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Tech Support is Non-existent

"My complaint is about tech support. Pre-purchase support is great, then once they have your money, you're on your own. I purchased the M8600 and have had it for about 10 months. As far as power goes, it's a great laptop and can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. I foolishly ordered mine with Windows 10 -- big mistake. As a voice writer, the lack of control over Windows updates has caused serious problems. Every time Windows applies an update, it screws something up. I have been fighting with this since day one. Yesterday my laptop completely froze in the middle of a deposition. I called tech support immediately upon returning home -- no answer. I called again, and again -- still, no one answers. I left a message to call me back. No return phone call. This morning I called them again. Apparently someone was trying to call out as I was calling in and accidentally answered my call (there was a brief silence, then he person said, "Uh, hello?"). I told him I wanted to send my laptop back for them to wipe the hard drive and install Windows 7. He told me that Windows 7 was a tricky install on the laptop that I have. Then he told me that he thinks there were problems with Windows 7 on this machine -- it couldn't be any worse than it is now, with Windows 10! He said he would check with someone and call me back in 30 minutes. I haven't heard back from him, and I suspect I will have to call THEM back if I want something done. I don't appreciate being brushed off by tech support. This is a computer I use for my livelihood. Every day without a working computer is another day without work, which means I'm losing money by the day. I don't care how great their laptops are supposed to be, this will be my last M-Tech, due to the lack of support for their customers."

Helpful Cool


Buyer Beware.

"Worst notebook I have ever purchased and I have had plenty. IE freezes, the keyboard skips around and destroys any continuity of composition. Service is pretend. They blame everything on software and recommend blowing the vents clean to fix anything. An absolute ripoff. Do not purchase from these people.

Reiteration: Worst notebook, worst service. Notebook serviced for a second time only in response to my BBB complaint. I paid to ship to them. Low and behold they found a problem. So it's not about me being delusional and cleaning the vents was not the solution. Surprise! Against my clear request they threw out Windows 7 and dumped 8 on me. Also no activation code available. Can I rate this company a zero? Utterly completely dissatisfied. Poor product, poor service.

Helpful Cool


"Their customer service leaves much to be desired but I've had this laptop for almost 2 years, and it still works well. Overall I would no doubt buy from M-Tech in the future."

Helpful Cool


"My M-Tech revised D9F is one screaming awesome machine. Even though I'm utilizing a single second tier NVidia GTX-470M GPU card vs the latest generation GTX-500 series it is blazing fast handling the intensive graphic processing required by my favorite Total War games from Creative Assembly including the just released Shogun 2.

Ironically, on the Shogun 2 web site, quite a few home built desktops with the latest generation GTX-500 series GPU cards are experiencing issues that this laptop doesn't. I've even had comments regarding there isn't a laptop made that can process the latest graphic intensive games... WRONG... This laptop performance wise chews up desktops like so much confetti.

If you're looking for a laptop that can hold its own against desktops... look no further... but you're going to have to pay a little more for it. You get what you pay for.

Helpful Cool


"Excellent...really helpful and the computers (2) have run faultlessly for 2 years and counting!.
Will always buy from them now.

Helpful Cool


"I have had issue after issue with my laptop. I am a software developer so I am not new to computers. I chose this machine for development needs and it fell way short. My dedicated work machine (IBM laptop) has close to the same hadware configuration. Same OS and it the most stable machine I have ever had. The M9800 has had issue after issue and has been sent back from repairs 3 times and needs repair again. The M-Tech team, Jerry, is once again blaming the OS and avoiding the reality that the machine is to blame. It is outside the one year warranty so I know they will avoid the 4th repair at all costs. Not enough space to describe the issues I have had but my Dell, IBM, and AlienWare machines triumph over this M9800..."

Helpful Cool


"I am very satisfied with this purchase. The M9800 laptop has surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend M-Tech as the Laptop provider of choice. I recommend M-Tech to my friends and to anyone whom I think might be buying a laptop. Customer assistance has been exceptional. I have received at least 10 emails concerning my satisfaction on this purchase. Great Job M-Tech. "

Helpful Cool


"M-Tech Laptops provided excellent service and an excellent product. I received personalized help in selecting a laptop, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the computer now that I have it. Although the laptop wasn't cheap, I got what I paid for, and much more!"

Helpful Cool


"Bought M-Tech's FL90 as this system was highly recommended by gamers' forums as a budget priced system with relatively high performance, especially the graphics.

CPU Speed : 2.39 GHZ
Memory : 2046 MB
GPU Card Type : GeForce 8600M GT
OS: Windows XP
At the time of purchase this system rivaled many desktops in performance and allowed playing flight simulators and other graphics intensive games with large requirements.

It is now 1-1/2 years old, and M-Tech now has a similar priced mid price system with much more up to date performance specs. And they have a higher priced top of the line laptop which is just about the most powerful gaming laptop in existence, yet cost is very reasonable compared to Alienware or Dell.

Never had problems operating this fine laptop.
Customer service was outstanding when wanting to upgrade the hardrive to one larger.

Would definitely recommend most highly.


Helpful Cool


"Totally disappointing experience. Hundreds of post purchase dollars spent on shipping and post warranty repairs. TWO motherboard replacements and a graphics card all of which required shipping to and fro. Major pain in the ass - major money better spent on a better product. The unit was a total lemon - BUYER BEWARE!! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. In this case it's a high end specs sheet and low life-span parts. I will NEVER buy from M-Tech again."

Helpful Cool


"Have had my M-tech for almost 2 years now and have had nothing but problems. I've had to return it 5 times now, with various hardware problems. The only service centre is in California, so unless you live nearby the shipping costs for returning the laptop mount up fairly quickly. Don't even bother contacting M-tech if you have a problem, go direct to Pro-star who will most likely send you an RMA number rather than attempt to rectify/troubleshoot the problem over the phone. In short - Don't bother go for a more reliable brand."

Helpful Cool


"I've had this laptop for almost three years, and it has performed exceptionally well. Overall I have been very satisfied with the service received and would no doubt consider M-Tech in the future!"

Helpful Cool


"I am a PC gamer who is very particular about the tools I use. I am not into state of the art for the purpose of bragging rights or with the intent to squeeze the last frame out of my hardware. I have built most of my own PCs with specific select components which give the most performance for the best value. As a member of the military going on my second combat tour, I found it very important to find the best desktop replacement laptop capable of meeting my performance goals. As is well known most laptop computers cannot compete with the best desktop PCs out there. But let me say this, with the advent of the mobile 8800 GTX video card in either single or SLI mode and the Intel Quad Core Extreme X6800 CPU at 2.93 GHz, there is no laptop out there with the capability and performance of the M-TECH 900c. AND...at a price $100s of dollars lower then the closest competition out there. I spent 2 weeks researching laptop manufactures with rigs having the 8700 or 8800 video cards, Quad Core CPUs, 7.1 Surround Sound, 4 gigs of ram, oh yeah and a 1920x1200 WUXGA screen. Not a whole lot out there. M-Tech won hands down.

OK, How about some negatives? If you are a person who likes all the pretty bells, whistles, and bright LED lights flashing all over name brands and alien shaped logos, well sorry...M-Tech is a simple sleek rig with minimal embellishments.

This thing weighs over 12 pounds. What do you want with all this power? You can't get 500 HP from a Honda Civic with out increasing it's weight a little.

Battery life. Bluntly put...all this horsepower consumes power! This is not one of those laptops where you sit under the old oak tree in the field on a beautiful day doing your homework. Nope, this laptop battery lasts less then an hour and better serves as a built in UPS on steroids.

A positive note...Upgradability! Get tired of what's under the hood some day; upgrade. Couldn't afford to buy all the best parts you wanted when you first purchased it; Upgrade. Some new technology comes out you must have, like Blu-Ray; Upgrade.

And it wouldn't be far to not go with out mentioning the great people who work at M-Tech. Wow!! For me, an opportunity to laugh or smile every day is never turned down. These great folks gave me that opportunity. I asked them "Is this better or that in your rig?" and (being a rather computer educated individual) they didn't steer me wrong.

I can only say that the M-Tech 900c is one kick butt laptop. Ow. Running Crysis at 1440x900 on VERY high graphics, ain't a bad thing either!!

David Harvey

Helpful Cool


"Clevo M570RU
A 17 inch laptop with a neat 1.3 megapixel webcam, 1600x1250 res, a fingerprint scanner, CATV cable jack, DVI-I, 4 usb ports (2 on the side, 2 in the back), DVD+/-RW DL, a serial port(???!!!), audio jacks, integrated microphine, 4 pin firewire and a card reader.
The modification i bought was an intel C2D 2.2GHZ, 4mb cache (effective) 2 gb of Kingston ram (DDR2 667mhz) a 100gb 7200 rpm hardrive. And finally the gem of it all, A 512 mb GDDR3 8800m GTX!
Aluminum screen cover protects the screen from outside pressure, When pushed on, i did saw very little amount of waves, almost unnoticeable.
The screen is held pretty tightly with 2 hinges which i am a little unsure of. A third hinge in the middle could add a lot more strength to the screen because the thing flexes a little if you push into the bottom middle of it. The chassis is made of some strong plastic, practically doesn't flex at all when i put my whole weight on it. Same with keyboard. The keys are thicker than normal keys. the touch pad is covered with rough plastic for (much more reliable for when your fingers are sweaty or oily)
the fingerprint scanner is placed very inconveniently, between the touchpad keys.
the keyboard and touchpad have a carved out carbon fiber pattern around them (looks cool).
There is a orange metal strip goes along the front and the sides of the laptop for cool looks and it also acts as a kind of bumper for the laptop.
the speakers come out of the sides and there is a sub woofer on the bottom.
Overall, the design seems to be very sturdy and attractive looking without being too flashy.
8 Pounds, This is more of a portable desktop replacement and not for light travel (personally i carry it with me to places, i don't mind a little workout)
Crysis on all high DX9 (no vista) no anti aliasing (makes almost no difference) runs this thing smoothly, looks awesome! not a single lag, loads fast, hasnt even crashed once!
Oblivion, all high settings, runs it like nothing else! Two worlds (oblivion on steroids) runs it like its nothing on full settings. Gothic 3 Kickass graphics, also full settings, max AA and stuff, dosen't break a sweat. GTA SA! this game runs like on a cinema screen, you see no pixels!
STALKER, runs it on full (make sure to turn off force AA in drivers or it will tweak out) However, stalker did give me a BSOD on this one.
TEMPERATURE even running all games on full load, this thing never even got higher than very warm one of the vents even seems to always blast cold air. With a C2D and an 8800 GTX this is certainly amazing that it runs extremely cool.

Mtech had problems with shipping, they put a wrong name on my bill and my package, Good thing i told my landlord that i am waiting for a package or else he would have seen the strangers name on the box and sent it back without a second thought and i would have never got the laptop.

conclusion: this thing burns! 2300 dollars is worth it, alienwares are a total ripoff. my friend got a 3000 dollar one last year, wasn't even nearly as powerful as this thing (had an ATI x9850) the thing was bugging out all the time and eventally the motherboard fried.
SO buy this instead, way better and its worth every penny.

Helpful Cool


"This is the second laptop I have ordered from M-Tech. I got one in December for my oldest son and we have been so impressed that we decided to get another one. It runs all the games we have and is very sturdy. We play several MMORPG's and the wireless internet connectivity is excellent. It was easy to order, was delivered on time and has not had any problems. I would highly recommend M-Tech to anyone that is looking for a quality laptop gaming computer that is reasonably priced.

I received the second laptop yesterday and again it is simply a great laptop for gamers, was easy to set-up and was in perfect condition.

Helpful Cool

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