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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.76/10 2.76/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 0.76/10 0.76/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 0.80/10 0.80/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.15/10 1.15/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.46/10 1.46/10
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Rating 2/10


"Ordered a garage door from them and couldn't be more irate. After being misled on multiple occasions about the delivery date, finding out ONLY through my own efforts that they were including the lowest grade springs (but were happy to charge me more for modern ones), getting a voicemail three days before the original date of the already extensive delivery time to tell me they were adding three weeks on and including "that's normal for this time of year" (if it's "normal" why didn't you tell me when I ordered a MONTH ago??), I contacted their order processing department.

Because I had timed several things around the delivery of this door (including changing jobs) and intended to install it myself (while the weather was still good) I asked them to help me out with installation (which would now be in mid to late December after TWO months of their delays). Their response?

First I was told how the "normal" three weeks of extra delay that got casually added on was due to (unspecified) "natural disasters". Just "normal" unexpected, unspecified, happens every year, unpredictable "natural disasters". I tried to point out how one or the other was a lie but logic was a lost cause. The options I was given then were:

"We can cancel it and you'll have no working garage for even longer."

"We'd have to do a site inspection and check all the measurements (OF THE SUPER COMPLICATED RECTANGULAR DOOR) and it'd be another month or more for install. Also we'd have to charge you about $500." (note, they're already slamming me for almost $1600 on the door alone)


"We'll give you $100 (or around $4.50/day of the most recent delay) to just shut up and get the door when it's convenient for us. Hey, we're Home Depot; we got enough customers. You don't like it? Take the refund and go to Lowes." (the spring "upgrade" cost more than half of that and the delivery fee alone was over $100 but the slap in the face is free apparently)

I'm sure in-person shopping is exactly what you would expect at any Home Depot. But, if I had the option of ordering from Megan and Kelly and the rest of the Pocatello Home Depot garage door department again or eating a bag of hot ratchets.... bring me some ketchup. A negative experience in every possible way.

Rating 2/10


"Customers beware, you have to know they are not giving you more than 48 hours after the delivery of you appliance to return it. If you have any issues they are sending you to a stupid service company that doesn’t even call you back for 3 weeks... that’s what hapelened to us and our dishwasher. Brand new machine, didn’t work for 1 second. Never turned on and I’m still waiting for the service company. Kitchenaid doesn’t help either. Shame. "

Rating 6/10

Wrong Delivery date

"At the store with our products specialist great experience until we paid for our washer/ dryer our delivery date was changed and no one told us.So on the day we waiting for our delivery is when we was told we wasn’t getting it til Wednesday but no one would be home when called to chance day we were directed to serveral department before and would help. Finally we just had to go to store while we waiting off to side we were being talked about at the counter badly So we walked over to counter the talking stopped. We were not able to get our delivery to next week so we now we still wait another week . We wasn’t treated like we just spent almost 1900. We was treated like a bothered. I didn’t cancel my order cause We acually got a deal. But it was a bad experience. Wondering now what’s going to happen next we still haven’t got our washer/ dryer. "

Rating 4/10

Vet gets denied discont

"I am a Vietnam era vet and just recently had veteran status included on my state driver’s license. How surprised I was when I showed my driver’s license with the Veteran designation stamped on it and told it would not suffice. They said I need the red, white and blue vet card. That card is only issued to vets who apply for medical benefits. It is not commonly given to most vets. I am appalled at Home Depot for saying it supports veterans but will not support a state that recognizes its veterans. Home Depot should be ashamed of themselves. Hey Lowes, here I come."

Rating 4/10

They price match Guaranteed

"Looking to buy a fridge and a stove. Had a very nice lady explain everything. I have to take a few to decide, to eliminate an impulse buy. Since my current fridge is dying. I was deciding on a Samsung fridge and stove, but found it 100 dollars cheaper at Costco. That is where the little asterisk comes into play on the sign. So this gal asked her superior and was told no. I was prepared to purchase the warranty because I made out on a washer once with that warranty. I left the store angry after realizing I have spent A lot of money prior to this. So over 100 dollars, you won't be getting anymore of my money. "

Rating 2/10

Don't expect to receive what you paid for!

"We purchased a range from Home Depot a couple of months ago. We could finanlly afford the top of the line oven/range I always dreamed of. My husband and I both work, but we took the day off when they were scheduled to deliver it. I was very excited about the new features. But the delivery guys looked behind our oven and said we did not have the correct outlet, and an electrician needed to fix it. So they took the range back. No one told us ahead of time that there might be an issue with the outlet. Couple of weeks passed before an electrician could be scheduled to put in a new outlet, and cut the cord off our old range. We had already scheduled delivery the following day, since I knew I could not live without a range for more than a day. The delivery company called and confirmed the date and time. I stayed home from work that day, but they never showed up. I called Home Depot customer service, and they called back and scheduled another appointment for the following week. The delivery company confirmed the delivery date and time, the day before. This time, my husband stayed home from work. The truck came but the range was not in the truck. They said they were here only for a service call. We explained the situation to them and to Home Depot customer service, who scheduled us yet for another delivery date the following week. The same thing happened again; the truck showed up with no range. By now we were furious. I had lived with no range, eating from microwave or spending money to eat out. Meanwhile we used up 4 vacation days to be home. We spent many hours on the phone explaining the situation to Home Depot, so they finally suggested we cancel the transaction and repurchase the range. We made an appointment with the sales person at Home Depot. They assured us that all the information about our purchase was in their system and they only needed to refund our account and redo the sale. We scheduled a delivery date. My husband stayed home again, and received the range. When I came home I realized the range was a lower model than I had ordered, one with $200 less retail value. I was very upset. This oven did not have the special features I wanted, but I couldn't face going through all of this process again. I had already spent over a month without a range, and I had no confidence they would get it right, if I tried to exchange it at this point. I just had to accept this purchase. So, my husband went to Home Depot and received $200 refund. At the end, it took Home Depot about 6 weeks to deliver the range, and even then I am still stuck with lesser model."

Rating 8/10

Great job - nice tub

"Bought a clawfoot tub off their website, they sent it over in about a week without some drain parts which were replaced. Found a similar one on www.ewalkinbathtubs.com but it was a priced higher. Overall very good experience from a large vendor, I will probably shop again."

Rating 2/10


"Lady lake home depot is awful, We purchased some appliances there. The deliver company pulls up in a 40 foot dumpy trailer and says he cant get down our street so I tell them well come back with a box truck, Well come to find out this LOW END delivery company they use only has that beat up trailer to deliver with. Then they lie and tell HD they tried twice, Total lie from the low life delivery company, Now the manger there refused to make this right and told us it would be another 2 weeks,lol. We went to lowe's and found the same stuff in stock. AVOID this store at all costs, They have put us though hell for 2 weeks and they don't care about their customer's "

Rating 2/10

Buyer Beware!!

"I just spent several thousands of dollars on all new kitchen appliances, all Samsung products. The over the stove microwave did not work from time it was installed. Well when you have a problem with a product and you bought it from Home Depot, you can’t just call Samsung nor can you just return it to the store. You must spend hours calling a phone number just to be transferred to someone else and 4/5 times you get disconnected and have to start over! Well anyway, we bought the microwave 1 1/2 months ago, the repairman came out but didn’t fix it... we didn’t hear back from them so back to step 1! Ok then finally someone else came out and took the microwave... fast forward 3 weeks... no phone call email or any contact. Oh and of course the “help line” is only open from 8-5 M-F so I will have to start over from step 1 tomorrow! To add insult to injury, I posted a negative review for the microwave on Home Depot’s site... just received an email that my post was not accepted!! Sooo.... note to self, Home Depot reviews are not accurate, apparently they don’t allow you to have a negative opinion!!"

Rating 2/10

New roof disaster

"In need of a new roof. I was sold on the 25 year craftsmanship warranty so I wouldn't have to worry about it roof repairs, they'd be in business ready for repairs and I could pass that warranty onto another homeowner. Sounds like a no brainer, more value and worry free, Not so!!! I informed sales rep there were prior leaks prior to me purchasing and the house is 20 years old maybe need more repairs. Roof was installed last February, they never checked my attic as stated they would, they bumped wooded logs with their truck that's set up for water issues on hoa drive, broke stepping stones by truck driving over it, left dumpster there blocking hoa drive for a week plus longer than told, had to get new approval to avoid hoa fees for blocking hoa road, to a conversation to close the deal over phone when I never had a chance to inspect it so he could get a bonus and to help with hoa drive issues and breaking stepping stones to get a gift certificate in return. Thought I'd be nice since I couldn't tell if a roof would be ok or not so he could get his bonus. To report a minor water spot on bedroom ceiling in July. This was a small spot at the time. If repair guy came to inspect roof 2.5 weeks from reporting it, it would not have turned into 3.5 weeks later, 8 ceiling water spots and now into walls. Roofer comes out does a horrible hack caulking job all over my brand new roof! He says they should have replaced the metal sidings and caulked to house (ask for more details). To owner of roofing company who's in a different state to say not their fault it's the chimney which was right in their faces while installing roof!!! Never told me my chimney had issues yet they're installing a 25 year warranty craftsmanship roof on. To the Home Depot manager agreeing to split the cost of repairs as a hurricane was coming and they couldn't do it. So get that fixed. Now onto the clean up of caulked, rotted plywood, molded mildew water stains on ceiling and walls whom which we are allergic to mold and mildew. I received a verbally agreement to repair roof area, molded boards, though my other boards above ceiling not authorized to replace/fix and would credit my account for interior bedroom repairs. I asked and was told I'd get that in writing that night as going out of town for business and knew couldn't send in writing later that week. This was also verbally stated could have someone out to fix in a week. It's now 3 plus weeks, no appointment for repairs and nothing in writing like stated and promised so. Absolutely beyond frustrating 3 months later of reporting still not completed nor near completion. Now I have spotted more water stains on 3 diffetent ceilings and in need of refinancing my home yet have a water stained bedroom. So it's costing me money to not be able to refinance my home without a good appraisal and I have a water stained bedroom ceilings, walls and now additional ceilings in my home. 3 plus months is a long time for this!!! I highly recommend LOCAL companies and smaller business owners who take pride in their work, customer service and WAY less money to purchase! Beyond dissatisfied. "

No Avatar

Exison, NJ
Rating 2/10

Non existent tracking on shipped product bought on line.

"The Home Depot is using Narvar.com tracking company, to track your purchases made on line. I have never seen anything this bad. So called "tracking" software - described as best tracking application in their own word - does not show any tracking shipment progress, only just estimated delivery date, over 2 week waiting period for delivery. Never seen anything sooo good!!! Shame on you Home Depot and narvar.com - tracking service provider!!! I will never buy from Home Depot again."

Rating 2/10

Don't trust Home Depot

"I am an architectural designer for residential projects in the northwest and I would tell everyone to never use home depot for any services. If you can’t walk in and grab it on a shelf don’t even bother. I was trying to buy vinyl flooring for my condo and it took me 8 trips to the store to just order the product and that was after they completely screwed up my home measuring service (which they require before you can even start). When I was trying to order the material they originally wouldn't tell me how much I was paying for each item which is just ridiculous.I finally got the material order and about 4 weeks went buy which is about a week more than what they said the delivery would be. I call the store to find out where it was and it took the guy an hour to even find my order because apparently it glitched out and my order was stuck somewhere. So if I wouldn’t have called it would have never been delivered. Then the day they were delivering the product they would not actually bring it into my home even though I paid a 2 guy handling fee to bring it in and they left it outside in someones payed for parking spot. Even the first delivery guy had told the store that customer was going to be unhappy and expect a phone call before he even left the store. I called home depot and they gave me a whole run around as to why they didn’t have to do anything but I finally got them to send someone else to carry it in. I have never had to yell at someone so much in life but I guess that’s the only way you can get home depot to not screw you over. We will see how the actual install goes and right now I’m really glad that it is a separate entity that does the install.


Rating 2/10

Run from Home Depot

"My refrigerator was scheduled to be delivered on 9/13/17. On 9/12/17 they called to say it would be delivered on 9/20/17. When I called the store, employees indicated that I had bought the appliance on line so they had nothing to do with anything about the appliance. I called back and was told the appliance was not in the store. (The repair man who came to fix my new refrigerator (read: broken by Home Depot delivery people) indicated that records showed my appliance was in the Home Depot store on 9/9/17. The employees were too lazy to even schedule a delivery.) The delivery people dropped the refrigerator on the concrete driveway when they were trying to bring it to my house. The refrigerator is now so loud that I cannot carry on a conversation in my kitchen and it is constantly on. When I called "customer service" about the broken appliance, I was put on hold and disconnected multiple times. After 3 hours, I was told that obviously my refrigerator was broken and I needed to schedule a repair service.

Rating 2/10


"on a grading system A being the best F failing, I give the home depot in Broomfield, Colorado on 120th ave. F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F THIS PLACE ****!!!!!
Their customer service ****!!!!!

Rating 4/10

Frustrating Online Order Experience

"We ordered 3 doors, ones that Home Depot did not carry, but obviously merely drop ships to HD. We went to pick up the doors (120 miles round trip) and found that of the three, two of the doors arrived safely, but the third door was damaged beyond repair -- which should have been obvious before we made the trip to pick up the purchase. We did not have the opportunity to look at the box it was shipped in, so we don't know if it was already damaged when it was packaged, if it happened in shipping, or at the store when it was lifted into it's high storage bin (the store employee told us that he needed the fork lift to get it) . The most frustrating part of this was having to call HD for inquiring about the re-ordered door and being put on hold to their most loud, screechy, and offensive "music". I do have to say that the HD Employee who helped us with the re-order was extremely polite and helpful. But we will no longer shop Home Depot."

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