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Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.50/10
Customer service: 2.50/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.25/10
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Not notified of a stock item

" Very disappointed that I was not notified an item I ordered was out of stock. When I called to inquire was told it would not be in stock for another four weeks. 8-10 additional days for it to arrive at my house. I would not have made this purchase a griend whose sister just died. I wanted to give the gift and a timely manner. I will not be ordering from you again. "

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"I purchased a sweater for $12.98 and I could not wear it because the fabric scratched my skin. Lakeside wanted to charge me $7.99 to return a $12.98 item. I will give this brand new sweater to the Goodwill"

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Products are junk

"I used to order from them about 10 years ago and their products were nice and better quality. I decided on two different occasions to order something for teacher Christmas presents for my kids teachers. Products arrived cheaply made and I was too embarrassed to gift them to anyone. Threw them away. Never ordering from them again. When their catalogs come and I throw them right in the trash like their products!! BEWARE"

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Very poor quality items

"I have looked at their catalogs for years and have wanted to order from them as they seemed to have very nice quality items. I don't drive so I shop online, of all the companys and stores I have purchased from this one has been the worst as far as the quality of what they r selling. I had no problem with ordering or with the time it took to arrive. But when I did receive my order I was very disappointed! I purchased 5 items, all on sale and paid 9.99 shipping. And I have to say that the sale price was even to much for how poor of quality the items were. Several items were going to be gifts and I'm glad that I didn't have them shipped directly to the recipients. Otherwise I would have been very embarrassed! I purchased a collectable diecast military vehicle for my grandson. I opened it to look at it an almost cut my finger on the very cheap Sharp plastic. It is 99% plastic and what little bit is metal is very thin, weak and fragile. I could hardly hold it to look at it as pieces could very easily snap off. Just so poorly made I can't even give it to him, I could have found better quality at the dollar store.I also purchased a baby doll for my grand daughter. These items felt like a joke, no kidding! The head, hands and feet are barely attached or hanging on to a very cheap material body. Again I can't give this as a gift or at all for that matter, if played with it would surely fall apart! And again I could have found better quality at the dollar store. And 3 other items of the same very poor quality. It's all just very cheap junk! A waste of money and had I paid full price I would be outraged rite now. All 5 items together weren't worth the 9.99 shipping. I would return them but it isn't worth me wasting another dime to do so. I'd hate to throw it all in the trash but that's all it's good for. I don't even think it's worth donating to the Salvation Army or Good Will. I will never order from this company again, I wouldn't even take their stuff for free. That's the bottom line."

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Liars and thieves

"Don’t order from them. They sent me double, charge me double , told me I order double on the internet. They charge me 7.00 for a return label I sent 3 items back , they will only credit me for 2. They whole experience was terrible . I am ill and they made me sicker. No compassion no help. They are liars and thieves "

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I don't know if I buy from the store again

"Every time I order something from the store they say there's free shipping or $5 shipping which neither is true and today when I went to go order something I put things in the car and they emptied it before I could pay for it"

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"I ordered 502002032249 some items I needed ASAP for a certain date. When I realized that this company is so slow in shipping and I would NOT get it in time I wrote an email telling them to cancel it. The email was ignored, so I called to cancel as it was not shipped yet.
Customer Service rude, lying, snippy, and argumentative. To justify that they would not cancel my order as they said it was shipped, they gave me a tracking number, which still does not indicate that it was shipped after my phone call. Do not use this catalog to order, they are just after you money at any cost and not customer friendly. I have no use for these items anymore and I know they are still not shipped, their reason for not cancelling my order. Liars and rude people. NEVER again

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I had a good experience

"If I had read these reviews prior to ordering, I may not have ordered. My items came quickly, and I have no regrets. I had one issue with a skirt that arrived damaged. I emailed Lakeside, they responded quickly; and customer service was more than fair with the resolution. I also found their prices to be much less than Amazon for the items I purchased. I'm a happy customer. "

Helpful Cool


You can cancel or change an order

"I call them to change two items that was wrong on my order which was wrong on their end cause I have a copy of what I sent and they cannot make change. They want me to order the two items over and when I receive the wrong item send them back. So I asked to just cancel it cause It is to close to Christmas for this nonsense. To only hear they cannot do that. Then I have a order that is on backorder that the date keep changing from 12/14/17 to 12/17/17 to 12/21/17 I mean just stop with the nonsense. I will not order from this company again worst company to deal with ever any other company will handling anything before the shipment goes out. If I catch a mistake when you email me the list before you ship out you should be able to handle it. Best buy is to go with another company and leave Lakeside Collection along cause you will have a headache in the end."

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Missing items

"Box can all opened and my $200+ order was all just thrown in it so I was missing a bracelet that was very discounted...can't believe that's all that was missing. All they could do is refund the little bit if money which I just needed the item for a gift. Asked for a free shipping code instead so I could look to order something else as nothing else was as cheap and I spent enough the first time for free shipping. Couldn't give me free shipping just the 1.50 whoo whoo. Just learn how to package boxes and use some damn tape so the order comes in the first place!!! Waiting forever for the phone call wasnt worth the money back!!! Or they could have answered my email with pictures of the box sent a month earlier and maybe they still had them in stock!!!!! "

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Very Impressed

"I have placed two orders in the past 2 weeks. The quality of products are wonderful and delivery is fast. I am picky regarding quality and delivery service. Lakeside has exceeded my expectations. I definitely will recommend Lakeside Collections to family & friends. "

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You Can Never Cancel Your Orders When Placed

"I wrote to cancel an order right after I placed it and today I phoned to make sure it was canceled. Unfortunately, even though it takes a period of time for them to process and send items, they state it is impossible to cancel. Also, I had to glue together a couple of items I purchased the previous time. When I went to hang an item in our tree, a solar light, it fell in the grass and broke. Very cheap plastic.

At least, when you speak to someone, they are polite.

Helpful Cool



"This company has completely went down the drain & the customer service is as bad a third rate non domestic based crap fest w/ the absolute RUDEST reps I have ever had to come across in my entire life! They have no business being a business and should be ashamed of themselves for misleading customers & in my opinion scamming them. They advertise, claim & say they care about your satisfaction but God forbid you call them after they send a non-working, damaged, defective or wrong item to you!! They not only will harass & demean you for it, they will charge you secretly to return it to them when they swear they won't when speaking to them nor will they refund you the shipping that you paid for a defective item!! When you call to get it corrected, they treat you like dirt & argue with you about the refund & have a really bad attitude. They don't like anyone calling for a refund or having an issue with their crap products. The more you spend with them, the worse they treat you. This last rep named 'Shrhonda' (how she told me her name was spelled) was so incredibly rude & disrespectful over their mess up & mishandling of a return & refund of defective products, that I am just done with the entire company. I have already warned all my friends & family, guests on my blog, and am sharing this on twitter & all over, warning honest, hard working people to NOT shop here & waste their time. This company is dishonest, rude, sells inferior, often broken or damaged products and then when you call them or email them about them, they literally act mad at the world and you for it and worse, give you an incredibly hard time for it! Worst of all, however, is they inform you they have charged you for their mistake & their junk products!! This company only likes sheep that don't mind throwing their hard earned money away for junk products & whom don't let them know about it & want their money back! So, if you fit that description, go ahead & shop here; but be ready to not receive items that you ordered, broken items, poor quality items, clothing w/holes in them, previously warned items, etc. & then be happy about it. I don't know what's so hard about standing behind what you sell, esp. when you claim & advertise that you will & care so much about customer satisfaction! You don't & worse, give customers extremely difficult, upsetting, stressful, painfully agonizing time for bringing to your attention about a bad item sent & paid for upfront! It's so wrong and after so many occurrences, I now believe it's just a scam. Only companies that get mad at the customer for their bad product do that. Scammer's 101. No customer should be treated like dog crap, but Lakeside Collections does it on a whole new unprofessional level & they will go to the mat talking to you & treating you like scum. It's not worth it & frankly, their stuff is junk; obviously; or people wouldn't need to return items so much! I am making a complaint with the FTC, the BBB, CFPB & the atty general of Illinois as well. I'm sick & tired of them treating paying customers like the way I was just treated, talked down to & denied a full refund when guaranteed that is what I would get! Instead they charged me unlawfully without my knowledge of an unknown fee & thus scammed me for the last & final time! I'm no sheep or Lakeside's fool. Don't be one either! Do NOT shop here!! "

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Double charged on shipping

" I ordered an item from Lakeside collection and it was unavailable until a certain date,so they automatically took it off my order which in turn had me to re-order. I was eligible for free shipping on the initial order so when I had to re-order and they charged me shipping I called and said it was only right for them to take the shipping off and inturn they charged me double for shipping. They charge me shipping on the initial charge for the item and then when I called back to get it refunded instead of refunding the $5.99 they charged the $5.99 again to my bank account. I had to call multiple times for them to reverse the shipping charges and long story short they only reversed one of the charges so I still ended up paying shipping for that item.
I will never order from this company again Unless they correct the problem but it's like they don't care about their customers!

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Slow shipping

"Very,very slow shipping. Disappointing."

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