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Amazing quality.

"I bought a pair of J Crew cords in 2006. Over 1000 wears they are by far my favorite pants I own. Amazing quality. Apparently alot of shills and haters on this site."

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Cheap quality!!

"I just received a waffle Henley I ordered from J Crew. It is total crap! I could have purchased a better quality shirt from the dollar store. I have an incredibly old Henley from J Crew that I dearly loved. But the quality has taken a nosedive!! It was on final sale so it cannot he returned. I’m not sure it’s worth putting in my closet or going ahead and donating it to Salvation Army."

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Horrible credit card service

"When you always pay your bill IN TIME and IN FULL and they then charge you interest fees??? I cancelled my card. "

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Terrible customer service!

"I ordered 2 pairs of different style jeans, both of a size 25. One of the styles fits and the other was way too small for me. I exchanged the one that did not fit to one size larger, and this one did not fit either! I wanted to exchange this to a larger size. I was told that I had to return this item to a store or by mail, before they would exchange the size. This pair of jeans comes in a limited quantity. If the cut of the jeans were consistent with the stated size I would not have exchanged them repeatedly. It's a constant frustration to have to deal with their customer service which provide a really unsatisfactory service to their customers and sell items of clothing of inconsistent sizings."

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Jcrew.com has Terrible Customer Service

"I went to purchase the Italian Cashmere Wrap this morning from jcrew.com because I saw on the item page that it was 50% off with a promo code. When I put the item in my shopping cart, it said that this item wasn't included in the promo (even though it very clearly stated otherwise on the item page). So I called the customer service phone number and was told that she couldn't honor the promo without seeing what I was seeing. Her recommendation was to email contact@jcrew.com with a screenshot of what I was seeing. I did this and realized hours later that she had given me the wrong email address. So I sent a new email to help@jcrew.com with the same content. I never heard back from either email and when I went to look on the site again this afternoon, the item was sold out. So not only did I not get the item, but I still haven't heard back from customer support yet...and the customer support rep that I spoke with on the phone was of no help and gave me incorrect information. I am beyond livid. I will never be shopping at jcrew again. Their products have gone downhill in terms of quality and now their customer service is down the drain too. I am completely dissatisfied and unhappy."

Helpful Cool


"Their online store is at the top of apparel brands and shopping experience. Always reliable"

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"GREAT buying experience. Shipped product fast and free when my size wasn't found in store. Honored several discounts."

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"Only store i know that the crew doesn't know how to reverse or void transactions after he mistakenly charged my account. Even blamed Chase for his mishap."

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"I ordered an XL Tall polo from J.Crew to use at work, I had it monogrammed with the company's letters so it could be a work shirt... well, it came and it turns out that J.Crew's XL Tall is thinner (by inches) and shorter (by a little) than a Brooks Brothers regular XL (and many other brands) - this is before I have even washed the J.Crew. It so thin and so short that I can't even wear it. Why is there such a difference in sizes? The only thing I can think of that happened is they mis-tagged a large as XL. But I can't even return it because I got it monogrammed."

Helpful Cool


"Normally when I online shop it takes days to get the ordered fill if they offer you free shipping. Not the case with J. Crew. Ordered it Monday, shipped within 48 hours. Haven't seen the products yet, but very happy with how fast they process the order."

Helpful Cool


"Recently I have many times of bad experience with J.crew !!

1) I have an eyeglasses returned to them, however, eyeglassess which is difficult to clear custom in US as some other documents will be needed!! J.crew never mentioned about it.

The package was returned at two weeks ago and now is still pending at DHL to wait for custom clearance. DHL said they need information from J.crew to do this, however, J.crew follow up super slow. I tried to sent so many emails to them but never have a satisfied response. They even asked me to wait for longer than a month to get back the refund!! It is totally ridiculous !!

2) for another returning order, they gave me an RMA and waybill nos. but the address on the waybill doesn't match with the one DHL's system had. Not only waste my time to go to DHL, J.crew pushed me to wait for DHL come to pick up the package. I have sent Email to J.crew to tell them I dont need DHL pickup before this, they replied they will follow, however, they never follow! Finally I need to fix out my time to wait for DHL.

3) In average, their time frame of refund is very long!! Someone even replied me that they have many returns need to handle..., it means like they are very busy and customer shouldn't bother them. I think for many people, refund need took longer than a month which is totally unacceptable!

4) When I placed an order, I always check whether they are pre-order items or not, coz I don't want to wait too long. Unfortunately, when I chased them why the item haven't shipped, they told me that the item is a PRE-ORDER item and that's why late!!! They are getting very messy now!!

5) The prices they sell are getting more expensive than before but the quality of most of their products are getting poor!

Most likely I shouldn't shop from them anymore.

Helpful Cool


"i bought a pair of sweatpants at the Santa Monica store. They were great and on sale, so I bought them in another color without trying them on. When I put them on at home i realized that they were completely flawed- one leg was a bigger size than the other! So I took them back expecting them to be so understanding and sorry about it. Instead, the manager, Blake, told me, rudely, that this time he'd take them back but next time all sales were final. He didn't even let me show him the problem. As this was the manager (!) I had no one else to complain to. I will be complaining to the company- but I will not be shopping there again. Outrageously bad customer service!!!! They did send me a new pair, though."

Helpful Cool


"Terrible service!!! It was a waste of time. I will never order again.

I placed order twice and it was cancelled both times without any reason. Customer service agent Linda kept telling me that my card is bad and not going through ( used 2 credit cards and paypal), which is ridiculous.

Helpful Cool


"I purchased a leather satchel for $300 from them. It arrived in a crushed box. The packaging looked like it had been trampled by a herd of elephants. I figured I could overlook this as long as the product, itself, was in good condition. That wasn't the case.

The product has many blatant defects. There are creases on various parts of the leather. Two corners of the bag are bent. There are various scratches on the leather. The metal parts of the bag have various scratches as well.

I bought the item in new condition. There is no excuse for a broken item to be shipped to me.

Ordinarily, I would forgive poor quality control if there is good customer service. However, J. Crew's customer service is highly disappointing. I am a loyal customer, having made 10+ purchases in just the last year. Yet, they insist that the item I received must be inspected by a specialist before they will even consider offering me a refund.

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"WARNING - J.Crew discriminates against Canadian online shoppers! You used to be able to just go on the site pay what was listed on the website and put in the Canadian address for delivery. You even got to choose shipping method. If there were any taxes or customs owing it was minimal and you paid the post office. Then the created the .ca site where the pricing is still in USD but is now over 20% if not more higher for no reason. Now you have no choice but to use UPS - the most horrible shipper to Canada. J.Crew has no integrity. Given the fact that Canadians have more money to spend because our economy did not tank, does not mean that you have the right to rip us off."

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