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"Mabel White AKA Deborah Dolen is on this list

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"Deborah of Mabel White is an author of many books I have bought over the years from Mabel White Home Living. Thanks to Deborah,(who would personally return my calls or e-mails most of the time) - I know how to make soap, lotion, lip balm and many other natural things for my family. I have since started my own all natural skin care line thanks to Mabel White. I could not make such a pure product without her patented Emulsoy which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I also follow her work on a monthly basis. Over the last ten years, the Mabel White site never has ads, pop ups or spam and I find that refreshing also.

I recently placed an order as I am making a batch of lotion and I am very happy with it. She does have new marketing buzz out about a new book I am buying when Amazon's Kindle posts it and a new RSS feed out - just announced I am subscribing too. The phone number I use that I have had for almost ten years is 941-447-7985. I am HAPPY to prove a purchase I just made to Reseller ratings if need be, because apparently people can get on here to hurt other people for reasons not having to do with real business at all and not have bought a thing. Deborah of Mabel White has been honest and a wonderful vendor to work with.

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"I got served this morning by a Federal process server! Can you believe she is suing me? I did not write all that stuff I referenced, so I can't be held liable. I guess she does live in Bradenton because I have to hire a Federal lawyer in Tampa, any lawyers here said they cannot fight a case in another state. They told me it would be cheaper to pay her than to hire a lawyer there. They also told me truth is only a defense if what was said is true. How do I know what's true or not?

I did get my money back on the flavor, but that is not what I being sued for. I'm being sued for "proffering" libel, defamation and something too long for me to spell. Anyway, e-mail me if anyone here gets served too! Maybe we can team up on a lawyer. There are a few names here of people the lawsuit says posted false web stuff. I probably should not list names here. E-Mail me and I will gladly give you the names on this thing listed with me.

Let me know! I am not paying her a penny.

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"I placed an order for oils. Received part of my order. When I asked when I would receive the remainder, the reply was short and rude. The attitude in further communications was absurdly sarcastic. "Mabel" never sent the product and kept my money. Since she only accepts PayPal payments, I was unable to recover the money. Needless to say, I highly recommend avoiding this merchant."

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"I bought items(over priced) from M.W and they never delivered. I had to open a claim to get my items but they only sent a partial shipment with a tracking confirmation. She scammed me and will not return my emails or refund my money!!!. She knows the system, how to scam with Pay pal. They only care that a package was sent, not what was sent. She could have mailed me rocks. If you purchase items, pay by C.Card. They will refund your money in full!!. STAY AWAY!!!... Very unfair and I am VERY MAD!!

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"Very disappointed. I ordered flavor oils in sample size quantities for new formulations. After three weeks of waiting for paid material I sent an email requesting a ship and service date. After a week of waiting and no response I sent another inquiry. The next day my money was refunded without discussing the situation with me. Their response was my order was 'too difficult to mess with' for $55.
What a shame - she could have been a major supplier. Those 1/3 oz sample sizes have turned into 32 oz purchases for each flavor (14 overall). Luckily I had another supplier who now has all my business. I would not use Mabel White even as a second supplier due to the fact that their customer service is non exhistent.
Please BEWARE of internet companies that state on their site they do not have customer service, do not offer a phone number and only usses paypal.
I do however, applaud her for refunding my purchase funds timely after the second inquiry.

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"When I received my order from this company it was missing two items and could they please resend them. It took Mabel White over a week to answer my email. I was told to make a credit request from paypal which I did. After several reminders from paypal, I finally sent another email asking why it has been four days and I have not gotten my money back and could they please check into for me. I received a rude reply back that I was someone imposing one THEM by requesting either the item or my money back. I did FINALLY receive my credit. However, aside from some very poor customer service, the flavor oils I received were cheap and smelled like medicine. I advise any soap or cosmetic crafters to avoid this company like the plague. "

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