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Do not buy from them !

"I have ordered an item and they double charged me and i kept calling all week for this to be dropped and returned then I got a ring around about giving my money back and then I wanted to cancel my order and surprise they shipped it yesterday! $129.79 lost until I return it ! So DONT EVER BY FROM LIVE NATION !!!!! "

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Do not buy here

"Ordered in february in eurostore, They send from us, had to pay takes worth the item, I refuseer and send back, never received a refund. This Company is a thief!"

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"The only reason I am giving this website one star is because there isn't an option to give them ZERO - I ordered a T-shirt in January, didn't receive it so emailed them and had this reply;

Thank you for choosing Live Nation Merchandise. Your order number is 8479328. Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in processing your order. We regret that due to a fulfillment issue, we were not able to meet our original estimated ship date for this order and we are now anticipating your order to ship in the next 1 to 2 weeks.

It's now the 13th March and I STILL haven't had my T-shirt and they are not replying to my emails

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Fans getting ripped off - avoid at all costs

"I have been completely ripped off by this company and hope people will avoid using them in the future. It's such a shame bands are letting companies such as this make a profit from their names.

I ordered two QOTSA t shirts back in November. I placed the order, having been clearly told on the site shipping would be 5-10 days, and having paid £!0 for international shipping. Having chased up the order I was told it is 6-10 weeks for international orders. Not only this but that 'Please note that all taxes and duties are the responsibility of the purchaser. We are not able to mark packages as having No Commercial Value, in order to reduce potential duties due'.

They sent me a link to notice on their website (that was conveniently posted the day after my email was received) that says

'All international orders can have an estimated delivery time between 1-6 weeks, but unfortunately that is not guaranteed since the customs process and associated time frame cannot be controlled. Once your package is dropped off at the post office by UPS there are typically no tracking updates available until it is delivered.

Please note: A substantial transit time is expected for international orders because they must ship and then process through customs. If you do not receive your package by the times listed above, please be sure and check with your local sorting office to ensure they’re not holding the package or that it’s not being held in customs.'

They keep telling me to 'Please contact your local post and customs for further whereabouts of your package to ensure they are not holding it.' Contact customs? They won't even tell me which shipper they used, although they can tell me it arrived in the country on 4/12 - where? Who knows?

Please please don't use this site, it's a con. They said one thing on my order and then updated their website to cover their tracks.

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Horrible customer service

"My experience with Live Nation has not been pleasant. I received an item that was broken due to poor packaging. Then I received another item with empty package. The package was received at the post office unsealed. When I made my complaints the customer service person kept trying to push me aside and make excuses and just simply wanted to send me another replacement and be done with. Her attitude was terrible. I had been nothing but polite in the conversation. I've had to call a couple of times on both occasions before something was done. The ticket made on my first call is never placed because when I call a couple of days later the agent has no information that a ticket was even made. When I request to speak with a manager it takes a while before I'm able to speak to one. Then he proceeded to just blame the help and the packaging. As a manager you shouldn't be placing the blame on something or someone else ,but accepting the issue and appeasing the customer. Needless to say I was left more disgruntled then when I had originally placed the call in.
Live Nation needs to work on their customer service and packing ability.

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It's incredible, worst service ever!

"My first time buying a item for them was in Nov 2016, almost 2 o 3 weeks later it was shipped, the arrive of this item was ridiculous long! It arrives on February 2017! I give them a second chance, because that item was ordered near to Christmas holiday. So I order a new two items separately one mine and other of a friend of mine. Mine was send on July 31st, 2017, at this time it haven't arrive yet, and my friend's item still appears as no shipped, I emailed them and they said that that item that ColdPlay announce to be available on August 4th, was out of stock, yeahp one week later and when I placed the order on July to that item, now no items, no refund, the deathline of the my friend's payment is over, no answer... NEVER BUY AGAIN WITH THEM!"

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Fk livenation merchendise fk fk fk

"How stupid i'm ordering via this the most horrible website!! agh!!
I placed preoder in madonna bluray on august 16 and was supposed to receive it on september 15!
Guess what happend? that is right -- NO ORDER. and what is more i can't track my order -- because there is no tracking numbers for international shipments (but UPS assured me that this is impossible cause every parcel has its own tracking number!!! - ask the seller they have it)
I wrote 1000s of emails -- no replies! so i called -- they are nice on the phone -- but answers are empty none helped me.
so here i'm - no order, no bluray, no t-shirt, no money refund, no information.

@LiveNation if you **** as online shop just close yourself don't disgrace artist you work with!!!

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"I took more than two month to communicate and to process refund."

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Never again

"Purchased 2 t shirts Coldplay concert on line, order placed on 8/31/2016, I received an email on 9/16/2016 saying order was shipped. Only 1 t shirt received on 10/5/2016.
Still waiting for missing t shirt.
This is amazing, worse customer service ever.
Be aware.

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Don't know how to ship orders at all

"I bought a def leppard t shirt weeks ago because I originally had one from a concert, but of course I lost it and I am trying to replace the lost one because that was a gift from my boyfriend. I have literally been given the worst information possible. They're all so nice on the phone and helpful, but I can't begin to describe the disorganization about shipments. When I first called, they said they had straightened it out and my order would finally ship out to me. Then I emailed and called another time and they said that my order was all ready to ship but then there was something wrong with the stock, so my order wouldn't be sent yet and they didn't know when it would be. I needed this order before I left for school this week but that's not happening. Every other time I inquired, they claimed that it would ship and it hasn't I just emailed them again; I'm not canceling my order. I will wait and bother them as much as possible till I get my oder but for God's sake, DON'T BUY ANYTHING ONLINE FROM LIVE NATION MERCHANDISE JUST DON'T. Their concert tickets are great, but not the merchandise. "

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"I ordered a System of a Down hoodie to cheer myself up and was happy to see the order was accepted on 24th May. I expected my item within ten working days. After three weeks I emailed live nation asking them if my order had been shipped as was informed they had not recieved it from their supplier yet and told me I would be informed when they got it in stock. A further three weeks went by and I emailed them again. I was offered no reassurance except that I had not been charged for the item and I could cancel at any time. I didn't want to cancel though as I had been looking forward to getting this (rare in the UK) merchandise. I recieved no apology and was forced to wait.

On August 8th - ten weeks since my order was placed I had still no more information sent to me about the order and I was fuming to see that they had also reduced the item into sale. When I queried this I was told that they still were waiting on their supplier and ignored my obvious concerns about the sale of the item. I found it impossible to get my call connected when I tried to complain via the phone, so eventually I cancelled my order.
For such a big company, how could it be so difficult to keep customers informed and ship their items promptly. I was deeply shocked by their lack of support and as a result I will never consider placing an order with them again.

In short; if you want a massive disapointment, LiveNation is the place to go.

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"I ordered 4 tickets from Live Nation's website to see Kenny Chesney's May 20th concert in Atlanta, GA. At the gate, we were told two of our General Admission/Best Available seats were actually parking passes. Customer service was no help and refused to apologize, claiming user error. How does this explain the 100's of other customers lined up at the ticket booth with the same problem?
Live Nation's customer service is horrible.

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"I ordered some Gorillaz merchandise for the concert in my city that I also got tickets to. I haven't gotten most of the items associated with my VIP package, and I also haven't gotten one of the t-shirts I ordered. The thing about the t-shirt really ticked me off too--I had to change my credit card number due to someone taking my card (it was someone I knew, not these guys) and instead of updating my info when I called them, the person I talked to cancelled it! So, I had to call back and straighten it out, and I hope that solved the problem. I will not buy from them again if I could possibly avoid it."

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"I only ordered my dvd's through this company because I could not get one of them anywhere else. The one I could not get elsewhere is Brian Regan's "I Walked on the Moon" dvd. It is only available through his website, http://brianregan.shop.musictoday.com/, or livenation.com (who runs the scenes behind his website). The company charged my card for my items a full week before they ever shipped them, which is UNACCEPTABLE. Shipping was ridiculously expensive and slow too, I might add. $11.53 I was charged to ship for 3 dvd's via Fedex's painfully slow Smartpost.

The 2 dvd's that I could've bought elsewhere were overpriced too- I could've saved $16 on those 2 items alone had I not bought thru this company.

Bottom line, don't buy from these guys unless you have to, and you have time to waste before you need your items, besides money to throw away.

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