored to your needs at a reasonable price with unbeatable customer support then you need to give Maingear a call.

Seriously, just give them a call and talk to the sales team and visit their website. They'll help you figure out what kind of system you need. You can even put together a mock up systems on their website to see how much you can afford. Then you can compare that to other companies or to components if you plan on a self built system. I think you'll find MG very competitive.

What puts MG over the top is the people that work there. I was never pressured or rushed to make a purchase. Talking to them on the phone was like talking to a friend. Based on my needs they even talked me out of spending more money on some components...that's right...I was ready to spend more money than I needed to and they helped me not to!

I've had to call customer (tech) support a few times for some issues I've had. I didn't think it was possible to beat the experience I had with the MG sales team but the customer support folks did. The issues I've had weren't MG's fault (Windows 10 not recognizing my joystick, me running a disk that came with the monitor that conflicted with the video card, and replacing a defective video card) but they helped me fix them anyway. They even remotely went into my computer and fixed a problem because it was easier than explaining how to do it. And it was all free...yep...free! The tech support team aren't just reading a checklist. They really know their stuff. And they are right here in the U.S.A. No trying to understand a difficult accent. That's right...an English speaking tech support team that are experts in what they do...who will work with you as long as it takes to fix a issue...who have weekend support...who treats you like the valued customer you are...for the life of the system! With out a doubt the absolute best sales and customer support I have ever had!!

Post Script:
Last week Microsoft did an update that caused my monitor and sound card to do weird things. I gave the tech folks a call...problem solved in less than 3 minutes. At the end of the call it struck me that they sounded happy. So I asked "Why does everyone at MG sound happy?" The answer? We are happy. I ended up talking longer about why the MG employees are happy then I did about my computer problems. Botttom line...MG is a well run company that values their employees. As a result the folks at MG love their jobs and they pass that love on to you. Think I'm BS-ing you? Give MG a call and talk to them yourself.

I bought the beautiful looking Vybe. Configured with Asus X99-A mother board, i7 5820 6-core 3.3GHz processor, 16GB DDR4 memory, GeForce GTX 970 4GB video card, 1TB SSD operating system drive, 2TB HDD as a second storage drive, a Blu-Ray reader/burner, a BENQ 27 inch monitor, running Windows 10. Quiet as a whisper and as fast as lightning!

Helpful Cool



"Never again will I buy a computer from the big box folks again. The X-Cube I purchased has been truly amazing. The attention to detail, the packaging, the wiring, all done with such detail. Called customer service today, had an issue that turned out NOT to be MainGear related and he still figured it out with out trouble. I have become a fan and customer moving forward. "

Helpful Cool


"This review was a lot longer:

(here's the full one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/review/R99GAKYZELTSG?ref_=glimp_time_1rv_cl )

I spent around a month trying to figure out what I wanted to get the experience I was hoping for. I've had the computer now for around 1 week and every day I love it more and more. Many guys love to talk and dream about their dream car, that they spent hours toying with, putting together and doing just right. That's the experience that I got from MainGear.

Point blank - other than, obviously, a car, a house, etc - this is the biggest investment I've ever made in my life. Unlike the car and the house, though - this computer has been almost 100% positive. I bought this as a mean to play the games I love - now I find myself just in love with the system itself. I think about it endlessly. I love it. It's a huge joke between my wife and I.

Re: MainGear - if you have decided to build a PC - and if there is ANY voice in your head that wonders about this route vs building yourself - just buy it from MainGear. The whole experience, from beginning to end, has been incredible. In my personal life, while in the middle of working all of this out, there has been family crisis after crisis after crisis. Through it all MainGear has bent over backwards trying to make things as easy for me as possible, etc. I know you're probably imagining the cartoon of the salesppl with $ signs in their eyes, nudging you to spend more and more, to hurry, on and on - honestly, you couldn't be further from the truth. I'm being dead friggin serious when I'm telling you that I told the people at MainGear that I don't know the specifics and needed help. If anything they talked me out of more expensive options.

Specifically they actually tried to talk me out of getting a dual Nvidia Titan X SLI set up...in favour of a dual Nvidia 980ti, if only to save me money. In the end, I succumbed to immaturity and insisted on the dual Titan's just 'because.' lol.

Along the way I changed my order up more than a couple times, had things put on pause while I was out of town for my wife's sick mother, etc...and I was treated the whole time with nothing but respect, patience and kindness from the people at MainGear.

TL;DR? 1) These people make the best, most personalized, computers that you can get without doing it yourself. 2) They are people first, and they will treat you with the utmost respect. Of course you hold the money they need to feed their families - but they never put unfair pressure on me, they never set off red flags that scared me about being manipulated - these are the kind of people you would be mocked endlessly over hoping for from a business you'd like to work with. 3) they do things the right way, beginning to end, and you will feel good about your experience.

In other words - Buy from MainGear.

Personal story? I invested roughly $7,000.00 dollars into a highly personalized ASUS Rampage V Extreme X99 Intel® Core™ i7 5960X 8-core 3.0GHz/3.5GHz Turbo w/ dual Titan X 24 gb total in SLI w/gsync. I got the computer very promptly, put it together without difficulty and my experience thus far has been top notch and I have yet to find anything to complain about as yet.

I am sharing this review for 2 somewhat overlapping reasons: 1) work this well done back by an experience as top notch as I had should not go unthanked nor unremarked on for other people in the same situation I was in. and, 2) ...well, I covered this in the first point but it bares restating: this IS a company you want to do business with and it's a company that deserves your money.

Helpful Cool


"Very happy with my Maingear Vybe computer and tech support. Sam helped me out Saturday over the phone to clean up the mess that PC Mover migration software made on the new machine. He was patient and got me out of a nasty jam. Give him a good raise boss!"

Helpful Cool


"In early 2015 we purchased several Rush gaming desktops with Titan Z installed. I was very pleased with the performance on the systems. I had a serious hardware issue with one of the devices. Maingear technical staff quickly helped resolved my issue. They were thorough, patient and accommodating. Six months later I ordered a new Rush desktop with Titan X. I was surprised to find that the improvements that went into my older order were now on ALL new systems shipped! I am impressed that their engineers implemented change that started from customer feedback.

Great high-end devices, excellent customer service and exceptional management. I will continue to be a proud customer of Maingear computers.

Helpful Cool


"Top notch product, technical capabilities, customer service and support throughout the 5 years I've owned this F131 desktop - which is still running strong as I just upgraded the OS to Windows 10.

Product: top notch performance, well chosen hardware and software.
Technical: excellent understanding of the OS, drivers, apps, BIOS, etc. required to run a secure, up-to-date, functional system.
Support: Through a couple of hardware failures, a Windows 10 upgrade, etc. the US-based support has been top notch and immediate. Support agents are always highly-skilled personnel (which is easy for me to tell, as I'm a software developer by trade and have many IT skillsets), and always take their time to ensure the issue is resolved, even when that requires hours with me over the phone over the course of several days, or sending a technician to my home when needed.

I recommend Maingear wholeheartedly.

Helpful Cool


"Maingear builds very high quality computer systems and is very supportive of its customers needs for the life of the computer.
I have purchased a desktop and a laptop from them. I am not a gamer but could not find a similar high quality system from the larger commercial computer names. The cost is extremely reasonable for the quality that is provided.
Maingear also offers a number of enhancements which are unique to this company. Maingear designs, builds and tests their systems with high quality components: they are fast, clean [no bloatware], and quiet.
My only quibble is that while they include the discs for the software and some printed information, they could provide better pictures and information descriptions of the systems and their internal parts that would be valuable, especially when starting up and first using the system. Otherwise I am very pleased with not only the computers I have purchased but also with the live support from the company by telephone.

Helpful Cool


"This is my second computer from Maingear. The first was great, and when it was old, they gave me excellent support fixing the little bugs and keeping it running. They have great prices, and this second computer was able to get a 980ti on a limited budget. Jeremy has been especially helpful."

Helpful Cool


"________Update 10/29/15_____________

Maingear got back to us about our broken fan and apologized for the bumps along the way. Shortly after talking to one of their support team, their operations manager called us and was very embarrassed about our experience and is currently working with us to make it better. He was helpful and apologetic about everything.

___________10/26/15 Review_____________

Poor communication, long build times and not feeling like a valued customer are a few of the things that made this experience unpleasant.

We were finally able to convince our boss to buy a new decked out PC workstation for 3D and Visual Effects. I have had problems with the "Maingear Experience" since the beginning. I ordered the Quantum Shift (no longer available) on 9/15/15. I Customized it to have dual 12 core Xeon-E5 processors, 4 Nvidia GTX Titan X GPU's and 128gb ram. With all of the upgrades it came out to be about 15k.

After ordering it online it took a week for them just to order the parts. I soon received a call saying that their online build system was wrong and that my configuration didn't fit into the Quantum Shift chassis. They made it sound like they were giving us an "upgrade" by building it with The Force Chassis. The chassis looks nice but it's not really what I wanted.

Throughout the long 6 week wait, I had to email them for updates on my PC to find out where they were in the process. When they did actually send a computer automated update it would give an approximate ship date. It would have been better to say "You may receive an update on the build status on this date." The approximate ship dates were very inaccurate.

A concern that I have with my customized system is that they don't give any option for GPU cooling. I thought that for the price it would include some type of water cooling but it doesn't. If you go with gaming desktop instead of a workstation setup they give you a GPU cooling option but you don't have the option for dual or high core processors.

Part of the frustration with poor communication from Maingear is they do things without notification or asking. When we orderd online we paid for express shipping so that we could get it sooner. When I finally got the tracking number I discovered that they sent it freight and it would take a week to get. I emailed them and they said that any units over 10k they ship freight. That would have been nice to know upfront before we paid for faster shipping and/or someone contacted us to inform us of that policy.

I waited to write this review after I setup my new PC to have a more accurate opinion. After setting it up. I discovered that one of the fans that helps cool the GPU's is not working. I emailed them with the video of the fan and have yet to hear any response. After their extensive build and testing process and them shipping it freight as to protect it from damage it still comes not working 100%.

In summary, for the price and my experience I would not recommend Maingear. We had plans to buy a couple more similar units and I can say that we will be looking at other options.


Helpful Cool


"This review is updated on Oct. 26 following feedback from Maingear.
I had an initial problem with their service due to a busy season for them. The problem I had with my order was that after I had placed the order, I decided to make a change to the system (changing the RAID configuration). I spoke to technical support on the phone, emailed the sales department, and placed an update note on the order. The first two were responded two and stated that my change would be done. Unfortunately, when I received my computer, the system was not in the configuration I requested.
I called Maingear and they apologized and offered to walk me through the process of reformatting the system and setting things up again. Unfortunately, this process would take many hours that I do not have, so I declined their offer to help me fix it myself. I will use the system in the less desireable configuration.
Following some back and forth with customer service over the subsequent months, an good arrangement was reached that provided me with the security I was hoping for in the event of a hard drive failure. Although not an ideal situation, they did keep up their end to work out a fair solution.
As an aside, there were issues with missing promotional materials that were part of specials that were never received, but they have instead replaced that with other promotional materials.
Although there were some pros and cons to the overall experience with Maingear, the pros outweighed the cons and I appreciate the efforts they have gone to in order to make sure that I am satisfied.
I would strongly consider buying my next system from Maingear again.
Also, the system runs beautifully, quietly, and is extremely well constructed.

Helpful Cool


"I purchased my Shift - X99 from Maingear and have been thrilled with its performance from Day 1. I use the computer not only for heavy gaming but also video & photo production. With an amazing processor and plenty of RAM, my custom computer gives me all the performance that I could ever need.
I ran into a problem today with the computer not able to boot up at all, even into BIOS. I called technical support, and the help was immediate and totally comprehensive. Step by step, the technician had me go through steps to try and narrow down the problem. His goal was to get my computer running, no matter how long he had to take. He finally narrowed it down to a problem with 1 of the 6 internal Hard Drives that I have. (The drive was one that I had on an older non-Maingear computer.) He talked me through finding out exactly which drive had the problem, and even had me go through steps to reassure himself that it was a faulty drive and not a faulty connection or other problem with the computer.
I have never owned a computer from a company where the technical support was as good. At all times I felt that they really wanted to help me and that I was not in any way a bother to them or imposing on them.
I would recommend them whole heartedly!

Helpful Cool


"I use game engines for school, so i purchased the pulse 15 to tide me over until i can make the jump to a desktop. It's it does what i need it too, and it's perfect for playing game when i want to relax. Great product and excellent costumer service. Another good point is that the laptop was shipped in cool box that kept it suspended in the middle."

Helpful Cool

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