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"I ordered a chair from this website that was worth $150 CAD, and when I went to pay, my card declined, my mom's card declined, but my paypal went through. I got a confirmation email and everything, so I thought all was well. Well, two weeks later, I received an email from the shipping company (UPN) saying that my parcel was stuck in Mt Clemens, MI, and that it was a problem with the address that was holding it up. It also said the weight of the package was 0.23 lbs, which is BUNK because how could a armchair be that light!! A few days later, I received another email form UPN, saying the package was being sent back to the sender, which was some dude in New York. It seemed legit to me, because they had been corresponding with me earlier, such as when the item shipped etc, but as soon as I asked for a refund, all correspondence came to a halt. I have emailed the guy so many times, as well as the company, and NOTHING has been replied to.

This is a SCAM, FRAUD, and a CRIME. Judging by the rest of these reviews, there is a LOT of us that should be demanding justice!!! I will be reporting this website to the anitfraudcentre.ca, and I encourage everyone else to do the same. I will also be contacting my bank and Paypal, and perhaps the Police department to try and stop this thing and get my money back!! Let's all work together to STOP these jerks from ripping off innocent civilians like me and the rest of you guys!!

REPORT THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Total SCAM and FRAUD site

"Item never arrived. They have a "tracking" link which I am now convinced is also their creation as part of their SCAM and TOTALLY FAKE. (the shipping company is "UPN" can't find any evidence other than their website that they even exist! - another clue is the bad English on the website) They will just take your money and you will never get the item. No response to e-mail. Their contact number is DISCONNECTED and is a California area code but they company says it's in Michigan. This place is a FRAUD!!!"

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"It's been 2 months since I ordered my product. I have contacted them numerous times. I cannot get through by phone, all you get is a busy signal. I must have emailed them 5 times and got one response. Thank God I only spent $14.26. They wouldn't take my debit card either so I had to go through PayPal. He took that. Then I contacted the merchant's email and of course, that was no longer in use. Go Figure. So, how do we stop this? I'm reporting them to the Better Business Bureau but there has to be something else we can do. There's a law against this. I have threatened them also with turning them in. It doesn't seem to matter. I too wish the you could rate no stars!!!!!! These kinds of slugs in the world make me SICK!!!!!!!!!"

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Scam Scam Scam

"Declined 2 of my credit cards and within 12 days fraudulent charges appeared on both."

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Wouldn’t know.......

"It has been 18 days since my order was shipped and I still have not received it. I have reached out to customer service 5 times asking them to trace the shipment and have gotten no reply. I have no clue what is taking so long but will never order from this company again. "

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"I would rather give NO STARS!!!! Got on line and the website kept denying my credit cards. Put in three cards, within two days I had Fraud charges on my cards. SCAM,SCAM,SCAM, BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!GO GET A JOB AND EARN YOUR OWN MONEY INSTEAD OF STEALING!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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I bought product but they did,t send it to me

"I bought product but they did,t send it to me .I called the customer service, the phone disconnected, they sent me track number for the shipment, but the track number and shipping company wash fake."

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"Placed an order on 1/9. It’s now 2/7...never received merchandise...paid through PayPal...phone is disconnected...3rd party shipping carrier number is disconnected too. Total scam :("

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Don't buy from this merchant

"I placed order #97370372 almost a month ago frm Just DealsThey charged my card h all my messages are returned Their customer service # is disconnected. This seems to be a scam. They took my money, but no communication & no product."

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"I bought an activity monitor wrist band......the unit arrived was a DUD. Would not charge. Can't get any response from these people."

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"To whom it may concern!!
I ordered a $69 for a Custom Bubblehead - Shipping and Preview Included there was no up load for the picture I wanted on the bubblehead and no preview as advertised. If you are going to send me a plain bubble head then cancel the order. This is the second disappoint I have had and the last.
Jerry’s Discount Store

Other orders--------------------------------------------------
Custom Bubblehead
July 18, 2015 Not as advertised .
7-Port USB 3.0 Desktop Hub. None working condition.
Zeepad 7" Touch Screen Android 4.2 Tablet, Wi-Fi
Ordered at: 01/21/2014 all failed to hold up. Had to retune money to costumers.
VistaQuest Deal! Choose Between a 2" Pocket Digital Vid... Lasted 2 wks.


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"WORST COMPANY EVER. STAY AWAY!!! Just Deals is a total scam. I ordered toothbrush replacement heads October 2014. Never received them. Shipping manifest showed product in China for 2 days, then no more shipping. Cannot speak with a REAL person on the phone. Always a recorded message stating their customer reps are either all busy or the call was placed after regular business hours. Really, everyday and all day. Apparently when there is no real company, no one can be reached. I did receive one email stating my package would arrive in 10-14 days. It has now been 3 weeks. I was lucky to only lose $15.00, but I guess this company is doing well by taking money and never sending purchased items. I wish I could rate this company a NEGATIVE 5."

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"A local television station (KHOU) announced that Justdeals was selling battery banks for $20 a set. I figured since they come recommended I placed an order back in June and they withdrew the money immediately. I waited for 3 weeks and sent them a follow up email regarding my order and they said it would be a little more time before they shipped. A few weeks later I followed up again they said they discontinued the item and would refund me my money.

I waited a week for the refund before contacting them again. When I did contact them they sent me a transaction receipt. I kept checking the bank for 3 weeks and no money was refunded to the account. I went to the bank to dispute the charge and now turns out VISA has a 60 day limit and it is too late to get my money back.

Apparently this company knows of the dispute policy and will string you along until the 60 day period has been exhausted.

I wish I would have read the reviews before ordering from them.


Helpful Cool

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Just Deals User

"I ordered an iPad on July 28, 2014. Immediately received an confirmation and my card was charged. This was the last time I have heard from these people. I finally posted a message on the nCrowd Facebook page and got a response from Mr. Jason DeBord . Basically he said, sorry, even though we are the new owners of Justdeals, you are out of luck. He offered no help other than to tell me to dispute it on my credit card. As far as I am concerned this is a criminal operation, taking your money and never shipping any product. "

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"This is a ripoff website. Do not order from them. They will charge your card and will not communicate with you. Stay away."

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