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Product & services pricing 3.75/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.67/10
Shipping & packaging: 4.17/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.50/10
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Worst Customer Service

"Worst customer service around. Asked us to send back a camera under warranty then refused to issue refund or replacement. Everytime we call they transfer to a few different people until one of their reps hangs up the phone or transfers to an extension that says "extension unavailable" and then disconnects the call."

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This company is the worst for customer service. do not wast your time of money.

"they are the worst
do not spend your money here

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"They have not returned my money it is almost 1000 dollars. I am very discontent with Lorex altogether. They do not know what the definition of a good business is. They lack the capacity to exhibit good customer service, they will have you on hold for a long amount of time. Then the customer service representative will put you on hold to "fix" the issue at the end of the call they only make empty promises that they make you feel as if they intentionally will not keep. To what extent do we stop calling this corporation a company and start calling them for what they really are SCAMMERS. They will steal your money and give you several different excuses to why it is supposedly delayed. If they were so quick to remove the money from my bank account, why can they be quick about putting it back. There are various reviews of other people stating ever so clearly in their reviews that Lorex has not returned their money at all or they did not receive it for a couple of months. In my situation, I ordered on Thanksgiving Day and was promised my order would be received on the 1st of December. This was a lie, I kept being told several times by different customer representatives that it would come over several different dates, I have chat transcripts that would support what I am saying. Ultimately the date in which it would arrive was changed about five times until I was fed up and contacted them once again complaining. The customer representative said that Lorex would compensate me by sending my purchased items sooner than the already 4-week delay that they had. The items did come, they were able to do that. But to my dismay the items were not the ones I had ordered. When I called them, they told me the items were sent incorrectly because they no longer had them in stock and a message should have been sent to me indicating that. Once again, they were telling me excuses that had nothing to do with anything that was in my control. They kept messing up time after time. I then told them I wanted to return the items they gave me a bit of grief for that but then was promised I would receive my refund 5-10 business days after they have received it at their warehouse. It has been over two weeks going on three and have not received my refund. This is at the point that I will be posting this review in every site related to Lorex technology. If there is anyone else who has had issues like this with Lorex contact Telemundo Answer also known as Telemundo Responde. They will help with cases such as this. "

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Products are toys

"Bought lw3211 ANALOGUE camera to use with existing analogue system looked at spec online and although there are contradictions in the spec it appears to be a standard analogue bnc connection until you find the tiny print on the BOTTOM of the box that it will only work with some Lorex dvr's obviously not an industry standard analogue output wasted my time as i said a toy"

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Horrible Service once you get the product. Spend days on the phone!

"The camera system itself was good for about 1.75 years but when I started having issues trying to contact anyone at Lorex plan to set days a side trying to talk to someone no matter getting it resolved. Finally they said they were sending new power supplies 3 weeks later still not shipped. I phoned to see where they are at they said it would ship in a day or two but that what they said a months ago. Two days later I emailed and phoned saying to more power supplies went and they said okay they will ship complete as the other one hasn't shipped yet. Phoned today Dec 12th and they said that it will be showing up tomorrow. Only to find out they only shipped one and not the two others I ended up phoning and emailing about back on Nov 9th. "

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"Purchased the system at BJ’s wholesale club Jan 2017 (I cannot believe they sell this crap to begin with) 3 out of the 4 cameras failed within the first 7 months, one of the replacement camera failed again and it’s over 3 weeks that I opened a ticket, and spent 2.5 hours on the phone and still no resolution. They said that they were going to call me back but they never did. I’m going to tell BJ’s to stop selling this crap.

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Security Company with this BAD Customer Service???

"Don't buy their products. They have HORRIBLE Customer Service. I bought a system last week and it arrived defective. A camera bracket was broken and they said they don't cover brackets under warranty. I called them less than 12 hours after I received it! How can it NOT be under warranty? They ship defective material and think they can get away with that? I'm filing a claim with the credit card company to refund my purchase price.

Twice on the phone 35 minutes to Customer Service and they won't replace the broken bracket!!!

Don't put your trust in this so called Security Company.. They're as bad as crooks!

Check out their "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau. That should be a warning to you too!



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Lorex Security systems

"We purchased a security system with 8 cameras after our garage was broke into twice. Guarantee no one will step foot on our property after this was installed without us knowing. When they say night vision....Part of our property is so dark a bat would get lost but with the cameras we got from Lorex....Midnight videos look as clear as daytime. Excellent choice."

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The worst Customer Service ever

"I never believed my coworkers and college when they told me about the bad customer service that Lorex will provide until I had that experience myself. I purchased over 20 DVR system from Lorex before (mostly from Costco), but because Costco had an outstanding service I did not had any issue before. But when I had a problem with an order from Lorextechnology.com the customer service was horrible. I will never order from them anymore "

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Extremely poor customer service

"The product works well, however, I have one defective camera. Their customer service is extremely poor, logged a ticket Sept 30 and a month later no response, I just want to exchange the defective camera. I was going to spend $3k on another system for my other property and have decided to wait and find a better solution."

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"Ordered two systems, the first was ok. The second I received the WRONG CAMERAS and for the last TWO MONTHS I've been calling and emailing constantly to have them switch these incorrect cameras for the correct ones. Absolutely appalling customer service runaround."

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Bad times

"I ordered a camera from Lorex along with a second camera. Once the cameras had been shipped, I received a box from Lorex containing only one camera. The attached Lorex invoice showed all cameras were allegedly shipped. I retained the shipping invoice for verification and the shipping weight easily confirms this and can be verified by UPS.

On Sept 21 2017, I completed a lorex help ticket (which can be verified by Lorex and screen shots I took) and was never responded to.

On Sept 25 2017, I bumped the ticket again and received no response from Lorex.

On September 28 2017, I called lorex (verified by phone records) and was told the camera was not currently in stock and Lorex will not receive anymore in the "foreseeable future", however, Lorex further explained they would find a suitable replacement and send it along with a confirmation email. It was nice that they confirmed the camera was not shipped due to a back order issue.

I later received an email from Lorex telling me that my ticket will be closed in 48 hours due to me not responded to the ticket. I viewed the ticket and it only shows "assigned to agent" with no other information or requested action on my part

On October 3 2017, I had not received any cameras or any emails. I again called lorex (again verifiable by phone records) and was on hold for 1 hour and 36 minutes (screen shot were taken for verification) and was ultimately disconnected without speaking to anyone A check of Lorex website shows the same camera was in stock and still for sale and has not been removed.

On October 4 2017, Lorex finally responded to the ticket with "In order for us to continue with the escalation process we will require the camera exact model that you missed. Also we recommend that you reply with pictures of the cameras you didn't receive." I responded to Lorex explaining the information was in the original ticket and further commented on taking a picture of a camera that I did not receive.

A week later and after several phone calls with no response from Lorex, I responded to the Lorex ticket system and requested a refund due to Lorex not shipping me the product and Lorex failing to contact me.

On October 13 2017, Lorex responded to my request with the "it's on back order" and "We may still have these cameras available at 3rd party stores like Costco, Walmart, Sam's Club etc, in case if you are still interested in this product."

On October 14 2017, I received a email from Lorex with "Dear Xxxx Xxxxxx, Your Lorex return has been approved for the following item(s): FLIRCare-399 × 1 LNZ3522RB × 1 A pre-paid UPS® shipping label has been generated for you. Please print this label and secure it to your return. This label contains all of the information needed to get the item(s) back to us." I responded to the email explaining that I had not received the camera and again asked for a refund.

On October 15 2017, Lorex responded with "Upon verification, Since the cameras are in back order status and due to the fact that you want a refund to be done. We have submitted a refund process under the reference number xxxxxxxx. You will also be receiving a return label from UPS so you can return the item back to us. Once it arrives to our warehouse it will take between 10-14 days for the refund to be shown on your bank statement."

To this day, I do not have a Lorex camera to review. Why I did not check the BBB page before I do not know. As others have stated, Lorexs has no customer service and seldom answers the phone or responds to Emails.

Helpful Cool


backorder runaround

"ordered a security camera system from Lorex.com. Lorex advised system was backordered will ship in 2 weeks. Call backed in 3 weeks, since I did not get any notification. They advised system is in will ship immediately.2 weeks go by, still no system. Had to call them again, since I did not hear anything. They advised system backordered will ship once it gets here. They initially would not give me a date, when pressed they said will be sent in 2 weeks. Never got item, cancelled order. If you get a backorder from Lorex cancel immediately, they will just string you along and never notify you. Customer Service is horrible. "

Helpful Cool


Not happy

"After 8 months I started loosing the cameras one buy one so when only one out of four was working I called customer support / tech support. 5 day later after several calls the determined the cameras were not working. So Now I have to call back customer support and jump through hoops. First problem is you cant understand them nor they you. I asked to switched to a US customer service and they informed me they have none I asked where they were they said Columbia and had no other number. I asked if they have a corporate number they said no, but how ever they told me there company was in Canada. Ok so we had over an hour very hard conversation finally they switched me to another person on hold for another 40 minutes and got disconnect. In short worst customer service encounter I have ever had. I don't know if they are try to dissuade you from returning the camera or they really are that incompetent . Never again."

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Worst customer service ever!

"I purchased the latest wireless security system which included battery operated cameras so totally wireless. Long story short I called customer service because I could not get the motion notifications to stop coming to my phone. I tried the DVR interface which gave me no option to turn off and the IPhone app had an option but would not work. So after spending 20 minutes with support guy he finally remotely accessed my computer to try to solve the problem but then said "oh you have a Mac, we do not have software for the Mac yet!! WTF Apple started in 1976 and they don't have software. Then I googled it and found you have to turn of the notification permission in the IPhone app problem solved!

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