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"I ordered an item from their online store at www.houseofbeautyworld.com on 07/04/18 and paid $8.95 for 2-5 day shipping. On 07/07/18 I received an email that read "please allow 2-4 business days for processing then an email with the tracking number will be sent" on 07/10/18 I emailed "customer service" as the website instructed to do requesting an update on my item. I received an automated response and no answers to my question. On 07/12/18 same thing happened. They refuse to speak to me, refuse to answer questions, and 12 days later no refund, no answers, no item. I filed a complaint with the BBB and it appears that they were contacted by the BBB in 2016/2017. Unfortunately I did not learn of this until it was so late.

I will be writing reviews everywhere I can, I will contact the attorney general as well.I encourage all of you who have been wronged to do the same. They stole my money and many others as well. It is an outrage that someone can steal money from consumers and not have consequences. Please use your voices.

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Worst Customer Service, Ever!

"I placed my order before noon on a Friday, which according to their website, should have processed the same day. However, I did not receive an email stating that my order was being processed until the following Monday evening. So, I called on Tuesday to find out what was going on and when I could expect my order, and the woman on the phone told me that my order has been canceled because they are out of stock. I'm like, well, when did this happen and she's like yesterday. I'm angry because I should have found this out on Friday but because of their poor business practice and nonadherence to their own policy that's on their website, I am left inconvenienced and without the merchandise I ordered. The woman I spoke with had lots of attitude, was unapologetic and was not in the least bit empathetic to my situation. Furthermore, she never did explain to me why my order was not processed on Friday, which would have alerted me to the problem so that I could have sought out other resources to remedy my situation. I will NEVER order from them again and the woman I spoke to on the phone didn't seem to care either. In fact, she called me after the fact and told that I was blocked from ordering from them anymore because I cursed as I hung up. It was beneath me, yes, but she was so unprofessional that I felt the conversation needed to get petty.


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Horrible Customer Service

"I ordered hair product but the wrong color was received. I asked about a solution and they simply ignored me. I should have paid attention to the other reviews that rated this site customer service as worst on the planet. Buyer beware."

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Rip Off

"Placed and order totaling $42. Charges were immediately processed to my card. Notify they had received my order and they would notify me when the order was processed along with tracking information. Two days later I was emailed the wigs I ordered were not in stock. I asked for the order to be cancelled and to refund my account. I was emailed that the order had been cancelled and I would received a full refund in 7-14 business days. Well it's day 17, and no refund. I have sent 3 emails, no response. I've called but no one answers. All you get is that recording and told to leave a message. My advise is to avoid this business. They are only out to rip you off."

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Trust issue and Mannerism failure for the first time in years.

"First, let me say that I have been purchasing with this company for years and never had a problem other them not be reachable during working hours. It is frustrating but I can try to understand. My products have been always delivered with great care in a timely manner. But recently, I ordered five products and I opened the package, I only saw four items. I thought that was weird because there was no note that the product was not stocked. I called and explained to the lady that this is a first. She advised me to scan the receipt and sent it, which I did. Shocked I was to find out that they are insisting putting all products in there. Where is the fourth then? To make matters worse, I spoke to a rude representative who is telling me there is nothing they can do because the weight says otherwise. Really? I asked to speak to the supervisor and she said I can't because she does not call anyone. Really?
Please, until this matter is resolved amicably, I plan never to do business again with them and I urge you too if you want to reduce stress in your life. You don't want a company that will make you feel like you are not telling the truth when they make a mistake. Run people, run to another seller if you can! Right now, I hate to do it but I give zero on a scale of ten to this company. They have lost my business (my friends and community) and the integrity I gave them all these years. Life needs no hassle like this over a product.

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Buyer Beware!

"Purchase your products else where. Let me tell you of my experience. I purchased a number of items from HouseofBeautyWorld.com. I was missing 1 item and received an item I had not purchased. I contacted the company and was first told to send a pic of item I had not ordered, which I did. The company sent me a return label to send the item back and I did. Today, I contacted the company to have the missing item sent and was put on hold for more than 5 mins. I hung up and called back and of course, as the reviews stated, no on answered the telephone this time. Well I'm not going to take this treatment from anyone who has my $. I sent the company an email and explained that I will not be calling and emailing frequently to receive the item. I will be filing a civil suit against the company here in the great state of Maryland and guess what, the company will have to appear in court or pay an attorney to appear and when I win the suit, which I will, because they have not sent an item I've previously paid for, the company will know I mean business. I also contacted PayPal because I purchased the item through my PayPal account, and was told the company now has a hold on the account and must answer to them within 10 days. It is my hope that PayPal will discontinue business with them. I also want to encourage other consumers to contact their banks or whatever point of sale used to make their purchase and complain about the treatment they've received and maybe, collectively, we can get them to treat consumers as a commodity. Ignoring customer calls and emails is simply not a good practice and we see this all too often. I am hopeful the company will send my item but if not, I am prepared to go further.

Let's do our do diligence and get the respect we deserve as consumers!

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This company is a SCAM!!!

"I placed an order on the 19th of February and today it is March 5th, still no package. Google narrowed my extension search which brought me to houseofbeautyworld(wish I would've read the reviews first). As the site is loading the 20% off of your purchase checkout code had me sold. As I should've found it suspicious that many of the other tabs listed very little or nothing at all. I proceeded to checkout and was given an expected delivery timeframe, along with a tracking number. As days went by I decided to track my order but was unable to do so. So to anyone who is looking to purchase from houseofbeautyworld please don't. Spend your money where the reviews and ending results are positive. Worst online order EVER!"

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Terrible Service; Awful Communication

"Order placed on February 11, 2018. Four days later, on Feb. 15, received an email saying, "Your order is being processed. Please allow 2 to 4 business days processing time after which you'll receive a tracking number from us." Seemed odd to get the order confirmation four days later, but OK.

No further communication after several days, so on Feb. 19, I emailed customer service for a shipping update. No reply for three days.

Feb. 21, I receive this response, "Dear Customer, We apologize for the inconvenience. We will check with the shipping dept. and update you on your order, thank you."

I wait four more days and still no reply, so I email again on Feb. 25 asking for an update.

No reply, so on Feb. 26 I called the customer service number. The woman who answered told me that one item in my order is on back order and that's why it had not shipped. She put me on hold and came back and said the item is now and stock and my order would ship that day, and to expect an email with the tracking number.

It is now Feb. 28 and still no tracking number and no one answers the customer service line.

Communication and customer service is terrible. I should have been notified right away that one item I bought was on back order, so that I could decide if I wanted to wait. Had I not called, who knows when they would have told me. And now, there's still no information on when the order will arrive.

This seems to be a common complaint with this company, so unless you like paying for something and not knowing when you'll get it, I'd shop elsewhere.

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"sent the incorrect order called several times only to be placed on hold for over 10 minutes. No response to my emails about incorrect order that took 3 weeks to ship. I ultimately had to report it to my credit card due to no response. BEWARE!"

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"I purchased a wig from House of Beauty World that arrived damaged. I sent them pictures of the damaged wig and they told me to return the wig for a refund. I sent it back with an email specifiying that a full refund. So they sent the label and the wig was sent back. Approximately 2 weeks later, I called to find out the status of the refund and they told me they sent another wig to replace the damaged one. I informed them that I had speciically requested a refund and they reluctanly sent another label. I waited another 2-3 weeks before I called them again inquirying about the refund. They acted like they did not know what I was talking about saying, "We don't give refunds." I reminded them of the conversation with Monica and they quickly said, "Oh yes, I remember...we will send the refund in a few days." Approximately 4 days later I received a refund of 44.95 when the wig costed 59.95. It was explained to me the difference was a restocking fee for a damaged wig and for them sending me a second wig I did not request. So I will never deal with these SCAMMERS again. BUYER BEWARE!!!! "

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Worst Service Ever

"Worst Service ever! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. I ordered a product in Aug. A month later I got emails saying they are waiting for a new shipment. Two months later I got another apology letter. I called three months after the order to be told that my order was non-existant and that they refunded me - which they did NOT! This company is a scam! Note that "House of Beauty" is not the same company and does every effort to make sure they are not affiliated with HOUSE OF BEAUTY WORLD. Do not order from them!"

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"I found many site on google, some website wigs price is higher, some website I can't find I need, finally I found this site Socoosohairwig products, I got brazilian Hair Wigs for my hair salon, my customers very like, the wigs is popular and good quality. Thanks god."

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Let The Buyer Beware

"I ordered two products online that totaled about $100. The website indicated the items were in stock and readily available. I paid with my debit card and the money was immediately taken from my bank account.

The next day I received an email that stated – and I'm quoting here verbatim – "Your order has shipped and the tracking information is below. Thank you for your business!" The next paragraph provided a USPS First Class tracking number.

However, when I clicked on the tracking number, it took me to a USPS page that states – quoting again – "The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS of the product or the actual mailing date. This indicates only that pre-shipment info was sent to USPS, and the USPS is awaiting the actual item."

That was nothing more than a ruse. Twenty-five days later, I contacted HouseOfBeautyWorld and asked them why they have not delivered my item to the USPS yet. I spoke with someone whom identified herself as "Mishmish" and who had a strong accent, which is relevant only because she seemed to understand everything I said clearly until I asked to speak with her supervisor. At that time, she seemed to struggle to understand my request.

Mishmish could not have been less helpful. When she finally understood that I wanted to speak with her supervisor, she replied, simply, "No." I said, "I beg your pardon, but I must insist on speaking with your supervisor." Again, she stated, "No, I don't think so." I couldn't believe this woman's nerve!

She did eventually tell me that HouseOfBeautyWorld did not have my products in house, that they were having trouble getting one of them. She then told me they'd shipped the one they had and were waiting on the second one.

I replied, "I'm sorry, but I know that is not true. I've spoken with the USPS and they have assured me that they received nothing from you regarding this order." Then she said, "Ok, so we didn't send them one. This item is hard to get. You should have known this." I replied, "No, I'm sorry, but I SHOULD NOT have known that. Your website stated that you had the item in stock and I would receive it within seven days." She then reiterated that I should know that the item I paid for from them was difficult to get.

That was when I insisted on speaking with her supervisor and twice she denied my request. She then said, "I have to put you on hold now" and before I could stop her, she put me on hold. After holding for the better part of five minutes, I hung up and called back, hoping to get a more helpful person.

The second person was no more helpful than the first. She also claimed that I should have known the item was hard to get. I told her, also, that her website stated they were available and ready to ship. I asked her why her company took my money when it knew it didn't have the product in house and would have trouble getting it. She told me that their website is often not up to date and has inaccurate information.

"That's good to know," I said. "I am going to go online and leave reviews warning people to be warry of placing orders online.

"If that makes you feel better, then you go right ahead," she stated with distinct sarcasm in her voice.

Incredulous, I replied, "It's not a matter of making me 'feel better,' it's simply the right thing to do."

"Sure; whatever," she said.

Needless to say, I will never do business with these people again. They are unscrupulous and when I asked both representatives to speak with a supervisor, they both said, "No." They said my money will be refunded with seven business days, but I don't believe them. I don't think I will ever see that money again.

I was never angry in my conversations with them. My three-year-old grandson was sitting on my lap and I was careful with my words and the tone of my voice. This was one of the worst experiences I've ever had with customer service of a company. They took my money knowing they didn't have the product they claimed they had, never contacted me to let me know that the product was on back order, blatantly lied to me when they said they'd shipped one of the products, were rude on the phone when I made inquiries, then blamed me for not knowing they would have trouble getting the item that their website claimed they had in stock. When I asked when they expected to get the products, I was told that was a ridiculous question because there was no way they could possibly know when to expect shipment.

A horrible, unscrupulous company with terrible customer service. Trust me – beware of these people.


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Old Expired Products

"I order a relaxer I have liked and used for years. What I received was an outdated container of the relaxer that did not work. I contacted the company twice and they would not even reply to me.
Will never order from there again as I guess there low prices are due to selling old products that have sat on a shelf for who knows how long. Waste of money and time. Terrible customer service.

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"Absolute Terrible...avoid at all costs!!!

I placed an order back in November last year, two months went by and I sent an email asking where my order was and they sent me a tracking number
I never received it, in January (after several emails) they had informed me the package was returned to sender.

I told them I never received a letter so say they tried to deliver it etc.
They offered me a 30% refund but after again several emails I have not heard anything.

Biggest scam website! Took $200 of my hard earned money
Avoid !

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