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Return/Replacement policy: 5.00/10
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No words

"This is a horrible company. To shop and from what I hear work for. I hope greed does them in. No senior discounts no $4 list increase price of flu shot. Garbage. "

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Great store!!!

"This is my all time favorite place to grocery shop. The Kroger brand products are always equal to or better than the name brands. Their prices are almost identical to Walmart, sometimes better. From AZ to GA their stores are always clean. Their bakery and deli food is great. They even give you “fuel points “. Kroger is the best!!!"

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kroger checklist

"Order online with Kroger, when i got there the person delivering the groceries was 15 minutes late. She let me look over the list of stuff but for some odd reason they were out of stock of a lot of the vegetables I ask for like tomatoes (what Kroger is out of tomatoes!!?). I asked for green bananas I got yellow brownish ones. And one top of that i heard her open my strawberries and watched her pull out the gross ones. wtf...I was over charged and didn't get half of my order. "

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An Awesome Review

"I always love going to Kroger because it has everything from books, to food, to cosmetics. And it's all at a great price! Plus, when you buy thing their with a Kroger card, you can get up to a dollar off (per gallon) at their gas station ( which is convineitly located across the parking lot)!!!!!!!!"

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"Among the common grocery store, like Target, Publix, Walmart, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and Kroger, I like Kroger the most. Well, of course, it's not for their service, and actually their customer service sucks in some ways, but if you are really looking for deals or have quite a limited budget for living (in foods and beverages), Kroger will be your best friend then (better than Walmart IMHO). And if you are worth a much higher quality life, Whole Foods is probably a better option."

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"For what ever reason Kroger is going down hill. They are hiring to many kids that just don't care about anything much less customers. The stores are not watching their inventory, they keep running out of things and they quit carrying things that regularly sell out when they should be ordering more. The worst part is they are keeping things on the shelf past there expiration date especially refrigerated items and produce. And last but not least the cleanliness of the stores could definitely be improved."

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"I was once the regional manager for the nation's largest affinity marketing company. So, I know how to help businesses differentiate themselves in the marketplace. I know how to help them acquire new customers, retain those customers, build relationships with their customers, cross-sell to them and generally maximize the relationship for profit.

What Kroger does is something altogether different.

It is first necessary to understand that success in retailing is achieved by successfully manipulating customers to buy and buy and buy. So, always be aware that everything you encounter in the retail environment is designed to manipulate and coerce you. Unfortunately, now that Kroger has acquired an enormous customer base, their idea of affinity marketing has become something Machiavellian.

The example of this that I experienced this week was with their wireless phone customer loyalty program. Kroger Company retail stores are the exclusive locations to purchase phones and airtime cards from provider i-wireless. Possession and use of this phone is tied deeply into the Kroger Plus Shopper's Card and My Kroger section of their Web site.

The problem is that i-wireless is just a horrible, horrible company.

I actually try very hard to never return anything. But, after one of the most painfully awful consumer experiences of my life, I presented the phone I had purchased at the local Kroger store for return. I was refused. I met all the requirements for returning the phone, mind you, it's just that the demigods at the service desk refused.

This is how The Kroger Company operates a customer loyalty program! It was only after asking for their last names to provide to the magistrate court clerk when I filed my civil complaint that one of them began getting authorization for the return.

Even though I had approached the dispute calmly but authoritatively, I was assaulted by others charged with providing "customer service" with a reactionary verbal barrage.

Again, this is because I decided not to take advantage of a customer loyalty program! To add insult, this tirade was at the hands of "business people" who had never even heard of the Uniform Commercial Code.

Unfortunately, to assault, intimidate, coerce and manipulate customers has become their version of relationship marketing at The Kroger Company.


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