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Rating 10/10

Liftmode Phenibut F.A.A.

"Well, this is my second review of this great product I've ordered from http://www.liftmode.com. This time, I ordered 100 grams of the product, and was again very satisfied. Served me for almost 7 months, using it once a week in average, 2 - 2.5 grams per day. Again, excellent quality, fabulous anti-anxiety effect, with negligible side effect (rarely, short-lived dizziness). Hats off to LiftMode. Top quality. I'm ordering again."

Rating 10/10

The BEST Barnone

"Hi all,
I just wanted to take a time out to sing the praises of Liftmode as a company, and of their most prominent product, their highly pure Phenibut HCL. With more and more brands trying to somehow reinvent the wheel, and conflicting reports of different levels of purity, I just felt the need to talk about these guys a bit.
The product, is, in a word, peerless. I can't remember ever trying any other brand that backs up the chemical integrity of their product with the type of standard lab information that Liftmode does. You know what you're getting, who you're getting it from, and when it was made. You know infinitesimal levels of chemical information, prepared for you, with every order (that goes double for all their other products as well). Having been a Liftmode customer for several years, I can personally vouch that their quality and availability has only gotten better. I also think you'll be hard pressed to find a more economically sound option.
On a customer service basis, Liftmode is about as good as humanly possible. I have emailed them multiple times with dosage and product questions, and have recieved prompt, reasoned, and thoughtful replies with 12 hours EVERY TIME.
In short: there is no reason to go anywhere else.

Rating 10/10

The best of the best!

"This is the best site I have ever use to order Nootropics they send my order and I receive is at least a day early! They are always as potent and as pure as they say and they never are tampered or damaged. THIS IS THE BEST SITE PERIOD IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR NOOTROPICS!!!!!"

Rating 10/10

Phenibut HCL

"I chose to use https://liftmode.com/ after i researched around and heard good things about it. I bought 70 300mg tablets of Phenibut at 99.5% purity (liftmode's products come with a certificate of authenticity, which is awesome). I'd take 2 tablets twice a week, which helped with my anxiety and acted as a relaxant.
Liftmode's customer service was amazing. The product arrived very quickly and was professionally packaged. The product information contained on liftmode.com helped a lot when I was determining what to by, and the final product was true to description. I felt very safe and informed buying from them.

Rating 10/10

Liftmode's Phenibut

"I found out about Liftmode's products from word of mouth and was especially interested in their phenibut after reading a scientific guide of the benefits. Liftmode is known for high quality, tested batches of products which come with a quality analysis and instructions of how to use. I've used Liftmode to purchase products such as Phenibut, Yohimbine and Phenylethylamine. It is important I buy products that I put into my body from a trusted company such as Liftmode who put a ton of attention to quality. I use Phenibut about once or twice a week, dosing between .5 to 1grams. Phenibut has many benefits from great quality of sleep to anti-anxiety. I highly recommend phenibut from Liftmode, for it's quality and pureness. I will continue to shop at Liftmode as long as the quality stays consistent with excellence."

Rating 10/10

High quality Phenibut and fast shipping!

"My friend recently told me about http://www.liftmode.com and how they had high quality phenibut. When i visited their website i was shocked to see how cheap their phenibut was, about 15$ for 40g of large crystal phenibut. All orders also come with free shipping which is nice. I ordered the phenibut and it arrived 2 days later. I was pretty surprised how fast it arrived considering it was free shipping.
It came well packaged with a lab rating of the qaulity of the phenibut, 99% pure. I immediately opened the phenibut to try it out. It comes with a 350mg scoop so you can measure out the correct serving size. Within about 1 hour of taking the phenibut I began to feel very relaxed and happy. Some of the most high quality phenibut I have experienced. Would recommend LiftMode to anyone who is interested in high quality phenibut

Rating 10/10


"Placed and order for hordenine on liftmode after doing some research on barley grass, and the potentiating effects of hordenine with in it. After a few glasses of barley followed by nasty barley burps I did some more research and found liftmode and shoped around, finding this to be the best price and placed and order, 2 day shipping and took a few scoop and was very impressed with how potent this was vs actually barley grass, 20 grams should last me awhile, I hope to try out some more items in the near future. Great product, great price."

Rating 10/10

Great products, great customer service!

"I've been ordering from Liftmode for a few years now, and have had nothing but great experiences with them. Liftmode always delivers promptly, almost crazy fast! The product I order mist is Phenibut, and the quality is top notch. It helps with my social anxiety and occasional sleeplessness. I've ordered from other companies before finding them and not only paid more, but the product was inferior."

Rating 6/10

L-Theanine from LiftMode

"I ordered L - Theanine from LiftMode (www.liftmode.com) several months ago after researching and learning about the mild nootropic benefits of the compound. Generally, it’s reported to aid in producing a feeling of calm and focus (it's an anxiolytic), without inducing sedation (doesn't make you sleepy). L - Theanine is naturally found in tea, with certain kinds of green tea (like High-Grade Japanese Gyokuro, and Matcha) having the highest and most significant quantities. I remember reading that some studies (and many of first-hand accounts) have shown that it helps negate the jittery and anxiety-producing effects of caffeine. It aids in focus and creating a calm-mind. There's also some evidence to show that it may be a mild mood enhancer.

I ordered 150 capsules, at 200mg each. The price was great (I shopped around and found this one to be the most cost effective for this dosage), and I believe that the dosage is also optimal for producing an effect (especially when paired with caffeine). I've never experienced any adverse side-effects from L-Theanine, and I'm pretty sure that the LD50 (lethal dose) is very difficult to hit or exceed, so it's not something that you could easily overdose on.

LiftMode also provided paperwork showing that the L-Theanine was guaranteed (from product quality testing) to be greater than 99% pure. [ >99% Purity Rating ] so, I'm glad that it's very high-quality stuff. I am however curious if the L-Theanine in tea is more bioavailable than the powdered form in this product.

The service and price when ordering the L-Theanine were great! I have however been disappointed with the customer service that I've experienced since then. I've received emails addressed to another name, not gotten a response to emails that I've sent, and spoke to a customer service rep who seemed to have little to no training... so it became a very confusing and awkward call. I finally got an answer to my question, but it came more than 2 weeks after I had originally emailed them and required me to waste time sending a second email which never got a reply and making an 8-minute phone call...

I still intend to order more from them because their prices, product quality, and discounts are hard to beat. But if I continue to receive poor customer service I'll take my business elsewhere.

TL;DR: Great product, price, and quick/ professional product delivery. Poor customer service thus far.

Rating 8/10

Wrong product received, still satisfied.

"I ordered 70 capsules containing 100mg caffeine and 150mg l-theanine and it arrived 8 days later. I didn't get what I wanted, what I received was 70 capsules of 200mg l-theanine. I quickly emailed the liftmode customer support team and they were very polite and apologetic. they asked if I wanted a reshipment or a refund and I asked for a reship. It arrived 2 days later (instead of standard shipping the put 2 day shipping on it), and it was the correct product. I find the capsules very convenient and awesome. Plus, i got to keep the 200mg l-theanine caps for free.

I don't like the taste of coffee unless its drowned in creamer so I find the capsules very handy and inexpensive. I took a capsule in the following morning and felt slightly energized 30 mins in, and peaked at 1 hour. I was very focused during work and had no crash at all, it helped me stay alert without being all jumpy and falling out of my shoes. I wouldn't recommend taking more than 1 a day as they're pretty strong, unless you have something like SATs or finals during school and you need the extra focus.

(liftmode website link) - liftmode.com?aff=cGFydG5lcl9pZD0xMDImYmFubmVyX2lkPTE=

(70 capsules 100mg caffeine and 150mg l-theanine) - https://liftmode.com/caffeine-100mg-l-theanine-150mg-capsules-70-count-99-pure.html?aff=cGFydG5lcl9pZD0xMDImYmFubmVyX2lkPTE=

Rating 10/10

Longstanding customer, always satisfied!

"I've been a customer of LiftMode for quite some time now (2 or 3 years at least), and I've come back time and time again for their quick shipping, great customer service, and high quality products. They send purity reports on everything, which is great to know when you want some reassurance of what you're buying. A+++ all around! I will continue to shop there. You should too."

Rating 10/10

Phenibut and the cheapest place to get it

"I have been ordering phenibut from liftmode for several months. Compared to other websites they have the cheapest prices. When ordering I would suggest not paying for shipping and only using the free shipping. The longest time I have waited for my package is 4 days. The quality of this product and the others from this website is the best for the price.
Phenibut Hcl is a staple for any of my PR attempts. Looking for a cheap quality Phenibut I found Liftmode.com I was surprised at how cheap the 100 gram large crystal phenibut was. After ordering I received my package extremely quickly. After opening the box I noticed there was no powder residue you get with other companies. It also came with a slip confirming the purity.
After taking the recommended dosage I noticed after it kicked in a euphoric feeling and proceeded to go to the gym and destroy every PR I had. The effects lasted a while and I even received a slew of customer call ins complimenting me on my can do attitude.
All in all this is a great product and I can't thank the team at liftmode for their cheap prices.

Rating 10/10

Phenibut F.A.A. (Free Amino Acid)

"I have mainly purchased Phenibut from Liftmode. I am always satisfied with the product they've delivered. The product itself works exactly as described for me and I will continue to purchase it for a while. It's made me much more comfortable doing anything that used to stress me. I'm in university and feel more confident in front of the class during presentations and even asking questions in class. I recommend Liftmode to my friends in the real world."

Rating 8/10

Phenibut from liftmode

"I have used Phenibut for social anxiety and it really works. I was more out going and felt and more myself. I love it! My max dosage is 1500 mg in capsule form.
I ordered it from liftmode.com. I feel that their product is up to standards compared to others I've tried. The shipping was fast and free. It also came with a authentication letter.
Just don't take it more then a few times a week..it works best when used sparingly.

Rating 10/10


"I ordered from liftmode a few different times. No one on the internet has better prices and the shipping is free and usually arrives in a few days. Highly recommend liftmode and I'll definitely buy from them a lot in the future!"

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