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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 0.83/10
Chance of future purchase: 2.50/10
Shipping & packaging: 4.17/10
Customer service: 3.13/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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"Ordered two systems, the first was ok. The second I received the WRONG CAMERAS and for the last TWO MONTHS I've been calling and emailing constantly to have them switch these incorrect cameras for the correct ones. Absolutely appalling customer service runaround."

Helpful Cool


Bad times

"I ordered a camera from Lorex along with a second camera. Once the cameras had been shipped, I received a box from Lorex containing only one camera. The attached Lorex invoice showed all cameras were allegedly shipped. I retained the shipping invoice for verification and the shipping weight easily confirms this and can be verified by UPS.

On Sept 21 2017, I completed a lorex help ticket (which can be verified by Lorex and screen shots I took) and was never responded to.

On Sept 25 2017, I bumped the ticket again and received no response from Lorex.

On September 28 2017, I called lorex (verified by phone records) and was told the camera was not currently in stock and Lorex will not receive anymore in the "foreseeable future", however, Lorex further explained they would find a suitable replacement and send it along with a confirmation email. It was nice that they confirmed the camera was not shipped due to a back order issue.

I later received an email from Lorex telling me that my ticket will be closed in 48 hours due to me not responded to the ticket. I viewed the ticket and it only shows "assigned to agent" with no other information or requested action on my part

On October 3 2017, I had not received any cameras or any emails. I again called lorex (again verifiable by phone records) and was on hold for 1 hour and 36 minutes (screen shot were taken for verification) and was ultimately disconnected without speaking to anyone A check of Lorex website shows the same camera was in stock and still for sale and has not been removed.

On October 4 2017, Lorex finally responded to the ticket with "In order for us to continue with the escalation process we will require the camera exact model that you missed. Also we recommend that you reply with pictures of the cameras you didn't receive." I responded to Lorex explaining the information was in the original ticket and further commented on taking a picture of a camera that I did not receive.

A week later and after several phone calls with no response from Lorex, I responded to the Lorex ticket system and requested a refund due to Lorex not shipping me the product and Lorex failing to contact me.

On October 13 2017, Lorex responded to my request with the "it's on back order" and "We may still have these cameras available at 3rd party stores like Costco, Walmart, Sam's Club etc, in case if you are still interested in this product."

On October 14 2017, I received a email from Lorex with "Dear Xxxx Xxxxxx, Your Lorex return has been approved for the following item(s): FLIRCare-399 × 1 LNZ3522RB × 1 A pre-paid UPS® shipping label has been generated for you. Please print this label and secure it to your return. This label contains all of the information needed to get the item(s) back to us." I responded to the email explaining that I had not received the camera and again asked for a refund.

On October 15 2017, Lorex responded with "Upon verification, Since the cameras are in back order status and due to the fact that you want a refund to be done. We have submitted a refund process under the reference number xxxxxxxx. You will also be receiving a return label from UPS so you can return the item back to us. Once it arrives to our warehouse it will take between 10-14 days for the refund to be shown on your bank statement."

To this day, I do not have a Lorex camera to review. Why I did not check the BBB page before I do not know. As others have stated, Lorexs has no customer service and seldom answers the phone or responds to Emails.

Helpful Cool


backorder runaround

"ordered a security camera system from Lorex.com. Lorex advised system was backordered will ship in 2 weeks. Call backed in 3 weeks, since I did not get any notification. They advised system is in will ship immediately.2 weeks go by, still no system. Had to call them again, since I did not hear anything. They advised system backordered will ship once it gets here. They initially would not give me a date, when pressed they said will be sent in 2 weeks. Never got item, cancelled order. If you get a backorder from Lorex cancel immediately, they will just string you along and never notify you. Customer Service is horrible. "

Helpful Cool


Not happy

"After 8 months I started loosing the cameras one buy one so when only one out of four was working I called customer support / tech support. 5 day later after several calls the determined the cameras were not working. So Now I have to call back customer support and jump through hoops. First problem is you cant understand them nor they you. I asked to switched to a US customer service and they informed me they have none I asked where they were they said Columbia and had no other number. I asked if they have a corporate number they said no, but how ever they told me there company was in Canada. Ok so we had over an hour very hard conversation finally they switched me to another person on hold for another 40 minutes and got disconnect. In short worst customer service encounter I have ever had. I don't know if they are try to dissuade you from returning the camera or they really are that incompetent . Never again."

Helpful Cool


Worst customer service ever!

"I purchased the latest wireless security system which included battery operated cameras so totally wireless. Long story short I called customer service because I could not get the motion notifications to stop coming to my phone. I tried the DVR interface which gave me no option to turn off and the IPhone app had an option but would not work. So after spending 20 minutes with support guy he finally remotely accessed my computer to try to solve the problem but then said "oh you have a Mac, we do not have software for the Mac yet!! WTF Apple started in 1976 and they don't have software. Then I googled it and found you have to turn of the notification permission in the IPhone app problem solved!

Helpful Cool


Worst customer service ever!!!

"Purchased a Lorex system with intentions of monitoring our elderly parent. After two months one camera started freezing. Contacted flir Lorex about problem and went thru three months of "trouble shooting" before they had me send the faulty camera back. The email I received said to return the complete faulty camera including power supply cord.
Two weeks later camera arrived without a power supply cord. Contacted flir Lorex and was told one to be sent out within 4 business days (as of this review still no cord...3 weeks) no contact from customer support, no return emails, nothing. It has now been four months and I now find out that the system is discontinued so expansion is not an option and further warranty work probably a no. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for your system. By the time I get the power cord the warranty will be just about done. Customer service dragging their feet and not providing customer service...

Helpful Cool


Product discontinued. Can't expand

"I bought this system for my home less than 1 year ago. Want to add 3rd camera. System is discontinued. No email or any notification. I am an elderly disabled woman. It's like buying a new car and one year later the dealership doesn't make tires for that car. They are more than happy to sell me a new system at twice the price. Who knows how long that one would last...they are the used car salesman of security systems."

Helpful Cool



"I highly recommend anyone looking at Lorex Surveillance system including the ones with FLIR to think twice. I had a brand new system and had it installed late Feb/early March 2017. I started having issues in May with noise, one camera has no image 90% of the time. You have to go back and forth with them via e-mail wasting time until you finally get to where they say "let's get a call together. Had done all their "troubleshooting tasks before I spoke to them and then again with them. I Updated the firmware as per their request. In doing the color went a bit off and the image became a slightly unstable, a bit jumpy.

Needless to say they suggested new cables at the customers expense and they do not send out a replacement camera. Not only would you have to pay an electrician to re-run cables at your cost they only warrantee their cables for 3 months! They clearly do not stand by their product as the cables are the most expensive part given you have to have someone run the wires. They do however cover the DVR for a year, but that is hardly the portion of the system that goes bad.

In my case it is one or both the cables and/or the wires. DO NOT BUY from this company you will spend A LOT of money due to their unbelievable / dysfunctional product.

I also live in an condominium association and at the same time we purchased a few systems for around the property. These systems also have issues. Cameras and cables needed within a year. Their systems do not seem to last long . I would call them more disposable camera at best.


Surveillance system including the ones with FLIR

Helpful Cool


Horrible Customer Service from South America

"I have the system purchased from Costco and realized there is problem to access stream while using phone via data service. I called toady 6/16/17 and waited more than 30 mins. First representative told me I have to call my provider Tmobile to downgrade my data from LTE to 3G. I did that and it didn't work. I called again and waited another 30 mins. This time I talked with Brian (employee ID 993662). This call is the most horrible call ever. He told me I have to contact Tmobile again to disable Binge on video option. I was trying to tell him and understand why it is completely different fix compare to the fix and he was trying to argue with me on the call. I was trying to get a manager on the call and he told me he can't since manager only handled advantage technical support he couldn't handle. He argued with me so loud on the call and it is the most horrifying experience ever. Definitely don't buy the system. They will just blame on someone else and ask you to contact your phone provider or other company instead of fix on their side. Don't waste your money on this company, totally unreasonable and unprofessional service."

Helpful Cool


Nighmare Customer "Service"

"RUN, don't walk away from Lorex! If I could give zero stars, I would.

I bought an 8 camera 1080p system. The system arrived with only one power supply for the cameras instead of the two it requires. When I called tech support it was a horror show. Besides being almost impossible to understand, first I was told they would have to generate a tech support incident number which they would email to me. When I got the email, I was supposed to reply to it with a picture of the package they sent me. After sending the email, I was then supposed to gall them. I waited all day for their email to arrive. It didn't show up until the next day. I then emailed them the picture they wanted & called them. They said they couldn't find my email. I resent it 3 times & they still couldn't find it. Finally, they gave me an alternate email address to send it to. The next day, I got all the notices of undeliverable email in my inbox. The reason given was that Lorex's mailbox was full. Later that day I got an email from Lorex stating that they had gotten one of my emails & my cse was now being handed up to "tier two" & I'd be heading from them in 3-4 days. All this for an effing six buck power supply!

Two days later, I finally get a chance to unpack everything, set it up & test it out before I begin the installation. Imagine my disappointment when I plug the first camera in only to find it's a GLOW CAMERA! Nowhere in any of their literature do they mention these are ancient technology glow cameras. Just what I need, a ring of red lights around every camera to advertise to everyone there's an active video monitoring system & where all the cameras are located.

I'm returning this system for a refund!

Helpful Cool


Customer Service is the worst

"We installed the system, but we were unable to set up the application in our mobiles. I opened a ticket and the response don have any sense. I took a long time to receive an answer. Their toll number does not work for PR. I can't fill the warranty, because they do not have PR as a valid state an the system doesn't allow to complete without a State. I you buy the System in Puerto Rico, you should have it as a valid State.

We DON'T RECOMMEND THE SYSTEM. The support is worst we have experience.

We are going to return the product

Helpful Cool


2 year review

"I purchased this system 2 years ago. The cameras were easy to install and I love the wireless capabilities. The negatives about this system: night vision is terrible, my hard drive has already gone out once and is going out again for the second time in 2 years. The system is not user friendly, if you do not reset your perimeters after playback the system will not record. I am not satisfied with Lorex at all and I will be switching to a different brand now that the hard drive is failing again. I am writing this review based on my experience. I would not recommend Lorex security cameras. "

Helpful Cool


Worst Customer Service Ever

"I purchased a security system in Nov 2015, its now 3/17 and it is still now fully working. I've called, I email everyday and no one ever calls back or replies with a return email that solves anything. All you ever get are more questions about what you ordered, when they could just look it up in their system. Far and away, hand downs, no questions asked...the worst customer service company I've ever dealt with. I don't know what I'll do when the warranty runs out."

Helpful Cool


bad product

"I purchased a lorex system in November 2015 , a couple weeks ago the cooling fan begin making a lot of noise I called tech support he told me to take it apart and check the fan, I did and the noise was the fan I called back and he said the did not sell parts for dvr's I would have to purchase another dvr, now on there website they have a section about fan issue's, and from other review's other people have had the same problem, and not to mention I have had two power adapters go bad they did replace one under warranty but give me a hard time about it. I would not recommend for anyone to purchase a lorex. I will not purchase another one."

Helpful Cool


WORST company on the planet

"I am still working on trying to resolve issues with this company. I ordered there product on November 27th 2016. I have been calling with unresolved issues since Dec.5.

It took almost 2 months to receive my product when I paid extra for expedited shipping.

Finally I received the product just to find out it was not what the the Lorex sales service agent described.

I have been told several times the last few weeks repeatedly that I would get a return package and a refund within 48 hours. This is not happening and I am waiting.

Ticket number after new ticket numbers these thieves won't do anything. I have been recording call after call and every new supervisor does not care to hear them and insists he will personally take care of it and does nothing!

Helpful Cool

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