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HSN does not stand by their products, AGENTS ARE PURPOSELY USELESS

"HSN does not stand by their products, I bought a Sevilla bracelet and 6 weeks later it broke. Emailed them, no acknowledgement of my email. Then I spoke to someone on chat, get this, there is NO CONTACT for the company who makes ahe bracelet and they have a 30 return or exchange policy so it the crap you bought breaks on the 31st day you are Sofl(**** out of luck). Way to go HSN. You have now lost several customers. "

Helpful Cool


Delivered to the wrong address...

"Placed and order with HSN on 2/5...had not received it by 2/13 and started looking into it. UPS tracking shows it was delivered on 2/10 to an address I have not lived at for almost 4 yrs. When I contacted customer service I was told the address was still in my address book. I changed the address prior to ordering, so apparently it defaulted to my old address. She informed me that the shipping address and billing address must match. Well, mine did not!! No one called to inquire. I asked if they could contact UPS and have it picked up and resent to my correct address...even if there was an extra fee. She told me I would have to handle talking to UPS and getting the package redelivered to my current address. When I asked why their system didn't accept the address change...was told they are not responsible for problems with the system. It is the customers responsibility!!! So unless UPS is more helpful than HSN...I am out $180. Last time I order from HSN."

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Rude Producers

"I was so excited about Wendy Williams products and ordered $300 that consist of shoes, dresses, pants at great prices. I was the phone with Wendy to ask a ? about her coat she wore on the show & all of a sudden I heard other people on the line, they cut me off from Wendy live and disconnected me and wouldn't let me talk to her. I cancelled my order and I thought it was rude of them to do it. They had my number & could have called me back and apologize but they didn't. I refuse to buy anything from them until further notice. I cried all night. I was devestated"

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Terrible customer service!

" When you order something for the one price and they will not honor it later even though it was THEIR fault my order mistakenly got cancelled . And then I called them to try and get it straight and talked to three different people and they still wouldn’t do it. Lost a customer over not honoring the same price! So stupid "

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"The worst cust service ever! Very rude and brainless...And thier products are very cheap,"

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Over selling products to consumers they don't have enough stock to fill orders!!

"On Oct 2,17 I order a heat press early before the big crafting event aired at midnight. I received confirmation number and ship date. The next day after the big airing they emailed me telling me I have now been put on a waitlist!! I was a early bird though.. Over the next few day I. Seeing all over crafting groups that long behold people who order there heat press on the 3 with a Oct 31 ship date have been shipped out. I called hsn talked to a supervisor explained my situation. She apologized said she would get back to me. Week later nothing. People still getting there. Hsn fills orders NOT buy who calls first. Treats customers horrible this is not the first time this has happened to me. This is why I'm writing this. Beware what u buy!!! I buy a lot from HSN however I believe this was my last time. Customer service and supervisor didn't contact me like promise. My business took a huge hit. Why I put my order in early.

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Horrible customer service representative

"I ordered an emergency 911 pendant when I got the pendant the back clip was broken I called the service representative immediately he was very pleasant he told me that he would send another pending out and when I received put the broken pendant back into the package and return it when I didn't receive it I called again and talk to a manager and customer service how could you hire someone so unprofessional her comment to me was let me tell you how this goes in the first place you do not tell a paying customer let me tell you I know this is a multi-billion-dollar company and you don't really need my business but I work hard for my money and you do have all of my credit card information stored in your files she replied we one item back first SF I was lying about it being broken and I was not going to return it if you sent me the pendant first I felt like she was saying I was going to steal it I was very offended by her tone her attitude and a disrespectful way that she presented herself she needs to be retrained it was not my fault that it was delivered to my house broken and I should not be hassled because I want to return a defective item to ship me another item and I return the defective item in the same package things the professional way to conduct business because if I were going to steal your item and you have all my credit card information on file you could clearly just charge it on my credit card that you have in your system that I trust your company enough to keep it on file"

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Very bad customer service. If you return an item you will not get your money back

"Very bad customer service. If you return an item you will not get your money back, instead of that you will receive a store credit that expires in two weeks or less, this not include the shipping cost is not refundable.

High prices for low quality of products, very expensive shipping.


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"I'm completely surprised by HSN' bad customer service and rude representatives. After waiting for my first order, i finally tracked it and saw that it was received by an unknown name. I called HSN and was told by customer service that it's my problem and i need to sort it out with UPS. Unbelievable!!! So I'm charged for products that were not delivered??? I had the choice of either calling my bank to dispute the charges or call UPS and have them redeliver. I called UPS and finally got the package. I had a coupon that I wasn't able to use on the first order, then after 5 calls with different agents and different excuses, i would rather shop elsewhere..... THIS KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS PLAIN RIDICULOUS !!!"

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"I purchased a defective tablet from HSN for my daughter for Christmas. Upon researching return options found that there is no provision for a prepaid shipping label. A chat with a representative revealed that they had to "MAIL" the label in 14-21 days! Do not purchase from HSN"

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"I purchased 2 blankets and had to send one back due to the color not being right. They didn't refund my money and when I contacted them, they said they did not receive the item back. I had my receipt from the USPS showing I sent it back, but they still didn't refund my money, so I filed a dispute with my credit card company and they refunded my money. That was a few years ago, and come to find out they have closed my log-in to their site and won't let me order or log-in now. Good riddance."

Helpful Cool


"I had been shopping for a computer for six weeks. I had gone everywhere within a twenty five mile radius of where I live, found absolutely nothing. I was watching TV and had seen on the guide that HSN2 was selling a HP All in One. I wasn't really interested in an All in One or even buying anything off a "shopping channel" for that matter but, I watched anyway. The more I watched the more I became interested. At the end of the segment, I had some questions that I needed answered to finalize my decision. So I called the phone number and told the person on the other end that I had a few questions and wasn't ready to buy, she answered all my questions in a timely manner and was very nice and pleasant, but still not ready to buy. The next day, I went to the next town over and three more stores, still nothing. When I arrived home, the HP was on HSN2 again, called the number, a couple more questions, she had me sold and I ordered it. She said it would take seven to ten days, wasn't to happy about that but was very content about the purchase and I would try to be patient. As soon as it was shipped I received my tracking number and was very surprised and happy that I received it in only two and a half days. Since then I have been very happy with the HP All in One and all the great service I received from HSN. "

Helpful Cool


"This review for home shop customer service. This is very hopeless service. The executives are not trained to talk to thier customers. They spoke very arrogantly and not working towards solving the problem. Let me explain I have ordered something from home shop 18 with order no 976805683 on 12 see 15 after waiting for about 10 days I didn't receive any communications on the above issue finally I mailed them on thier email I'd but doesn't receive any responce finally I called to thier customer care and asked about the problem but instead of solving the problem thir employees are giving suggestions as order is of COD if you are in hurry Pl cancel the order,you have no option other than waiting. You have to wait as if a have made a crime by dealing with the homeshop. Such a strange attitude of employees I haven't in any of the call center. Fully unprofessional attitude I m sure most of us having same experience "

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"I ordered on HSN.com and paid extra for express shipping. The Website says it would take about 3 days. When I check the shipping the delivery is delayed due to HSN paying the wrong shipping and therefore my packages will not be delivered when promised. I spoke to Evelyn from UPS and she confirmed that the method paid for by HSN was not expedited. I am very disappointed that the last 2 times that I have used this company both times I have had one issue after another. I hope as a valued customer my concerns are taken seriously."

Helpful Cool


"Buyer Beware!!!!! I purchased a Char-Broil Big Easy TRU-INFRARED 3-in-1 Roaster, Smoker and Grill from HSN 3 weeks ago during one of HSNs online promotions. I received 3 written confirmations that the order was confirmed and it would arrive on July 3rd in time for my son's birthday on the 4th. Today, July 3rd, I get a email from HSN stating that the order was canceled with no explanation. Very unprofessional and puts a good customer in a real bind to find another gift for my son's birthday tomorrow. By the way, HSN has the exact item in stock and are just selling it for $100 more than they charged me 3 weeks ago. BUYER BEWARW!!!!!! Bert"

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