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Product & services pricing 1.83/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.95/10
Shipping & packaging: 1.76/10
Customer service: 0.50/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.53/10
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Non existent tracking on shipped product bought on line.

"The Home Depot is using tracking company, to track your purchases made on line. I have never seen anything this bad. So called "tracking" software - described as best tracking application in their own word - does not show any tracking shipment progress, only just estimated delivery date, over 2 week waiting period for delivery. Never seen anything sooo good!!! Shame on you Home Depot and - tracking service provider!!! I will never buy from Home Depot again."

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Don't trust Home Depot

"I am an architectural designer for residential projects in the northwest and I would tell everyone to never use home depot for any services. If you can’t walk in and grab it on a shelf don’t even bother. I was trying to buy vinyl flooring for my condo and it took me 8 trips to the store to just order the product and that was after they completely screwed up my home measuring service (which they require before you can even start). When I was trying to order the material they originally wouldn't tell me how much I was paying for each item which is just ridiculous.I finally got the material order and about 4 weeks went buy which is about a week more than what they said the delivery would be. I call the store to find out where it was and it took the guy an hour to even find my order because apparently it glitched out and my order was stuck somewhere. So if I wouldn’t have called it would have never been delivered. Then the day they were delivering the product they would not actually bring it into my home even though I paid a 2 guy handling fee to bring it in and they left it outside in someones payed for parking spot. Even the first delivery guy had told the store that customer was going to be unhappy and expect a phone call before he even left the store. I called home depot and they gave me a whole run around as to why they didn’t have to do anything but I finally got them to send someone else to carry it in. I have never had to yell at someone so much in life but I guess that’s the only way you can get home depot to not screw you over. We will see how the actual install goes and right now I’m really glad that it is a separate entity that does the install.


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Run from Home Depot

"My refrigerator was scheduled to be delivered on 9/13/17. On 9/12/17 they called to say it would be delivered on 9/20/17. When I called the store, employees indicated that I had bought the appliance on line so they had nothing to do with anything about the appliance. I called back and was told the appliance was not in the store. (The repair man who came to fix my new refrigerator (read: broken by Home Depot delivery people) indicated that records showed my appliance was in the Home Depot store on 9/9/17. The employees were too lazy to even schedule a delivery.) The delivery people dropped the refrigerator on the concrete driveway when they were trying to bring it to my house. The refrigerator is now so loud that I cannot carry on a conversation in my kitchen and it is constantly on. When I called "customer service" about the broken appliance, I was put on hold and disconnected multiple times. After 3 hours, I was told that obviously my refrigerator was broken and I needed to schedule a repair service.

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"on a grading system A being the best F failing, I give the home depot in Broomfield, Colorado on 120th ave. F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F THIS PLACE ****!!!!!
Their customer service ****!!!!!

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Frustrating Online Order Experience

"We ordered 3 doors, ones that Home Depot did not carry, but obviously merely drop ships to HD. We went to pick up the doors (120 miles round trip) and found that of the three, two of the doors arrived safely, but the third door was damaged beyond repair -- which should have been obvious before we made the trip to pick up the purchase. We did not have the opportunity to look at the box it was shipped in, so we don't know if it was already damaged when it was packaged, if it happened in shipping, or at the store when it was lifted into it's high storage bin (the store employee told us that he needed the fork lift to get it) . The most frustrating part of this was having to call HD for inquiring about the re-ordered door and being put on hold to their most loud, screechy, and offensive "music". I do have to say that the HD Employee who helped us with the re-order was extremely polite and helpful. But we will no longer shop Home Depot."

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Bait and switch - false advertising and unfair business practices

"Corporate irresponsibility all around... Recommend buying from a local retailer with better quality and customer service.

+ Advertised discounted custom blinds
+ Discount was not applied online when I was checking out
+ Called customer service, who raised the price by more than the discount, then applied the advertised discount... would not honor the prior price! #ConsumerFraud

+ On an unrelated note, I had previously also bought wood products. Not only were they poor quality, but I later found out they were not sustainably sourced. I've spent nearly $100K at home depot over the past 10 years, and I'm horrified I've been supporting such a reprehensible organization!

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Horrible/ Stay away from Home Depot

"First let me say don't believe the Reps. I showed him the exact tile I wanted and he ordered what he wanted. When I viewed my roof tile I could not believe it and nothing was done with professionalism.
The crew was horrible damaged the crown molding around the gable, big chunks of wood missing and hammer marks seen from the yard. Removed a row of gable shaker shingles from the back wall and threw them out.
The wall flashing and drip edge was horrible and smeared black caulking everywhere. They should be called Home Destruction. My house looked better before they had touched it so don't make the same mistake.

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These people lie to you on shipping times.

"I'm selling my house. I ordered 7 wall vents on 9-20 and was given a date of delivery of 9-27-17. Here I am 10-1 and no vents. Called Home Depot and was told would get on 10-4. Two weeks to fill an order and ship it to you. What a joke. Now I have an open house with no vents on the walls. Thank You Home Depot. This was my last purchase from you. You are not reliable and people can't depend upon you to do the most basic things correctly. Lowes just picked up a new customer "

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Terrible Online Buying Experience

"I wanted to purchase a refrigerator and a washer/dryer for my new home. It was labor day weekend so there was a sale going on and Home Depot was offering fairly attractive prices. So we decided to purchase our fridge and washer/dryer through The order went through and everything seemed to be ok. I call customer service a few days before the delivery date just to confirm that everything is in order and still coming. They tell me yes. The day of delivery comes and I have not received a delivery window, so I call customer service again to figure it out and upon doing so they tell me my order has been cancelled and they have no idea why. I was never notified of this and they even told me it was still good to go a few days before the actual delivery! So here I am waiting at my new home with none of the appliances I ordered being delivered. They tell me to go into the store to try and re-place my order to make sure that everything works out this time. We go in and spend a solid hour and a half going through what happened, re-order all the appliances with a customer service representative, all the while speaking with a representative from to ensure that everything is done correctly. They confirm it's all good and we go about our day. In a proactive effort to ensure that we are getting it this time around I call in on Monday and Wednesday to make sure that we actually receive our products this time. They validate that we should he receiving our order so we have high hopes at this point that we will finally get our appliances. It's now Friday, the day of delivery, and again we have no delivery window, so I call to try and figure out what it is. The order number I was given the previous week doesn't exist in their systems and they cannot locate my order. They transfer me to online and the rep is finally able to track down my purchase. However, upon doing so, he tells me it's been cancelled once again and has no idea why. So here we are for a second time in the exact same situation as before. No fridge, no washer/dryer, no notification as to whether or not there was an issue with the order and Home depot telling us they have no information as to what happened. At this point it's laughable at how this could happen twice in a row and still with no explanation as to why. Needless to say, I asked for a full refund and will never be doing business with their online franchise again. I appreciate the staff who helped me in the store and will continue to shop at the brick and mortar locations. However, their online business is horrendous and needs to figure things out if they ever want to keep a customer. "

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Never buy a major appliance from this store!!!!!!

"took alomst 3 weeks for delivery and then within a month of buying my GE bottom freezer refridgerator, i come home to a puddle of water and condensation on the things in the fridge. I called Home depot. not their issue it was GE's issue and there is nothing they could do. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. They took my money but when the problem arose, they acted like it was not there problem. "

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"For anyone that shops at The Home Depot I want you all to know what a terrible customer service this company has.
They were having an online sale on 5 gallons buckets of primer $15 off so I ordered 2. For whatever reason they shipped them to the Manhattan, KS store, even though the website showed my home store as Wichita, KS. When I checked my order and seen they were going to the Manhattan store, I contacted Home Depot customer service, via chat and was told I would have to wait for them to be delivered and contact the store manager. I contacted our store locally and was told basically too bad, because the store in Manhattan would not ship them, they claimed hazardous materials, even though they were shipped to the Manhattan store. They were kind enough to return my money, and said I could reorder them at the regular price. Seriously.... I would have to say I don't think I have experienced such terrible customer service in a long time.
From now on Menard's and Lowe's Home Improvement will be getting my money.

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Online order pick up at store fails repeatedly.

"Every time I try to buy online and pick up at store, their system confirms that the product is in-stock and completes my order. Then, after driving across town to pick up the item, I'm told that they are out of stock. If I place an order to be delivered to my house, the delivery time is usually two weeks. I'm really tired of trying to do business with these people. "

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Great customer service

"My wife bought me tool chest for my 50th birthday today and paid over $500 for it. When I went to pick it up it was damaged. When they brought it up to customer pick up they were not happy they didn't have another one in stock. So to make it right they gave me a higher priced tool chest for the same price. Oh yeah the one she bought was 41 inch they gave me a 52 inch. That was a big surprise. Way to go home Depot. That was GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. That's why we shop at home Depot they also take care of us and our home needs"

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One size doesn't fit all

" We had a remodel done a couple of years ago in our kitchen by Home Depot. We even applied for and received their card along with a "24 month interest free promotion". This past Saturday, we happened to be in Lowe's where my wife saw two bathroom vanities she liked and they were also on sale. On a lark we asked management if we could get at a 36 month interest promotion if we did the complete project with Lowe's. Answer, "YES" So we went over to Home Depot. Bottom line is after talking with several people in Customer Service and the Credit Department the answer was a resounding "NO"! In addition, Home Depot only has ReBath of Delaware as their service provider for bathrooms. We are planning to put in a free standing tub. ReBath doesn't install them. How can a business sell a product but fail to have a service provider to install the product? We love our kitchen from Home Depot. Wish I could tell you in a few months that we love our bathroom as well."

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Will Not Honor Military Discount for Online Orders

"Highly Disappointed that Home Depot will not honor Military Discount for Online Orders"

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