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Stay Away!

"When I BLUNDERED on Just Deals Store I was Very Surprised, and I was Hoping to make it a New Store for my Online Shopping....
RIP OFF's - Seems to be a Theme with Reviews...
Hopefully, So far the Exception, is that my C.C.'s were NOT CHARGED!!!!

Ordered my item; says its arrived to my P.O. -
Canada Post cannot find it or use the tracking # I was provided!

Seller does not seem to respond to messages?

Now Opening a Dispute with PayPal...

Stay with a More "TRUSTED" means of buying online.

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"Zero Stars is more accurate! Purchased 4 packages of Brute Compactor Bags for $25.20 on 8/9/18. Credit card declined, so I process thru PayPal & accepted. Received UPN Carrier tracking number...kept watching & package bounced all over east coast. Finally stated it arrived at local post office. Postmaster said no package available & tracking number is not valid. UPN Carrier tracking claims delivered to my home 9/1/18...NOT TRUE.

Sent emails to justdealsstore.com, bigdealsmall.com (shipped by) & UPN Carrier...no response.

Received a Fraud Alert from my bank for $243.00 & $.00 charges...Bank closed my debit card.

Contacted PayPal to start a Claim for refund yesterday. PayPal provided me a different email for Seller, so I sent another email today...no response.

Anticipate credit from PayPal & hope they will not accept anymore purchases thru these companies...A SCAM!

Helpful Cool



"I'd honestly rather give zero stars.. I have my own business and ordered my favorite cleaner in bulk. If you spent 50 dollars it was free shipping, so of course I spent $50. I went to put in my business card information, declined. So i tried my personal card, declined. Then i tried PayPal, ACCEPTED. I got a confirmation email so i figured everything went well. Then I got my tracking number once it was "shipped". I placed this order on 8/2/18, it is now 9/4/18. Still have not seen my product. The tracking number says it was delivered to my house. AND IT WASN'T! I went to my post office and they informed me that the tracking number was FAKE!! Today both of my cards was completely drained of everything I had.. They stole every dollar I had, all fraudulent charges. I have reported the website in hopes something can be done about this. Please do not waste your time or money on this website!!! "

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What a scam... these people should be caught and punished

"I feel like a fool. Tried to purchase my dog kennel my cc all we declined so bought the amazon gift card as required for 270 us or 400 can. Well said it got shipped and delivered by ups carrier(another scam) 5o 5he post office. Could not contact either company by phone or email. Less than 2 weeks after my credit card attempts my cards had fraudulent charges on them for over 20,000. "

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"Tried to order from Just Deals both cards kept getting kicked back saying they were not any good..they sent me an email saying I could use other forms of payment.. glad I didn’t after reading these reviews but 9 days later both my cards I tried using had charges on them from Nike and 2 charges for entertainment in Canada..I kept trying to figure out where I used both my cards and after reading the woman before my post it all made sense."

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Rip off and tried to scam my bank card!

"I have been looking for a particular gnome. Finally fo7nd it on just deals. Tried to order with my bank card, said it wouldn’t work, and I knew there was money in the bank, tried a different bank card, same thing. So it said it would take a Walmart card. I went to Walmart n bought a card. Worked this time. Started getting emails that it was processing. Then shipped out. Then days go by and yet it said nothing new. Then I looked the company up and saw all these reviews where ppl were scammed. Figures, smh. Yesterday had call from bank about a fraud alert for $562 for a travel agency. Told them it wasn’t me, then said I was just scammed online. Sure they used my number from my card I originally put in on the order. Do not trust this company!! They are thieves and are all going to hell!"

Helpful (1) Cool



"TOTAL rippoff SCAM in any sense of the word these people should be hung, they average about 50 bucks a scam ,boy I hope there is a HELL, this website should be shut down and the owner jailed. ripped of for $44.85 shipping and tracking is also BS. BEWARE "

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Promised shipment but never delivered - a scam outfit

"I ordered 10 mosquito coils made by Coleman that were listed at a very low price. I hesitated ordering them because of the poor ratings but received an email from Just Deals that said the coils were in stock and would be shipped as soon as I paid for them. I did and received a notice that UPN was the delivery company, UPN would update he journey every few days and it was over a month until it was to be delivered by our local post office. It was never received by the post office and never delivered. The whole thing is a scam. I wrote to Just Deals twice with no response. I now contacted Paypal (who I used to pay for it ) to see if they can do anything. I am not holding my breath. This outfit is a fraud and should be shut down."

Helpful (1) Cool


Justdealsstore Doesn't Deliver

"Ordered 7 smoke alarms. Never delivered on July 8th as carrier, UPN, states. Emailed twice. No answer."

Helpful Cool


Never received item. No responses.

"I ordered a jacket April 8th. It's July & no jacket. Emailed website from their webpage. No response. Emailed seller from my PayPal invoice. Bounces back to me as spam. Disputing through PayPal now. DO NOT buy from this website! It's shady business as you can tell from the other reports."

Helpful (1) Cool



"I ordered a chair from this website that was worth $150 CAD, and when I went to pay, my card declined, my mom's card declined, but my paypal went through. I got a confirmation email and everything, so I thought all was well. Well, two weeks later, I received an email from the shipping company (UPN) saying that my parcel was stuck in Mt Clemens, MI, and that it was a problem with the address that was holding it up. It also said the weight of the package was 0.23 lbs, which is BUNK because how could a armchair be that light!! A few days later, I received another email form UPN, saying the package was being sent back to the sender, which was some dude in New York. It seemed legit to me, because they had been corresponding with me earlier, such as when the item shipped etc, but as soon as I asked for a refund, all correspondence came to a halt. I have emailed the guy so many times, as well as the company, and NOTHING has been replied to.

This is a SCAM, FRAUD, and a CRIME. Judging by the rest of these reviews, there is a LOT of us that should be demanding justice!!! I will be reporting this website to the anitfraudcentre.ca, and I encourage everyone else to do the same. I will also be contacting my bank and Paypal, and perhaps the Police department to try and stop this thing and get my money back!! Let's all work together to STOP these jerks from ripping off innocent civilians like me and the rest of you guys!!

REPORT THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helpful (1) Cool


Total SCAM and FRAUD site

"Item never arrived. They have a "tracking" link which I am now convinced is also their creation as part of their SCAM and TOTALLY FAKE. (the shipping company is "UPN" can't find any evidence other than their website that they even exist! - another clue is the bad English on the website) They will just take your money and you will never get the item. No response to e-mail. Their contact number is DISCONNECTED and is a California area code but they company says it's in Michigan. This place is a FRAUD!!!"

Helpful (1) Cool



"It's been 2 months since I ordered my product. I have contacted them numerous times. I cannot get through by phone, all you get is a busy signal. I must have emailed them 5 times and got one response. Thank God I only spent $14.26. They wouldn't take my debit card either so I had to go through PayPal. He took that. Then I contacted the merchant's email and of course, that was no longer in use. Go Figure. So, how do we stop this? I'm reporting them to the Better Business Bureau but there has to be something else we can do. There's a law against this. I have threatened them also with turning them in. It doesn't seem to matter. I too wish the you could rate no stars!!!!!! These kinds of slugs in the world make me SICK!!!!!!!!!"

Helpful (1) Cool


Scam Scam Scam

"Declined 2 of my credit cards and within 12 days fraudulent charges appeared on both."

Helpful (1) Cool


Wouldn’t know.......

"It has been 18 days since my order was shipped and I still have not received it. I have reached out to customer service 5 times asking them to trace the shipment and have gotten no reply. I have no clue what is taking so long but will never order from this company again. "

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