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MCM Electronics is CLOSING **** July 27, 2017 (Insider News)

"These guys are going to be closing this year sometime. The Parent company is consolidating operations and will be closing the warehouse and Pickup center in Springboro, Ohio "

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Delayed...? Or a scam?

"I ordered a Raspberry pi model b most recent in a 60 dollar pack I received a email saying that it would be at my home in a the next couple of days when the time came the delivery was later re delivered to the seller and has been for a week now it's either a scam or a major delay whatever it is DONT ORDER for these people"

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Stay away from these inept people

"I ordered 2 FM antennas at approximately 10am of 2/20/2017. Their website stated clearly that they had it "In Stock". By 2/22 I noticed that they had not notified me of shipment, had charged my credit card and that MCM had not even created a UPS shipping label. I emailed their Customer Service department about this. I had a hard time finding their email address.

Customer Service responded that it was a problem with credit. That I should call their Credit Department. Somehow they thought that I should be doing their job of finding out what could be wrong. Credit should not have been any problem since they had already charged the purchase to my credit card as I had confirmed on the credit card's website. I still followed their instructions and called their Credit Department. I only got voice mail, so I left a clear message.

24 hours later they had not returned my call. Therefore, on 2/23 I again emailed their Customer Service telling them that the problem still existed and I did not get a telephone call from the Credit Department, and that my purchase was already posted on my credit card, therefore it was not a credit problem.

Within 27 minutes of my 2/23 email to Customer Service I got an email stating that the order had been shipped, and it included a UPS tracking # and a Packing Slip as an attachment thereto. I think that they did this to try to commit me to the order, as you will see what happened below.

However, by 2/25, 2 days after they claimed they shipped, the UPS tracking showed that all that MCM had done was to create a shipping label on 2/23. By now it had been 5 days since I placed the order. I again contacted Customer Service via email. They responded 2 days later on 2/27 with: "I am sorry for the problems with your order. I can assure you nothing deceptive is going on with this order we have just created multiple errors in trying to process & I have forwarded your e-mail to my supervisor so she is aware of your concerns. Please let me know how you wish to proceed. I can credit your card for this order or try & replace. "

Given that it was obvious that these people either had no idea as to what they were doing or they were playing some kind of sick game, I responded on 2/27 with another email asking them to cancel the order and to credit my credit card just as fast as they had charged it. They responded with: "I am sorry for the errors on processing this order. I have entered the credit request & will give your information to my supervisor & credit department to insure this credit request closes today. Unfortunately we cannot insure the credit will appear on your card today as the length of time to put money back on your card we cannot control."

Today is 3/1/2017, 2 days after the cancellation, 9 days after the order was placed, and no credit has been given on my credit card and the UPS tracking shows that the shipment was actually not given to UPS until 2/27, 7 days after I placed the order. Now, it shows that MCM has requested that the item not be shipped and that it be returned to MCM.

I did what I had to do; place the order on their website and pay for it. However, they cannot do anything as basic as grabbing 2 identical antennas, but them in a shipping box, creating a shipping label and giving it to UPS.

STAY AWAY FROM MCM, they are not capable of the basics or do not want to be.

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Horrible customer service

"I back ordered a newly released product around Thanks Giving. A few days later I discover a software program on my computer that rendered the product I just ordered useless. I then asked the company to cancel my order saying I did not have a use for it. I never got an email in return... I checked my order number with their website a few days later and it said it was still being backordered. I then again asked them to cancel my order. I was ignored again! The third time I finally got a confirmation that it was canceled and checked the order number and the product I ordered was no longer showing up. I thought this mess was finally over. I had a mishap with my debit card and had to cancel it due to an unrelated event. A few weeks later I received an email from MCM saying that they could not charge my card. THEY STILL DID NOT CANCEL MY ORDER!!!! I ignored the email just like they apparently did to all of mine... Then today I get another email saying that my order has been officially canceled due to my card no longer existing. They smugly signed the email with, "with regrets." "

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"MCM has a great selection of electronic gear and accessories, and their prices (especially their monthly catalog sale prices) are great. The only negative is that their shipping process is poor. They will pack all your stuff in one large box, including heavy items (like batteries) that they leave unrestrained; they bounce around during shipping, smashing some of your other items. Some of their other heavy items, like roof mounts, masts, and tripods, are shipped individually in cheap boxes that break during transport, losing all the small hardware. Now, MCM's customer service is first rate and they have always made good with replacement items, but the delay can be a real pain when half of what you order from them has to be shipped twice. Nevertheless, I continue to order from them because I like their selection and pricing."

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"MCM is the worst electronics parts company on the planet:
1. If they back order an item on your order, they will charge you shipping for both deliveries. It is, after all, your fault that they do not have enough inventory.
2. They charge your credit card the day after you place the order, even if it is weeks before your order actually arrives. Reputable companies like Amazon charge your card the day they ship it!!
3. They say they will ship in 1-3 days and that they will notify you the day they ship. That is a load of crap. They could care less about communicating with their customers! I have sent complaining emails to Amazon and ALWAYS gotten a response within 30 minutes. Prepare to wait days to hear from MCM, if ever.


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MCM Electronics / mcmelectronics.com User

"Don't ever buy from MCM electronics. I put in an order for some stuff 2 weeks ago. Never got a shipping notice. When the box showed up on my door, there were items missing. I contacted the company, and have many apologies they said my missing items were on the way out the door that very day. Another week went by...nothing. I contacted the company again and was informed that those items were cancelled a week previous and that I would be receiving a refund. What I don't understand is why they just didn't tell me they were going to cancel those items and issue a refund a week ago. Now I have to find another company (adafruit) and place another order and wait another week for shipping. Not cool. MCM will never get business from me again, and I recommend you don't bother with them either. "

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"I have been ordering electronics from MCM for a little while with great results. I bought a few R/C toys for the kids, but they didn't work. MCM gave me a full refund. I will continue to order electronics from MCM in the future. They are my "go to" store from now on. I believe that MCM is the "customer centric company" that Amazon is trying to be. Amazon misses the mark, but MCM certainly does not."

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"On February 10th, 2013 I bought the GMW-62 (Free Shipping) $59.99 1 Gemsound Dual wireless system. They charge my credit card for $59.99 but I never received the product. After week and a half I contacted their company customer service and spoke with Enrique (Customer Service Representative) He said that this product was out of stock and he said that I will received in 2 weeks. I call several times and always was the same answer. I call Enrique and told him that I want to cancel the order and receive a refund in my card. He cancelled the order but they never processed the refund. I continue calling asking for my refund and Enrique said that the order is cancelled and he summit the paper to Neal (owner) that he is the only one that make the refund. With this same story the keep me for almost 3 months without the intention to refund my money. Today May 2nd I talked with Enrique twice with the same result." Neal the owner has to process the refund" this is not an exchange or return. This is a product that they charge my credit card and never send it and they continue with this story about the owner. This is a clear case of a company that steal the money of their customers that trust in their advertisements.

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"Excellent selection, price, and service. Every time I have shopped here (and we are talking a couple times a month) I have always found what I was looking for at a great price and very quickly shipped. I couldn't be any more satisfied.

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"I am an online merchant and needed a part for a soldering machine. The entire process when dealing with MCM was first rate. They answer the phone, they ship quickly. I had to return the item, the refund was processed quickly. I highly highly highly recommend MCM. "

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"Customer service at MCM is excellent!! Cannot say enough about how helpful they were on a last minute Christmas order. "

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"All items were ordered were as stated in the description. The order process from order to delivery was very efficient and quickly delivered. Will order from MCM again."

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"Everything was delivered quickly and at a great price"

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"The shipment was perfect and on time. I called before I placed an order to ask a technical question and they transfered me to the right person and was very knowledgeable about their product. I plan to order from them soon again. Thx MCM Electronics. Peter B. (djprimem)"

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