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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 6.25/10
Chance of future purchase: 2.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.00/10
Customer service: 2.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.88/10
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Item ordered online was not picked up and NEVER refunded

"I ordered 2 items for my senior mother. She was not told that there were 2 items. She was let go after 1 item.

The other item was not picked up because driving back to the location was too much. So, I was waiting for the refund as promised. Yes, I ordered using both gift card and debit card. I was told that it should be refunded with check.
But I never received anything.

I complained to the store several times because no check or credit coming to my debit card for a month after pick up deadline middle of May.
Store managers were helpful and called me back. But they cannot do anything. Finally, one contacted internet department to solve my problem, and guess what. They took off the record that I ever paid and ordered the item that was never picked up. Smart solution, so the internet department swallow the money.

Order no. 2018-1125-4054-4268

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JCP no customer service

"I visited our local JCP store yesterday. Carlsbad, CA. I was assured by the 20-something manager that my item would be held until closing today. JCP send coupons via USPS rather than on-line. Making it difficult to have $10 off coupon with you. My husband loathes doing errands for me. He just showed up to purchase the item being held for me and of course it wasn't to be found. What a waste of time and what a disappointment once again with a retailer. And retailers wonder why Amazon owns the world. They've given up on customer service. Don't shop there if you value a pleasant experience."

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"If I go into it, I will only get angry again. This company should just close it's doors, and never do business again. Neither the in store, nor the on line/phone customer service is of any use. All answers to any issues you may have are different depending on which individual you speak to. You cannot return, cancel, get an item mailed to you if you cannot get to the store. When I asked about taking a survey as to the CS, twice the employees on the phone, HUNG UP ON ME! Don't bother with JC Penney, pay a little extra and shop at any other store! It just isn't worth it."

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Terrible customer service

"Very irritated with customer support major appliance. I purchased a slide in stove online and it was promised to be delivered 3/29. Had to be home of course so I took half a day off to stay home to revive my stove. 430 comes around and it still hadn’t arrived so I called Jcpenny who informed me it was still going to show up they are just running late. Called again at 830 said it probably won’t show up but will definitely be there first thing in the morning and to call as soon as it does show up and they will compensate me 10 percent so I took another half day off work. 10 comes around and still no stove. So I call and they said it was coming for 1-5 great another half day off work turned into a whole day. So this is my 2nd day I’ve taken my time to stay home no calls to tell me it wasn’t coming to go about my day. Finally at 3 or so I call again and they tell me that the guys who’s truck it’s on Isn’t working today so I wouldn’t receive it after I was told multiple times it was. Finally Saturday morning the range arrives the delivery guys were in a rush didn’t even want to bring the range in the door but I made them. After they left I open the box and there is a dent in the side of the range. To top it off I call jcpenny after it was delivered just like the woman told me to and she said it was on ge not jcpenny. Thinking I need to call back and just tell whoever to come get it. If I didn’t have so much time invested in getting the thing and the calls there would be no question. Jcpenny customer service was nice enough but you can promise a customer something so they won’t cancel the order and then not follow through. It will be the last major appliance I buy from jcpenny and I’m awear ge was also to blame but I purchased through jcpenny. I was there customer so it was there job to make it right "

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The WORST customer service

"I went online to purchase a pair bootS in a different color that I already had bought, I was unsure of the size that I had and just went ahead and ordered 6 1/2 well come to find out 4 hours later I needed size 6. So I called JUST TO CHANGE MY SIZE that is ALL and they could not even do that for me. I'm not getting this shipped to me until March 29th and your telling me that you can't change a size!!!!!!!!!! I even told the lady that I will just cancel my card then and she said that is fine. So I'm going to have to return the boots and reorder the right size, DOES NOTmake no sense how jc penney thinks that is GREAT CUSTOMER SE"

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"I placed an order and when it added extra items, I wanted to cancel. Shady system added 3 pair of pants I added to cart from a year ago! There's NO WAY TO CANCEL ANY ORDER AT ANY TIME! Not even if you call! They tell you it's processing! Then when you say, well give me a tracking number. They tell you they can't until a few days AFTER it ships! Anyone can tell you that the tracking number is created BEFORE it ships! This online version of JC PENNEY is shady as hell! NEVER FALLING FOR THIS AGAIN. "

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Worst customer service ever!!

"I called up 5 times today and each time I was made to hold and the representative would just disappear; would not even check to see if I was still on hold. They do not resolve any issue. They are rude and untrained.

I had called regarding an online order which i had placed. I had asked the item to be shipped to store. But, I received no further updates even after 10 days of order. The automated service said that the item had shipped. The customer service reps would tell me to hold while they checked and they would never get back on the line. It sounded as though nobody was on the line and therefore had to disconnect each time and then call back. One of the reps asked me to go and ask at the store. The store said the item was running short and I would know only after 10 days. Meanwhile, I still see the item online, ready for being ordered!! Therefore, called them again and asked to speak to a supervisor. Once again, i was made to wait while the rep did one of their now famous disappearing acts!! Cannot believe that such bad customer service exists.

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sales associate goes extra mile for customer

"Chillicothe OH (45601) JCP store sales associate Teresa Hart located a ring I wanted to purchase. Ring was not available at the Chillicothe store, also not available within 100 miles of this store. Ms Hart called 2 stores in Cincinnati OH, no luck, finally tried out of state. Found ring at Noblesville IN and spoke with manager "Kelly" at that store and arranged for my purchase of that ring. It was a fantastic price for this particular ring. Which is why I pursued finding one and with Ms Hart's help she accomplished the task with apparent ease. I went to the JCP store due to a flyer showing this ring, drove to closest JCP (30 miles) spoke with an associate, was told, "Oh, we didn't get that ring, sorry, would you be interested in another ring?" Told her no. But went back 2 days later and spoke with Ms Hart and the rest is my success at obtaining that ring. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! So glad I went back and so thankful for Ms Hart's help. She was just doing her job. Damn good. "

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Should be out of business

"I Ordered 2 facial creams on the JCPenney website, they withdraw the money on my account and waited 2-3 days to send me an email that one item is not available. A week later I never received the other item. When I called and entered the order number it says the item was shipped, when I spoke with a customer service agent, she simply said no "Maam' your order was cancelled by the factory, not us. She didn't even say sorry for the inconvenience and what did she mean by not "us" while ordered directly on their website. It was the first time they were going to get my money anyway. I went to the store about 10 years ago in MA, I didn't like any of their pattern and fabric, never went back. Lord and Taylor, Nordstrom and Amazon will continue to get my business. Rule the World Amazon! "

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In my personal opinion, I believe JCPenney is doing harm to people.

"JCPenney is unable to provide the simplest of services: deliver and install a microwave. The microwave arrived damaged; the installer unboxed it and could not install it, due to the damage. UNBELIEVABLY, JCPenney is requiring ME to communicate with the manufactuer, Samsung. They are requiring me to speak with SAMSUNG to arrange pick-up, and then I am supposed to call-back JCPenney to let them know that Samsung has it. And only then, will JCPenny process a refund for the microwave. Meanwhile, JCPenney has my money. And I still do not have a new microwave (using my old one still).

I offered to personally return the microwave to JCPenney store, ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY HOUSE. But they refused. Instead, JCPenney is requiring me make all these phone calls (which I have to do on my lunch hour only), to MISS AT LEAST ANOTHER DAY OF WORK, waiting for pick-up, not to mention all the time I have already wasted. I told JC Penney I would have to miss a day's of work, and please can I take it back to the store myself, and she said "NO". I asked JCPennney if they thought they should do something to compensate me for all this inconvenience, missing work, and making all these calls, and STILL not having a microwave. JCPenney said "NO." I have the phone convo recorded -- unbelieveable! The main problem, I believe is that JCPenney is taking our money for major appliances, then sub-contracting to all these other companies (separate delivery company, separate installing company) BUT then when something goes wrong, they are unwilling to accept responsibility - They blame everone else. And, in the end, they can't even come to a resolution themselves -- They punt the issue, finally, to the MANUFACTURER, in this case, SAMSUNG.

It toook HOURS, and communciating with MULTIPLE reps, to at least get them to refund the installation!! But, they still won't refund the microwave itself until they have it in hand -- but they WON'T let me return it! I have to miss work, make more phone calls.

In my personal opinion, based on these experiences, I believe JCPenney is doing harm to people.

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JCPenney took money from my bank account but never delivered the items that I had ordered

"I will be very happy when JCPenney goes out of business. On 12/31/2017, I ordered JCPenney merchandise in the amount of 127 dollars. JCPenney happily took 127 dollars from my bank account, but never bothered to ship the items that I had ordered. I have yet to receive the merchandise that I ordered from JCPenney. JCPenney claimed that my order would be delivered within 4 to 7 business days. JCPenney has the absolute worst customer service of any major retail corporation. Although JCPenney merchandise is an excellent value at affordable prices, I will never again buy anything from JCPenney. JCPenney has absolutely no excuse for stealing my money"

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Customer Service Seriously Lacking

"Attempted to order many items online to be delivered in California..... when I went to input credit card billing info, there was only text box for zip codes and states......my billing address is in Canada with postal codes and provinces. I called customer service for assistance ....had to be transferred to a supervisor....I waited for 22min then was cut off without an answer. I called back and went through the same hassles for 16 min and was advised that I had to go through international ordering. Well I did that and my only option was for my items to be delivered to Canada. I'm in California for 4 months and what it delivered here. What kind of company doesn't have options for delivery in California with a Canadian credit card????????????????????? I see JCPenny going the way of the doodoo bird with this kind of customer service......like Sears? Amazon will get my business from now on. "

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Stuck in the middle

"Tried for 8 business days to find out about a recliner I ordered with jcp.com No one would answer in customer service or the furniture department. I had to track down the shipping company where my chair was sitting in a warehouse in Indianapolis Ind. Then I had to set up a delivery schedule on my own. The chair was satisfactory, but I will never use jcp.com ever again."

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WORST Customer Service EVER!!!

"JC Penny's:

The WORST customer service ever and I mean so bad I cannot even begin to tell you how many hours I have wasted on hold just to be "disconnected" when put on hold again.

*bought a sectional 11/24
*still waiting for sectional 12/27 to be delivered (not even the bad part but have NO couch)
*call to find out status, no record of order
*looked up the charges on my JCP credit card, it's there.
*call store back, I need to know the associates name to look it up...WHAT!??? Referred me to furniture customer service
*call furniture customer service department and on hold 42 minutes, they cannot look it up with the order number I have. Told me to call store back.
*call store back, their computer will not look up anything once it's ordered. Have to call furniture dept back.
*call furniture department on hold 25 minutes. They refer me to the online help desk.
*call online help desk, cannot help because ordered at the store.

This went on for two days...so I disputed the charge with JCP since I don't have sofa and no one can tell me where it is or when to expect it.

*called today to determine status of dispute, will take 60 days to process.
*called JCP credit services to get copy of receipt so I have all details of transaction...will take two billing cycles to get me a copy...REALLY??
*called furniture customer service again to see if quicker after holidays...on hold 42 minutes. Spoke to a rep who said "sure, I can look that up" and disconnected me!!!
*CALLED BACK AND PRESSED "NEW PURCHASE" WAS ANSWERED RIGHT AWAY...only to be told that he has no direct line and his name is "SIR"!!!
*was transferred BACK to furniture and am currently on hold again for 30 minutes this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally spoke with someone and she said it will be another week to 2 weeks, cannot give a delivery date...CANCELLED!!!!

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JCPenney did not deliver my packages in time for Xmas, as promised!

"I ordered numerous items on Monday December 18th for delivery before Xmas. The website promised delivery between Dec. 21st-Dec. 23rd, which is why I purchased the items. I received an email from JCPenney that my items didn't ship until Dec. 21st- 3 days later! tracked my package and saw that it had arrived in Buffalo, NY (1 1/2 hours away) just before 4:00 a.m. on Saturday the 23rd- the day I was supposed to receive my packages here in Rochester. I called JCPenney customer service and was promised that I would definitely receive my packages before Xmas because the corporate office was in constant contact with UPS and they promised to continue delivering up until 8:00 p.m. on Xmas Eve. I called UPS this morning, the 24th, to see where my package was, as it didn't arrive on the 23rd. They informed me that JCPenney had shipped my items using 2-day air, which only works on business days- not weekends. They said my order would be delivered on the 26th because no one was even at the Buffalo warehouse to scan my incoming packages. I called JCPenney customer service again to alert them and determine what they could do to help, and after being transferred to three different supervisors and "superiors," I was told that the warehouse had a delay in shipping, which is why my packages didn't ship until the 21st, and that UPS was wrong- they were going to deliver my package by no later than 8:00 p.m. Xmas Eve. After 45 minutes and a transfer to yet another supervisor, my call was "suddenly" disconnected. It is now 9:41 p.m. on Xmas Eve, and I have no packages. I am incredibly frustrated, mad, and disappointed. This is false advertising, as the website promised delivery before Xmas. To send my packages 2-day air on a Thursday, knowing that they would not even be processed for delivery until the 26th, which would be the second business day, is unacceptable. I want immediate compensation for the lack of accurate communication regarding my shipment and the logistics failures that occurred, which resulted in me not having any gifts to give my husband on Xmas day. "

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