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Very poor product and customer support

"My recent order experience was horrible! I have used Inkcartridgespot.com in the past with good results, but not this time. The product quality was very poor and customer service was very poor.
When I removed the protective orange tab to install the XL cartridge, ink poured out onto my desk, splashing the immediate area which created a big mess and ruined my clothes. The yellow clear cartridge is visibly only 1/2 full. I emailed customer service, but have not heard back after over two weeks. I recently called customer service (available hours are very inconvenient for me) and was curtly and unsympathetically told that I would receive an RMA email within 20min... which has not arrived hours later (not in the spam folder either). I will avoid Inkcartridgespot.com moving forward and recommend avoiding them.

Helpful Cool


Defective Product

"Cheaply made product that did not work. One of the cartridges would pop out of the slot so the printer would not print. The cartridge was different that the other three and did not have the protrusions that lock it into place. They had me send it back at my own expense and then did not give a full refund. They also did not reimburse me for shipping back the defective product. Email inquiries go unanswered."

Helpful Cool



"I have ordered from this place 4 times so far and I have no complaints about the products I purchased. My problem is that every time I order, a week or so goes by and suddenly my credit card is getting mysterious charges on it from around the world. This is the 4th time I've had to cancel my credit card and I finally figured out that this website is the culprit!!!! DO NOT ORDER UNLESS YOU WANT TO DEAL WITH CREDIT CARD FRAUD!!!!"

Helpful Cool


Don't Buy From Them

"They don't back their money back guarantee. Had a cartridge that didn't work. I contacted them about it. After a lot of back and forth, and they actually hung up on me, they told me that the faulty cartridge wasn't theirs!?!?... even though I had just received it from them. I gave up and considered it a loss.

I continued to use the other cartridges I had from them, there was no way I could return them at this point. These clogged up my printer heads, junk for a product. Save yourself the head ache and don't buy from them.

Helpful Cool


Order not Received

"Terrible company and customer service. Ordered edible ink cartridges on May 11, 2017. Online they advertise most items shipped in 2-5 days. I emailed them to check the status on May 15, 2017. On May 16, 2017, I received an email with a USPS shipping number stating the label had been printed and was in the process of being shipped. On May 23, 2017, I tracked the package only to find there was no change of status other that the shipping label being printed. On that same date, I called customer service requesting a refund. I was told by the operator she would submit my request and I would receive an email in 20 minutes. A short time later, I received an email stating a cargo shipment of my requested ink had just arrived and that my item would ship today and that they could not refund my items. May 23, 2017, I checked the shipping status to again find no change. I once again called customer service requesting a refund only to receive the exact automated email I received the previous day that the items cannot be refunded. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY"

Helpful Cool


Deceptive ads & rude people

"Sold me a refill kit instead of ink cartridges (their website recommended this item to me!). Refill kit wasn't even usable since its use required tools (a syringe plus a special plastic insert) that weren't provided nor were they even mentioned on the website - only found out about this after receiving the item and viewing the recommended video on how to use it. Customer service was horrible! Cold & rude, it seemed they were only interested in building a case for themselves to avoid a refund. Absolutely the worst ink cartridge buying experience I've ever had."

Helpful Cool


Do not order from them!

"0 stars! I ordered two cartridges: black and color for my $30 Canon printer. Was trying to save some money on ink. As a result have to contact them and return cartridges, sinrce they didn't work. Payed myself for shipping back. They also refunded me $5 less from the original price. Stay away from this web site. "

Helpful Cool


Deceitful liars! Avoid at ALL COSTS!!!

"I found this company looking for the lowest cost provider.

Well, they were that but they proved to be a very dishonest firm. Let me explain. I purchased 6 cartridges for a new HP Envy printer we purchased with a new iMac. I only needed to replace a B&W cartridge but realized that in order to get the best deal one needed to buy 6. So, I purchased 3 B&W and 3 color, ultimately I wouldn't need to replace the color cartridge until 11 months later.

I replaced my first color cartridge and the printer printed successfully with it only one time. then the HP printer said the cartridge needed to be replaced with a "real" cartridge (these cartridges are recycled, of course in China, where else today?!). No error code was provided. Well I then popped in another new color cartridge and...you guessed it, does the same thing. When the first one failed I just wrote it off as "oops" and stuff happens. After all, didn't I get a good deal? And it had been a while since I ordered them...

But, after the second failure, well, hey why not call and see what the company would do for me.

I called, no one answered customer service option #1. So I tried option # 2 "billing". Someone eventually answered and then I explained my problem, I told "Donna" that after the first failure I was just going to take it on the chin she was nice and we laughed about it. She told me I could send them back to their lab and after inspection then two new one would be sent out. I thank her a lot for her kindness. Then after looking up my order she tells me to test the last new color cartridge. I did it worked fine beyond one printing.

So I boxed and posted the package following instructions about having a copy of my invoice along with a written description briefly of our conversation and problem.

As luck would have it we then get torrential rains. We live in the way back and for days we couldn't safely get out to the post office as we live on dirt roads. One week later we are ready to drop the box off when I get an email from this company saying they "need a picture of the error message on the HP" and to send this to them. It was a correspondence that acted like they had not talked with me previously and told me to send them back, and if I had been able to mail them at the right time they would have already been back in Miami by that time. So I politely reiterate what the company had agreed to, and send photo's of the HP printer as best I could proving it takes these cartridges and that the unit (mine) looks as new and as unused as I explained. I also reiterated what the HP screen said about the defective cartridges - nothing really, no code provided. I sent it to them (the reply email) and then I get another "Dear Customer" email to send them a photo of the screen. I explain again, its backed, posted and has been ready to go for a week. I explain about the storms and how the cartridges would have already been received. They didn't care. Never got back to me. Ignored their offer to me. I mailed it and then didn't hear from them in a half-month. I found out the package was delivered by USPS tracking. They claimed they never got it. Then they claimed maybe someone else got it. Then they told me I didn't have a RAN number and they don't accept any packages without this "number". I was never told a word about this number previously.

Lastly, they tell me no one by the name of "Donna" works there...

Lies. Deceit. I told them I would go public about their dishonest practices. These people should be avoided AT ALL COST. Cheap Chinese junk with no customer support then lies!!!

Helpful Cool



"Of the 6 cartridges I purchased (3 color, 3 black) ONE black one worked. I called and no one answered. I bought because I read positive reviews elsewhere. I bought because I knew I had a huge printing job coming and in the heat of the job (95 days out from the purchase date), I had to go buy cartridges as one by one they failed to work. Over $65 flushed down the proverbial toilet. "

Helpful Cool


Zero Response to Simple Questions

"I tried to contact them to ask specifically if their cartridges had caught up to firmware changes in our Brother printers, and they never even bothered to respond. What a total waste of time this one is."

Helpful Cool


"They sent me the wrong cartridges. Impossible to reach anyone. Left a message with no callback. Filled out their form to request a return/refund and they never responded. Was forced to reship ink back to them on my own and if they do not refund my money for the unopened ink, I will have to dispute with my bank for the refund."

Helpful Cool


"After contacting Inkcartridgespot by phone on 23 October 2015; to inform them that the item was still not received; "Daniel" (owner) stated that it was not their fault and that they would contact their shipping department. It is important to mention that the level of customer service was less than average; given their was no consideration given to an apology nor an empathetic response to the unfortunate situation.

As of this morning, 30 October 2015, Inkcatridgespot.com has not attempted to contact me by phone or email. After calling this company, I spoke to the same customer service rep, who stated that they were the owner (Daniel) and that it was not his fault. Again, the same level of customer "no service". I was placed on hold for several minutes and had to call back to reach the same customer service rep.

Daniel then told me that they would do nothing more about this and to simply look at my tracking information to prove that he has nothing to do with this problem. It goes without saying, that I wish to cancel this order; as I have not received the product. The only product I have received is miserable customer service, zero client care and a promise from this company to "do nothing".

Helpful Cool


"I agree with the other poster, this place is nothing but a SHAM JUNK PEDDLING SORRY EXCUSE FOR A BUSINESS! The cartridge I ordered does not work and customer service is on permanent vacation as far as responding to my requests for help. I HOPE THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS AND ROT IN HADES! "

Helpful Cool


"Terrible experience! I ordered 10 ink cartridges for my HP printer and none of them worked. Not only were they defective but when I contacted InkCartridgeSpot.com I was put through the grueling ordeal of exchanging each cartridge with an authentic HP cartridge to try to isolate which cartridge was defective. After several phone calls and 2 hours of testing, spilling ink everywhere, we determined that ALL of the cartridges were bad and my mass-mailing had to be postponed for a week. To top things off, InkCartridgeSpot.com refunded me LESS shipping and "handling". When I contacted the company about the charges they said it was company policy and they weren't going to change it. Rotten company. Buyer BEWARE! "

Helpful Cool


"Received cartridges quickly. Purchased Black ink for Epson XP-950. Ink is defective...some is black, some grey, some purplish. Requested refund April 10th (first time printing something after ink received)."

Helpful Cool

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