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Rating 10/10

Great products, prices and customer service

"I've been shopping on this site for years. I've purchased yarn, needles, accessories and patterns. On the rare occasion when I've had to contact customer service (once because I made a mistake in an order that I didn't notice until after clicking "submit," and twice with a concern about an item I had purchased that was damaged or defective in some way). Customer service has always been responsive and on the two occasions in which I had a problem with an item, I was sent a replacement at no cost to me. I'd highly recommend this site."

Rating 10/10

"Knit Picks has a great website with frequent sales and free shipping on orders over $50. The website is quite informative and shows the colors off the yarns well. With the free shipping they do say it can take up to ten days for delivery however it came much faster with the weekend it was only 4 days. It was packaged well and just as promised. I have several friends who knit and everyone is very happy with knit picks."

Rating 10/10

"I find Knitpicks to give the best customer service. I have had a problem with a broken knitting needle and they replaced it with no problems. They deliver orders in a timely manner as well."

Rating 4/10
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"My wife placed an order with them in Sept 2012. Products and shipping are fine. However, their protection of our credit card information is poor. We discovered this in early Feb 2013 when a restaurant declined our credit card. Our credit card company said that earlier that day they spotted several small purchases on our card followed by an attempt at a large purchase so they froze our card. Knitting websites such as Ravelry.com has users reporting the same thing. Apparently Crafts Americana, the parent company of KnitPicks, had a security breach on their servers that was not discovered for a period of time. In the meantime, customer information they had on file was stolen. Crafts Americana has been slow to inform customers. We discovered the particulars of this situation through Ravelry.com and the internet, not via any direct communication from Crafts Americana. Their letter to customers, available on the web and which we still have not received, advises us to monitor our accounts. Uneasy about doing any future business with them."

Rating 10/10

"Great place to shop, thanks"

Rating 2/10

"I am sharing this as a cautionary tale. I am showing what I just sent to them as a last resort
My name is xxx and interactions with your company and your customer service has been beyond dismal, and has looped around to ridiculous. I have never been so dissatisfied with any company in my entire life.
I have always used Knit Picks, heck I even had 4 sets of your needles. I have always had pleasant experiences with you and have enjoyed each and every interaction I’ve ever had with your company. I have been such a loyal customer that when others complained and have suggested you when others have asked where to shop online. That was before this interaction.
I contacted your company over a month ago about some problems I was having with 2 of my sets of needles. I was told by Jasmine y’all would gladly take them back & give me a credit for one set of needles and send me a check for the other set. I was told by her when I ordered to make a note and the supervisor would make sure that no charges were made…eventhough I had given my CC information.
You can imagine my dismay when I looked and saw that this indeed had shown up on my balance at my bank. (That’s okay…I thought…they will fix it). I was told that it didn’t come off my bank and then when I mentioned I had talked to the banker I was told that it wasn’t deducted it was being held (which is the same thing….I can’t use it until that cleared).
I had gone about my day unaware that y’all had indeed done this. Because of your misinformation I was left holding the bag. I was the one responsible for the charges because things ‘bounced’ I begged your company to help. It took many emails to even get anything accomplished. It only removed it’s self-last night and the bank reversed 2 of the charges…..but not the other 2 outside the bank, I’m still responsible for those.
In the midst of this I had no money (I only had $65 in my account and your company was holding $68) so that left me in arrears. Since I had no money I had to sell my $500 (something) wheel for the $166 that I owed, once again because of you.
I have contacted your company multiple times and each time told that the remaining owed on those needles was coming via check. I was even told by Jasmine to expect it last week because of when it was mailed. I have been in contact with 2 other people, the latest being Aaron and they all have told me it was mailed yesterday (whatever day it was before I contacted you again) each and every time.
There’s one of two things happening here, either you are lying or you don’t know what’s going on in your company….I don’t know which. I simply know that because of your company my life is in small shambles and I’m out 1 awesome spinning wheel for nothing. My husband it angry at me because of all this and so angry I sold my wheel for that, but I had no choice. Yes. I blame your company. It is your company’s fault and yes it is your company that is telling me tales.
I am a much laid back person. I’m not one to complain and I’m not one to fuss…but in this case I am standing my ground. I am going to be heard if it’s the last thing I do.
I messaged your owner on Ravelry, nothing…..not even an apology for what her own company had done to me…what harm had come from this. This is not a thing to be overlooked and this is indeed a very big deal. Your company can act like it’s not and that I’m so small it doesn’t matter what damage your company has done……but you are wrong. It does.
I feel like I’ve talked to every Tom Dick and Harry in your company and no one is offering any real solutions. I was told by Jasmine that the very next day another check for $25 would be issued & she would put another $25 on my cc. That was not the case. As of today I still have no checks from your company…no real apologies….no nothing…..like I’m a bug to be squashed…not like I have feelings and that I’m a real person that this happened to. I deserve better than this from anyone, and especially your company that I have always loved.
I am tired of being told the check was mailed yesterday. I’m tired of it all. I’ve not even heard a “I’m sorry I screwed up & you had to sell you wheel…here let me make it right” and your company could do that. Your company should do that. Your company owes me better than this.
I have a medical condition that I need medicine for. I don’t have the money to pay for it due to your company and how long it will take for it to loop around and the money actually be refunded that I was out, you know? So, I contacted your company and spoke with Aaron who was very nice. I asked when I could expect the first check….to which I heard it was only mailed yesterday…and then I was reminded about the $25 that was promised to me & I asked him/her if it could please be put on my new cc? To which I was told no. This could be done…..I know that it can…..it’s just I’m not important enough to do it. I am now without the medicine I need. I won’t be able to get it until Friday. That’s a long way away for me. I begged to be helped and I’m still getting nowhere. Y’all still don’t care.
I am so frustrated and I feel like I’m being lied to. I feel like I’ve been given the shaft and that you’ve taken my needles and stolen my wheel out from underneath me. If I had done that I would replace someone’s wheel that thru my admitted error had to be sold, and I would make sure the money was on the cc immediately. But that’s because I’m an honest person. That’s because I don’t let anyone be mistreated this way.
I am so honest that when I found out last night this was happening about the charges I emailed Jasmine and your customer service and your owner to thank them for that, and to let them know what was going on. I never heard a word from anyone. I don’t matter to your company not even a little. You don’t care how my life has been because of this….you are a big company and what does it matter you messed this up, it’s not someone you care about so it doesn’t bother you to sleep at night knowing you screwed with someone’s life like this. I don’t matter……in your eyes I do not exist.
I deserve to have the monies owed to me TODAY and I deserve a replacement wheel and everyone that is involved in this knows what a disaster this is and that’s why I’m getting no answers because it is thought of if I get ignored I will go away in a while……..but I will not. I will not let your company hurt someone like this without standing up and saying HOW DARE YOU.
I have a reasonable fix for this: my money on my cc and either the $500 for my wheel that you basically stole from me due to this) or a replacement wheel. I have proven to you via email with pictures that this was indeed true that I had this wheel. I’ve done everything on my part to resolve this and move on. Only your company keeps hoo-doing me and obviously has ‘run off’ with the money I’m owed & I will never hear from it, or your company again.
I had hoped that your company would stand up and do what is right. It’s dawning on me that your company just uses people and then throws them away like yesterday’s garbage. Your word means nothing because you say things was mailed yesterday when it obviously wasn’t. Your company won’t even find someone to address this with me & try to come to a reasonable agreement so that we can go our separate ways….
I beg of you again to do the right thing by me. I’m not asking for anything than what I’m owed. I’m not asking for damages or anything because your company has rolled over me like a dead animal……I have only asked to be addressed and treated like what I am……a human being that your company wronged but will make right……is that too much to expect?
I would love to hear back from you. I don’t expect to. I don’t expect an apology and I bet no check was put in the mail for me yesterday and I bet you will tell me the other monies couldn’t be put on my cc, but I know legally it can be done because your company sure had that of mine held before I could say WTH?. I’m tired of being lied to. Just tell me you don’t give a care and that your wrong doing doesn’t matter because of how big you are. I know it’s not true & I know someday it will matter to someone and they will have to answer for how I was wronged.
This is not okay that your company has left this shambles and your company knows it.

Rating 10/10

"I have used Knitpicks for several years and have always been pleased with their products and services."

Rating 8/10

"Knit Picks was great as usual. Coming to Canada, the tracking number doesn't always work and it is always later than they say so it would be good to wait 14-20 days to send the survey instead of 10 as the parcel is never here by then."

Rating 10/10

"Terrific! I have been a Knit Picks customer for a number of years and love them & their products"

Rating 10/10

"as always -- excellent response time and wonderful products. "

Rating 10/10

"Overall experience with Knit Picks was excellent. I ordered baby alpaca wool. This was a second order and I receivd it promptly and exactly the colors I had ordered previously. Will certainly deal with them again."

Rating 10/10

"I had never ordered anything from Knitpicks before, although I have bee subscribed to their video tutorials for some time now. I don't know why but it took me a while to realize that the videos were linked to a place that supplies knitters with all of the things that could make them happy! I'm so delighted to have finally discovered the knitpicks website. I ordered my fist two kit on the same night (Hue Shift Afghan in Rainbow and Decor) and I'm just about finished knitting the Rainbow! The kits were delivered within a week! I'm so Happy! Now I'm quite addicted to the website and can't help but browse through all the yarn."

Rating 10/10

"I am very happy with the delivery times - my orders are always correct and delivered very promptly.

I am currently using the City Tweed yarns - they are WONDERFUL.
I have reccomended them to several people, two of whom I know for sure have subsequently ordered and enjoyed them.

Thank yoy for your great product and service

Rating 10/10

"Very happy with the new blonde needles. Don't really need the extra plastic bag and caps, etc, would be nice to offer a cheaper option without those extras""

Rating 8/10

"I haven't used the knitting needles yet. As I went on vacation, just came back. I do enjoy the knit products. Thanks."

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