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Liberty Health Share is awsome

"Liberty Health Share has been a blessing to me and my family. We have recently had some health issues and they have been there for us the whole way. "

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"As a nurse, I am so impressed with Liberty Healthshare. My experience has been exceptional—the info given to explain the program is succinct and easy to understand. As a member, their reps are friendly and quite informative. I love how they manage billing and payment in a timely manner. The best!"

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Good Job--way to go!

"We have had no issues and enjoy being doctored at a Direct Care Provider. Claims are easy submit thrrugh share box and the informational newsletters are inform,ative on timely topics and helpful. Good job!"

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Best healthcare coverage out there!

"I love liberty and recommend them to all my family and friends. "

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We Love Liberty HealthShare!!!

"Great so far. Thank you for providing this wonderful service for the world!

Jim, Sarah, Jayma, and Silvio

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Excellent medical coverage, and Fantastic customer service..Always

"I have been a member since 2016. When I heard about Liberty Healthshare I thought it was "too good to be true"....IT IS !!! I have had nothing but great coverage and wonderful customer service. I have recommended them to so many people....Thank you Liberty Healthshare.."

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Putting "care" back into healthcare

"We became members three years ago and have never regretted giving up traditional insurance. The first time we needed the share service was for an emergency, including ambulance and overnight hospital stay. Our local hospital had never even heard of cost sharing, so I called Liberty Healthshare member support who helped the hospital finance office understand how it all worked. Once our crisis had passed, I spent a fair amount of time with member support myself, learning about submitting bills for payment and how to fully use our share box. Everyone at Liberty who helped me was, without fail, courteous, supportive, warm, and generous with his/her time. Our bills were all paid in a timely fashion, with the only hitches coming from vendors rather than from Liberty. Our healthcare budget has fallen dramatically when compared to what we were paying under traditional insurance, but our health (both physical and financial) have significantly improved. Liberty Healthshare is the way to go!!"

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So Frustrating!

"This has been so frustrating! Health insurance got way to expensive for my husband and I because we are self-employed. So we heard about Liberty. We decided to go with it and for the first year it was ok. Now hospitals and Dr offices will no longer submit bills for you so we are left to do it. I have submitted many and have only seen one small reimbursement check. Over the last year we have had a run of bad luck with 3 ER visits that resulted in a surgery for me, and many small sick visits for my husband and kids. As a result we are now in collections with several healthcare providers because Liberty is not taking care of getting them or us our money. We had perfect credit before we started with Liberty and now it is going in the toilet! We don't know what to do! When you call the customer service line the people are rude and treat you like you are stupid. Yes we are paying an affordable premium, but at what cost? Amidst all of this my husband has changed jobs and took quite a pay cut, we are currently looking in to switching to something else. We just don't know what to do."

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They’ll reimburse over their dead bodies

"Was with them for a year. They make you jump through so many hoops to get reimbursement, and now six months later, I still haven't received any! Paid my bills up front, then submitted for reimbursement. If I paid $1,000, they corrected the credit to the Medicare reimbursement rate, not what I actually paid. Then they still haven't reimbursed me, despite multiple phone calls to customer service, submissions and re-submissions of receipts and medical records. Such a scam!"

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The most Un-Christian organization ever!!

"This has been a nitemare experience. Staff whose primary goal seems to be to deny claims at all costs. From my very first phone call to my last, my words were twisted, I said I was waking up feeling tired which led me to the Doctors office, they said I said I had 'sleep apnea' therefore a preexisting condition therefore claim would be denied. They said that I had knowledge of a diagnosis given to me 2 weeks AFTER I signed a contract stating I did not have any preexisting condition because according to them the relevant date was not the date I signed and dated the contract but rather 3 weeks later once coverage commenced. I was therefore attributed with knowledge that I did not have to suit their wanting to deny claim. It is a scam. My medical office was shocked at their attitude. She asked about a fax sent to them 3 weeks prior and was told "we haven't got to that yet, we get hundreds of faxes a day" ......one word HORRENDOUS!"

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Great alternative to UnAffordable Care Act Policies

"My ACA compliant personal policy was going to be over $1,300 per month. With a $7,000 deductible. Liberty has been great. Less than half the cost, lower deductible, and they took care of paying the providers directly. "

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Liberty Healthshare is cooperative.

"I fell on my knee and it took a year to resolve, but LHS stuck with me in getting healing injections. Its much better now! "

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I am so very thankful for LibertyHealth Share!

"The coverage is perfect for our family!"

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More Affordable and Better

"Saves me $1,000/month with more robust coverage than the ACA plan I left..."

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Helpful and accessible customer service

"We have been with Liberty for almost 2 years now. They are very responsive, their coverage is excellent, we are able to use Alternative Health practitioners, they reimburse virtually everything that we submit. Could not be happier, with the quality of their customer service, their very reasonable premiums, and responsiveness to questions and concerns. They are the best thing going into Healthcare arena that I have ever come across."

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