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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 8.10/10
Chance of future purchase: 9.38/10
Shipping & packaging: 9.38/10
Customer service: 9.58/10
Return/Replacement policy: 9.17/10
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Beyond reproach.

"Donald, my liaison, was professional, helpful, knowledgable, and a pleasure to work with. Zoltan, who handled my art requests, was equally efficient and pleasant.

Overall, I have no complaints and would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone looking to build a custom machine.

Helpful Cool


Great Customer service!

"I ordered the GL703VM-WB71 with the help of Ted of HIDevolution. I initially placed an order with XoticPC which gave me a pretty good deal on the same laptop and since I am not from the same state as them, I was not charged tax which was great.

XoticPC was great too but there was just too many miscommunication between all the reps. One would tell me that the laptop I want would be on pre-order, and others would tell me they have it in stock. Also every time I ask them a technical question such as what screen panel (tn vs ips) and whether or not the display has gsync vs nvidia optimus, I would get an answer like : "we dont have that information, but we will contact ASUS and get the answer for you." In the end, I never got an answer. I waited about two weeks before canceling my order. Though it was not entirely their fault since I was just tired of hearing there is no ETA on the laptop.

HIDevolution, however, was the only one of the three vendors to help me find the answer. I would actually get a reply even around midnight on a question I asked. And when they did not know the answer , they actually contacted asus and found the answer for me. Ted from HIDevolution was able to price-match XoticPC almost immediately. So far excellent service. Will update review further when I get my laptop.

EDIT: 11/8/17 After about 4 days since the day I placed the order, my laptop was shipped and schedule to be delivered Friday.

Helpful Cool


Best Costumer service I've ever used

"I purchased a gaming laptop a year ago, It broke so I sent it for repair but I had an issue .
Adam was available at all time and helped me more than I could've hoped for.
You can count on these guys to help u.
Thanks Alot Hidevolution

Helpful Cool


The customer service benchmark that every company out there should aspire to

"Spending a large amount of money on a high end system is a big decision. Choosing the right retailer to partner with to make the purchase is crucial especially if you're shopping internationally. There's a lot of trust involved.

I can honestly say I trust HIDevolution wholeheartedly. This review is for my second purchase from them and it's been 6 years apart yet their customer service is still second to none.

When everything goes smoothly it's easy to view a retailer in good light. It's only when things go wrong that the real calibre of a company is revealed and HIDevolution is a shining beacon in this sea of incompetent, unfeeling imposters that promote "good customer service".

They treat your order as if it were their own personal purchase. Ted and his team fought Dell's robotic representatives for 3 months after receiving a DOA refurbished Alienware 17 R4. They kept me updated almost on a daily basis throughout this ordeal and managed to push for a brand new system replacement as well as a warranty extension.

Would I make a purchase from Dell again after experiencing Dell's nonsensical customer service? Yes I would, but only if it is through HIDevolution. It's comforting to know that as an HIDevolution customer you could be anywhere in the world and have someone in the US that cares about excellent customer service in your corner.

Ted, I know I've said this numerous times before but THANK YOU. Thank you for providing international PC enthusiasts with HIDevolution's services. Your work ethic and communication is a benchmark that every company out there should aspire to.

Helpful Cool


Top notch customer service

"If you're shopping for a laptop, Donald from HIDevolution is definitely the man to seek. I just casually dropped an email regarding a laptop I'm interested in and he took the extra mile to set up an account for me so that I can set aside my wishlist configurations for him to review. He is very knowledgeable and always answers all my queries promptly. I was hooked with his pro-activeness, having some parts available but not usually offered by other competitors that I bought the Clevo P950HR.

During the production process, his colleagues would send notes at the bottom of the review orders to let me know the status of my order. Shipping was smooth and delivered on time so definitely no complains there. The laptop is built solid and of great quality.

All in all, very happy my purchase. Definitely and highly recommend HIDevolution.com.

Helpful Cool


Donald made it happen

"Back in November of last year I was looking for a laptop to replace my aging 10 year old Macbook Pro. After extensive research I had my heart set on an Aorus X7-V6. I was hesitant about the screen issues but thanks to Donald I felt comfortable making the purchase. Donald deserves most of the praise here because had it not been for his charisma and genuine interest for my needs I would have gone somewhere else. He guided me through the entire modification process and even went through the trouble of getting me the EXTRA gaming gear that no longer came with my laptop (promotion had expired) and gave me a fantastic price.

I cannot stress enough how pleased I am with Hidevolution and Donald's customer service, and come my next laptop purchase I'll be checking here first.

Helpful Cool


EVOC Clevo P650HP6

"I was looking for the gaming laptop, but had no clue about PC, because I use Mac all the time. I talked to Donald from HIDevolution on the phone. He was very helpful answering all my questions. Build time took only half the time I was told at the beginning !
They even helped me after I received it to set up everything by connecting to my laptop from the distance and tweaked it to the max security and speed and even teached me how to use it. I feel they did more than I paid for.
I'm speechless and very happy. Highly recommend this store !!!

Helpful Cool



"Great service and fast shipping. The laptop is nice but still need some time to learn how to use it."

Helpful Cool


Great All-Around Notebook

"I was looking for unicorn-like notebook: fast, powerful, gaming-prepared but also light and with good battery life. Mission impossible you say?

I was glad to find that HIDevolution had the answer in the Gigabyte Aero 15. Right out of the box this thing catches the eye. Solid metallic build, amazing 15,6" screen with tiny bezels but, as advertised, quite light.

This is my first notebook with SSD, and the files transfer from my old desktop computer was noticeably faster (25 minutes vs 40 minutes).

Then I put the Aero 15 to the test with Witcher 3, GTA V and other games. It's really awesome to see the same performance of my old desktop (which had a powerful GTX970) here, in a tiny machine. The loading times are also way faster thanks to the better processor and, again, the SSD. The backlit keyboard also helps a lot, being customizable (I like to light up certain keys for specific games).

The screen is also amazing. I wasn't expecting this, but compared to my old IPS Monitor, color reproduction is more accurate. The tiny bezels helps in the immersion when watching movies or playing story-based games as well. I look at other regular notebooks and can't help to notice those big ugly bezels that don't really add anything but space for the camera.

Battery autonomy is also great and is the main reason why I chose the Aero 15. I'm moving to Europe for a Masters and I really needed something with enough battery life for a day at the University but "gamer" for a relaxing night with Mr Steam. Worldwide warranty is specially useful in my case too!

So, all in all, I'm super happy with my purchase. In hopefully many years I will buy again at HIDevolution and Gigabyte will be my first choice.

Helpful Cool


EVOC Clevo P650HP6 Order

"I ordered a EVOC Clevo P650HP6 custom built laptop from HIDevolution. I will start by stating that the build time took a bit longer than the expected time due to my purchasing the perfect panel guarantee (0 dead pixels) and the 120 hz TN panel option on this laptop being out of stock (after trying the 1 panel they had left in stock which ended up having pixel issues). However, HIDevolution's persistence in making sure I got the laptop I ordered with the best quality, and as quickly as possible, was greatly appreciated.

When placing my order, I talked to Donald from HIDevolution on the phone. He was extremely helpful (definitely give him a call before you place an order), and had good advice that both saved me money (made me aware of reasons not to purchase more expensive options that I was considering) and improved my laptop's performance.

Their technical (Zoltan) and order (Jenny) support are top-notch - I cannot praise them enough.

I have had my laptop for about 2 weeks now and it has performed great. Thank you HIDevolution!

Helpful Cool


Great vendor for high-performance/custom laptops

"These guys provide great support, in particular when you have specific requirements for compatibility with operating-systems, special needs for data storage, durability, etc. Extremely helpful in identifying best system, and quick turnaround on custom system!"

Helpful Cool


Excellent Service, Fast Shipping

"I ordered an extra power adapter for my laptop (a Gigabyte Aero 15) from HIDEvolution. The order was processed quickly and shipped quickly (half way around the world!), and all steps in the order process were automatically emailed to me so I could be kept apprised of the status of my order.

The item (a power adapter) arrived well packaged and in fully working condition.

Prior to my purchase, I had been in contact with Donald S. who was always willing to help me and was always communicative and replied promptly.

I would recommend HIDEvolution to anyone looking for laptops or spare laptop / computer parts, due to their fast service, prompt customer service replies, and competitive pricing and shipping fees. I will order from them again in the future.

Helpful Cool


Delivered excellent product

"Excellent, smooth customer support.
I got the product and features exactly as advertised.
Shippment experience was very smooth.
My EVOC P651HS-G is very well built. The physical dimensions are insane for the graphics and processing horsepower it encases and outputs. Almost no bloatware in the software front, except for Clevos custom software, which is excellent for performance tunning and general experience customization. The system is formidable for every imaginable task a mobile high performance wotkstation can do, from high performance computing, virtualization, software development, graphics design, video editing, office and web routine tasks to gaming todays and tommorrows AAA titles at the highest graphical settings.

Helpful Cool


Excellent Service! Great Company

"I had a very tight schedule to deal with and HIDEvolution was able to meet my demands. I own a Drone photography / Video business and processing videos is a huge part of providing service to my customers. I contacted HIDEvolution by phone and asked many questions about the stock status and speed of services they would be able to provide. I was greeted by a very friendly voice who assured me they would do their best to meet my deadline. Not only did they walk me through placing the order online but they also followed the process and made sure there were no hiccups. When an issue occurred with my banking information I was quickly contacted to resolve the issue.

In the end my order was shipped before the end of day.

I am very satisfied with the service I received and will continue to shop at HIDEvolution in the future. You have made me a customer for life!

Thank You!

Helpful Cool


Outstanding Support Technitions

"I just bought the most powerful computer ever for Donald. I had a tech kind of question and refereed me to the Support team. I was so blessed to have Zontan call me. I didn't even have to wait on line. So when Zonton called me back, he took control of my computer and with in second he had identified the hick up and took care of it. Then he helped me with two out settings that I know nothing about or even where to look to change them and turn them off. Seconds later he identified the issue and fixed that. I feel that the customer service that both Zoltaon and Donald gave me will not go with out notice. I have only had my computer 3 days and have refereed then two customers and one already ordered hers and the other person is doing some checking and I KNOW she will be back and order hers.
I am a digital scrapbook-er and I am always being asked what kind I use, what are the specs and what do I recommend. Let me tell you. If any of you use Forever Digital programs....Artisan and/or Historian. THIS IS THE ONLY way to go. The support is a 10. the Quality a 10. The speed a 10 and the ability to hold up to and work with out heavy duty needs a 10+...

Helpful Cool

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