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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 1.43/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.25/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.60/10
Customer service: 0.90/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.51/10
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Best rip off site… a bunch of crooks… stay away and save your money

"They rip me off with fake leads and expect you to pay for them they say it’s all part of the advertising thing they’re a bunch of ripoff’s"

Helpful Cool


I wish there was a ZERO star! Terrible from start to finish!

"Same all the other bad reviews I have seen on here.... Bad leads, excuses after excuses, wont provide credits for all the leads that dont ever pertain to the services. Will auto renew you with no contact about doing so. I tried to cancel 3 days after I saw that they renewed me and they would not refund my money back. What a horrible company and I should have googled them before I signed up.... SOOOOOOOOO many terrible reviews, comments and even a class action law suite.. RUN if your reading this and find another option for getting leads. Learn from my expensive mistake! "

Helpful Cool


Fence Solution-David Bell Proprietor

"David and his crew did a very fine job replacing our fence. Would highly recommend this company if you need a fence replaced. Very responsive to call back. —Jim H. "

Helpful Cool


Mr Fixit

"My husband and I recently had our deck and doors refinished by Mr Fixit and we were very satisfied! Conrad was always on time and did a wonderful job with attention to detail. On top of this we were always kept informed of our schedual and any possible changes that might occur. I would highly recommend Mr Fixit!
Tracy Fawcett

Helpful Cool



"Dexter All in One did a great job, they even powerwashed our shed without charging more. I would recommend them."

Helpful Cool


Waiting for repair of faulty ceiling fan installed by JAV general contractor license #1034980

"Jose replaced the motors and remotes in 2 ceiling fans in April of this year. I called Jose Sunday when I realized the master bed fan was not operating. I rely on this fan at night. He purchased the motor and remote . I have no receipts etc. For the part, as I didn't purchase it. Don't know where it was purchased . I paid over $500 for the repair of the 2 fans. He has not shown up as agreed upon to inspect and repair the fan. "

Helpful Cool


I Wish I Could Give 0 Stars

"I cannot believe this service. DO NOT PURCHASE HOME ADVISOR IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT IT! I'm not going to give a detailed explanation, but I will tell you my story in a brief paragraph or so. Got home advisor a couple months ago and they charged us the $300 application fee. Yes, it's expensive but it seems worth it at the time (after they've been calling you nonstop and requesting you to join their service, and explaining all the great things about it). Moments later we were charged nearly a hundred dollars for a lead. Leads are extremely expensive on this service. I didn't think much of it however, because of the confidence that the sales team had built up about the service. My sales team for my company is great at what they do, and we can always get ahold of our customers if they're serious about completing their job. However, every single lead I have received from Home Advisor, I have had to put up a fight to even get ahold of clients. Not only this, but when they ask you to come out, many of them don't seem serious about the job. It's as if they just want to check and see how much it would cost for you to complete the service for them. The worst part about Home Advisor is that they don't allow for you to be refunded if you can't even get ahold of the client. For a painting contractor like myself, that would be as if I went to a house, gave them an estimate, they booked with me and wrote me a check for a deposit, and then I left with the money and they never could get ahold of me again. To me, that is extremely unethical, but I guess business is business. I wouldn't recommend home advisor to anyone, but I would recommend exploring other options. I hate writing bad reviews because I understand the negative effect it has on a business and the way it makes the owner feel, but this is just something that had to be said. "

Helpful Cool


Scam, Bait and switch and money pit, Fraud company, buyer beware.

"My experience with the company is that of extreme scam and bait and switch. I fell for the company’s trap when a woman kept calling and leaving messages with my project manager saying she is s client interested in talking to me regarding a project. When I finally came to the phone, she told me she was from home advisor and how she had several leads in my area and no service providers to fulfill it. I said I would think about it and put the phone down; the persistent woman kept calling me and sending dummy leads that were all probably fake to entice me into signing up. Like any small growing business, we are all tempted by the opportunity to grow and reach out to clients who have the need for our services but don’t know how to reach us. I was very specific about what areas I want and the lady very vague about how it all works. She assured me she would check back and make sure everything was working correctly. I started receiving leads, people who would say, I was checking how it works, or I am not ready now, or people not in my area or budget range. I was particular to the rep that I was a high-end service. After getting very frustrated and spending lots of money on leads that led to nowhere, I emailed the lady and asked to cancel. A month passes by no response, then I chat with the customer service, and I tell them, I have had it with the Home advisor, and I do not want to pay for anything anymore. The CS agent says I will have your rep call you within five mins she calls me, one month I have been trying to get in touch with her, and within five mins she calls me. I express to her my frustration and tell her I wish to continue no longer. She says she will refund last few leads and make upcoming leads complimentary if I give Home Advisor another chance, she will then follow up and make sure everything is working properly. She made some changes to the account to ensure I get targeted leads. Few more dud leads later, and I get an email I owe Home Advisor $250 I am appalled at this point. As per my understanding, I was on trial period, and I got complimentary leads, the rep never followed up to tell me that my trial period ended, I did not ever get an email from Home advisor telling me the paid period has reinstated. Frustrated I called the CS again, and at this point, the CS agent said she is surprised at my charge, she puts me through to the Manager, the manager says I understand your frustration, I am happy to refund your account the $275 if you assure me you will not cancel today. I expressed that I was tired of the bait and switch and do not wish to continue any longer and would not be paying the $275 because these are fraudulent charges, charges that were not supposed to be on my card. One week later, I get a call that my account is in collection and there is a $75 collection fee. I called HA again spent 2 hours on the phone talked to 3 different reps who all agreed what happened was wrong and they will escalate it. Reached the final rep repeated the whole story, she agreed that what was done was wrong, let me see what I can do, 20 mins of this and her final response, sorry since it has gone in collection there is nothing I can do to help, it is out of my hands. In what universe does a company screw up billing and charges, sends it to the collection and then says since it is already in the collection there is no way to take it back. I am beyond frustrated. Buyer beware, absolute nightmare, wate of resources, money and hours of my time. "

Helpful Cool


Hands in the cookie jar.

"I am a Roofing contractor in Florida. I signed up for a Home Advisor account in July of 2018. I paid $300 for the annual fee and had the sales lady pause my leads until I could get acquainted with the system, via emails they had sent me.

Right away I received a lead. Knowing my leads were paused by the sales lady, I didn't know what this email really was. I was told there were some options I had not studied out yet. So I clicked on this alert and inadvertently accepted a lead. I was charged just under $107 for this lead. I made the best of it. I followed through and quoted the roof for the customer, in spite of the fact my leads being paused. That was as close to a good lead as I got.

Then a couple of days later while my leads were paused again, I got yet another lead. Like that wasn't problem enough, that lead was for a project in a county in which I'm not even licensed. Home Advisor also had my account noted that I am not licensed in that county. Keep in mind, this lead is debited from my bank account.

Then I got another lead while my leads were paused. This lead also was debited from my bank account. Or to be factual, I think the leads are handled as a hold in my bank account and then billed on Fridays. So the debit shows up but is not withdrawn. At least that's how they explained it. So I did not accept this lead, as my leads were paused.

Then lastly, I got another lead while my leads were paused. To top that off, I had already quoted this project a few days earlier, for the lady who requested a quote through Home Advisor. This lead too showed up in my bank account.

On the Friday of that overly active week, I contacted Home Advisor and was eventually connected with a lady who works in the department that handles folks desiring to quit the program.

We talked about fifteen or twenty minutes and through my pushy questioning and refusal to accept distractions as answers, this lady enlightened me a little. I was advised that when I pause my leads for two days, they aren't literally paused for two days. Actually, on the second calender day after the contractor pauses his lead, they are turned back on at 12.00 AM. That's her excuse of hos these two leads came through to me. As in, my leads really weren't paused. No one, not one person, in numerous conversations bothered to reveal that nugget of truth. She only revealed it because I backed her in the corner.

That lady eliminated those three leads from my account (and thus my bank account) during that conversation. So I was not charged for those three erroneous leads. However, on the following Monday morning I was charged $74.68 for nothing. Today I was told that was a charge for one of the leads I received while paused, that the lady had credited back to me on Friday. So I got a credit for it on Friday, then a bill for it on Monday, when my leads were paused.

Today I am told by the final authority at Home Advisor (per Home Advisor), that they do not give refunds. He referred me to the terms and conditions portion of the agreement I accepted, implying it states that they do not give refunds for erroneous charges. In fact, they only give in house credits. So he readily admitted I had a credit in my Home Advisor account for $74.68. Meaning if I'd reactivate my leads, I'd get a credit of $74.68 toward the next lead they sent me.

Here's how that translates. If I unlock my bank account to them again, they can dip in there and send me erroneous leads, making erroneous charges, while only offering in house credits for the errant charges.

Think about that? The only way to get their hand out of the cookie jar, is to remove the lid and let them eat until they're full. Then repeat the process. Brilliant! Like a fox!

By the way, I got a review for work performed by a person I never did work for. Home Advisor claimed it was a guy I had listed as a reference. But if so, this guy spelled his own name wrong. Hmmm? Out of four leads, all four were sent while leads were paused. That means in no uncertain terms, I would never get those charges returned, even when they agree they were bogus leads. All I'd ever get was an in-house credit. The one guy I did give a quote to (the only lead I responded to), said he was advised of a price range that was much lower than I quoted. He also told me I was low bidder among those who quoted his job. He also told me he wasn't going to do this job for another year. Right, another year. I paid $107 for a lead for a roof that's tentatively planned for a year away.

I conclude it is better to have no leads, than to have foxes guarding the hen house. Systematic thievery.

Helpful Cool


One Great and One Bomb

"I needed someone to help with my pool as I had surgery and couldn’t do it. I saw several companies to help me out. Filled out the request for Island Pride Pool Service. To my surprise they answered a few minutes later. Friendly and efficient. Reasonable. Using them again. "

Helpful Cool


On hold now for 1.75 hours!

"I am calling tonight to inform them that one of their experts is demanding that people refund the $16 fee home advisor charges him if they don’t hire him. No never get this message because I refuse to stay on hold for two hours."

Helpful Cool


Not honest about reviews

"I have only written 2 reviews about contractors I have used from home advisor and they were never posted. Apparently they only post the 5 star reviews and leave out the bad reviews...I will NEVER use them again b/c you cant get an honest opinion of a company!"

Helpful Cool


94% Negative Reviews AND THIS IS ANOTHER ONE !

"As thousands of other business owners are saying, this is a service that does not provide any actual qualified leads, but charges you for the exchange of information (people's information they provide filling out HomeAdvisor's web-forms) , that is also shared with up to 4 other companies.

I was promised unlimited leads for free under the heading of "Maid Service", but they are sneaky and asked for any other categories that I'd like to get leads on.. This puts you in the "paid leads" system as only the single "Maid Service" listing includes the free leads. All others cost from $9-59 depending on their estimated job revenue, irregardless of outcome of your obtaining any business from the contact provided.. In other words a total waste of time and money.

They also do what's called "Bait and Switch" telling you that they will refund any bad leads, but if you read their terms closely it says that they only provide credit for more (bad) leads, and only after you jump through all of the hoops in filling out forms within a couple of hours of receiving the lead, otherwise they have a "right" to charge your credit card for each and every lead up to your "chosen limit" for this "service".

You are certainly "serviced" well and often by these con artists. I was provided so many leads (calls to my business line by automated marketing services and their own automated lead service, never an actual person or customer) that I had to suspend my account, and not a single one turned out to be a legitimate customer looking for services within the budgets (our prices are clearly listed on our website) projected by any person with basic math skills. Just people who are price shopping or looking for a free estate but not yet, or people who want to get work done yesterday for less than nothing by the time they get off the phone.

I tried in vain to get a refund, but their clever terms of service are worded so that they have all the power and you are left without any legal recourse for anything other than single party arbitration via a paid arbitration service (which you must use and pay for) (likely their own arbitration company), and no refunds will be made after 72 hours irregardless of whether or not they are open for business to answer your calls, and you have to inform them that you wish to cancel your order in writing as well.. I tried to cancel during normal business hours, but if you follow prompts on their voice-guided line, it keeps you penned into an endless loop that keeps you on hold for a while, then tells you that it's past business hours in the Mountain Time zone and they are closed (even if you call at noon, Mountain Time).. I managed to get around this clever trap by pretending to be a new customer looking to sign up for their services. The guy who answered the phone was obviously aware of the way they were tricking you and passed me to someone else ("customer service") obviously a salesperson who was well scripted in keeping you from getting any refund, quoting their user agreement and also saying that you have a verbal agreement with them and they will use the recording against you in arbitration if necessary.. I asked for a copy of any recordings but was refused by this person again quoting legalese jargon from their "agreement".

This paid lead system is above and beyond the cost of their subscription to the HomeAdvisor Pro account, which is a yearly subscription that will be automatically renewed unless you cancel in writing.

I am busy running my business, doing actual work and keeping track of my customers needs. I cannot immediately call each and every "lead", sort them by whether or not they are qualified, and immediately afterward contact HomeAdvisor in order to get credit for the bad ones. I'd spend half a day and not have time to actually do my jobs if I did what they suggest (and they try to make it seem like I am neglecting my customers unless I do things their (HomeAdvisor's) way.
I have a successful business and many repeat customers, never had we had any bad reviews online or otherwise. On the HomeAdvisor website "customers", irregardless of whether or not you do any paid work for them, have a way to leave negative comments about your business just because they thought that they could hire you immediately that same day, via their HomeAdvisor app, and after they leave their information, are disappointed that they do not get someone who comes to their aid within the hour, and for less than nothing.

Our business model works as is, and I don't need any advice on how to run a business from some smart-alek salesperson in India!

They claim that the problem is that small business owners are incapable of closing deals.

This is a dishonest company that has been redefined from their "Service Magic" company and has been playing this game for years.. And racking up thousands of negative reviews!
Run! Run far and fast as you can away from these scamming bastages.

Helpful Cool


Not What It's Cracked Up To Be

"In multiple, different projects I've had, every company Home Advisor had contact me gave a price of four times the area's going rate and some were not very professional at all. This is no different than Angies List. Whoever pays, gets on their list. The best bet is still to run your contractors name through your local Clerk Of Court records research to see what kind of trouble they've been a part of. I've found this method to be 80% effective. Getting advice from a reviewer who has zero knowledge in the field they've had work done is meaningless. "

Helpful Cool


The WORST!!!

"First, when signing up they tell you one thing, that you’ll pay lead once customer choose to do business with you, then they send you leads, out of the scope of work and then you still have to pay for it, even if they don’t do business with you you still have to pay. When requested refund since it’s not my mistake, theirs for sending me work that is not pertaining to my line of work they say they don’t refund just credit or cancelled the account. Well, I didn’t sign up for that, first and foremost, second, why do I have to pay for your mistake. I paid subscription but didn’t know I was going to be charged automatically for something I didn’t authorize and again their mistake. Worst customer service!! DO NOT SIGN UP!!! DO NOT WORK with THEM AT ALL!!! "

Helpful Cool

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