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Product & services pricing 7.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 6.67/10
Shipping & packaging: 7.50/10
Customer service: 9.17/10
Return/Replacement policy: 5.00/10
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Best PC I have owned

"I remember saving for an entire year to purchase my MAINGEAR Pulse 17" back in 2015
It was definitely worth they money and I've had excellence performance over the last 2.5 years.
I may buy the NOMAD 17" next for more storage since the Pulse 17" is no longer available.

Helpful Cool


The F131 I Have Forever Regretted

"When I last purchased a Maingear F131 it was built on a completely different chassis and although there was a mixup regarding its UEFI capabilities that was subsequently fixed by Maingear, that F131 was severely damaged when I moved across the country resulting in me having to buy a new system and since my last F131 never let me down, I bought another one after long discussions with Maingear. I have, however, regretted the purchase ever since.

I will give them credit for one part before I continue: the system took the HDDs of the original F131 which were in the RAID and one completely failed - they ordered a new equivalent datacenter HDD and didn't even charge the cost of it because they had the computer for so long. I will also give them credit for giving me a fourth year of warranty because a week after I bought my computer, the 3 year warranty went from the normal price to free.

Now on to what might as well be the most frustrating experience I've had given I know Maingear is supposed to be a good company but yet this F131 cancels every good thing they did out.

It arrived with the back left side of the case loose; the screws to attach the tempered glass not even able to be aligned with the holes on the case; literally one of the silver thin screws near the "handcrafted" liquid coolant pump was just sitting on the base of the interior of the base; they didn't even both to send the remote that controlled the color changes for the LED lights; and my personal favorite: the system didn't even power on and took about 20-25 minutes on the phone with Maingear (keeping in mind that I have dealt with far more advanced systems like high-end servers) just to find out why it wasn't powering on.

Definitely a great start. I mean come on: a case that's defective which they said was fine; they had to send me the remote; the computer was almost sent back to Maingear for not powering on.

I could go on with a litany of issues this F131 has that makes it feel like I just bought the worst computer in the world, something heartbreaking given that I know Maingear is supposed to make good systems.

Now for going with them, I get to pay the extra special fine of $48, a FedEx discount rate, to ship the system back to them to see what's wrong which is actually quite obvious: the thing I was told at the beginning by Maingear that the 6850K would have enough PCI-E lanes for my hardware isn't actually true. Windows' WHEA-17 Correctable Error is that. Ubuntu has to drop the PCI-E devices to Gen. 2 when loading. Force Gen 3 on the nVidia GTX 1080 and Windows will crash faster than you can say "F" because all the PCI-E lanes are in use so it becomes uncorrectable or an internal error - pick your Blue Screen of Death.

All I have been doing with this computer is backing its data up to a local external drive or to the Google Cloud because some or other goes wrong with it that makes it look like it's about to just stop working.

Honestly, and I have never said this about a high-end computer before: I don't want it. I don't want to pay for its shipping back, I don't want to pay for the headaches it causes, I don't want to deal with it anymore. Frankly, it's nothing more than a piece of trash.

Yes, somehow Maingear built a piece of trash that I'd rather shove out a window than deal with and that's saying something.

Maybe if Maingear wants to build the computer right this time with the capabilities they told me it should have rather than build what amounts to nothing more than a piece of junk, I'd be more than happy to do what they did when they made the UEFI mistake years ago and send in the components that make up the RAID (the LSI MegaRAID and the four enterprise HDDs) as they have the M.2s and TPMs so they can "rebuild" the system - even on that new chassis which looks like it's designed far better than the one I have and doesn't have window screws that will come misaligned. After going through all of this, I really think the least Maingear can do is provide some sort of recompense with an upgrade of some sort; I mean - it's very obvious that they'll need to change the processor to a totally different X### series Intel processor but maybe bump up the GPU from the 1080 or make something look fancier - I don't know; I usually don't ask for much more than a working computer but this F131 is something that should end up in the garbage.

I stream on Twitch, The FamilyRP - the largest GTAV RP that thousands watch. I recommend they go to Maingear rather than building a PC. My mind is changing about that.

I run an organization that has one sole purpose: propel the evolution of space technologies and many companies are interested in the end result.

Both cases, I use my F131 a lot and in the case of the former, it's always the F131.

My best contact is via email in the invoice that attached to this review.

Helpful Cool


...Beyond words about Maingear....

"I can attest to the homework and research I put into look for a new rig. I looked and read for about a 18 months. I learned about the insides and outsides of PC Gaming rigs and workstations. Everything! Speeds, transfer rates, OS, SSD, M.2, GeForce, Loop cooling and on and on. I was looking to make an investment, not just to buy a really cool PC. I do game at times, but my computer is also an everyday desktop computer. I use it for many different tasks, that's why I wanted the best gaming PC there was for me. I use my Maingear to browse the internet daily, gaming, watching movies, music, and pretty much all other things. I finally chose the Maingear F131 with a 360mm cooling system, M.2 drive, SSD and HDD and other top choices. I used to go to the Maingear website and look at all the options and pictures of my future setup. I was really impressed with it already. I even found some great pictures on Google search of the F131.
I finally ordered my setup 11/13/17, and had it at my house at the first few days of December. Now I come from Dell and Alienware family of computers, so when this Maingear came to me, I was in for such a surprise. I have never owned a PC that was liquid cooled and had a radiator. I have never had a computer that you could watch and see the insides of it. I really had no idea of what I was getting into! I got the shipment in, and I was already feeling good about my purchase. The box wasn't huge, heavy, or beat up from shipping. I finally got it home, and got it out of the boxing it was in. It was very very well shipped and protected, but words cannot explain the excitement that I went through looking at this thing called a PC in front of me! I have never seen anything like this. The pictures on the website, do this computer absolutely NO JUSTICE!! The craftsmanship and care put into this computer is breathtaking. I was beyond grateful for God blessing me with the means to buy this computer, and to steer me to make the best choice with Maingear. I just can't explain fully how well built this machine is. The looks of this computer is just awesome. Immediately when I saw this computer, I could tell the work and care that was put into this PC. I know Im laying this on pretty thick, but I put a lot of time and effort into researching and choosing a new powerful system, and I am so very pleased with Maingear. My family and friends are struck by how good this PC looks and runs. It really is that nice looking!
Now how does it run? In 11 seconds after hitting the power button, the system is completely loaded and booted up and in idle mode. Its insanely fast with a Gen. 8 OC processor and an 1TB M.2 OS. While gaming, the three fans are in silent mode, just whispering! This PC is super quiet, even under stress. Awesome airflow through the whole PC. Airflow is the first and most important subject to tackle to buying a high end PC system, and the F131 breathes greatly!
So thank you all for reading my review. If you can't tell, Maingear is the Bugatti Chiron's of the custom built PC world and I am blessed by them. And thank you everyone at Maingear. This review is for you. I didn't do this. You guys did!! I just am a recipient of your hard work. Derek A.

Helpful Cool


Best Customer Service

"We purhcased a rendering machine through Maingear recently and since it sits on my desk they have asked me to research machines for some other CAD applications. I went to MainGear first and foremost because the sales rep, Jake Vance, was super helpful the first time around. This time he helped me understand what we needed and why and he helped give us corporate deals for multiple machines. I've always wanted to build my own PC but I think I'm just going to go through MainGear for both Personal and Work machines."

Helpful Cool


Exceeded Expectations

"I ordered a new desktop from them after searching many different computer builders online. I finally settled with MainGear due to their user friendly website and positive reviews. First of all, the entire purchasing experience was enjoyable. Clear communication and frequent updates about the status of my build. When I got my computer, it was evident that this company takes pride in their work. All the wires and components were professionally installed and organized. I couldn't have been more happy and recommend them."

Helpful Cool


Just received my MAINGEAR Drift PC Today

"MAINGEAR PC is hands down the best boutique builder of personal computers as of right now. Other companies like Alienware/Origin PC/Xidax are good but they cannot compete with MAINGEAR in the performance desktop space. Just google MAINGEAR RUSH and compare it to the Xidax X-8 which uses the exact same same chassis and you will see what I mean, no one comes remotely close to what these guys are doing right now. I received my DRIFT with 7700k cpu and 1080ti today and the build looks EXACTLY like the photo on their website, what you see is what you will get which is not always my experience with other vendors. My new computer is housed in an absolutely gorgeous Lian Li case with tempered glass and custom configurable lighting. With an open water loop (soft tubing) my build also has some pretty insane factory overclocking as well! With the exception of Falcon Northwest I do not know of any other company that offers automotive quality custom paint finishes at an affordable price. I also needed to make alterations to my order after I had been billed and I found the sales and support staff super friendly in facilitating those changes. I could go on and on and I know I sound like a lame **** fanboy but this company is truly awesome!"

Helpful Cool


Just like I would have built it

"I have been building my own rigs going on 25 years now. Due to work and the amount of traveling I have been doing I decided to have someone else build this PC. I looked around and everyone has about the same prices but I caught one look at the R1 rig and that was it. I placed my order then waited, as they were gathering the parts I made a change in my order and they rolled with the change without issue.

When my PC arrived at my home the first thing I noticed was how the system was shipped. The PC was shipped in the R1 case box then with foam corners placed inside another box. The outside box was as you expected from being shipped it looked like hell, but the box inside was perfect. Next took the PC out of the R1 box and notice a warning label, Maingear placed a form shaping foam insert inside the PC so the the Video cards would not be damage during shipping. They did a great job in packing the PC so it would not get damaged in shipping I was really impressed by this.

The PC looks better then I had hoped for, the cooling system joints and tubing where as long as needed not to long or too short. There is enough play so I could get to the mobo and vid cards if I had too. Next the cable management was tight and hidden out of the way so that the inside of the PC looks clean. One word of warning, if you buy a system and think " ah I'll only buy one drive for the OS and I can add the drives I have to the system" don't. Just purchase the system with the drives you will need, unless your like me and have been building PCs for awhile. The reason I say this is that they do such a good job with cable management that if you are not good at building PC's you will never be able to place the cables back they way they had them. I had a hard time placing everything back without having to remove parts.

When it comes time to purchase a laptop I'm coming back to Maingear,

Helpful Cool


Customer Service Seven Years Later

"My Maingear Shift was 6 1/2 years old when I called for customer service this year. The team helped me with the problem, which was really a Windows 10 issue. I spoke with the head of sales and we concurred that, with a small upgrade, my Shift had another year or two left in it. The machine remains faster than the Dells we bought recently for my company, although my new Dell 15" Macbook Pro 15" runs a bit faster for some massive Excel spreadsheets.

Overall, the longevity and reliability of my Shift remains amazing, the "Angelic" service, incredible. Note, I've rated my $4,000 Shift low price because I've retired a handful of new laptops and desktops since I bought the Shift 7 years ago.

Helpful Cool


Service, quality, performance and a good price. What more could a person want?

"I am a relatively new owner of a Maingear computer, having received my custom configured Vybe Tuned For VR in early September of this year. While I haven't been able to spend as much time with the machine as I'd like in the last 3 months, I am very happy with both the PC and the overall experience I have had dealing with Maingear.

Starting at the beginning, their website was very easy to navigate, and the number of options available let me select the perfect combination of components to meet my price-performance mark. When I didn't understand something, or wasn't sure whether all of my hardware selections would play nice with each other, they quickly answered all of my questions.
The pricing was very reasonable, especially considering the quality of what I was about to receive.

After placing the order, I received daily updates of the build status, informing me of what was going on. Fortunately, my build experienced no delays, but any delay would have been more bearable knowing why it had occurred. This small service provides such an improved customer experience.

My shipment arrived on time, and I was very impressed with the care evident in the packaging, including how the CPU was boxed inside of another box with additional cushioning. But in my mind the single biggest detail that demonstrated that Maingear actually cared about my equipment was the extra packaging inside of the PC that supported the video card. And since I was inside, I could see that the build quality was first rate, with all cables neatly bundled and tied off. Nothing was out of place.

When I turned on the PC for the first time, there were absolutely no problems. It booted right up, and it's been working perfectly since then. WIN 10 boots up as fast as the monitor can turn on. As promised, no bloatware was installed, no extra icons on the desktop, just what I needed to get up and running. Since then I have had no issues installing any of my software, including some old software developed for Win95.

For background, I've been running and programming computers since my first Commodore 64. I've purchased 3 PC systems, and then built 4 computers because I became picky about hardware selections; I have high standards. I chose not to build this system because of other obligations and a lack of time, and it was very stressful shopping for a company that I thought could live up to my expectations. Maingear certainly exceeded my expectations. I couldn't be happier.

Helpful Cool


Grandchild Grining from Ear to Ear

"Purchased a gaming computer from Maingear - Razer. My 10 yr old grandson opened it for Christmas (2016) and has not moved from it for 2+ days (this is the 27th). He absolutely loves it.
I know nothing about computers -- I have a PC -- but this is one super PC. All the bells and whistles that anyone could ask for. Maingear took the order, sent emails almost daily and promised delivery on the 19th. It came before the day. Well packed and looks awesome. An IT technician assembled it on Christmas Day and said he would die for this PC. What I particularly loved was the customer service. It could not be better. Their team is right there when you call and help with any problems-- are polite and understanding if you are 10 or 70. Would only purchase from this company and will again without reservation. Thank you Team Maingear.

Helpful Cool


Best computer I've ever owned and service that goes above and beyond

"I just got back from a trip to Maingear in NJ. (I live in NY, just a traffic jam away!)
My two-year old F131's storage drives were getting full. In swapping one out for a 4TB drive and using the last last remaining slot for another I realized I didn't have the right screws. I also found that because of the compactness of the cube shaped Silverstone case - which is a fantastic case design imho - I couldn't get the case back together. The cables I had moved in the process were in the way. Now, these weren't even drives I had purchased from Maingear, but I needed their help. After two hours of their phone time trying to help me sort stuff out the tech suggested I bring my computer in. They would reset the drive with the right screws, clean out accumulated dust (two years’ worth, ugh!) and rewire the case for me. No charge. I am writing this review from my clean, rewired Maingear. Can't say enough about how friendly, helpful and knowledgeable the tech I dealt with at their HQ was.
I have always known that they built the best computer I've ever owned. Now I also know I have the best service.

Helpful Cool


Fantastic customer service, even better machine!

"My boyfriend and I decided we needed a VR ready and capable machine that could also function as a workhorse for all the other menial things we had been attempting with a previous machine (and it just died) including regular PC gaming, video streaming (xfinity and HBO), and of course funny cat videos.

We agonized on whether we would try to build something ourselves or try and upgrade something off the shelf (the latter is what we had done in the past but it was always a hassle). BF did some research and found Maingear came highly rated for something in between.

I felt confident after reading the reviews as well and they were having a great summer special. The ordering process was easy and I didn't feel like they were pushing me to buy a bunch of extra junk.

After our order was placed we received almost daily communication (two phone calls actually and the rest email) including a thank you and how to get in touch with support if needed.

The machine came expertly packed and has been a great purchase especially for the price. Testing the VR capabilities on Steam, it said from the test it actually exceeded the recommended settings and how often does that happen?

Once the machine arrived I was surprised not to get a follow-up email so I sent one just to say thank you and ask where I could leave good feedback.

Helpful Cool


Great PC, excellent customer service

"I had a great experience with Maingear (immediately following a terrible experience with one of their competitors). I was a fairly high maintenance customer (had a deadline and kept checking in every day to see how my build was coming along). Everyone I spoke to was courteous, understanding, patient and sympathetic. I got my computer on time and it has exceeded my expectations. Runs super fast and cool. Would definitely recommend Maingear!"

Helpful Cool


Amazing Customer Service

"I had the pleasure of speaking with two of your sales reps on separate occasion Jeremy and Kevin. I have been interested in purchasing a gaming computer, but I have no idea as to what to look for in a computer and on both time they were patient explaining to me, and walking me through different computer specs and helping me select on that is right for me. I had a wonderful customer experience I highly recommend Maingear and calling them if you have any questions. I will definitely be purchasing my computer here soon once pay day rolls around. Thank you again!"

Helpful Cool


Seven Years and Still Awesome!

"That is CRAZY! OK, I paid a bundle for my Maingear in 2009, but it remains faster than just about any of the many PCs and MACs I have occasion to use. And the Angelic Service? They're still on it, helping me to install and configure new hard drive this week. Frankly, I can't afford another MG at the moment, but I'll buy an update when I can, just for the sheer excitement. For those who can afford it today, it's an amazing investment!

Usage: Commercial. Financial and office software.

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